Riders signing of Kevin Glenn makes sense – for now

Kevin Glenn first joined the Saskatchewan Roughriders when he was 21, a spritely product of Illinois State who played his developmental years as a quarterback and immediately showed he should win a few Grey Cups during his pro career.

Sixteen seasons, 269 regular-season games, 48,829 passing yards and eight stops later, Glenn still hasn’t won that elusive championship.

Now he’s back with the Roughriders for his final chance at a Grey Cup, approaching the age of 38 with the likelihood of being the starting quarterback on a team that doesn’t yet looked poised to challenge for a CFL championship.

Glenn told reporters during a conference call Tuesday he intends to earn the starter’s job, but understands it will be an open competition through training camp. Glenn also said rejoining the Roughriders felt like coming home, considering he spent 2001-03 in Saskatchewan before being traded away and returning in 2015 as a free agent before being traded away again mid-season.

Although they have re-signed some important players such as defensive back Ed Gainey and defensive ends Jonathan Newsome and Willie Jefferson, the Roughriders remain in constant transition.

Since Chris Jones arrived 13 months ago as Saskatchewan’s vice-president of football operations, general manager, head coach and defensive co-ordinator, the Roughriders have assessed approximately 4,000 players, brought at least 250 through their locker room, dressed a CFL, single-season record of 100 while winning only five of 18 games, and recently traded away veteran quarterback Darian Durant, a pending free agent, without a proven pivot to replace him.

Glenn, a free agent since being waived by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers earlier this offseason, is actually a logical acquisition.

As Jones described him on the conference call, Glenn is a popular teammate who doesn’t cause problems and could help the Roughriders on the field or by serving as a mentor to the team’s younger, unproven quarterbacks: Brandon Bridge, Bryan Bennett, G.J. Kinne and Jake Waters.

The Roughriders covet Edmonton Eskimos backup James Franklin, who is signed through next season and is reportedly unwilling to accept a contract extension, evidently aware Saskatchewan’s starting job is being held for him.

Until then the Roughriders will attempt to be respectable by stabilizing their roster, fortifying their defence and — more importantly — finding Canadians and offensive linemen who can actually play in the CFL.

The most important position remains at quarterback. And by signing Glenn, the Roughriders at least have someone who has proven he can play in the CFL.

Darrell Davis

Darrell Davis

Darrell Davis has reported on the Riders for more than 20 years and was inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame media wing in 2006.
Darrell Davis
Darrell Davis
About Darrell Davis (119 Articles)
Darrell Davis has reported on the Riders for more than 20 years and was inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame media wing in 2006.

17 Comments on Riders signing of Kevin Glenn makes sense – for now

  1. Where did you get this bunk from, “The Roughriders covet Edmonton Eskimos backup James Franklin, who is signed through next season and is reportedly unwilling to accept a contract extension, evidently aware Saskatchewan’s starting job is being held for him.”

    How does Mr. Davis know this to be true or is this pure speculation masquerading as fact?

    The Rider media floated the idea that Franklin wants to start so Franklin wants to be a Rider. Now Davis is implying that Franklin will wait and sign in a year after the Riders throw Glenn under the bus? DELUSIONAL NON-SENSE!

    Franklin will do what is best for Franklin and that is finding the best fit for him to showcase his talent for an NFL shot. That is not the Riders with their pathetic o-line. We will know when we know what Franklin will do, but it is highly likely the Riders would be LAST on his list of places to land.

    How does Mr. Davis know this to be true or is this pure speculation masquerading as fact?

    • The only place Franklin will get a chance to showcase his talent is on a team where he’s not relegated to the bench. That rules out BC, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Hamilton and Ottawa. Milanovich is supposedly high on Drew Willy in Toronto, and it looks like Winnipeg has cast their lot with Matt Nichols. That leaves Sask as the most obvious place Franklin might land next year, with Toronto and Winnipeg as distant seconds, and everywhere else a long shot depending on injury to the encumbent (or disastrous performance). Even if Glenn lights it up for the Riders this year, they’ll be looking for a younger replacement ASAP.

  2. Since Kevin Glenn has proven time and time again he is just good enough to get a coach fired (Popp, Benevides, Chamblin, Bellefueille, etc), Chris Jones is just confirming that he won’t finish this season as the Riders head coach unless Brandon Bridge or someone else saves his ass.

  3. Longrider // January 24, 2017 at 9:48 pm //

    Other than the J.Franklin issue,I agree with Mr.Davis.Not sure of any senerio rergarding J.Franklin right now.I feel positive towards the QB
    situation with Glenn and the ones that are yet to prove themselves.HOWEVER,as we all know,unless RBs and O-Line situation vastly improve we’ll be in for another long year.Regardless of the QB.
    BUILD the TEAM!!!! After approx.fifty years (many of
    them long-suffering)of being a Rider fan,I choose to
    look for the positive! I see it happening and believe
    it will continue. BUILD the TEAM!!

  4. I don’t see Hervey losing him for nothing. Franklin will be traded but I don’t assume it’s guaranteed to be the Riders. A lot ca n happen between now & FA in 2018. New mgmt in TO aren’t committed to Willy, Harris gets injured, Hervey decides to trade him to someone else. A team gets his rights then the player usually signs there before FA hits – see Reilly 2013, Durant this month. Still think Jones sucks it up & pays the price. Wait at your own peril.

    • Marc Lebut // January 25, 2017 at 11:33 am //

      Yes. I can see Hamilton trading for Franklin too.

      • Austin is all-in on Collaros. There’s no incentive for him to pay what Edmonton would ask for Franklin.

      • That would make too much sense in the Austin era. Better we stick with a part time QB who has never won anything, and other than a small blip in 2015, has yet to distinguish himself. Hell even the back up set a CFL record for most completions in a row.

  5. Terry Baxter // January 25, 2017 at 11:26 am //

    If the riders end up trading for Franklin, I hope they don’t stiff Glenn the way the redbblacks did after they signed Burris. Glenn is a class act and ought to be treated as such

    • Ottawa Rob // January 25, 2017 at 6:27 pm //

      Terry….The Redblacks didn’t “stiff” Kevin Glenn….When Ottawa signed Burris as a free agent, Glenn requested a trade…Ottawa then traded Glenn to BC for a 1st round draft pick which turned out to be Antoine Pruneau….Smart asset management by Ottawa…
      At no time did Ottawa management ever say anything to tarnish or disparage Kevin Glenn’s reputation…he was treated with respect by the organization while he was here…

      • Terry Baxter // January 26, 2017 at 5:47 pm //

        Hmmmmm. Seem to recall that when ottawa took him in the expansion draft they promised him the starters job and he was to be the face of the franchise. Then Burris was freed up by the mental midgets in Hamilton and Glenn was pushed aside. Now, I realize that better us better, but I’m sure Glenn felt stiffed.

        • They did…and he was. Then Burris came along and Kevin got the boot. Just as you said…fact.

  6. Marc Lebut // January 25, 2017 at 11:42 am //

    Kevin Glenn came to Montréal last season exactly in the same role, and it really didn’t work out. Of course, McAdoo is a better OC than AC, but Glenn lost many games on himself, with bad décisions and bad turnovers. The Alouettes won more games without Glenn than with him.

    If Jones want him to be more successful than Durant, he better build a very solid O line or the Ridernation will live a hard deception. And McAdoo better build an elite running game because Glenn lost some arm strenght and accuracy. Last season, Alouettes’ longest play came from a running play (70 yards run by Cato against Calgary). This is not normal for a team who dressed a 15 seasons QB with Duron Carter as main weapon.

  7. I sure hope Chris Jones reads all these comments! Apparently you all know more about football than he. I wonder if he is aware that we need a strong o line? Someone also should tell him that DD was the team. A real one man football team and now we are hopeless!
    I’m so tired of everyone complaining about the job Chris Jones is doing, if you are all so smart and have all the answers please share your win record as a head coach of a cfl team!
    Everyone CHILL!!!

  8. I totally agree.Ed Hervey is too smart to let j franklin go to saskatchewan for nothing.Every other team knows he is good as well so if Hervey trades him saskatchewan can’t assure there going to get him.Who knows he might become Edmontons starting quarterback in 2018.That’s alot of water under the bridge saskatchewan better focus on 2017 or they might be looking for more than a quarterback.

  9. Hey Justin, Jones already knows DD was the team. Remember he publicly blamed him for the season.
    Having said that I hope he has someone in mind other than Franklin

  10. Jake, he publicly stated DD’s record and he wasn’t making up numbers. That’s the truth of it.
    If DD wanted to stay here that bad he could have. He had a choice in leaving and he could have made just as much money here had he played. I also look forward to seeing who will be starting this season whether it be someone we know or a new face

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