Leafs throw shade on city of Calgary by hosting Grey Cup champs before Flames game

The Leafs and Argos combined for some high-level shade-throwing on Wednesday.


Before their game against the Calgary Flames, the Maple Leafs honoured the newly-minted Grey Cup champions with a ceremonial puck drop featuring four Argo players. Toronto defeated the… wait for it… Calgary Stampeders to win the title just over a week ago.

The double blue appreciated the white and blue.

Young stars on the Leafs and Flames are supporters of their local football teams, Mitch Marner in Toronto and Johnny Gaudreau Calgary.

The Leafs beat Calgary 2-1 in a shootout, while the Argos continued to boast about their championship and keep the buzz going in The 6ix.


10 Comments on Leafs throw shade on city of Calgary by hosting Grey Cup champs before Flames game

  1. Just right.

  2. The way the schedule worked out. This was their first home game since the Grey Cup.

    • Paul Bomber // December 7, 2017 at 9:22 am //

      I did a half eye roll until I read your post. Thanks for that. (I’m not a fan of taunting, so glad you chimed in)

  3. BigRedMachine // December 7, 2017 at 12:50 am //

    It’s all in good fun…

  4. This is why Tannnbaum will make the Argos work in TO over the long-term

    • It’s about a Major league team – the Leafs supporting the minor league team in Toronto.
      Sorry but that is how Torontonians see the Argos, on the same level as the AHL team or AAA baseball.

      Tannebaum is the Chairman of the TFC and he’s done a great job with them, young people identify with soccer they don’t know football, very few schools in Toronto still play football. 27k average for the TFC and they play twice as many games as the Argos.
      Don’t expect much change in attendance this season unless the Argos get an extra home game against the Ticats this year

  5. Brilliant marketing by the Argos. Love it! Keep it up

  6. Lol it’s pure coincidence. I wish more cared that much about the argos

    • Yes, we have been saying that for the past few years.
      But sadly the city doesn’t care about the Argos.
      If they have another 14k average attendance season again next year I think it’s bye to the Argos

  7. Cool move by the Leafs. Hey Joe, if you are not a CFL fan, that’s fine, but how about you stay off this board.

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