Stamps reaping rewards of sticking with Jorden

It would be easy to look at the early-season results and ask yourself, where do the Calgary Stampeders find these gems?

Kamar Jorden has become one of the early-season success stories for the Stamps, moving into the slot receiver spot and becoming the go-to guy in a dynamic offence.

Another case of the rich getting richer? Just plug another player in and he will be successful?

This is a case of nature vs nurture, and Jorden’s success is due to patience, practice and development, something that’s rare in the CFL when it comes to American players.

Due to a strict ratio, it’s tough to get young players on the roster to experience game situations. There are only 20 international players outside of quarterbacks among a 44-man active roster and among those generally three are backups.

So if you aren’t already good enough to start, chances are your in tough to make the roster and get game action in.

This is what happened to Jorden, who joined the Stamps late in 2013 and in 2014 only seeing action in one game. It just so happened another player on the reserve list — Eric Rogers — emerged quicker when given his opportunity to play, so Jorden was playing the waiting game.

The following season, Jorden stuck around playing that same waiting game, all the while spending his workdays practicing and learning the nuances of the CFL game.

The Stamps stuck with him that season, keeping him around while Rogers led the league in receiving and then bolted for the NFL. Jorden only suited up in two games, but again it was a chance to get more experience.

Last season, it wasn’t until late in the year that Jorden started to find a groove, coming in during Week 14 and then putting up more than 50 yards per game the rest of the way. He was solid in the Grey Cup game as well, with five grabs for 75 yards.

This season, the talent the Stamps have seen since he arrived so many years ago has blossomed.

Through four weeks of the season, Jorden has five touchdowns to lead the league in that category, and the Stamps are using him in different ways just to put the ball in his hands.

Against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in Week 3, Jorden was given the ball on a rushing attempt, and he scored that way too.

Last week against the Montreal Alouettes, Jorden was the top target again, catching nine passes for 140 yards as the third option behind DaVaris Daniels and Marquay McDaniel.

There’s been much chatter around Calgary about the Stamps constantly throwing the ball Jorden’s way, but that’s because he is constantly finding himself open for Bo Levi Mitchell.

With all the reps he’s received over the years, Jorden is now a solid route runner, and he’s only going to suit up in his 18th career game this week.

Certainly, the Stamps have had their share of quick studies, players who became instant stars. Rogers was one, while Daniels was another last season.

But give credit where it’s due. They’ve put in the time and energy into Jorden and are now reaping the rewards. They are making a case for sticking with a talented player through some growing pains.

The situation in Regina is on the polar opposite end. The Saskatchewan Roughriders under Chris Jones are constantly moving players in and out of their practice roster trying to find that instant spark.

The success hasn’t been there yet. The Stamps meanwhile don’t make all that many roster moves, and only by necessity of injury do they add players to the practice roster mid-season.

So the answer is clear: The Stamps don’t always find these guys; sometimes they are created.

Ian Busby

Ian Busby

Ian Busby has covered the Stampeders and the CFL since 2003, with eight years as a beat reporter. He is now a producer at Breakfast Television.
Ian Busby
Ian Busby
About Ian Busby (175 Articles)
Ian Busby has covered the Stampeders and the CFL since 2003, with eight years as a beat reporter. He is now a producer at Breakfast Television.

10 Comments on Stamps reaping rewards of sticking with Jorden

  1. Hors E Power // July 22, 2017 at 12:29 pm //

    Yep very true Ian.
    I know Rider fans will be grinding their teeth at this article but this organization has the resolve and formula for success.

    Getting John Murphy’s autograph on a contract doesn’t just instantly make you as good as the Stamps. You have to have a culture and philosophy as a team. Only people that understand that in Calgary will succeed. Personnel come and go but success has never left.

  2. ,,Patience // July 22, 2017 at 1:54 pm //

    “Personnel come and go”: until you have been a Rider fan, you don’t truly appreciate the coming and going revolving door mentality. No one in this regime would have the foresight or the patience to have given Jorden the time to develop. First off, they wouldn’t have recognized his talent and if they did, they would have converted him to a DE or a DB or whatever. Good for Calgary. They are certainly being rewarded for their patience. Jones is more of a “patience, my ass, I am going to throw somebody under the bus” kind of guy.

  3. Although its true, kinda childish remarks toward the end, directed at the Riders Organization. And Im not a Riders fan

  4. Riders13 // July 22, 2017 at 4:07 pm //

    Good player who seems to be improving every game. Hope the Riders can limit his and catches today.

  5. Hors E Power // July 22, 2017 at 6:48 pm //

    Well I’m off to historic McMahon Stadium. Good luck to all tonight whether you are watching on TV/computer or in person like me.
    Whatever happens, I hope no one on either team gets injured.

    Don’t worry. I’ll be back to comment later tonight.

  6. Scottsask // July 22, 2017 at 8:45 pm //

    Enjoy the game Horsie!

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