Incident at practice could lead to Duron Carter suspension

Enigmatic Riders receiver Duron Carter was involved in an incident at practice on Monday, per sources.

The altercation – believed to be a fight – took place between Carter and a defensive player and sources say it could lead to Carter being kept out of  Friday’s game against Calgary and possibly longer.

The 25-year-old was coming off the best game of his professional career – 11 catches for 231 yards – which pushed his receiving yards on the season to a new high too.

SportsNet’s Arash Madani posted the alleged details via Twitter Monday night.

Carter posted a cryptic Tweet on Monday evening before news of the altercation broke.

Carter was at the centre of controversy for much of the 2016 season. He was suspended one game for bumping Redblacks coach Rick Campbell after scoring a touchdown in a game on June 30 and was involved in a practice confrontation with quarterback Rakeem Cato.

Carter was released by the Alouettes in October and missed the remainder of the season before signing with the Riders in January.

That was far from the first time Carter rubbed teammates the wrong way.

Carter is still in Regina as he tweeted a photo of himself and teammates bowling Monday evening.

Justin Dunk

Justin Dunk

Justin Dunk was a five-year starter at quarterback for the University of Guelph. He covers the league for Sportsnet and 3DownNation.
Justin Dunk
Justin Dunk
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Justin Dunk was a five-year starter at quarterback for the University of Guelph. He covers the league for Sportsnet and 3DownNation.

125 Comments on Incident at practice could lead to Duron Carter suspension

  1. That story doesn’t make any sense at all. Coming from Sportsnet, it wouldn’t surprise me there’s a lot more than what is reported. Afterall, when it comes to the CFL, Sportsnet ranks right at the bottom. They could care less of the CFL.

    • Blackhawk89 // October 16, 2017 at 9:26 pm //

      It’s pretty straight forward
      Carter is a basket case his on field talent isn’t worth the trouble he stirs up.

      • Get serious. Maybe, he is a basket case as you state. There’s a lot more to this story that neither of us know. In fact, I find it rather embarrassing that Arash would even comment on something like this without getting some details. If that’s a sports reporter, he’s got a lot to know. You just don’t run a statement without finding out what it’s all about. But coming from an anti-CFL network, doesn’t really surprise me.

        • Johnny Blumpkin // October 16, 2017 at 10:43 pm //

          Right, because Carter didn’t get into a fight with teammates last year in Montreal. Oh, wait…

          Take off the blinders, fanboy.

        • Jovon Johnson tweeted something to the effect that Sam Williams did something “unacceptable”.

          And as much fun as it is to bash Arash, I don’t see where he did anything wrong. He admits that he got the information second hand, that the team didn’t comment, etc. He doesn’t pretend to know everything but there IS a situation and it will be addressed later today.

          • How about failure to fact check? But with Mandani it’s more likely that he was deliberately lying. How about the fact that what said was wildly inflammatory and almost none of it turned out to be true? Not that big a deal in the end, however. This is just another example of why nobody believes the media anymore, and I’m sure very few people honestly believed this the moment they read it. It reeks of media sleazery and just straight BS on its face.

      • Duron tweeted was fun while it lasted

      • You mean they COULDN’T care less ABOUT the CFL. My English/grammar lessons are free of charge. But then so is spellcheck and grammar check on you pc.

  2. justforkicks // October 16, 2017 at 9:23 pm //

    Hard to imagine a coach “summoning” a player to fight and then trying to stop others from breaking it up. It will be interesting to see where this goes. Something smells fishy!

    • riderontheisland // October 17, 2017 at 10:47 am //

      I agree and that’s what I find a joke by Arash Madani is get some facts before you write such a story.

  3. Scottsask // October 16, 2017 at 9:24 pm //

    It’s not like fights have never happened at a football practice after a loss. Fake news.

    • Use a Trump comment to apply the Trump reasoning of “If I don’t like the message, then the message must not be true”.

      Carter tweeted last night that his time there had been fun, suggesting that he was leaving the team. He may have assumed that he was going to get released for his part in this. It makes it more than just your standard little practice scuffle.

      • False. That’s just your spin. He said, “It was fun while it lasted… love y’all.” There is zero in there saying that he was leaving the team. He was more likely talking about his bowling game.

        • Then all he had to do was say “Had a fun time bowling with the guys tonight”. Problem solved. Instead, everyone assumed that he’d been cut because that’s often what guys say when they are. Check the reaction he got for yourself. I assume the replies are still all there.

    • Get the blinders off Scottie or go back to sleep

  4. Blue Rules // October 16, 2017 at 9:25 pm //

    Who didn’t see this coming, as soon as things don’t go well……. KA-BLAMO…… money well wasted.

    • riderontheisland // October 17, 2017 at 10:53 am //

      I can tell you the Riders didn’t see this coming and we are the ones following his every move all year. He has been a positive personality and good teammate. Any of you saying “I knew this would happen” were at best assuming. He has shown no signs of issue.

      • Everyone else did.

        I’m not surprised at all, based on recent history with this guy.

        My only wonder is why it took so long for the implosion…

        • Hey Tiger man,
          Are you guys getting ready to play in those playo… oh wait! You guys didn’t make it! My bad.

  5. Good riddance DC. Good luck growing up

  6. Duron was probably making a move on Sam Williams’ girl or something ridiculous like that. Would be surprised if that or something similarly absurd was the issue as Carter’s trouble is typically caused by him just being on a football team.

  7. I’ve got a tropical pond for sale out in south Alaska for anybody that’s interested. Warm waters all year-round. Taking offers… . Anybody interested???

  8. Wonder if Justin might be interested?

    • Johnny Blumpkin // October 16, 2017 at 10:44 pm //

      Brad Wall might be. Good retirement spot for him while he whines about Energy East.

      • greenrider89 // October 17, 2017 at 12:47 am //

        This guy’s as gullible as ever, just like Trudeau and his tax laws. Tax me, Johnny boy, I’m Canadian. And I’m gullible.

  9. And I thought the National Enquirer was going overboard?

  10. idiotwind // October 16, 2017 at 9:51 pm //

    Would be totally unbelievable if DC wasn’t involved. With him you never know. But suspensions at this point? Dunno. Seems goofy.

  11. justforkicks // October 16, 2017 at 9:51 pm //

    I listened in part to sportscage and there was mention of the scuffle. It sure was not described as “I was told” by someone to the author. The exchange between Fairholm and Carter on twitter was a bigger issue so I’m pretty sure whatever happened was a smaller in house issue. As someone else said fake news and because it’s DC everyone bites. Especially the opposition fans that know what kind of damage he can do to them on the field! Wishful thinking!

  12. Getzlaf can have 89

  13. justforkicks // October 16, 2017 at 10:27 pm //

    Riders have stated Carter, Grant and Dennis have NOT been released! Contrary to other reports!

    • Johnny Blumpkin // October 16, 2017 at 10:48 pm //

      *citation missing*

      • George Porge // October 17, 2017 at 10:05 am //

        3Down doesn’t allow the posting of URL’s in the comments section for some reason, so even if there was a citation to be had, you’ll never find it in a comment here, because that comment would wind up in permanent moderator purgatory.

  14. If any of this can be believed what is lost in the discussion is that a staff member summoned Carter to fight Williams? Wtf? If any of that is true then that “staff member” better be on his way out of Regina. Sounds like a bit of a gong show…if any truth at all.

  15. i think until the truth comes out all you backseat coaches might think twice about saying to much. D.C has played well for this club and so has Grant. I think the only thing fake here is all you FAKE coaches

    • justforkicks // October 16, 2017 at 11:00 pm //

      And it all started with Dunk looking for a scrap or bone to publish!

      • No, it started with Carter posting that it was fun while it lasted. He posted that BEFORE news broke. So of course people are going to wonder what he’s talking about.

        Again the guy becomes a needless distraction but again there are people who continue to make excuses for him. Poor, misunderstood Duron. Maybe if he grew up, you wouldn’t need to spend so much time shooting messengers.

        • He could have been talking about anything. You’re just trying to spin it the way you want to believe it. You’re just a hater trying to justify his hate. Carter didn’t cause any of this. This story isn’t about him, or Jones, or the Riders. It’s about the post-truth, fake news, National Enquirer style reporting of Trash Madani, and now 3DN.

          • Didn’t cause any of it?? IT WAS ON HIS OWN TWITTER FEED. HE WROTE IT.

            Here’s what Stafford wrote when he got cut last year.

            “Thank you to the city and fans of Montreal it was good while it lasted,”

            Sound familiar? Guys who get cut say that ALL THE TIME. Of course people who follow him are going to assume he was released. There’s nothing unusual about that. Especially when people hear later on of a fight at practice.

            If he didn’t want the reaction, he should have been more clear. Or quiet. If you don’t like the reaction it got, blame the guy who controls everything that is on that Twitter account.

  16. AND – let the Rider haters chime in…………….

  17. Greenandwhite // October 16, 2017 at 11:01 pm //

    There’s a whole lot that doesn’t make sense with Arash’s message.

    Firstly, he reports he heard that Bakari Grant was trying to break up a fight and then he says a Rider official said Carter and Grant would not play another game for the Green. Why would you cut a veteran receiver breaking up the fight?

    Secondly, it’s a pretty big accusation to state a coach summoned a player to fight another. In this case it states the coach summoned carter to fight Williams who is a practice roster player. If this was indeed the case, Williams would have had to do something really stupid. So again, why would Carter be cut and have his plane booked for him, but not Williams, the practice roster player?

    This is pretty irresponsible reporting by Arash. Nothing about the report he floated out there for all to read adds up.

    • Jovon Johnson put all this sh*the to rest in his twitter

      • justforkicks // October 16, 2017 at 11:41 pm //

        Gosh, you mean it’s a non issue? Who’d a thunk it? LOL (or grimacing from the pain of it all!) Bunch of moronic reporters.

      • He stated his opinion and version of events. He didn’t put anything to rest if the team plans on addressing it later.

        • Well you’ve got it all figured out then CC – please keep us posted as you learn more

          • I don’t have to be on the scene to know that if the team is going to address media about it, it hasn’t been “put to bed” quite yet.

          • Jovon Johnson is a captain on the team ….and was there but hes not credible ? Scraps happen for crying out loud. If Bo had a conflict on field nobody would hear a peep. Because it’s Carter it’s a federal case. If it comes to light that he’s suspended so be it…..but until then it’s garbage “news”

          • “Jovon Johnson is a captain on the team ….and was there but hes not credible?”

            That’s not what I said. He gave his opinion and that’s great. But the team is dealing with it today. It didn’t end when Jovon addressed it on Twitter. It wasn’t “put to rest” to use your term.

          • Of course they will deal with it today…..a sh*t storm has been created and they will speak on it – just as Hamilton did.

          • George Porge // October 17, 2017 at 12:29 pm //

            Surely you know why there would be such a difference in reaction between Bo getting into a scrap on his team and Duron getting into one on his team. Only exactly one of these guys has a history of getting into it with his teammates.

            Even on the Riders, had this been Roosevelt, or Grant himself, or Glenn, or Bridge, or literally anyone else in that locker room involved, this would probably not get the traction that it gets.

            Because it is Duron “give me the ball or else” Carter.

          • Great. Maybe THEN it’ll be put to rest.

          • Yet Bakari was part of the original “story” as was Dennis but the Carter admirers choose to target him. Whatever helps you sleep at night and apparently Rider news does it for you

    • greenrider89 // October 17, 2017 at 12:49 am //

      Remember, it’s Sportsnet. Surprised Justin would even publish this blasphemy!!!

    • I agree totally with you green and white something about this story makes absolutely no sense at all.Why would a coach promote a fight?Why would grant get in trouble and why wouldn’t Williams get in trouble too ?to me this story doesn’t make sense but we have to wait and see until jones new conference.To me it sounds like just a scuffle at practice and nothing comes out of it.

      • greenrider89 // October 17, 2017 at 11:15 am //

        Yes, too much phoney(ness) to be totally legit. I believe there is some truth but too much of the story seems very “roundabout” that the National Enquirer would start considering a write-up on this Carter fiasco. But give it to Madani and Dunk to take it all in. And of course, a few other bloggers that are having a field day with this so-called happening. Let’s just say, if it isn’t the Riders, it’s not worth talking about.

  18. So the Rider media all tweeting they never saw anything, Johnson tweeting media twisting things, Carter tweeting a picture of of a few of the guys bowling…….so what is up Dunk and Madini?

  19. Here I am still waiting for a video of the Riders working out Johnny Football and now this?

  20. First of all, I wouldn’t believe a word Trash Madani says, about anything, not a single word. Madani is as disreputable and flat out dishonest as they come.

    • And yet: “general manager Chris Jones will be addressing the media about the situation and what Carter’s status is moving forward.”

      Why are so many of you finding this so hard to believe? If it was a player known for his class and leadership, I’d understand. But this dude has been like this his entire life.

      • CC Rider you’re an idiot. Why is he addressing this? because the media blew this up into pieces and now he has to do damage control for the fans. God you’re dumb. Why do you even post?

        • No, if it’s a non-story he can refuse to comment about it altogether. If he’s asked about it later, he can just say “just your standard practice scrap, nothing to see here”. That’s it.

          And again with blaming the media. The first part of this was Carter saying “it’s been fun”. No one had ANYTHING until then. If he shuts up, for a change, maybe none of this explodes. But no, let’s blame the media. Not Saint Carter

          • I would trust Javon’s word over any of these loser writers. It was a 5-10 second little dust up. Nothing out of the ordinary. As the officer says, “Nothing to see here folks!”.

      • As you’ve apparently taken to quoting also CC – here’s one for you –

        “Chris Jones will speak to the practice fight today. I saw the whole thing. It really is much ado about nothing. #riderpride”

        I’m sure you know where that came from….

        • I think I saw it above. I have the same opinion of Rod Pedersen as you do Dunk/Madani but I don’t see why he would lie here.

          It shouldn’t have to be addressed at all, but hey, that’s what you get with Duron!

  21. I didnt even know that sportnet covered the Cfl lol

  22. doobzacheria // October 17, 2017 at 12:13 am //

    This is so much nothing that it’s an insult to nothing. Good Job 3 Down. Classy as always.

  23. Edward Leslie // October 17, 2017 at 2:25 am //

    I hate Sportsnet and the way they dismiss the CFL. But Arash Madani is a CFL fan and I don’t think he’d make this stuff up.
    Carter has been in trouble before obviously, and just look how crazy he acted early in the Ottawa game. He’s unstable, but if they release him, another team WILL grab him… nd don’t be shocked if it’s Montreal.

  24. Savanna DeVille // October 17, 2017 at 3:09 am //

    Absolutely NOTHING reported in Regina media all day on this alleged incident. Wtf??

  25. 3rd and 1 // October 17, 2017 at 5:09 am //

    Social media has gotten way out of hand. Stories are published with zero and I do mean zero authentication. The second someones name is mentioned that has previously been in the news for a certain behaviour. It seems as though writers can not leave it alone. They risk everything to have their name out there 1st.
    I would suggest that everyone wait for Head Coach Chris Jones to speak to the media tomorrow. As DB\ Corner Jovan Johnson wrote “Its no big deal”
    Heck I played Junior football and I remember at least a half dozen fights each year. From camp all the way until a few days before the Championship game.
    What is dispicible is the way in which many on social media condem people of being guilty and have to prove their innocence. Thank God as a society we do not have the influence crowds had back in the 1700’s!!! Reading these competing teams posts you would swear this is a witch hunt. Those of you who can’t stand Carter is simply because he’s really really good at what he does. If the guy was a 350 yard receiver you wouldn’t give him the time of day.

    • George Porge // October 17, 2017 at 10:48 am //

      If Carter was a 350 yard receiver we wouldn’t have to give him the time of day. Because he wouldn’t be in the league.

  26. “Those of you who can’t stand Carter is simply because he’s really really good at what he does.”

    Nonsense. By that reasoning, Ellingson and SJ Green should get the same type of press as Carter because they’re both statistically superior. Roosevelt has 2 yards less and an equal number of touchdowns. He doesn’t get dumped on this way, does he?

    People dislike Carter because of Carter’s own behaviour. He could totally control the narrative here by behaving like a responsible adult. He never seems to though, forcing his apologists to step up.

    • Hmmmmm……serious donkey overtones

      • George Porge // October 17, 2017 at 10:15 am //

        Coming from the guy who has so far posted absolutely zero comments in this thread with anything even close to resembling a reasoned argument. I would say your comments are far closer to the quality we usually expect from “donkey” than those coming from CC Rider.

        About the only thing CC Rider has done that is even remotely “donkey-like” is dare to say anything even slightly negative about your precious football team.

        Seriously, you need to up your game, Yup. What used to be mildly hilarious has now just become sad and pathetic.

        • From you George that means absolutely nothing. CC has done nothing but bash, much like yourself – very donkey like. You are clearly not a Rider fan either so carry on as if you knew what you were doing.

          • George Porge // October 17, 2017 at 10:46 am //

            If all you got out of CC Rider’s comments were that he was simply “bashing” your beloved team, there isn’t much hope of having a reasoned discussion with you. Cheers.

          • I agree with you on this one yup, they have done nothing but bash the team and carter. Nothing constructive whatsoever. This is a non story and they are making it out to be the story of the year here. It hasn’t been confirmed by absolutely anyone. I would take Javon’s word over these hack writers/reporters.

          • Sick of the constant negative sh*t on all things Riders. Football is an intense game (if youve played it ?) fights happen but only some are brought to the forefront. Hamilton while here in Calgary and now this. It’s not newsworthy at this point as nothing of value has been reported. I noted that Jovon Johnson tweeted that it was nothing – what the hell would he know, he’s a captain and WAS THERE. But as you say I have contributed “absolutely zero comments in this thread with anything even close to resembling a reasoned argument” George, you like to quote, and put your spin on every comment made by any Rider fan on here. And why do you have to refer to a conversation as an “argument”? These are peoples opinions on unconfirmed poor reporting.

            Seriously, you need to up your game, George. What used to be mildly annoying has now just become sad and pathetic.

          • There is not a single part of my response to 3rd and 1″ that is bashing. I have an opinion on the matter and am able to explain why I have it. It’s certainly more reasoned than “Dunk/Madani hate my team”.

            Suggesting that people hate Carter because Carter is so good doesn’t stand up to logic too much when Carter is not significantly better than another player on his team that does NOT get that kind of treatment. There are several receivers who are more productive. But they don’t constantly draw negative attention to themselves.

          • “I agree with you on this one yup, they have done nothing but bash the team and carter.”

            I have not in any way, shape, or form bashed the team.

          • Because all you “Rider” fans have been here all year to see the good he’s done? He only works with Charities and youth sports programs. But he is a cancer for the team? Giving game balls to cancer survivors. Give me a break you clowns.

          • George Porge // October 17, 2017 at 12:35 pm //

            In true RobE style, “upping your game” means throwing a shit-fit in the comments section and then cutting-and-pasting someone else’s comments to try to make a point.

            Bravo RobE. Have a hero cookie.

          • George Porge // October 17, 2017 at 12:39 pm //

            Even us non-Rider fans have been in here seeing what he does. In fact some of us (including myself) have mentioned in previous comments that it looked like Carter has been showing more maturity than he had when he was in Montreal. Some of us even had the gall to commend Chris Jones for seemingly running a tighter ship to keep some of the more passionate players on the team in check.

            Yet in all that effort, it still seems like all we get from you and Yup on here is “waa waa – these people are bashing my team!” any time someone dares levy a modicum of criticism on a single player on your team.

          • It’s constant George. Much like you defend your team, I defend mine. Carter is one of those guys that you love to hate unless he’s on your team. I was not a fan of his signing because of his antics. I have learned to respect his ability and what he’s done for my team. Currently everybody is sh*t talking over a regular occurrence in a competitive sport. They lost a game they shouldn’t have and are set to play the best team in their house. Tempers flare, Carter was involved. I will support and defend my team and you will chirp and pick apart anything they do. End of story

          • Sorry Georgie… I guess not all of us can be all high and mighty like some(talking about you of course). There hasn’t been anything released by the club, so all of this is speculation and in typical rider hating fashion you losers bite into it faster than a mosquito digging in for blood. The haters are gonna hate. And you Georgie and CC… Are haters. Plain and simple. Don’t forget your hero medal Georgie.. Calling out Rider fans, trying to defend a fellow Rider, on a not so news worthy Rider story on 3down. Weird…

          • ” And you Georgie and CC… Are haters. Plain and simple.”

            No, that’s just your “out” when you can’t actually formulate a counter-argument. All you have is “Arash and Dunk suck” and “anyone who says something bad about my team is a hater”.

            Even if the report was 100% and Duron wasn’t even IN a fight, his past behaviour has earned him this. It’s what you get when you develop a man-crush for this guy. Enjoy the ride!

          • Funny CC.. they haven’t done a reversed statement yet. As per Chris Jones, everything is fine and it wasn’t anything more than a dust up at practice. Maybe some people should be shutting their mouths until the actual facts surface. Just food for thought.

          • Haters are gonna Hate. Keep on hating CC.
            Just by your response… So since you were wrong here(your past) anything you say in the future should be taken with a grain of salt? You know since you made a mistake.. Just trying to clarify your logic here.

          • “So since you were wrong here(your past) anything you say in the future should be taken with a grain of salt?”

            I’m not sure I was wrong here, since I pretty much stated that Carter has a history of drawing controversy (fact) and is partly to blame for this being blown up (Twitter comment).

            But if I was wrong about something, or even if you just don’t like someone who doesn’t share your opinion, then yes, by all means, ignore me or take me with a grain of salt. I won’t lose my appetite over it, I assure you.

            You could also try acknowledging when someone actually has a point. Carter’s history of controversy is undeniable. I know you’re tired of negative stories about your team, but that doesn’t mean that wishing they weren’t true means they aren’t.

          • CC Rider // October 17, 2017 at 12:31 pm //

            Great. Maybe THEN it’ll be put to rest.

            So will you ?

  27. So a couple of players get into it at practice, later that night it’s settled and the guys are out bowling. Doesn’t sound like they are out trying to kill each other or anything. As long as the guys shake hands and move on I say let em play.

  28. BigRedMachine // October 17, 2017 at 10:30 am //

    Too much of this story doesn’t make sense to me so I will withhold my opinion until more facts are uncovered. I do recall reading when DC was signed that Jones made it quite clear that he wouldn’t tolerate bad behaviour from him so it will be interesting what comes of this…

  29. Hmm. Carter didn’t sign till Feb hoping to latch on in the NFL, finally signed for 1/2 the cash he got in ’16. Why was that? Because he’s got no talent or because he’s a problem child? No one wantrd him. The donkeys are the ones at the trough sipping the green lime juice.

    • greenrider89 // October 17, 2017 at 11:32 am //

      Excuse me, Boneyard? Apparently, no other team wanted Duron Carter, except the Riders? Funny, you mention that? There was considerable interest shown by Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg and Toronto in the talented receiver, in addition to upwards of 15 NFL teams, though, no NFL team signed Carter to a contract. Just happened to be the Riders were the team Carter was most interested in signing with and has provided the club significant dividends with his amazing talent, yet, childish behaviour. Better do some research before leaving an open-ended comment such as that.

      • George Porge // October 17, 2017 at 12:41 pm //

        Geezus. I haven’t seen that level of revisionist history since Ernst Zundel was distributing “pamphlets” around town…

  30. Boneyard: Go to CFL Tracker and free agents and you’ll see on EVERY team most of the signings are in February. Uninformed, silly comment.

    Incidents at practices do flare up (much less so now than back in the ’50s and 60s) as football is deemed to be more like any workplace versus the old days where you might see 4 or 5 fist swinging incidents in training camp.

    The BC Lions covered up a Jerome Messam fight with Paris Jackson over a parking pass IIRC that took place in the locker room. It came up later that Paris had struggled in part due to a broken jaw – then it came out that it was from that incident.

    Duron Carter has been the reason I haven’t missed a Riders game on TV (as well as their team playing well) as his talent is outstanding.

    He’s a player you want on your team as players say – but he’s the guy they hate to play against.

    I think Carter is worth the gamble.

    • “Go to CFL Tracker and free agents and you’ll see on EVERY team most of the signings are in February. Uninformed, silly comment.”

      That’s because those guys mostly BECAME free agents in February when their contracts ran out. Carter was released at the end of the year before. He had many more months to sign with someone.

      • greenrider89 // October 17, 2017 at 11:45 am //

        CC Rider, you seem to despise, Carter. I agree, he acts like a kid from what I’ve seen. He probably is an irritant to some. I don’t argue that. But he’s a talented receiver, nonetheless. And he has contributed significantly to the success of the receiving corps, allowing the Roughriders to have one of the most exciting passing attacks in the CFL. And when Naaman Roosevelt has been sidelined, Carter and Bacari Grant have picked up the slack to help the improved Roughriders as they look to secure a playoff spot. There were several other CFL teams that gladly would’ve accepted Duron Carter with his baggage. The Roughriders and Chris Jones were fortunate to sign Carter to a contract, yet, you don’t grasp that. Carter is one those athletes that doesn’t come around every day. Besides his talent, he has all of the attributes, including his size, that every team wishes they had in a football player at the receiver position. Before slamming the guy down, hear what comes out of the press gathering today. There’s too much to this story that makes it National Enquirer material.

        • Despise might be a bit strong. But I don’t like his “type”.
          He’s constantly getting into some sort of trouble yet it’s never his fault. There’s always a long line of people making excuses for him.

          He was involved in controversy in Montreal pre-NFL with Higgins, then arguments with Rakeem Cato upon his return. Bumps Campbell, claims to not remember doing it. Now this. That doesn’t even include his checkered NCAA career. But in all cases, no matter how many there are, there’s always a segment of the fanbase justifying it, making him sound like he’s getting picked on by the nasty media.

          I don’t argue that he’s a good/great player. I’m just exhausted with his antics. He may add to the enjoyment of the game for you, but childish, entitled behaviour has the opposite effect on me.

          He had great players around him in Montreal. SJ Green and Nik Lewis didn’t feel a need to behave like that. Having great physical tools doesn’t mean you have to act like one so often.

          • Maybe you forgot how Nik Lewis acted like when he was only in his mid 20’s. Just saying.
            SJ Green would be one of the few exceptions.

  31. justforkicks // October 17, 2017 at 11:12 am //

    It’s maybe time that some of the story writers should be moderated. Don’t report until you know the facts but I guess that doesn’t sell anything does it. I’m sure by day’s end we’ll have the story and as stated above, Jones has to make a statement if only to clear the air.

  32. riderontheisland // October 17, 2017 at 11:14 am //

    I can tell you the Riders didn’t see this coming and we are the ones following his every move all year. He has been a positive personality and good teammate. Any of you saying “I knew this would happen” were at best assuming. He has shown no signs of issue.

  33. So Carter took half his salary of 2016 because everyone was clamouring to sign him? In fact the 2 Alberta teams said publicly they had no interest. Carter signed for only 1 year with the Als because he hadn’t given up hope on his NFL dreams. So now 15 teams were interested, greenrider, & he chose to sign in Regina for peanuts instead of taking a tryout down south? But NO ONE out there wanted to give him more than $130K – this great talent??? Wow – that’s not even Dressler money. Shouldn’t he have garnered Ernest Jackson type bucks? Hell, he’s making a couple of bucks more than LaFrance. Grab a glass of lime Kool-aid on the way out. Once upon a time……………………………. you can fill in the blanks.

    • greenrider89 // October 17, 2017 at 11:14 pm //

      You don’t “read” very carefully, do you Boneyard? 15 teams were interested in Duron Carter. Did I mention Carter refused an opportunity of playing in the NFL to join the Riders? Read before you react, or better yet, put on some reading glasses. Furthermore, if you actually read the newspapers, both Alberta teams expressed interest in Carter. Not sure what you read, or how you come upon these statements of yours, but maybe do little bit of research instead of acting impulsively, buddy. Really, it’s not too hard.

  34. Paul Bomber // October 17, 2017 at 2:02 pm //

    bizarre 1/2 story. I want to what the full scoop on the coaches. Sounds like Lord of the Flies in Saskabush!
    Two thoughts: We don’t have the full story. And Carter always seems to be in the neighborhood when it hits the fan.
    I have to wonder if Chris Jones is back in the cross hairs after being a good boy lately. (sorry: three thoughts)

  35. Didn’t the Ticats have a scrap at practice earlier this year? Seems to me that they went on a bit of tear afterwards. Here’s to the Riders riding this to a GC victory.


  37. RJ Johnson Jr // October 18, 2017 at 4:49 pm //

    Look everybody, 3downnation makes its money by selling advertising. And how do you sell advertising? You do whatever it takes to get a lot of hits on your web site, so you can show all the traffic stats to prospective advertisers. They (3dn) know that anything about the Riders will stir up …… discussion, between Rider Nation and the Rider haters. So, if a Rider player so much as pisses into the wind, they jump on it and wha-la a ton of hits. It’s not about the relevance of the story, or even the accuracy of the story – it’s all about how many hits they can get this month and thus more advertising.

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