With Alouettes struggling, owner says no jobs are safe

Montreal Alouettes owner Andrew Wetenhall says there could be consequences for the team’s dismal performance this season.

“It’s safe to say nobody’s job is safe in this organization because we’re in an evaluation of how we can do better. If we can upgrade our personnel or do better through change, we may well have to,” Wetenhall told the Montreal Gazette.

“To miss the playoffs again would hurt. We enjoy the benefit of a weaker East Division. That gives us an opportunity to still charge into the playoffs. There’s plenty of games left. There’s no doubt we want to make the playoffs. It’s a core objective.”

Montreal is 3-8 through 11 games in 2017, the second-worst record in the CFL. The offence, which invested heavily in new quarterback Darian Durant and receiver Ernest Jackson, has struggled and is currently eighth in the league in scoring.

This is the first season for general manager Kavis Reed, who was promoted from special teams coordinator in December. Head coach Jacques Chapedelaine, who took over from Jim Popp midway through 2016, had his interim tag removed the same day.

The Alouettes also hired Patrick Boivin as their president and chief executive officer replacing Mark Weightman, who spent four years in that post and 21 years with the organization overall.

Montreal is currently third in the East Division with six points, just two points out of a playoff spot but have the feeling of a team in a downward spiral. And it’s clear the putrid East Division will not be an excuse for Wetenhall when assessing his club.


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  1. George Porge // September 12, 2017 at 6:52 pm //

    Consequences, eh Andrew? I’m sure your GM might know a thing or two about that.

    When you’re deciding on whose job is safe, maybe you should start with the guy who had the brilliant idea of firing one of the best General Managers your organization has had in the last decade, and then replacing him with one of the worst football coaches the entire league has seen since you won your last Grey Cup.

  2. Just saying // September 12, 2017 at 8:02 pm //

    Kavis Reed, haha you just gotta laugh!

  3. Sickening that this team could still host a game just like every other team in the east what an embarrassment

  4. Lets see:
    Tom Higgens hired over the head of Jim Popp and fired after a season and a half I think
    Jim Popp fired as coach after another year or so
    Jacques Chapdelaine hired over the head of Jim Popp as GM
    Popp fired as GM, and Reed hired.

    Now talk of more firings.
    Any reorganization takes a few years. The Wettenhalls may be causing more problems than they solve.

    • “The Wettenhalls may be causing more problems than they solve”.

      Frank, the Wettenhalls ARE the problem.

  5. White Horse // September 12, 2017 at 9:14 pm //

    The Alouettes have ‘Cheaped Out’ with this GM and pathetic head coach to cover the exorbitant cost of Durant and Jackson. Sad. I feel this makes a perennial icon such as Anthony Cavillo looking cheap and ineffective. Not fair.

    • To be honest, I thought Jacques would be a decent head coach.

      Instead, they are going with Kavis Reed. If their season wasn’t down the tube then….IT IS NOW!!!!

  6. Als better hold on to what they have for GM and HC and give these guys a full season or two to prove themselves worthy of the positions they hold. A lot of good candidates out there to replace them but who the heck would want these jobs based on turnover the team has had in the HC position plus many others. Gotta let the football guys and prez run the show not the owners son.

  7. Southwest cowboy // September 12, 2017 at 10:23 pm //

    Head coach Jacques Chapdelaine is also the OC. He still hasn’t figured out how to get Ernest Jackson into the game. Jackson gets about three eight yard passes per game when he should be stretching the field. That’s coaching and play calling and guess who that is.

  8. Just saying // September 12, 2017 at 10:44 pm //

    Kavis has built a team with old pricey vets. And was thinking he could pull it off and win a cup. Sadly what he’s built is a team that at the end of the year will need to rebuild with youth desperately. I’m sorry als fans but it will be awhile before you will contend again. And that sucks. Thanks Kavis!

    • Reed can be pointed at for destroying this team…but “built” hardly…unless you follow that word with “disaster”

  9. Whoever would hire Kavis Reed as a CFL GM should really look in the mirror and then fire himself ASAP!!!! Who in their right mind would hire Reed for any kind of cfl title?

    • “Who in their right mind would hire Reed for any kind of cfl title?”

      See first rule of CFL ownership…

      You can’t fire the owner’s son….

      so have the scapegoats line up

  10. What say you? Consquences?

  11. I didn’t think the Als would be playing worse than last season, but they are. Thanks Kavis! I went to 7 of 9 home games last season but none this season. I won’t spend a dime to watch Durant’s inability to move the offense up the field or throw another interception.
    With Hamilton starting to finally play a little bit better, I can a least look forward to the Al’s getting the first pick next year. Hope Kavis Reed doesn’t trade it away like Popp did last season.

  12. They hired Kavis Reed so they are getting what they deserve.

  13. RalphInTheCreek // September 13, 2017 at 8:09 am //

    The Allwets Chapdelaine and Thorpe just fired in Montreal.

  14. The ALS have released or traded all of their very good talent. Then bringing in everyone else’s players that no longer played at a high level. Except one and they can’t figure out that they need to bring him inside as a slot instead of a wide receiver that seems to be Darians last read. Speaking of Darian; I’m sorry but Darian has never ever proved he was worth the extra money he received starting in 2014. His 2013 Grey Cup team was an uber talented team and without Korea Sheets there is no way the Riders win the GC with Durant. Sure he played a great 4th Qtr against BC in the semi final. However in the GC Durant fumbled the ball 3 times. Corey carried the Riders in the GC.
    From the moment Durant was paid as a top tier WB in 2014 it’s been all down hill. Darian has been a good QB at times but has never been a great QB. Yet 13th Man Kavis Reed us paying Durant stupid money. Just like Winnipeg did with Willy. Now both of them are back together in a team that is probably the worst team in the CFL right now. As Hamilton is surging.
    If your going to make changes. Start at the GM position.

    • It took cheating on the salary cap and a home crowd for the riders to win a grey cup in 2013…

      Any success Darian Durant had then could easily be attributed to George Cortez.

      Since then, they went no where.

      And now, Durant is in Montreal, and the Als are going down hill, FAST.

      I see a trend here….

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