New B.C. GM Ed Hervey chirps the media, talks Lulay and Johnny Football

New B.C. Lions general manager Ed Hervey gave a wide-ranging interview to Sportsnet 650 in Vancouver that touched on a number of key issues, including his relationship with the media, his thoughts on Travis Lulay’s future with the club and whether the team has any interest in Johnny Manziel.

Hervey, who was known for having a fractious relationship with the media while in his previous role as GM of the Edmonton Eskimos, blamed an “entitled” writer or two for many of the issues (that’s likely in reference to Edmonton Sun columnist Terry Jones.)

“I haven’t changed, I wasn’t what people tried to make me out to be. You have to understand, in that market there’s a particular writer or two that feels entitled to having everything and is used to pushing the football operations department around and I wasn’t going to be pushed around. I wanted to keep all of our information in-house and have our communications department release information as we saw fit because times have changed in the CFL. It’s not good for the football teams when the writers or the media so to speak are pushing out the clubs news. For example with yesterday’s trade with Montreal, Gabe Knapton and Chris Williams, we would prefer to put a release out to give our fans the pomp and circumstance that we want to make it exciting for our fans to be interested in buying tickets. What you guys do, when you guys get it, it’s like saying that the Beatles broke up and we already knew that. So by the time the fans get the information and we put it out its like ‘well we already heard that’. People are left scrambling. I understand that people have a job to do in your profession, but you have to understand that my job was never to feed and become a source. The Eskimos hired that philosophy, and everyone was okay with that philosophy and I don’t believe, I know that wasn’t the reason why I left. There are certain things that I am guarded with and that’s just because I just feel that the information that we have gives us a competitive advantage if it’s not out to the public until we’re ready to place it out there.”

He also addressed the future of veteran quarterback Travis Lulay, who is set to become a free agent in February and is still recovering from a torn ACL suffered last season.

“I deal with Travis the way I deal with all players, I look at our roster and make sure that each player that we choose to bring in gives us the best opportunity at being successful in the upcoming season. I know that Travis has been an excellent player, an ambassador to this organization and this community. He’s done many great things on the field and that’s not to say that he can’t be a part of this, but as we’re doing the evaluation it is to create the best competition we can moving forward and above everything else try to put the best 75 players on our training camp roster so we can have a competitive camp and compete in the most competitive division in the CFL.”

Hervey was also asked if he’d be interested in quarterback Johnny Manziel, whose rights the Hamilton Tiger-Cats may or may not be interested in dealing once he gets the good ahead to join the league, as expected.

“No. No, no, no, no not at all. He’ll probably be good for someone, I’m not interested in bringing someone in just to sell tickets. We want to bring in good football players, quality character guys that fit into the culture that we’re trying to create here: family, team and togetherness. I don’t have the information on that player. But I’m not going to beat around the bush on whether we want someone or not, in this case that would be an absolute no.”

As for Lions quarterback Jonathan Jennings.

“I believe in Jonathon. I think that he’s got a lot of qualities. I think he has a tremendous upside. I think last year was a tough year for him, obviously with the injury he just had one of those seasons. Do I think he has an opportunity in front of him that can grow? I do. Am I ready to say he’s the No. 1 guy? Like anything we want to make sure that we look at all options as far as our football team is concerned but he is a quarterback that we know has proven himself and has done some great things in this league. We would like to see a level of consistency out of him, but he will be back and it’s going to be his opportunity to make the most of.

Listen to the full interview here.


17 Comments on New B.C. GM Ed Hervey chirps the media, talks Lulay and Johnny Football

  1. White Horse // December 13, 2017 at 4:58 pm //

    Typical Hervey and his trivial riddles. The only question he answered was about J. Manziel. Good luck Lions with this guy as your GM.

  2. Maybe he should take a closer look in his new back yard!

    Hope we cream them!

  3. hmmmmm it does not sound like ED is to high on Lulay! Hmmmmm interesting , yes Lulay has said he is not interested in playing for another team other then the lions, BUT !!! after being luke warmed by ED,perhaps if fully healthy and still having a competitive fire burning , travis might look at other teams such as Montreal//Edmonton ( as cheap backup— has relationship with Riely from BC days / or even Riders just to kick Ed in the teeth . Lulay did show he was capable of playing at a high level when called upon last year.

    • That was like listening to Justin Trudeau with all the hmmm. Some people talk like that but please clean it up in your writing. Boring reading all the hmmm.
      As for Lulay, he has stated several times that he will not leave BC.

    • Dan Bombers // December 13, 2017 at 9:39 pm //

      I agree Seemed to fall apart after lulyay was injured

  4. Sounds like Lulay is not part of the plan next season. Maybe the Als could scoop him if he can get healthy

  5. Frank Sabados // December 13, 2017 at 11:16 pm //

    No team in their right mind wants Johnny Manziel , he ll be a bust for Tiger Cats if theyre dumb enough to sign him , Hopefull Cats don t sign him

  6. Sounds like a lot of nervous customers out there. Hervey is the complete opposite of the resident troll who talks the talk but cannot walk the walk. Hervey tends to be quiet, non boastful but delivers the goods. The comments are funny and entertaining but I’ll wait til the season starts.

    Not sure where you guys saw this, but it sure was not in this story…Not interested in Travis. I never saw that in anything I read.

    • greenonions // December 14, 2017 at 1:44 am //

      I agree. I can see Lulay as part of the picture. Like him or hate him, Hervey has shown he can build a winner. BC has a lot of good players. I think they weren’t utilized properly in some cases like Johnson. I see Jennings as part of the solution. He certainly has all the tools. Hervey knows the OL & DL are the key areas of concern. The Knapton deal is the start. I fully expeft BC to bounce back next year.

  7. Edward Leslie // December 14, 2017 at 8:45 am //

    You’d think Hervey would stifle the Bad ass routine. He lost his job in Edmonton, in spite of winning a Grey Cup, because of his bad attitude towards the media. He just doesn’t get that the media are just reporting the sports news FOR THE FANS. The same as his smart ass answer about not being interested in signing Johnny Manziel “Just to sell tickets”, like that isn’t an important consideration!
    B.C. Place has way more empty seats than filled ones for Lions games, so maybe he should care more about that.

  8. Like him or not Hervey got the players needed and the coaches also to win a Grey Cup in Edmonton fairly quickly as GM. If he does the same in BC he will be a great hire etc. Time will tell.

  9. Edward, Hervey did not say it is important to sell tickets. AGAIN, people need to stop seeing what they WANT to see and see what IS said. He said he will sign Manziel just to see tickets (meaning manziel is a public stunt). He will sell tickets by building s SOLID, WINNING team. Not thru stupid side shows that do not help your football team win.

  10. Sorry,,,meant Hervey did not say in was NOT important to sell tickets…

  11. Edward Leslie // December 15, 2017 at 1:51 am //

    That’s okay, Dave, I got your meaning the first time.
    It’s quite a dichotomy between Hervey’s total disrespect for Manziel and June Jones’ over the top statement that Manziel will be the best player ever in the CFL.
    I think both statements are a bit extreme to the negative and positive. I’m in between: I doubt he’ll be the greatest CFL player ever (or even close), but I also think a guy who won the Heisman trophy and was a 1st round pick in the NFL… and who’s still young, definitely deserves a chance.
    Considering Lulays career is probably over and Jonathan Jennings stunk in 2017, Hervey shouldn’t be so dismissive of other QB options.

  12. I like it. Go Ed Go.

    Would have been a nice pay day for Travis Lulay had he stayed healthy and will be an interesting negotiation. Hard to argue he was not playing at a level comparable to anyone in the league at one point.

    Lions still need to rediscover a run game. Thinking John White might be looking with CJ Gable signed.

  13. Really??

    And how do the reporters get the information??

    Someone from the TEAM leaks it to them.

    Hervey, instead of criticizing those who broadcast the information, you might want to find out who your distributor is….

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