Johnny Manziel triggers 10-day clause, puts Ticats on the clock

Quarterback Johnny Manziel has activated the 10-day window that will force the Hamilton Tiger-Cats to offer him a contract according to CFL sources.

Under CFL rules, any player on a team’s exclusive 45-man negotiation list can demand to be offered a contract within 10 days.  If a contract offer is not received within that period, the player is removed from the neg list. If a contract offer is received but rejected, the player is removed from the list one year from the offer date.

The CFL has confirmed that the Ticats could offer Manziel a two-year contract – all entry contracts are one-year plus a team held option – at the league minimum of $53,000 per season and retain his rights until mid-way into 2018.

It’s not clear when Manziel’s representatives activated the 10-day clause.

The Ticats worked out Manziel in August, though vice president of football operations Kent Austin said on Aug. 30 that the team wasn’t on the verge of signing the former Texas A&M star.

“We’re still interested in Johnny Manziel, he’s on our neg list,” Austin said. “We’re not interested in signing Johnny right now. That’s not imminent.”

The CFL has also said that Manziel would have to go through an assessment with an expert in domestic violence prevention and meet with CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie before the league would approve a contract. Manziel was charged in January 2016 after being accused of hitting and threatening former girlfriend Colleen Crowley. He reached a dismissal agreement that required him to complete an anger management class, attend a domestic violence impact panel and participate in a substance-abuse program.

Manziel has been on the Ticats neg list since his days at Texas A&M, where he became the first freshman to capture the Heisman Trophy. The Cleveland Browns selected him in the first round, No. 22 overall, in the 2014 NFL draft and he spent two seasons with the club, posting a 2-6 record as a starter before being released March 11, 2016.

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.
Drew Edwards
Drew Edwards
About Drew Edwards (1391 Articles)
Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.

89 Comments on Johnny Manziel triggers 10-day clause, puts Ticats on the clock

  1. Getting veeeery interesting…

  2. Ottawa or the Riders must be interested in him…

    • brian johnson // September 13, 2017 at 7:32 pm //

      Actually No one is really interested in Him.

      • As a Rider fan I’d be interested, bring him in for the rest of this year, no money up front, then in the second year if he’s learned the game and can succeed Kevin Glenn as the starter it could be a win win.

        Jones has seemingly solved the riddle of how to handle Duran Carter, why not Johnny Football? Assuming of course that the Cats don’t bite and offer him a contract.

        • If that’s turns out, then I guess your team didn’t learn much from the Vince Young escapade.

          Did jones solve the riddle, or did FINALLY Carter learn that he is coming to end of the opportunity road in the CFL?

    • Why, because of injuries? Because he’s nothing like the type of player they normally bring in. The team tries to be as image conscious as they can.

  3. Philip Nicholson // September 13, 2017 at 5:29 pm //

    “Manziel would have to through an assessment with an expert in domestic violence prevention…”
    Oh please…. what a BS politically correct move that accomplishes NOTHING!

  4. Ottawa more likely interested in Collaros, not Manziel, Riders have Glen improving day to day. Manziel has no experience in CFL. Collaros would probably have to be traded because of huge salary, which Manziel would likely demand/command. Complex, some team may get a pig in a poke, another may get another large QB salary to juggle.

    • Why in the world would Ottawa want Zach? They have a good QB that will be back and besides they have a vet that could fill in. The Riders on the other hand are looking for someone after Hlenn. Either way Manzel is a short term fix if he even plays well here. He wouldnt start anywhere until next season. Hes been 2 plus years away from football and the CFL is a different game. Also he would need to learn the offence of any team he went to. Guy is a waste of time. Trade him or low ball offer him make him wait another year.

  5. rider rooter // September 13, 2017 at 5:45 pm //

    Johnny football would be a risky signing I feel. With the league policy’s you might trade for the rights to him and then have the league say no. Plus in saying that do you want the leader of your football team with that checkered past.

  6. What would happen if Hamilton offers him a contract that he refuses? Would the team still retain his rights?

  7. Yes for a year after ..thats What it said

    • Every one is forgetting Johnnie is not doing this for the money. Nobody really knows but his trust fund from Texas oil money is probably already more than the Detroit Lions QB who is now the biggest NFL contract. His Dad is on record saying Johnnie has more than him. Johnnie wants to play and impress NFL teams or just be another Flutie who was blackballed from the NFL for crossing picket lines. What Johnnie wants is a Lebron StYle 1 And 1. So If he Gets A League Minimum 1 And 1 He Will Take It. If He Impresses Off The Bat An NFL Team MIght Pay Hamilton to let Manz go after 1 year.

  8. Montreal is going to be going after him big time. They have Durant and Drew Willy. You have a QB who is 35 and another that is 30. Who after that? They traded Adams to us. We currently have 3 QBS at 26 or younger on the roster. I have a feeling this is going to be a make or break Kavis Reed move.

  9. This is how desperate we all are for high level QB play……we overpay……over rate. Got to be one of the hardest jobs in history? Seems not even a handful of top shelf signal callers at any given time.
    How does this get fixed? Teams have always tried to develop QBs. Maybe there is just a natural barrier and it is what it is.
    That being the case…..while I wouldn’t do this particular deal…..I can see why teams try……I wouldn’t poop on my team if it blew up in their face…..I would appreciate the effort.

  10. I would say either Montreal or toronto

    • The problem is the ratio rules. Canadian kids don’t get good experience at Can college and don’t go to US because they have an easy path to CFL. The NBA has no ratios and so Canadian kids such as Wiggins and Nash go to the U.S. Colleges to get experience as do Fins, Poles and others. Coddling Canadian football players is dumming down the skill level. Basketball players are forced to get top training and now the NBA has enough Canadian born for a full 15 man team roster.

      • Nice theory … problem is those Canadian kids know that going to a US college means more exposure and possibly a shot at NFL $$$.

        That’s without considering all the additional coaches to help the players out and what US colleges offer players.

        Where the Canadian kids aren’t going to US colleges, it is because a US college didn’t make an offer or offered too little.

        BTW … Simon Fraser in BC has been competing in the NCAA division II since 2010.

      • CFLs Best since 1990 // September 19, 2017 at 12:49 am //

        I like the ratio rule, just like having to play a set # of Canadian content on the radio. It’s made for more and better ballplayers, and more and better musicians because Canadian kids got a chance, which was all they needed in the first place. All stereotypes eventually die, if given half a chance.

  11. grumblingaboutgreen // September 13, 2017 at 5:57 pm //

    well at LEAST the PLAYER is interested in the LEAGUE which is a GOOD sign! too little INFORMATION to know yet whether he actually WANTS an offer from hamilton or is just FORCING their HAND so that he can join ANOTHER team. but the neg list has NO impact on being signed by an AMERICAN team so the fact that he wants to be REMOVED indicates that he believes his FUTURE career takes him through CANADA.

    i DO hope that if the RIDERS end up signing him there is a SERIOUS investigation into the allegations PUBLISHED on this website about TAMPERING. last years SHENANIGANS made it clear that the teams so called LEADERSHIP has no respect for the ROSTER rules or the canadian RATIO and we know from their 2013 campaign that the SALARY cap also is merely an AFTERTHOUGHT! and jones is KNOWN to have met with manziels PUBLICIST already taking a fine for THAT too!

    you have to wonder WHY the riders are so DETERMINED to find a quarterback from the ranks of EX nfl players. vick YOUNG wasnt experienced in the canadian game EITHER but jones couldnt RESIST the lure! maybe they can start taking DONATIONS as a CHARITY cause for providing a HOME to retirees LOL!

    • ………………………………………………………………………………………………………

    • Lennywasout // September 13, 2017 at 7:52 pm //

      Please GO away with YOUR posts . Giving me a HEADACHE 4trying to READ the F….KING post.5

    • BleedzGreen // September 14, 2017 at 1:48 am //

      Blah blah blah, blah BLAH blah, blah blah blah, BLAH blah blah, blah…

    • “he believes his FUTURE career takes him through CANADA”.

      At this stage of Manziel’s non existent career, where else could it go…arena league…McDonald’s drive through??

    • The NCAA is trying to save division 2. They changed the rules in 2009. Any school of any size is now D-1. So they saw Canada with numerous large colleges as a way to fill in for the exodus to division 1. I only think Simon Fraser has done it. You would think others would. Montreal is a bus ride from colleges in New England and upstate NY.

  12. Manziel is obviously getting impatient and wants a little control over his own destiny, hopefully that’s a sign that he’s on the path to getting his crap together.

  13. B.C. Bound???

  14. I’m with Garney – low ball him and work out details in the off-season as appropriate. Gives Cats time to see if Masoli is a long term solution and if Collaros still has it. This kid has proved nothing outside of college and still needs to show he’s grown up and is ready to be a man. I hope that is the case because there may be the potential of a new Flutie to hit the CFL but I don’t remember Flutie coming up to Canada with a checkered past…

  15. To all the Rider haters out there…. get off your golden outhouse throne. This isn’t about them. It is laughable that all articles lead to them. ALL teams tamper, thats a fact. If they did indeed look at him during a tryout it doesnt mean they entered negotiations. It doesnt mean anything other than they watched him…. so what…. Riders are in a fishbowl… if BC did the same and there was video evidence everyone would just say the Wally was turning over stones…. Jones does it and the world is in turmoil…. gonna blame him for the storms around the world, america falling apart and might as well blame him for Blackberry….. as I step off that soap box…. Manziel has some tools, Tebow would have been better for the CFL. Manziel hadnt hit puberty when his nfl career began so hard to see what he can do. If he turns to be a success with a team in the CFL…. good for him… if not ao be it….. back in the soap box… If he ends up with the Riders… and fails… its a stone turned over… much like Young… thats called doing what it takes…. you dont win the lottery without buying the ticket…. some tickets have less odds. Hate it or love it.

    • white stallion in red // September 13, 2017 at 7:11 pm //

      No Chad if there was video evidence of Buono working out Manzeil he would be Fined. He was Ticat property. To excuse the riders because “everyone else does it” and “we are unfairly targeted” us weak. Jones has cheated that’s why you are
      Going after the likes of Manzeil and Young isn’t leaving all stones unturned. It’s searching for an easy quick fix for instant notoriety.

      • Ya he would been fined but nobody would care. This isnt a Chris Jones thing…. this is what has happened for the past 10 or so years… I believe it was Ottawa or Hamilton that was fined for doing the same thing as the Riders but we only hear about one thing… thats the truth. And it doesnt matter. The CFL has bigger issues to deal with. Player safety, higher quality officials and higher salaries for players. In the end all teams in all sports do things that pushes the edge. For some reason we are watched more closely…. like or lump it.

        • Chad – if you think you will get through to the scarlet donkey you’re sadly mistaken. Even if you have a valid point as long as the Riders are involved (ALWAYS) he will always disagree.

        • white stallion in red // September 13, 2017 at 8:47 pm //

          Well Chad. You can’t have it both ways. You
          make claims of being the most popular team, “Canada’s team” as you say
          I guess if you what that you have to accept the scrutiny that goes along with it.

        • Ottawa had an injured punter take long snaps during a practice and got fined for it. It’s hardly on the same scale as what was going in Saskatchewan and therefore didn’t draw anywhere near the same amount of attention or scrutiny.

          You steal a million dollars and I’ll steal $50 and we’ll see which one of us gets on the news.

    • Riders are in a fishbowl because Chris Jones put them there..

      No wonder why you people are so muddled about your team…you guys can’t even make up your minds when to be on or off “the soap box”

      Cheating is not something to be admired…and the riders have been doing it for years…now you have a coach who specializes in it…

      Yeah ..there are plenty of rider haters out there…and for all the right reasons…

      • Riders in a fishbowl cause they are one of about 4 fanbases who actually care. Riders, Eskies, Bombers, TiCats. Jones has nothing to do with why they are in a fishbowl. Wake up Tiger Man.

        • Really??

          The almost regular stories of Jones’ cheating haven’t been in the papers?? And let’s not forget about his accusations to other teams…

          The commissioner, at the time, was making public statements about the “moves” this team has been making since Jones’ arrival.

          Wake up??

          You need to pay attention to the news regarding the riders in Regina, like the rest of us.

  16. Tough call for the Tiger-Cats brass. They have 10 days to decide who they envision being the #1 QB in 2018: Collaros, Manziel or Masoli.

    • CFLs Best since 1990 // September 19, 2017 at 1:00 am //

      If they want to win, I believe it has to be #1 or #2 on your list. #1 we know, but he’s in a funk. #2 we suspect could be a CFL-Flutie lookalike, but with warts.

      If Manziel is willing to sign with Hamilton, and I were them, I’d then take the Argos offer for Collaros, sign him, and see if he can wrestle the mantle away from Masoli, who is at the very least competent, so they have stability if Johnny Football ain’t all he’s cracked up to be. And there are other guys out there, too, but the Cats would bolster their roster with the Canadians and draft pick(s)… which they seem to desperately need.

  17. white stallion in red // September 13, 2017 at 6:48 pm //

    Any team that signs this guy are fools. I like to think Hamilton is smarter than that. With all the energy spend teams involced could hire a scout to exclusively find 5 ncaa prospects for you to bring into camp…….Once the 10 days are up it will be interesting to see if Jones further proves he did indeed work him out and this meeting with the publicist wasn’t a chance meeting (which we all know wasn’t)

  18. Southwest cowboy // September 13, 2017 at 7:16 pm //

    I smell Chris Jones!

  19. justforkicks // September 13, 2017 at 7:19 pm //

    Austin has stated the Cats are not interested in signing him now. Signing is not immanent. All that has changed so far is Manziel wants to trigger a move by anyone.

  20. what do the players think is he a team player if he signs and plays will the past catch up with him the team releases him and they are back to square one looking for a qb because all signs point to them getting rid of collaros..

    • They know Manziel’s past and his lack of character. I seriously doubt they will decide ANYTHING about Collaros’ future until they are more certain about this other guy…

      But then again, they almost signed Art Briles??!!

  21. Please don’t. Let him walk off into obscurity.

  22. Johnny! Johnny! Johnny!
    Yes sir… electric.. the kind of QB we have not seen in this league since Flutie… can’t wait!

  23. Enough with the parade of losers.

  24. For the love of the CFL // September 13, 2017 at 8:53 pm //

    No Johnny please.
    He’ll just be another failed experiment.
    CFL cannot use anymore negative press.

  25. Would not be surprised to learn that either Chris Jones and or Kavis Reed and potentially both of them have participated in some more tampering encouraging the Manziel camp that they will immediately sign him if he gets his name off the Ticat Negotiation List. This would be the best time to. Bring him on and see if he is truly suited for the CFL game, which I feel that he is . He is five years younger than both Collaros and Masoli which speaks well for the Ticats future. The time period is what is critical here. Ticats should only sign him if he is prepared to make a long term commitment. If Manziel is only looking for a stop gap measure of signing for two years and then bolting for the NFL again , then this becomes an Asset Management Issue and the Ticats better get something for him.Kent Austin is not a stupid man. I think that the Ticat Braintrust eyes are totally on Manziel and that the Ticat Braintrust has lost some confidence in Collaros ability to rebound . Could easily see a trade coming with any of Montreal, Ottawa or Saskatchewan but more than likely with Saskatchewan to keep Collaros out of the Eastern Comference. This move would also sell tickets which is something that Ticats Braintrust is for sure focusing on. Sign Manziel and bring some excitement to Hamilton.

  26. Highly unlikely but offer him the $53 grand contract that will actually be around 20k in 2017. And then see what happens. What team wouldn’t offer that deal. He won’t take it but you never know.

  27. “Kent Austin said on Aug. 30 that the team wasn’t on the verge of signing the former Texas A&M star.”

    Kent says a lot of stuff, none of which is particularly credible.

    I don’t blame him, for the most part, but any reference to what Austin said should be taken with a grain of salt.

  28. How long does a guy have to pay for stupid mistakes in their teens and early 20’s? Lord knows the crazy stuff I did before 25. In addition to his own mistakes Johnnie is being penalized for Kaepernicks mistakes and Hamilton’s Briles fiasco. The latter 2 are not his fault. NFL teams are afraid to sign Manz as the press will call them racists for not taking the much more accomplished Half Black guy first. Hamilton will be criticized for enabling yet another misogynist.

    • Even Boomer Esiason has said publicly that he would NOT want Kaepernick on his team.

      You can’t shove a player at a team when it’s THEIR money and THEIR fate that’s on the line. Even some players have expressed their concern about bring this quarterback into THEIR camp.

      Assaulting women is not just a “stupid mistake”. It’s serious. Manziel`s laziness is NOT something a NFL teams wants to deal with when his paycheque there would be in the MILLIONS of dollars.

      He was recently evaluated (August) by the Tiger cats and it was found that his lack of maturity and professionalism is not up to a starting quarterback standard.

      Not sure where you find that Manziel is being punished for other external situations.

      He is being judged by his OWN actions and the resulting messes.

      When a team has so much money and future on the line, I think it`s fair.

      If Johnny Manziel does NOT want problems… then don`t create problems.

  29. He will take it. The guy is a trust fund baby. He just wants to play.

    • Dallas PD Offered the Deal To Save Face. Johnnie Did Not Assault Anyone. The DA Is sitting On A Hotel Taoe Shiwing Crowley Hitting Johnnie Not The Other Wasy Round.

      • Video tape …. Showing. …..way….

      • I’m sure the CFL has reliable sources to find out if the story on whether Manziel’s charges have any merit.

        So, if the leauge wants to screen for such and to have him seek counseling for the same, then I would suggest that those charges have legs…

  30. footballnut // September 14, 2017 at 9:47 am //

    sign him!the cfl needs stars and young people know who he is…remember the rocket in canada? i do- he created a buzz that even flutie did not imo…nothing ventured nothing gained

  31. Sign him, or trade him for a stud Canuck starting lineman who can help A; with ratio issues and B; with protection.
    Collaros didn’t forget to play QB, he was just getting beat up week after week.

  32. Sign him, or trade him for a stud Canuck starting lineman who can help A; with ratio issues and B; with protection.
    Collaros didn’t forget how to play QB, he was just getting beat up week after week.

  33. Sign the guy the Eastern teams need something exciting.

  34. Paul Bomber // September 14, 2017 at 12:46 pm //

    uh-oh… i think i’ve been black-listed by 3down. perhaps they’re upset with me scooping them on the harris 6 game list?

  35. Paul Bomber // September 14, 2017 at 1:10 pm //

    I wonder if we’ll see Collaros or Manzel in Montreal by next year.
    Risk in Manzel is the fact (ok… not fact, opinion) the only reason he’d be on any team in the CFL is to get another shot at the NFL. But it would buy a team like Montreal 2 years breathing room. On the other hand, if he does a good job in the CFL but doesn’t get NFL attention, he could be a star.
    On the the third hand, Vince Ferragamo.

  36. Offer a low ball contract —or trade his rights for something tangible — a starter OL or DL. Another bust in the making? Cats evaluated him. Is he the real deal or not? We’ll see how good their talent evaluation is. Not too impressive in past couple of years.

  37. If the ticats can unload Collaros and his contract then why not sign Manziel? Clearly Collaros is not the same quarterback he was prior to his injury … Masoli and Golson can be the # 1 and 2 until Manziel gets accustomed to the ticats, CFL, etc… and then the ticats can decide if he deserves a start or a spot on a gameday roster.. Moving Collaros to another team is the biggest challenge , not signing Manziel as he obviously wants to return to football and this scenario is his only option to make that happen. Yes Masoti has been an improvement on Collaros but if Manziel is an option then he can give an extra dimension to a ticat team that struggles on offence.

  38. Latest leak is that the 10 day deadline was Tuesday Sept. 12 but CFL granted an extension to Sunday for HaMilton to sort through multiple offers from other teams And for the CFL to codify its policy on players accused of domestic violence.

  39. How about a serious investigation before they sign him

  40. Manziel has never been arrested and never been charged with anything. Yet look up Masoli in Wikipedia and you will see he had two arrests in 2010 and was kicked off Oregon by Chip Kelley. Sumlin never kicked Manziel off his team. Was Masoli’s contract held up? this is really unfair. People are just jealous because Manziel was born rich with loads of natural athletic talent. Not is his fault.

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