Redblacks make coaching staff changes

Ottawa will not be renewing the contracts of offensive line Coach Bryan Chiu, defensive backs coach Ike Charlton, receivers coach Travis Moore and linebackers coach Derek Oswalt.

“I’d like to thank Bryan, Ike, Travis and Derek for all of the hard work they put in for our football team,” said Head Coach Rick Campbell. “We wish them the best going forward.”


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  1. …and apparently the Def. Co-ord Mark Nelson is being demoted. Well…..seems like These excellent coaches who by the way, contributed to this teams two cup appearances and a win, are being scapegoated because of miserable recruiting and the decision to load up on rookies. What exactly did you think would happen Marcel? And of course true to their M.O., if there are actual reasons of substance for these firings, we the fan base will never find out. Wow, this is starting to resemble the gong show from the Gleiberman years.

  2. Scapegoats is right. Rick Campbell’s neck is on the block now. A bad start
    next season means he’s gone too.

  3. Wow! What a different perspective from where I sit in B.C. I thought the RedBlacks had a fine season. After going to the show two years in a row they had a year of many close and exciting games, with a little luck could have had a few more wins and have been in first place come playoff time! These must have been internal issues that all teams have from time to time — so we wish them all the best moving forward.

  4. TouchDownBC // November 29, 2017 at 3:10 pm //

    Waiting for Lions to do the same & clean house

  5. Wow, I’m shocked as a RB fan. I didn’t see this coming, nor do I feel it’s justified. Yes the team had a disappointing playoff this year, but was in virtually every game – playing exciting, entertaining football. I would blame the lack of success on too many free agents lost, rookies funding their way and a lousy schedule that penalized the team unfairly. No need to tear everything down

    • Bang on Cam…..all of this is the handi work of Mr. Desjardins. He needs scapegoats to cover for his inability to recruit talent from down south who have the ability to have an immediate impact on this team……without having to spend several years getting experience. This is the case with Montreal and look where they are at.

  6. GM Marcel. Scapegoats ……..did they not win the Grey Cup last year ……… God ……..why are you panicking. Tell us ……they are great coaches you let go…..and now you QB is a free agent ……… have a lot of injuries at O line ….young DB ,,,,,,Terrible call Marcel

  7. Something seems rotten with the RedBlacks going from a lot of player losses post GC win last year to instability in the coaching ranks. Not a winning strategy.

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