Ticats bring back five players, including QB Dane Evans

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have signed six international players, five of whom who have experience with the team.

Leading the way is defensive end Ryan Mueller who dressed for four October games for the Tiger-Cats, started two and made two defensive tackles and a special teams tackle. He played college at Kansas State, but went undrafted in 2015 and spent time on the San Diego Chargers practice roster.

Quarterback Dane Evans, who spent the last month of the season on the club’s practice offer after being cut from the Philadelphia Eagles and joining his alma mater Tulsa University as an assistant coach, will be part of a quarterback contingent which is bound to sustain fan interest this spring. It’s not yet clear who among starter Jeremiah Masoli, now a free agent, former starter Zach Collaros, who has another year left on a big contract and former U.S. college phenom Johnny Manziel, will be in camp.

Running backs Rajion Neal, who was with five NFL teams over the past three years but never dressed for a regular season game, and Storm Johnson, who has played in six NFL games, starting one, will try to unseat incumbent Alex Green. Johnson played his college ball at the University of Central Florida and Miami and Neal spent his four years at Tennesse and was on the Tiger-Cats practice roster the final two weeks of the season.

Hamilton also signed former Wyoming linebackers Lucas Wacha and DJ May, who both spent time with the team last year. May had two terms on the practice roster and Wacha spent the final month of the season on the practice roster.

Steve Milton

Steve Milton

Steve Milton is a long-time columnist for the Hamilton Spectator and was inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame media wing in 2012.
Steve Milton
Steve Milton
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Steve Milton is a long-time columnist for the Hamilton Spectator and was inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame media wing in 2012.

11 Comments on Ticats bring back five players, including QB Dane Evans

  1. Dane Evans? #breathless

  2. Tommy Duville // December 12, 2017 at 12:09 pm //

    Word is the since the TiCats lost out on the Franklin sweepstakes that Manziel will soon be brought in the fold. #therealAngeloBruno

  3. Wacha think of that?! (sorry!) Sounds like a great start…

  4. Is it my imagination, or is every team other than the Ticats doing their big signings first? So far, Hamilton has signed some practise roster guys, and some rookies. Other than JJ’s signing, you don’t win a chess match by moving pawns around. Sooner rather than later, you have to move the big pieces. Figure out who the King is, then surround and protect him.

    • There have been very few announced signings so far, George.

      Few notable players to date (from CFL.ca):
      Lions – Arseneaux
      Eskies – Whyte
      Bombers – Bryant, Medlock
      RedBlacks – Sinopoli

      Several other lower-profile players have signed, but Hamilton is not lagging at all at this point. And it’s very early… FA starts Feb 13.

    • Re-signing key pending free agents in December is often dependent on how much cap space a team has remaining for the current year as players are usually offered a re-signing bonus. Ticats may be waiting for January when they’ll have next season’s cap to work with in bringing back key “name” players.

  5. I agree msd. Ti cats have good core to build around now with Franklin in Toronto seems collaros would be destined for Montreal or ssk (if hamilton doesnt retain his services ) unless ray commits to another year in Toronto then I see Franklin testing the open market and Toronto still may be interested in collaros as insurance to ray but toronto can’t have two salaries of that expense ties up at the qb position .hamiltom should have a potent offence with the returnees and maybe a couple re signs or good free agent pick ups same with the secondary just one or 2 good additions I think woukd cement the back end .

    • All fans said we had a good core at the beginning of 2017.I no longer trust good core.Let’s get a good team going!

    • I think June Jones got much better production out of everybody, and we do have some good core players, but there are gaps and areas where more competition needs to be added.

      The secondary is actually one of the better units now, though they should keep looking to improve (Unamba and Brooks played well on the corners, but they need to be pushed). Re-signing Dean should be a high priority, but should the team also be looking for a new SAM LB, or is Kanneh the answer there long-term? D-line was affected by lots of injuries to the nationals, but that too is a strong area (some people think Laurent should go; I’m not one of them).

      On offense, the line was pretty solid during the last half of the year but we should keep looking for more OTs (Washington ended the year much better, but may not be the long term fit; Mathews was terrific) and Canadian depth. Another starter-calibre national receiver would be nice, though Chambers may be the answer if Fantuz doesn’t return and I want to see more of Faubert-Lussier. Some larger internationals would be nice too, but hopefully Toliver comes back 100%.

      A kick returner is a prime need, even if Banks comes back. And they should look at more kickers, as Castillo likely won’t be ready to start the season (if he can still play at all) and while Allen did well he needs competition.

      This team is heading in the right direction but far from talented enough to compete with the best. More depth of talent is especially needed.

  6. Grab Jennings…Wally is doing a full press purge so why not? More talent…younger…and non injury prone unlike the 1.5 m dollar man.

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