MOP Reilly, unlike McDaniel, sends positive encouragement for Jorden

Mike Reilly is Edmonton’s leader, but he doesn’t mind putting aside rivalries to help lift a players’ spirits in a difficult situation.

Leading by eight with just over five minutes to play and Calgary on Toronto’s seven-yard line, quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell completed a short pass to Kamar Jorden who was stripped by Argos defender Jermaine Gabriel. Cassius Vaughn scooped the ball up and returned it 109 yards for a momentum-changing touchdown. That ultimately led to an Argos 27-24 comeback win in the Grey Cup.

In the moments after the devastating loss, veteran Stamps receiver Marquay McDaniel blamed it on Jorden’s fumble.

“It’s a stupid play to be real. I mean shit, we were inside the 15 up eight with a chance to at least get a field goal. What are you doing? We talked all game about putting two hands on the ball. What are you doing? It’s a stupid play,” McDaniel said. “You can talk all you want about doing this, doing that. It’s a dumb play. Stupid football loses games.”

Meanwhile, the 2017 Most Outstanding Player sent a Tweet to Jorden encouraging the Stampeders pass catcher.

It’s almost as if Reilly treated Jorden like a teammate.


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  1. And stupid, unprofessional comments about team mates disrupt locker rooms.

  2. Meant to also add Mike Reilly is a class guy.

  3. McDaniel should think back to his early years in the league — he’s a good receiver, but he wasn’t always sure handed either, likely part of the reason the Ticats cut him.

    Nice gesture by Reilly, really classy.

    • McDaniel had two good years playing all eighteen regular season game. He was the Cat nominee for rookie in his first year, where he had 2,535 all purpose yards. I don’t recall his ability to catch being an issue.

      In 2011, which is when he was cut, there was Carter, Grant, Kelly and Williams in the fold so it may have just been a numbers game.

      While he signed with Calgary immediately, he spent the balance of 2011 on Calgary’s practice roster.

      I agree he should have been more careful in his comments but at the end of the day, two hands on the ball is just short of a guarantee that the fumble with it’s 8 to 11 point swing does not happen.

      • I thought the Cats should have kept him, but I do recall criticism of his play in that second season due to some dropped/missed balls (though he nearly hit 1,000 yards)

        However, he had his own fumble in a big game too… 2010 Eastern Semi-final, 3rd quarter, recovered by the Argos’ Jay Pottinger (you can still access the game details and play-by-play on the CFL site).

        Offensive players all fumble at some point in their careers. And that time it didn’t result in a score, but Toronto won 16-13… one can always play what-if when it comes to a turnover in a close game.

        So my point is simple — McDaniel has thrown a stone from inside his glass house.

  4. Classy statement. Much classier than the team “leaders” to the south of Edmonton!

    • Todd in Yellowknife // December 3, 2017 at 1:42 am //

      Hey, Bo-L-M comments were class after the game. Comparing a tweet to a locker room camera moment after a GC loss doesn’t compare

  5. McDaniel is a classy player and a mainstay of the Calgary offense.The second big Grey Cup loss and all the heated emotions lead him to call the fault out.I have followed McDaniel during his career and he is a gentleman.Jorden must understand that a powerhouse team with two Cup losses, in a row, brews an unnatural stress.While Reilly is a great example to all fans and a great model for young fans.

  6. Hey Cisco kid 2 cup losses in row does not make a powerhouse team. Wtf?? No one remembers or cares about grey cup losers. I am really starting to think there is something in that Calgary water they are drinking.

    • Edmonton had the MVP and the most powerful offense, in recently memory, with two potential NFL caliber receivers Walker and Zylstra making the most exciting games in the season of 2017 and didn’t even make the playoffs.Is there a collective ( we ) or does each individual just remember what they enjoy or like to ? I drink Hamilton water by the way.I think Edmonton was the best team of 2017 but by your logic they are losers lost in time and space.

  7. The difference between Mike Reilly and McDaniel is that Reilly is a team guy and a leader.

    McDaniel is a chippy, selfish whiner who btw was a quitter on that play and IIRC he did likewise when Bo’s pass landed in Duron Carter’s hands and he ran a zillion yards for a TD.

  8. Todd in Yellowknife // December 3, 2017 at 1:34 am //

    Give the guy a break man. McDaniel’s comments show the emotion of a tough loss. They are the result of a tactless pointed question by media that exploited an emotional moment – it was tactless to publish that.

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