Carabins head coach Danny Maciocia met with Als president

University of Montreal head coach Danny Maciocia met with Alouettes president Patrick Boivin, according to Jonathan Guay.

The 50-year-old turned down an offer from the Montreal Alouettes to become the team’s president last December. Maciocia described the hiring process and what went into his decision to ultimately stay at the University of Montreal for the 2017 season in a Q&A with 3DownNation.

 “I’m always open to listening, I’m never going to close any doors. The timing and fit has to be right for both parties, I don’t think it can only be right for one, and clearly this time around it wasn’t, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it can’t be. So moving forward if the opportunity presents itself, I’d be willing to listen, absolutely,” Maciocia said. “I was comfortable with the whole process. It’s important that we in Montreal have a football team that is a winner not only on the field, but off the field. And I think if we have that we all benefit from it.”

Maciocia’s Carabins lost in the Dunsmore Cup game to archrival Laval, but Montreal remains one of the top Canadian university football programs in the country. He won a Grey Cup as Edmonton’s head coach in 2005 and spent three seasons as the Eskimos general manager.


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  1. a local guy, would be nice. he has the smarts, if he didn,t he wouldn,t have won the grey cup. does this mean the end of kavis reed, something tells me there is history between these two chps.

  2. Karlo Berkovich // November 23, 2017 at 9:56 pm //

    best thing that could happen to any CFL team would be to not have Kavis Reed involved in any leadership role. he’s a disaster, the evidence is there from Edmonton and Montreal. If he survives, Maciocia (who I thought was a bit of a goofball in Edmonton, remember him prematurely celebrating 2005 Grey Cup win, which Eskimos did win but…he was a mediocre CFL coach) or anyone else should stay away! Cannot fathom how Reed stays employed in football.

    • George Porge // November 24, 2017 at 7:57 am //

      Kavis Reed has been a disaster everywhere he’s coached. The second he was hired as Montreal’s GM I knew that this year (and probably every year coming up where Kavis is still involved) would be a wash.

      I don’t know that Maciocia would be the solution. Recalling 2005, I think that GC win had more to do with Ricky Ray and Jason Maas more than anything Maciocia was able to accomplish. The year right after that win saw Edmonton miss the playoffs for the first time in something like 35 years.

      If Montreal wants to pick up anyone, I would say they should jettison Reed, try to woo Ed Hervey into the GM’s chair, and look at current DCs or OCs around the league to hire as HC. (or maybe a former player with tons of experience – head coach Thick Nik comes to mind).

  3. Ed Hervey would be a great choice for GM

  4. Maciocia won in Edmonton, he wins at the college level also. With the right controls as Prez, HC or GM or any combination of those positions there is no reason to believe he can not win with the Als. Will be a tough road to hoe but it is doable as has been done at various other locations in the CFL over the years.

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