Plethora of CFLers workout for New York Jets

There was a 14 player workout in New York on Tuesday and half of those athletes the Jets looked at were from the CFL.

DaVaris Daniels, Shaquille Richardson, Jonathon Mincy, Garry Peters, Chris Ackie, Kenny Ladler and Jonathan Rose were all in attendance.

Daniels, the 2016 Most Outstanding Rookie, was slowed by injury in 2017. He burst onto the scene a year ago showing deep threat ability and that flashed in his first full season with Calgary. Over 13 games in 2017, Daniels made 47 receptions for 743 yards and four touchdowns.

Richardson really asserted himself on Calgary’s No. 1 ranked defence during his second year. He took the starting strong-side linebacker spot from Joe Burnett and produced 48 tackles four interceptions (one returned for a touchdown), one sack and one forced fumble. At six-feet, 191 pounds Richardson could be looked at as a rangy cover man and he’s only 25.

Mincy played boundary corner for Montreal in 2017 where many of the best wide outs in the CFL line up each week. He was targeted 6.2 times per game in 2017 and he allowed a 64 per cent completion rate and 42.3 yards per game, leading the league in those categories (statistics via Onside CFL Fantasy host Dave Dawson).

Peters played two seasons in Edmonton registering 59 tackles in 19 games. He was suspended one game for making contact with an official in 2017.

Ackie has played in 39 total games for the Als registering 28 tackles, 21 special teams tackles, three forced fumbles and one sack.

Ladler was a CFL all-star at cover linebacker in 2017. He made 86 tackles, intercepted three passes and recovered two fumbles in 17 games.

Rose made 108 tackles, three interceptions, two forced fumbles, and one sack in two seasons with Ottawa.


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  1. Good form those young men , hope that it will work out for some of them and they get to live out their childhood dream of a NFL career and being able to be financially set for life !! once their playing days are done !!

  2. Getting to the point that I don’t care anymore. If they leave they leave. If they stay then they stay. Great they have an opportunity but most won’t ever play in an NFL regular season game.

  3. Thinking that it might be time for the CFL to consider serious NFL talks with the NFL owners about being a type of non affiliated farm system to develop potential NFLers. Seems over the recent years more and more Finge NFL playoff teams are holding these type of player camps in order to find that guy 26-29 year sold in the prime of his playing career that has shown promise /growth by having pro cfl experience. What I am suggesting is that perhaps the NFL would say contribute say 1 million per year to each cfl franchise unconditionally // as a hmmm gratuity style payment in providing a professional playing environment for these fringe players to possibly reach the next level of play in their professional careers. 9-10 million is peanuts to the nfl as a whole but an extra 1 million to a cfl teams salary cap might mean even more former great USA college players would come to the CFL in the hopes of getting 1 more NFL shot if they played well here. Its a win win in my opinion for both leagues. And for private owners that just would try and pocket the extra cash , well eventually no player would sign with their team realizing the scam a private owner was running ie lower salary on the privately owned team by owner pocketing the nfl bonus cash . just a thought

    • Throw the word farm system out. Soccer already has a good system for this situation. Just copy it word for word from FIFA. You have a first Division Football league in a smaller country (Canada) and a First Division Football league in a larger country USA. This is the same as a Football league in England, Germany, or Spain interacting with Football leagues in smaller countries such as Holland, Belgium, Norway, or Greece. Canada would develop players on their own and sell that player to a the USA for a profit. Same as what Holland does now with England. USA can loan a Football player out to Canada for playing time and development for loan fee. Usually USA would eat the salary differences between
      the countries. This is exactly what happens now between Spain and say Greece. Real Madrid sends players to Greece to get playing time and eats the huge salary differences between Spain and Greece. Caretaker Bob knows the soccer system now as he is developing a Canadian Premier League similar to the English Premier League. Just copy it. It works. There is now disgrace here as Holland is not a farm system for England but can sell players for a profit and get good players on a discount.

      • There is no disgrace I meant. The relationship between Holland and Spain is one of equal first division leagues in different countries. This is the same as is with the CFL and NFL. Copy it. It works. Nobody is a farm team for nobody in FIFA.

  4. Mincy will surely sign somewhere. Ladler & Richardson would be a good special teamers.

  5. Marko, you seem to have a thing about soccer. Real men play real football. NFL Europe didn’t work but at least they didn’t suffer game fixing or hooligan fans going berserk . Soccer is a simple game for simple minds . The North American Football playbook is often as vast as an encyclopedia while soccer suggests kicking the ball a lot . Stop with the comparisons already !

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