Who’s going where: CFL prospects and their NFL opportunities

With the NFL draft now over, CFL prospects are now in the process of securing free agent contracts and invites to mini-camp.

Generally speaking, a player who has been drafted has the best chance of actually making an NFL squad while a free agent contract is the next best thing. A mini-camp invite offers little by the way of guarantees for a player, though Canadian players have parlayed them into NFL contracts (most notably current Carolina Panthers offensive lineman David Foucault and Hamilton Tiger-Cats defensive tackle Linden Gaydosh in 2013.)

The three-day NFL rookie mini-camps will be held either May 6-9 or May 13-16. The New York Giants, who have invited five of the top-ranked CFL prospects, will hold their rookie mini-camp on May 6-9.

The CFL Draft, meanwhile, takes place on May 10. That means teams could be drafting players without a clear picture as to their availability for the upcoming CFL season. Canadian rookie camps are set to open on May 25, with main training camp starting on May 29.

Here is a look at top 20 prospects, as ranked by CFL central scouting, and their NFL prospects.

Name Pos NFL interest
1 David Onyemata DL Drafted by Saints
2 Tevaun Smith REC Signed as a free agent by Colts
3 Mehsi Abdesmad DL Signed as a free agent by Titans
4 Arjen Colquhoun DB Signed as a free agent by Cowboys
5 Josiah St. John OL
6 Charles Vaillancourt OL Attending mini-camp with Giants, Raiders
7 Alex Singleton LB Attending mini-camp with Patriots
8 Trent Corney DL Attending mini-camp with Jets
9 Philippe Gagnon OL  Attending mini-camp with Giants
10 Brian Jones WR
11 Taylor Loffler DB  Attending mini-camp with Giants
12 Juwan Brescacin WR
13 Mercer Timmis RB  Attending mini-camp with Giants
14 Dillon Guy OL
15 Anthony Thompson DB
16 Michael Couture OL
17 Jason Lauzon-Seguin OL
18 Elie Bouka DB Signed as a free agent by Arizona
19 Llevi Noel REC
20 Doug Corby REC Attending mini-camp with Giants
Brandon Revenberg OL Attending mini-camp with Giants
D.J. Lalama LB Attending mini-camp with Giants
Mike Jones REC Attending mini-camp with Redskins
Terrell Davis LB Attending mini-camp with Giants
Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.
Drew Edwards
Drew Edwards
About Drew Edwards (1570 Articles)
Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.

6 Comments on Who’s going where: CFL prospects and their NFL opportunities

  1. Tom Riddell // May 1, 2016 at 6:32 pm //

    Half the CFL Draft Is going to Try the NFL
    This why is CFL Needs Spend more money to keep Canadian Players at home
    Why would want to say in Canada when Practice Roster Spot in the NFL pays you more then starting money in the CFL.

    This is why The CFL Draft is so Late
    so they know what left overs are staying to be Drafted
    Players that never be NFL Ready are what CFL has left to Draft
    The Crumbs Good luck with that CFL .

  2. I kinda agree with @Tom… but reality is, CFL’s business model dictates they can’t spend that kind of money…

    At the risk of starting a revolt here are few things the CFL might do… some simple some controversial…

    1.) Maintain status quo… what they have is mostly working… all North American players want to play for the NFL regardless of citizenship… so accepting the NFL’s player scraps is the best the CFL can do… the NFL is the best pro football league in the world… the CFL is the second best… regardless of your perspective the CFL product is entertaining but will always be second to the NFL for skills and money.

    2.) Form a partnership with the NFL… treating each CFL team (and others to be created) as a farm team for a parent NFL team… this model works for the NHL and MLB… its about time to do same for NFL/CFL… some potential changes could be starting the CFL season a month earlier… having the Grey Cup in October… and only allowing farm team players to move up to NFL after Nov 1st…

    Ok fellow bloggers…. have at it…

    Just saying…

    Cheers… Snake

    PS… Drew, I read your article in The Spec about golfing with your dad and brothers… loved it… makes me wish I could do same.

    • Philski // May 2, 2016 at 5:35 am //

      Agree with #1. Only problem is that the CFL fans know this – try telling that to TSN (oh how I miss you CBC), who are always trying to mimic NFL programming. Far as I am concerned the “panel” couldn’t even hold Chris Berman’s jockstrap. As for #2 I don’t agree. The CFL is what it is…uniquely different but not subsurvient to anyone. I think by doing so you are implying that the CFL is a lesser league and not worthy of a player’s commitment. My 2 cents anyway.

  3. Dudes, relax,
    There is a pretty big difference between a UDFA deal and a mini-camp invite.

    A UDFA deal is given to those who are the highest priority for teams after the draft.

    A mini-camp invite is what you get after you have been passed over in the draft and not deemed worthy of a UDFA deal.

    So with the odds of a mini-camp invitee being invited to training camp pretty low, there is a strong possibility that these players could be with the CFL team who drafts them by the middle of June when NFL mini camps end, if not earlier.

  4. Flying Wing // May 2, 2016 at 9:21 am //

    Hey Snake I can’t see #2 working. If it were done the way you lay it out it would mean the end of the CFL as we know it. The biggest problem is that under that scenario the CFL would have to adopt NFL rules and I don’t think anyone wants that. I say the status quo is fine. There are thousands of decent players churned out every year from US and Canadian universities and certainly only a fraction of them can play in the NFL. Sure it’s a given that the most talented athletes will play where the most money is and that’s the NFL. But is the game better? I’ll always debate that.

  5. We saw the same number of players, if not more, attending NFL camps last season. Out of 20+ players who were drafted, signed UDFA deals, or attended mini-camps, a grand total of THREE players are still pursuing the NFL (Covington, Boyko, Varga). The rest ended up back in the CFL. The sky is not falling, the NFL is not poaching all our best players, time to relax.

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