Eskimos extend running back C.J. Gable

Edmonton and running back C.J. Gable have agreed to terms on a two-year contract extension.

Gable was acquired by the Eskimos on an October trade with Hamilton for two offensive linemen off Edmonton’s negotiation list. General manager Brock Sunderland felt strongly about Gable’s talents.

“C.J. Gable when healthy is, when you talk about the best running backs in this league, he’s in that conversation, not only as a runner but as a pass catcher and maybe most important of all three facets is his pass pro,” Sunderland said.

The 30-year-old rushed for 367 yards and two touchdowns on 72 carries and caught nine balls for 99 yards and one major in four regular season games wearing green and gold, all wins. He rushed 28 times for 154 yards and three touchdowns in two playoff games.

Head coach Jason Maas quickly grew fond of Gable’s and felt the back was “tremendous” for the team. Franchise quarterback Mike Reilly had similar sentiments.

“He’s been huge for us since the day that he stepped foot in our locker-room,” Reilly said of Gable.

The two-year pact will ensure Gable is in that Eskimos locker room for the foreseeable future.


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  1. Lancaster/Reed // December 12, 2017 at 2:48 pm //

    I guess that means white is gone then.

  2. White Horse // December 12, 2017 at 2:56 pm //

    Eskimos have three superb running backs in Gable, Perkins and John White plus Canadian McCarty.
    Will they keep White who is injury prone?

  3. Ummm, and folks were claiming the RIDERS were getting OLD, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm seems the eskimoes are doing much the same !!!!!! Banking on a 30year old running back , hmmmmmm, just like the Riders ( not ) as our 30 year olds are insurance policies behind 27 year old Cameron Marshall— and flock of young Canadians. what will the haters day now !!!!!

    • Provemewrong // December 12, 2017 at 4:10 pm //

      Dude. You write like you are 6 and having spasms.
      what will the haters day now !!!!!

      Get your Mother to proof read your posts! Hmmmm, good idea!

    • This isnt about the 4 th place sliders last year and the last place sliders in 2018, now go back to your room in the basement and do not come back until you are spoken too

      • Provemewrong // December 12, 2017 at 6:59 pm //

        What are you getfits boyfriend… Not that there is anything wrong with that. But the child should be able to speak for himself. Even poorly.

    • greenonions // December 12, 2017 at 6:18 pm //

      HMMMMMMMM Your 27 year old has an OL featuring 3 over 31 & 2 soon to be 30 year olds blocking for him & allowed more sacks than anyone not named Mtl or BC. The Esks’ Gable has 4 regular OL between 24-28 blocking for him & allowed the fewest sacks in the CFL. The only “30” something is 6’8″ Sorenson who is bookended by 6’11” youngster O’Donnell & may have 23 yr old kid 6’9″ Woods on his other side. The Rider OL is only getting older unless your kids ever grow up (here’s looking at you St. John) while the Esk line is getting older. Oh yes……….AND the biggest OL in the league is getting bigger. HMMMMMMMMM. Your 4 oldest “insurance policies”, Dyakowski, Jovon, Owens & Glenn were starters, weren’t they? hmmmmmmmmmm

      • greenonions // December 12, 2017 at 6:20 pm //

        Oops-Esk OL is, of course, getting younger. hhhhhhmmmmmm

      • Good points regarding our O-line and YEP it is a concern !!! As you pointed out , St.John must step up, Riders are hoping Bladek will continue to improve — also hoping, that ex Ram Zerr will eb ready next year // Meredeth as well continues to improve– they were grooming him form being a guard to becoming a centre, ( Labatte ) will continue to be solid and hopefully injury free so no worries there. The Riders will probably go Olineman in the draft hopefully soooo who knows, what Marshall will do with an improved Oline , he did well with the one we had that has holes!!!! But again good comments. I was not dissing Gable just stating that he is an OLDER RB , who knows he could have a MVP season. But again some your oline had terrible stretches during the season , odonnell can be a turn style as can beard/ and Sorenson soo nothing is a gaurantee come seasons start. as well size is no Guaranteed win , often technique beats size!!! as many coaches point out !!!!! but has been a bust because Point in case St.John is physically HUGE but has been a BUST because of said POOR technique and poor motivation/compete level relying on his size as the great equalizer !!!

        • greenonions // December 13, 2017 at 1:29 am //

          Can’t wgree with you on some points fits. O’Donnell was a CFL All-Cdn & more importantly CFLPA All-Cdn so also recognized by his peers. The Eskimos have a big young OL & have played their draft choices in with the regular rotation. Groulx & Beard are 3 year veterans who’ve played a lot but are backups behind Rottier & O’Donnell. Rookie Roy was worked into the rotation last year. Kelly was a star tackle with Ottawa before going to the NFL for 2 years & is only 27. And Figuera graded out as the best tackle in the league early by stats guru Derek Taylor until getting injured. Had problems late in the year but played on a bad knee – he’s only 28 & the reason they traded Coleman to the Riders. Of the 10 OL on the roster, 8 are 23-28. The Riders have to get to that point. No offence to Bladek but the age of your OL means he may HAVE to start in his 2nd year. Esks have guys who have backed up for 3 years & are ready to take on bigger roles at 24-26. Roy is now 1 year into the pipeline & they can draft another guy this year. That’s the ideal situation. There’s some guys you mention who might be good but no game experience – you started pretty set group this year. Your own Abou-Mechrek, ex OL, noted Dyakowski couldn’t move his hips around by season end & was getting beat lots. There’s a couple of guys that need to be replaced this year IMO & personally I don’t think Clark is any good.

          • great analysis , enjoyed reading and being educated by it. agree that the esk oline is leading the way in the west but your MVP qb can make them look better then they might be at times. Agreed, with regard to your analysis of our oline, clarke is a definite concern-he is backup at best or possibly a good fit if they go into the tight end formation, Peter is a concern health /age wise; I wonder a bit about the possibility of having brett jones become a rider if let go by the giants in nfl offseason ( jones still could be Calgary property/// may retire if cut by nfl as he wants to be a doctor ),BUT he is a Weyburn Saskatchewan kid, so if available might be convinced to play 1-2 years for the home town team. As well, though retired, perhaps big Ben Henan might be persuaded to play 1 more year to bridge our youth gap on the o-line. again a lot of if and buts and maybes but such are the things Rider priders think of during the offseason.

  4. Both White and Van are going to Free Agency with Perkins already under contract and now Gable. The only question is who will be the third running back and will they also be a kick returner?

    Does Kendial Lawrence get another shot or do they give Teriyon Gipson a CFL contract?

    • greenonions // December 12, 2017 at 6:29 pm //

      I don’t see Kendial coming back. The Eskimos had a terrible return game in 2016 with Doe & looked at Kendial to bounce back & fix it. That didn’t work. With Edwards they were 2nd best on KOR but dead last on PR. They really haven’t got a consistent effort on ST since Dickenson left for Regina. I wouldn’t be surprised if McDiarmid is replaced. (He’s the guy Maas dissed on TV). Lawrence was never the same after he went to the Riders in 2016. For the right dollars, White may be back. The issue there is that he has missed 2 complete seasons in the last 3 with bad injuries. But he’s only 26 & great when he’s healthy. His health woes may keep teams away. Whomever is the 3rd guy, Darren, he has to be able to return punts. Maas made that clear. That’s why they let Bell walk & picked up Van.

      • Have to agree with McDiarmid comment and also the return game comment. White has said on social media he is going to free agency, so I think he is gone and so is Van.

        I really like Teriyon Gipson who had a good game in the senior bowl and did get a look from the NY Jets. He is a return and fast. would love to see him in Green and Gold.

  5. Dundas dude // December 12, 2017 at 3:34 pm //

    Good for Gable. I always liked this guy, and it’s good to see him having success and extend his career in Edmonton. Alex Green is the beast of the future and Hamilton won here too.

  6. Gable is a soft spoken man with a big stick of toughness on the playing field.A player all
    Hamiltonians were proud to call our Cat.

    Without him the Cats will have to improve the offensive line to get a sustained running game on track.An all Canadian offensive line should be the long term goal.

    Never forget Gable was one of the three guys that the success of the Tiger-Cats was founded on.An new era of Tiger-Cat team has begun as Fantuz one of the three,as well,is aging in football years.

    The best to Gable and Fantuz in the coming season.

  7. Sunderland is starting to wrap up some big pieces. Both Whyte & Gable are big signings & he’s got the Franklin file off his desk. BTW I have heard rumblings that, should Franklin sign in TO, there will be more compensation going Edmonton’s way. Good deal for Sunderland & Popp. Be interested to see what else was on the table.

  8. Good to see Gable was one of the high priorities for the Eskimos. When healthy, he’s a complete and productive player who everyone can rely on to get the job done, and also watch the QB’s back. Part of me hoped he’d re-sign with the Ticats, but I hope he continues to play great in Edmonton.

  9. Good for you CJ. Hope you get to the Promised Land.

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