Ticats release REC Brian Tyms

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have released Bryan Tyms.

The 29-year-old Tyms has started seven games this season but has been off the roster two of the last three weeks. He has 25 catches for 204 yards.

Tyms all but confirmed the news on Twitter.

Tyms, 28, played in just two games with the Ticats last season but showed plenty of promise after signing in late October. He had four catches for 33 yards and a touchdown in the regular season finale against Montreal, then led all receivers with eight receptions for 114 yards in the East semi-final loss to Edmonton.

He signed a two-year contract extension in February but has had trouble getting on the field recently as the team has used two Canadian receivers in order to cope with ratio issues. The Ticats also acquired receiver Ricky Collins in a recent trade with Saskatchewan.

The 6-foot-3, 204-pounder  appeared in 18 career NFL games (two starts) with the Cleveland Browns (2013) and New England Patriots (2014-15), registering seven receptions for 94 yards and a touchdown.

Tyms saw action in one postseason contest in 2014 and was a member of New England’s Super Bowl XLIX championship team.

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.
Drew Edwards
Drew Edwards
About Drew Edwards (1391 Articles)
Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.

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  1. Stephen Fisher // September 13, 2017 at 10:00 am //

    Interesting. During the first game of the year the announcers and panel said they had attended H’s training camp and it was clear that he was the best player there.

  2. Seemed like a pretty good player; rarely had any drops…didn’t get the ball much though… it’s all about opportunity..his stats look bad with only 200 yards but again – Zach never threw to him….

    • yep, lower skilled Canadians took his job due to quotas. Sounds like communism to me.

      • Or at least sub optimal football. Again, can not help but shake my head at the Diversity is Strength league making such an issue of ones nationality? Pretty strange logic ( or lack thereof).

  3. This is a disappointing result. The team was understaffed at receiver in the Edmonton play-off game and Tyms, who had just arrived, dominated. Something went wrong in 2017 as it seemed he was going to be a key player this year.

  4. Surprised by this.

    I thought he was one of the better receivers on the team.

    • I believe he is number #4 on the receiving yards list for Hamilton. Banks at number #5 in pretty much two games as full time receiver has equaled.

      Perhaps more tellingly … Gable at #6 has in the same number of games put up 70% of the receiving yardage that Tyms has despite playing at RB.

      He is signed with the Argos so the earliest the Cats might see him again is the playoffs or next season.

  5. I will admit I was wrong about him. He showed well last year when he came on the roster late in the season. I honestly thought he was going to be a solid contributor this season.

    He just never seemed to get off the ground. Started slowly and did not recover.

    Best of luck to him.

  6. he is not 5 7 seems they want to go with smaller receivers ..

  7. First they cut Kevin Elliot and now Tyms. Doesn’t make sense. You can’t have nothing but 5’9 receivers, that just won’t work.

  8. I bet the Argos Als will pick him up

  9. So, his performance in the eastern playoff game last year was a fluke? I think he just wasn’t targeted this year. Hope this doesn’t come back to haunt us like Ellingson did. Although I do wish him well.

  10. He will go to Ottawa where all the other ticats receivers go.

  11. Ratio issues? Does the NHL have ratio issues preventing Canadians from grabbing 50% of all Hockey jobs in a league that is only 22% based in Canada? I recall Canadians being up in Arms about Trumps protectionism rants which he has not acted on of course ( like everything else he said). Yet The CFL is nothing but one big protectionism scheme. What this does is dumb down the skill level and put people on the field who would normally not merit it. Look at how popular the NHL, NBA, and MLB are in Canada despite no rules setting aside jobs for Canadians. The NBA is a great of example of no quotas yet young Canadians are rising stars such as Andrew Wiggins based on hard work, merit, and getting good training usually at US Division one colleges. If you put the best players on the field fans will turn out and some of those young fans will take up Football and be big stars.

    • Those leagues don’t concern this argument. The Canadian teams are a part of that league and benefit from very large promotion budgets I would guess
      To properly argue this, you would want to say how similar leagues with quarter dollar stadiums do against similar larger leagues with, say, billion dollar stadiums
      Yes you see more skill in the larger leagues who also have at least ten fold the population to draw fans from
      Changing to this may very possibly bankrupt the CFL. Not to mention the opportunities given to our fellow Canadians to play ball. Radio stations must play 25% Canadian content! It’s the Canadian way and has been for a long time!

      • And, Jeff, we`re not the only country that has this ruling…from Wikipedia…

        “Other countries employ similar quota systems. Australian broadcasters are required to broadcast a certain percentage of Australasian content. Similar domestic content quota laws also exist in the Philippines, Mexico, Nigeria, Israel, South Africa, Jamaica, Venezuela, Russia, and New Zealand. Quotas also apply in the United Kingdom and France (which now has a European Union content rule rather than a domestic one.”

        My apologies for going off topic….

      • What about all that diversity is strength stuff? Seems to me you like to watch simulated football in that you are more concerned with race or ethnicity.
        Why not just hire 100% Canadian actors and script the games? That could satisfy your “Canadian way.”

        • Its already satisfied!! I don’t spend anytime playing games, as much as I would like too. But I do watch a lot of CFL and as a fan, my opinion is that it is a superior product as a whole, not for individual plays, but for the drama our rules often set up. I also never notice what “ethnicity” it is that is making great plays, or even missing them, for that matter. I just enjoy good football, and am glad the CFL is smart enough to stay within the guidelines (more than what appears I would think) enough to keep our league around. So, JC you were very far off on that comment as well! Keep trying, though. Bash the Canadian Way some more, even, if you must.

          • Not bashing the Canadian way per se….just your interpretation thereof. Many want to see high caliber professional football…..which means the best players available as it related to their playing ability….not where they are from. But if your Canadian pride can only be satisfied by artificially rigging the game…well good for you.
            Canada has a far richer tradition that that in my mind.

    • National hockey league allows international players.
      Canadian Hockey league as does Canadian Football League does have residency rules.

  12. Paul Bereza // September 13, 2017 at 11:47 am //

    Tyms was mostly invisible this year. He never seemed to get targeted. Maybe he was never open. Have to trust June Jones with this move. It’s time to see what Ricky Collins Jr can do.

  13. It’s the Canadian Football League (ratio exists and I’m glad). If u want too see more Americans watch the NFL. The NHL and NBA are totally different. There is more to this story then meets the eye. He was dependable in the games he played. New coach must not want him

    • Totally agree, Rob. One of the things I like best about the CFL is that it gives Canadian kids a place to play. I had a lot of friends and teammates who made their way to the CFL and had great careers. People keep mentioning the NFL, etc. This is not the NFL. It’s a completely different different game that, in my opinion, is much more exciting. To diminish the Canadian ratio would be a tragic mistake.

    • We dont want to see more Americans….we simply want to see the best players regardless of where they are from? In what other sport to marks point does anyone care? Not at all it would appear.
      Just seems like simulated football in that sense. Why not just make the can-con 80% and just script the games? Would that make you even happy as again…more Canadians at the expenses the highest level of play? Where does the line get drawn? Seems to me their are only so many Canadians available at that level once injury strikes ….play on the field is secondary to the rule…..that hits me funny in a professional sports league.
      I respect the Canadian pride aspect of course….the rules and geography …..history of the franchises themselves adequately speaks to that.

  14. He couldnt get into the line up because there were better recievers period. Zach isnt completely to blame for the teams struggles. Recievers and the offensive line contributed. We all know the o-line troubles but the recievers were not running there routes properly either, they also dropped a lot of passes and didnt recognize coverage. Tyms was one of those guys. Also Andy Fantuz is back soon and a roster spot is needed. I put money on it they offered to put him on the six game to keep him like all teams do and he chose to be released.

    • NotJoshSmith // September 13, 2017 at 9:38 pm //

      Better receivers? Are you drunk again Garney? We have the worst receiving corps in the league, so bad right now, UsedtoBeSpeedyB is our #1 go to receiver?!? Not sure what team you are watching.

      • Not sure what the bad production by the receiving corps has to do with what Tyms was or was not doing.

        If you think Tyms is better than the receivers on the field – who would you sit to keep Tyms playing?

        Saunders has about 2.5x the yards Tyms does as does Tasker. Even Jones has more yards. Gable has 70% of the receiving yards, despite being a RB.

        I also don’t get why you don’t like Banks as a full time receiver. Speed is what makes for a deep threat that forces the defense to compensate.

        BTW, Tyms and Banks have the same 204 yards, where Banks has put up 152 in two games.

        If you want to argue he would benefit from the new offense then maybe. Under the Austin and Jones offense, Tyms is number four – well down the list.

  15. As long as they keep winning know one will care about this move

  16. I’m not entirely surprised by this move. They moved him to Toliver’s spot early on and he couldn’t adjust. He started having more success when he was moved back inside but to my mind, didn’t seem to live up to his success last season. And yes Fantuz is expected to rejoin the team soon, Collins has been added (the kind of receiver that Jones prefers) so there wasn’t space for a receiver who had problems being productive.

  17. Tyms is a very good player, Zach did not have enough time in the pocket to get the ball to him when he was playing wide receiver and he did get open consistently. When at slotback that position suited him better but seldom targeted but when he was pretty much caught everything thrown his way. He will excel with whatever team picks him up and we will be disappointed again about a former Ti-Cat doing well elsewhere. Bad decision in my opinion.

  18. Doesnt take much to get Hamilton fans up in arms in the midst of a two game win streak…He wasnt contributing for whatever reason …end of story

  19. Clearing capspace for Johnny Football!!!!! Callaros going next… watch and see

  20. The Tyms discussion brought up the ratio issue. This is a Canadian League — we want home town boys to do well — the box that has been opened is the CFL has to do more to help our University and Junior teams develop players ready to join teams quicker — maybe scholarships and coaching clinics and more publicity on TV for these teams? Take more responsibility for the product!!!

  21. Isn’t June Jones a fan of smaller receivers based on his run and shoot experience?

    Not sure where Tyms could go – who has receiver needs now but there are times in new team situations you see either a break out or bust.

  22. Can someone tell me something??? Why if you have a canadian qb starting (like sask dose on Friday) or back up. It doesn’t count as a canadian on your roster????

  23. Clearing #2 jersey for Johnny Football!!!!! Collaros going next… watch and see

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