All-star Canadian receiver Brad Sinopoli re-ups with Redblacks

Ottawa has re-signed Canadian receiver Brad Sinopoli to a two-year contract extension.

Sinopoli is coming off three consecutive seasons with at least 1,000 receiving yards and was a key piece of Ottawa’s Grey Cup championship in 2016 in which he was named Most Valuable Canadian.

“Brad has been a big part of this team both on and off the field since he came here and we’re looking forward to having him back,” said Redblacks GM Marcel Desjardins. “We could not envision heading into the 2018 season without Brad Sinopoli”

In a 2017 season cut short by injury, Sinopoli had 91 catches for 1,009 yards and three touchdowns.

Since joining the Redblacks for the 2015 season, Sinopoli has put up 3,080 yards in 51 games.


14 Comments on All-star Canadian receiver Brad Sinopoli re-ups with Redblacks

  1. I’d really love to see him quarterback for a quarter next time Ottawa is ahead early

    • Watch, he throws for 175 yards and three scores in a quarter while we all wonder what might have been. 😉

  2. Excellent news. I was actually surprised they didn’t get it taken care by the end of the regular season when Sinopoli was confirmed to be out anyway. And maybe this encourages honourary bud Trevor Harris to return too.

  3. Who do you suppose put together the team that Chris Jones gets all the credit for when winning the Cup? And who brought Franklin in? Right. Hervey.

  4. Lancaster/Reed // November 30, 2017 at 5:43 pm //

    an excellent extension to get signed. Sinopoli is an unique athlete. Hufnagel must kick himself for letting sinopoli sign with ottawa and turn into a 3 straight year 1000yd receiver. Canadian receiving talent like that doesnt come around every day.

  5. White Horse // November 30, 2017 at 5:59 pm //

    If it wasn’t for Hufnagel, Sinopoli would’nt even be a receiver in this league. Brad would not resign with the Stamps after 2 seasons because he wanted to play ball in eastern conference due to his family and business interests there. Stamps loss for sure. They replaced him with a excellent Canadian receiver in Lamar Durant.

    • People criticize GMs for “letting” some players go but in some cases, there’s just nothing you can do. If a guy wants to go play close to home, he probably will.

      Besides, his career high in receptions while with Calgary was 34. Taht’s nice, but not irreplaceable. Calgary probably thought they could find that production elsewhere without breaking the bank.

      Wouldn’t surprise me to same thing happen in reverse with Jake Harty going home to Calgary.

      • Brutal last sentence: “Wouldn’t surprise me to see the same thing…”

      • True … though the career high numbers were probably incentive to move on as he probably also wanted a bigger role than Calgary’s system.

        Burris would have been able to talk to him about it.

    • It probably didn’t hurt to have Burris, his ex-Stamp team mate telling him about an expanded role as receiver as well as vouching for him.

      When did Hufnagel start working on Sinopoli to convert?
      It is quite the master plan to cut Sinopoli at the end of the 2012 training camp, Tate to get injured early in the season then re-sign Sinopoli as QB. It gave Huff a full year to whisper in Sinopoli’s ear that since Mitchell as a rookie was beating him out, he should switch to receiver.

  6. Yes LAMAR was Brilliant in the Grey Cup last week , heeeeeee …………ummmmmmmmmmm…………. caught a cold and held the hot water bottels spectacuraly , lol,lol lol lol , DONKEY your an idiot , to you EVERY jokel wearing a stamp uniform is the greatest thing since sliced bread !!! idiot !!!

    • Lancaster/Reed // November 30, 2017 at 8:10 pm //

      White horse isnt donkey. Donkey is currently “ Galloping into 2018” or something like that.

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