Riders did not propose trade to Eskimos for QB James Franklin

There were four teams who made offers for quarterback James Franklin who ultimately was traded to Toronto, Saskatchewan’s Roughriders were not one of them according to TSN’s Dave Naylor and confirmed by 3DownNation.

Lots of speculation was thrown around because Chris Jones had been the head coach in Edmonton for the 2014 and 2015 seasons when James Franklin was on the Eskimos roster. But the truth is Franklin was “found” before Jones came to Edmonton.

Franklin was originally added to the green and gold’s negotiation list while playing at the University of Missouri in the SEC. He was off for a little while when attending Detriot Lions training camp in 2014, but after sparse use the Eskimos readded him suspecting he could be let go and indeed that was the case. Then Franklin signed with Edmonton in April 2015.

Over three seasons in Edmonton, Franklin completed 116-of-176 passes (66 completion rate) for 1,449 yards and 12 touchdowns against one interception. He’s carried the ball 18 times for 145 yards and one touchdown. The 26-year-old’s last start came in 2016 when he lit up Toronto connecting on 18-of-23 passes for 335 yards and four touchdowns in a 41-17 Eskimos victory.

The Argos own Franklin’s exclusive negotiating rights until February as he’s a pending free agent. Meanwhile, the Riders await Brandon Bridge’s NFL fate and have Kevin Glenn, Vernon Adams and Marquise Williams under contract at quarterback.


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  1. Provemewrong // December 13, 2017 at 4:34 pm //

    Yea, right. Like Jones is comfortable with keeping Glen as his starting QB.

  2. It will be Franklin propose a deal to Saskatchewan

    • Provemewrong // December 13, 2017 at 5:08 pm //

      What is in your green kool-aid? TO would have ensured that Franklin is theirs before any trade. There is NO WAY Franklin would even want to go to Regina.

      • Habsnriders // December 13, 2017 at 9:34 pm //

        Wow now your a player agent as well as being the village idiot

      • You know provemewrong it’s stupid self serving comments like yours that make these comments as useless as tits on a board. You come on here throwing daggers like some sort of side show. Starting with your Ya right comment followed by your Franklin would never want to go to Regina. Just pure stupid juvenile ignorance. Why? 1st comment shows pure ignorance to the subject matter. The article was about Jones not being one of the 4 teams looking to trade for Franklin. Pure Stupidity! Kevin Glen has nothing to do with this article in any way what so ever. Your Ya right is basically calling everyone a liar.
        The second comment further shows you know shitz about football. When an import player signs with a CFL team. All he cares about it the money and what his future looks like on the team. Your personal feelings about a place a team or a fan base and what an import player thinks mean about the same as your IQ. That would be very little.
        Chris Jones and the new stadium. Combined with an incredible strong fan base. Combined with a team that has a healthy bank account is exactly where a James Franklin would want to sign.
        I think you and Donkey are one in the same. If your not then I would suggest you are life partners. How else could 2 people spew the same amount of jack

    • NAw who intheir right mind would want to go PLAY in front of 30k plus fans for home games, be a virtual ROCK star in the community as a player , play in front of a fairly significant fan base in EACH opposing cities stadium, hmmmmmm have a very good receiving core to target etc etcetc.. NAW NOOOOO ONE would want that as a starting Qb , they would prefer to play infront of 5000 fans and in a city wher virtually you are ignored!!!!

      • Provemewrong // December 13, 2017 at 7:01 pm //

        You are the most inarticulate child on this site. Truly a testament to being brought up in Saskatchewan.

        • Ridersnhabs // December 13, 2017 at 11:11 pm //

          You just said I post like a moron and yet you offend everyone in Saskatchewan with your above statement . Your truly are the 3 down nation village idiot . I’m guessing you break out the calculator for the spambot math question

      • Perhaps someone who is secure enough to not need the attention and adulation but wants to play for a coach known as the quarterback whisperer and an offensive coordinator who builds schemes around the quarterback’s talents.

        • Good points !!! that might be the case , just responding to the implied Sakatchewan bashing !!!! Granted Regina is not the hub of the universe, its in reality fairly grungy —but has its good points like all cities, plus only a very angry //hateful //jealous person would not agree thqat the new stadium is nice !!!!

          • Do you travel anywhere getfit51?? Grungy? It’s obvious you don’t. What a ridiculous comment. I travel across this country 4 times a year every year. Since the real estate market ski rocketed 20 years ago in Regina. The personal care and the city Regina have made Regina a great looking little City. I can name areas in each of the other teams City’s that would make your head spin. Start with Vancouver. Try and head down to what was Gas Town once upon a time. Now it’s known as East Hastings. Home of every festering disease known to man. An area full of drug addicted, homeless sadly desperate people. Combined with Alleys that have Rats crawling on the sleeping and passed out. If they are lucky for the evening they get to stay in a big bed infested hotel on Hastings street. Regina dosent have anything that even comes close to that.
            Regina dosent have a down town over taken by a minority sector like Winnipeg has. Making it unsafe to be by yourself once the sun goes down. My Dealers are all over these City’s. Forcing me to experience these areas 1st hand.
            Grow up and have facts before you make stupid comments. Regina and Saskatoon have been fortunate. They remain clean little city’s.
            Regina’s Wascana Park is the biggest and Prettiest inner City Park in North America. It’s bigger than Central Park.
            Import players that are going to be stars in the league do not care about how many night clubs are around.

          • 3rd $ 1: I grew up in South east Saskatchewan and went to University in Saskatoon, your right I have not visited Saskatchewan much since 1995–much other then an occasional trip to a game or the Toon. I have lived and worked in Calgary/Edmonton and Vancouver since 1995, and agree those cities as well have HUGE WART areas as well, esp Calgary being the most grundgy of all Western cities, north 17th steet( and trailer park emporium, South Calgary off The #1 , Downtown Calgary, Saddeldome area, areas around Mcmann, burb areas going toward Chestermier all, leave lots to be desired. AS you pointed out east hasting area, a couple small areas in North Van, New West Min and Surrey can use some fixing indeed, regarding Vancouver . Edmonton like Regina / Saskatoon IMO have just a couple grungy areas– regarding Regina I find the north Albert and north Broadway fairly sketchy with many boarded up shops etc along the roadway!! and yes Regina has some beautiful park areas. I have traveled to many major American citys , and spend weeks in the summer exploring them , and yes from New Orleans to Orlando to San Fran each city has many sketchy areas to offset some increditable beauty and historical sights. In making my comment about Regina my pint was meant to be much like yours , a player does not come to CFL city with a 1st priority is the CITY NICE and party town , they COME to PLAY FOTTBALL< maybe that is why calgary chokes they just retain players that like the foothill views(lol) and roll into work like the rest of the calgary business sector more worried about parking then winning a grey cup game !!! I just think that one can bash the good and bad in any city , but agin as you stated players coming to these cities should have 1 priority first and that is playing winning football—- players going to Regina indeed do have that primary Goal IMO.

      • Dan Bombers // December 13, 2017 at 9:43 pm //

        Hahahahaha that’s good stuff right there

  3. Ghostrider // December 13, 2017 at 5:02 pm //

    So if this is true it completely discredits ridernaton. We can’t believe anything they say. It’s all riders fans you manifested the narrative of Franklin. What a bunch of saps!! lololol
    Hey rider fans. I heard the Easter Bunny is about to sign with the riders. and the tooth fairy is joining the cheer team! lololol

    • Man you just continue to be an IDIOT!!!!! In what way does this discredit Rider nation ????? All the Rider fans have said is ‘IF’ Franklin SIGNS anywhere as a FA it will be Sask!!!! hmmmmmm well, that is still possible ( not likely but POSSIBLE ) as so far franklin has signed NOTHING !!!! however IF he signs prior to feb. he will NEVER have beoome a FA, he will have signed a new contract or contract extension with the team that holds his RIGHT’s. Your HATE and lack of intelligence is soooo FRUSTRATING !!! you moron !!!!! People just want to jump through their computers and choke the daylights out of your hate filled corpse!!!!!!!! Man HAS it ever occurred to your INFANTESIMAL mind that PEOPLE like you make it virtually IMPOSSIBLE to have any respect for anyone from Calgary or anything to do with Calgary!!!!!! Goodness gracious if I didn’t know better I’d think you were actually either 1 of those 2 arrogant MORON’s Fluffnagel or Dickmeerson that run that classless gong show called the Stumps posting!!!!

    • ^ Can we all just agree to not even touch this comment? This guy thrives on attention. Much like certain high-profile world leaders, trying to debunk his endless stream of misinformation, false accusations, and mockery is a lost cause. As a wise Admiral once said, “It’s a trap!”

      Getting back on topic: I think everyone in the league wishes they could be a fly on the wall to know what Jones’ plans are for QB next year. Free agency? Trade for Collaros? Is Bridge his guy? Is Marquise Williams a major part of his succession plan? So many questions! Can’t wait to see this team take the field come June, whatever it might look like.

      • Ignorance (to one such as that) is bliss.

        • It’s a shame we’re still dealing with comments from guys like Ghostrider bringing down the average IQ of the entire discussion forum, wasting everyone’s time and energy debunking his ridiculous statements and clumsy/tasteless trash talk instead of doing what we came here to do, which is talk football with fellow CFL fans.

    • It also discredits you and everyone else, including myself, who thought Saskatchewan was one of the four teams who showed a real interest in claiming the rights of James Franklin. Don’t embarrass yourself, you were hoodwinked. Be real for a change.

      • Ghostrider // December 13, 2017 at 5:39 pm //

        Hey I can only go off of what the rider boosters were saying.

      • I think Jones is cool under pressure , smartly is playing out his hand , if Franklin does pop out in FA be sure Jones will take a run at him , like many other SMART GM’s should that occur. in the mean time , Jones knew his guys, has evaluated positively what he things he has and obviously was not prepared to offer valuable assests in the hopes of getting first dibs on signing a POTENTIAL franchise Qb, when having other POTENTIAL franchise qb’s already in his grasp!!! ( see Marquis Williams, Adams, +37 other USA Div 1&2 qb’s we may or may not have heard of )—– Again , until Franklin plays a Whole season as a starter, we all can debate what MIGHT BE !!!! —- but as it stands now , he like Bridge and many others HAVE the TAG potential frimly attached to them !!!! ) hmmmmm much like a young Henry Burris did prior to his first year starting for the Riders !!!!!! When in Calgary previously he was just another GUY with potential!!! But NOT enough for the vaunted Stampeder organization to give him his first shot!!!!! as a starter. IF not for Roy Shivers Brain fart!!! who knows what Burris would of done over 10+years in green and white !!! Calgarys (and others ) gain our Loss!!!

        • Ghostrider // December 13, 2017 at 6:21 pm //

          Calgary was quite content with Dave Dickenson at that time. While Roy Shivers wilted when out of the shadow of the whitehorse (like John Murphy is now), it wasn’t a brain fart by him that cost you Burris. It was in fact the daily brain farts of rider fans. He was ready to start a family and didn’t want to raise his kids in place like Regina. Not only did he not want manure on his driveway, he was afraid the school performance of his kids could ride on his performance and the sediment of their teachers. Sad but true. I hope Santa brings you are mirror so you can reflect hard on this fact.

          • Dave in Edmonton // December 14, 2017 at 9:33 am //

            You act like you know these people personally. I guess when you have no friends or family in real life you have time to conjure up your stories. I bet you watch soap operas all day you unemployed deadbeat.

        • Couldn’t agree with you more about Jones being calm, cool, collected.

          Let’s not understate the ugly mess of a team that Jones inherited two years ago. It was a team full of aging, overpaid veterans with very little depth in most positions, and one of the weakest scouting systems in the league. By early 2017 (that’s just over a year), Jones had built a team that would go on to have one of the best defenses in the league, consistently strong special teams, and an offense full of threats that was #1 in TD passes, and would ultimately end up 4 points shy of advancing to the Grey Cup. And this team is young, with plenty of years ahead – the average age is 26.

          Jones has taken his knocks from media, fans, and players around the league, and he’s made some mistakes along the way. Now the latest trend is to praise him. But through it all, he’s been completely even-keeled. He shows up to work at 5am every morning, and I challenge you to name a harder working GM in this league. The players love playing for him. This team is heading places.

          As a fan I have a lot of confidence in Jones’s ability to identify and retain talent, including at the QB position. Is it June yet?

          • Stomping 2018 // December 13, 2017 at 6:45 pm //

            Jones works no harder than anyone else in the league. If he puts in more hours it’s because he wears so many hats. You still have overpaid veterans…Derek Dennis, Chad Owens, Lafrance.
            You say “Is it June yet”
            I say “Is it November yet”!

          • Good comments Craig , I am fighting with all my gumpshion not to respond to the asshat taunts above: Fortunatly folks like you probably know the whole history behind the Henry Burris /// RIDERS history: lol our most hated but yet admired opposing player !!!! but behind it all I as a RIDER nation MEMBER APPRECIATED that Henry spoke well of his Riders time and the fan base. We all know, Calagry saw an opportunity // threw a BOAT load of cash at Henry as FA, Shivers due to the fact that HENERY BOLTED after his first year as our starter to try the NFL , ( IMO – Henery should of waited maybe 1 or 2 more years as a Rider starter before Burning his NFL bridge , but being young and dumb henry didn’t listen to the advice of god bless his soul , Coach Barrett. Shivers sold the farm to get Green from Edmonton during that offseason , ( Edmonton still laughts about that one— Craig Ellis was gold for them plusthe other pieces they got ) so Roy rode Green even when Burris chose the RIDERS to come back to OVER ANY OTHER cfl team , ( all could of had him) once cut by the NFL. Green got injured close to season end — Henry played lights out in replacement //// baring a missed FG in overtime against heavily favored BC — would of had a GC then. Upon season end HENRY reverted to pouting Henry—wanting to be named unconditional starter !!! Roy said Sign and win the job in camp, Calgary being the leaches and bottom feeders they are saw an opportunity petted Henry ego and offered a boat load of cash !!! Due to the fact I believe the afore mentioned DICKMESON ( character guy that he was —- ditched them for the NFL and left them HIGH and dry with no other options !!!!!!) man calgary fans have a very twisted perception of history !!!!!like the jerk above , that stoops to insulting the teachers of Saskatchewan for no reason , real character asshat that one !!!

          • Stomping 2018, Jones put in the same hours when he was Esks head coach. It’s just the type of person he is. Like I said, find me someone who works harder than him and I’ll retract my statement.

            So you listed three veterans who are “overpaid” by your standards. All three made valuable contributions to the team at different times this season. Compared to Durant, Chick, Dressler, Getzlaf, and the entire 2015 SSK defensive backfield, I don’t think you can disagree that the Riders are much improved from a youth/sustainability standpoint.

      • Getfit51 adds nothing to any conversation either.

  4. The staff seems to like Bridge. Waiting to see if he gets an NFL contract. According to Riderville Jones encouraged Bridge to take the opportunity to try the NFL as it’s a once in a lifetime chance. He’s younger than Franklin as well. Nothing wrong with having Glenn back as your backup or 1b. He’s better than most backups. Most teams are screwed with an injury to their starter.

    • And for that matter, James Franklin could still be on the table should the Riders pursue a trade with Toronto if Ricky Ray returns to the Argos. Let’s be real, Franklin is just one piece of the puzzle during free agency. There are several other players (including our own) that can add to the success of a team as witnessed with last year’s pickups by the Roughriders to make the playoffs.

  5. Mr Curling // December 13, 2017 at 5:54 pm //

    Mr Curling has it on good authority that Vince Young has cut way back on his cupcakes and will be up here to compete for the starting job in June. Can you imagine a fit Vince Young with 2 CFL training camps under his belt! Forget Collaros and Franklin we are going to the promised land, yee Hah!!!

    • mehhh if Vince has refound his early career grove , great we will welcome him to compete for the position , as he was in his early years a DEADLY NFL qb, so could possibly win a game or two or more here . AGAIN NO STONE UNTURNED !!!!! to be the best you continue to seek the best !!!! matters not who the BEST is !!!! and what his background barring being a total drug addeled /woman beating /child moesting creep was!!!!

      • Getfit51: you criticize anyone who has anything derogatory to say about Jones or the Riders but yet make up strange names for Dickenson and Hufnagel. To get respect, you must give respect. Clean it up and give up on the hmmm and ummm and sooo.

        • to respond to regarding your points , I will say this , Dickenson //Hufnagel, both of these gentleman have in my opinion been very disrespectful of the Saskatchewan Roughrider organization for numerous years. it comes through I any conversation they have from their intonation in speech to body language in even pre /post game interviews. I sight the example of the CFL week in Saskatchewan , during the Western Conference Coaches round table, each coach not named Dave Dickenson was very complimentary regarding the weeks activities and questions regarding the new stadium. When asked Dickenson just scrunched his face said I have no comment on the stadium I just know when we Build ours OURS will be better !!!!! ITS THAT attitude that brings me to call him DICKMEERSON as I would seriously say that to his face- if it came to blows well so be it , the man is a PIG!!!!, lol when even Walley who RIDER NATION ALWAYS gives a terrible time can be graceful and complimentary in that case it makes me wonder if Dickenson is playing with a fulldeck!!! Even coach Oshay — our biggest regional rival was uber complimentary , he could of said hey they took our design etc etc , but he just rolled out a nice compliment .. Ijsut believe that Huffnagel and Dickenson ove rthe years have been sooo disrespectful to Rider Nation I cant find a way to show them any respect in kind. In my opinion it stems from their arrogance and hate that the RIDERS HAVE blasted THIER SELF ENTITLED ASSES in 3 western finals , and they carry a grudge they got outplayed and owned!!!! My opinion is what it is , to me they just seem to be very much like a lot of Calgary folks I have encountered SELF entitled arrogant better then others Jackasses. believe me, I lived and worked in Calgary a number of years and the native born //long term calgarians were NOT nice people on a daily basis. Plus for what ever reason there is a HUGE anti Saskatchewan attitude in Calgary IMO, I often encountered Calgarians making comments about Stubble jumpers etc coming to Calgary and taking up all the best jobs !!!!!! Again that is my experience regarding Calgary , not every calgarian is evil, but I am cautious when dealing with them in any case. PS: As a product of the Sask education system, I cant help it that a number of corporations favor hiring Sask trained and educated people. Not saying Sask is the best just saying a LOT of Albertan’s love to call down those of us from Sask in jealous tirades!!!

          • BigRedMachine // December 14, 2017 at 12:14 am //

            I’m sure the hostile reception you received in Calgary while working here had nothing to do with your sunny personality… Getfit51 has somehow managed to out jackass the donkey.

  6. Ghostrider2 // December 13, 2017 at 6:16 pm //

    Ghostrider…..you sir are a complete jackwagon hahaha. You prove it every time you post something on here….keep it up btw, I need a good laugh every now and again lol. You better head upstairs, I think your mom’s calling you up for supper.

  7. Sigh…simply ignoring his comments is the best retort. Come on, people.

    • Right right !!!! but the crap the dude puts out there is just soooooo bizzare it drives one mad!!!!! like taking shots at teachers in Sask , again ,soo bizzare that it makes it hard to again respect anything Calgary!!!! I there are good folk somewhere in Calgary but this fellow brings his gang of rejects here and just grinds down any good will other fans might build.

      • Resist the urge to descend to his level. That’s exactly what he’s luring you to do! Sadly, there will always be idiots on the internet. Until 3DN implements some kind of upvote/downvote system, all we can do is choose to ignore them.

        There are decent stamps fans out there, I know a couple. There’s hope!

        • got it Craig , again good comments and reason !!! True all teams have some excellent fans — enjoyable to banter with but in the end good folks —- my peeve is this unabashed HATE and constant disrespect spewen forth regarding the Riders/// Saskatchewan. Again many of these questionable souls that chirp here tossing mud at others seem tom have thin skins when a few fans stand up in righteous outrage !!! Sad these individuals live in our nation , IMO they are quite likely the ones that bash minority rights , etc, etc, talk down FNMI issues //got anti Quebec in hateful comments but as I don’t know the people in real life I can only speculate on these points. and I for 1 when seeing this think of trash yapping cant seem to keep my emotions in check and fire back just as hatefully !!! again its human nature tom react negatively to what one considers arrogant and distasteful ///// sadly that seems to be what motivates jackasses like ghost/fixme/proveme wrong to keep chirping !!! one can only hope they are one and the same entity as if they are a multiple that only proves the proclivity of the sterotype of Dumbass rig pigs discovering technology but not knowing how to communicate respectfully on it !!!!!!

          • I have no connection with any other poster but how can you call anyone dumb ass rig pigs and call Dickenson and Hufnagel names while still talk about communicating respectfully? I am not a Stamps fan but I don’t agree to belittling any fans of any team. If you don’t want to be criticized, then communicate respectfully with everyone.

          • I have not called you any names so why am I a jackass?

  8. Not surprised, Jones likes what he has in his stable . The only QB they were ever interested in was and is Bridge

    • stomp into 2018 // December 13, 2017 at 8:53 pm //

      Well, clearly that’s not true. They signed Vince Young and tried to sign Micheal Vick and Johnny Manziel

  9. stomp into 2018 // December 13, 2017 at 8:57 pm //

    It’s funny. All this talk around the riders and their trails and tribulations in a quest for a starting QB; Calgary has been quietly resigning their Canadian core.
    While the actual season in Calgary is way more exciting than in sask, they have us beat by a mile in off season excitement. You have a dynasty going……the off season champs!!!!!

    • It must be similar to hanging yourself with a real stretchy rope being a stamps fan! You know sooner or later you will choke!!!!! Have your exciting off season!!!!!

  10. Here’s hoping Franklin somehow still ends up in Saskatchewan where he rightfully belongs.

    • Where he rightfully belongs? Keep up with the news Butch. More than one CFL insider has inferred that Franklin’s relationship with Jones wasn’t exactly positive. You think he belongs there even if he doesn’t want to be there. Can any of you read the headline above, that the Riders made no offer. Despite all the talk, has Jones ever respond to questions about Franklin with they were going to pursue him? No -Jones always evaded the question. Read between the lines. The reason for all those things is probably due to Franklin having no interest in joining Jones in Regina. Another news flash – a lot of Eskimo players have no use for him & some of them view him as a traitor, fair or unfair. Loyalty means a lot to players.

  11. I have mentioned several times that the whole narrative about Jones “discovering” anyone who walked through the door when he was in Edmonton is hogwash. Finally it is repeated what I’ve noted before – Franklin was NOT a Jones discovery. As stated above he was on the Esk negotiation list prior to Jones arrival. Neither was McCoil who arrived when Jones did nor Jefferson. An article appeared in the Edmonton Sun on Jefferson before Jones. Bottom line – the GM decides who comes to camp though he listens to his scouts & coaches. Outside of Regina, when has ANY team given full credit to a coach for bringing in the personnel? It is interesting to note that Jones won his 1st 3 Cups in Mtl (as DB coach), 1st year in Calgary (as DC), & 1st year in TO (as DC). So he got in on teams who were built witout his input. Unless you believe Popp, Hufnagel & Barker sat back & let their 1st year asst run the recruitment of players. In Edm, as oft repeated, the 2015 GC champs started 17 of their 24 on defence with players already there before Jones. Jones’ rep as a “builder” is a myth fabricated by the Rider faithful, & his ability to draw in former players nhas proven to be complete nonsense. Outside of trading for a few minor role players, there is Foster & Jefferson. That’s hardly a big haul, especially since Foster wad more than ably replaced by another “discovery” post-Jones – Ladler, only a CFL All-Star. Time to change the narrative, long overdue. Guys like Franklin this year & other former players aren’t flocking to Jones & yet much of Rider Nation still believes he is just waiting for Feb to fly into his waiting arms.

    • BigRedMachine // December 14, 2017 at 12:31 am //

      Jones deserves the credit for turning around the Riders in the right direction but he has done it mainly through acquisition of established CFL players as opposed to bringing in new players he and his revamped scouting system discovered. Nothing wrong with that but it certainly wasn’t the way I thought he was going to build the team.

      • greenenvy? // December 14, 2017 at 1:50 am //


      • Exactly. It does mean that perhaps he isn’t the great talent evaluator that he was touted as being. This being his first stint as GM, I am not sure where that reputation came from because it is usually the scouts and GMs and assistant GMs who usually find the talent. I realize the head coach has a lot of input but this is only Jones’ second stint as head coach. As an assistant coach and one that didn’t stay with any team for very long, he would have had little impact on which players came in. More of a say though in who stayed and who got cut.

      • To be fair, Jones/Murphy/O’Day DID find the following players, 23-26 years old, all of whom were in a starting role or taking regular rotations by the end of 2017:

        Tobi Antigha
        Dariusz Bladek
        Rakim Cox
        Sam Eguavoen
        Caleb Holley
        Nick James
        Christion Jones
        AC Leonard
        Derrick Moncrief
        Kacy Rodgers

        Yeah, he’s signed a bunch of high-impact veterans from other teams (which also deserves credit) – but I don’t agree with the narrative that Jones can’t find his own talent.

    • Good points, Jones history of being involved in recruiting is mostly based in his experience with USA coleges where he coached and was a recruiter. However Chris did have official duties in Calgary and Toronto as part of those teams personel departments— I believe //not in fact sure ,those duties in Calgary caused some sort of rift between he and Hufnagel causing Chris to move on and take a similar position in Toronto. I cant comment on Chris’s time with Ed in Edmonton, but obviously Ed hired Chris for some REASON , and as you pointed out based on all the remaining BAD blood currently regarding Jones leaving and your explainations of bad blood during his time in Edmonton with his players according to you . Jones leaving for Sask was perhaps it was just not for money and promotion that eskimo and other fan based keep implying it was !!!!! What we in rider nation do Know NOW !!! is that CHir and his team have brought in some pretty decent talent and is building a sustainable team that is starting to scare the CRAP out the rest of the western teams !!! and they don’t exactly look forward to playing!!!! Again , if Chris is sooooooo evil and pathetic at his job , why at ethe OTHER fan bases SO upset he is in SASK!!!!!

  12. Franklin wants a team where he is the odds on favourite to start. Ricky Ray therefore will have a lot to do with Franklin’s desire to sign with the Boatman. Will the Argos ask Ricky to hold off announcing his playing days are over until they have Franklin signed? Or will they take their chances and let Ricky go? League rules forbid negotiation until free agency begins so the Argos must be mindful as they may be accused of tampering no matter what they do.there are lots of quarterback options for the Riders. They have an up and coming star in Bridge. Colarros is not as damaged as many seem to think. Harris is a real nice option as he is efficient and would be excellent at distributing the ball to all the Rider talentitching to have a big year now as contract time is around the corner. Regardless of who you cheer for both teams are on the Rise. Both have good quarterback options. 2018will be another terrific year!

    • Because Toronto has acquired Franklin’s rights, it is no longer tampering. They are free to negotiate with him and sign him if they can. It is only illegal for any other team to talk to him. Harris has extended with Ottawa so he is no longer available. Toronto cannot talk to any other QBs but they can talk to Ricky Ray and Franklin all they want.

  13. So Rod Pedersen and Justin Dunk made it all up when they reported that the Saskatchewan Roughriders were talking trade with the Edmonton Eskimos for the services of backup quarterback James Franklin? Got it!

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