Lions’ Mark Washington withdraws from Alouettes head coach search

B.C. Lions defensive coordinator Mark Washington has taken himself out of the mix to be the Alouettes next head coach.

Washington played six years for Montreal at defensive back from 1997-2002. After playing five seasons in B.C. he became the Lions’ defensive backs coach in 2008 and was promoted to defensive coordinator in 2014, a position he’s held since.

Back in 2012 Washinton interviewed for the Alouettes head coach role, but it ultimately went to Marc Trestman and the defensive guru won’t be Montreal’s bench boss this time around either.


14 Comments on Lions’ Mark Washington withdraws from Alouettes head coach search

  1. Looks like no one wants to take the head coaching position in Montreal. Guess the Als should have kept Popp, who would have hired Trestman.

  2. Just kinda been skimming the headlines re: Als search for new coach, but it seems like more people are pulling out than are being passed over. Does nobody want to coach this team?

  3. Jeff Dawson // December 14, 2017 at 10:51 am //

    I wonder if Hervey has him tapped to take over for Buono in 2019.

  4. I almost feel sorry for Reed. What a gong show. It makes me wonder what constraints come along with the job. Good luck attracting free agents.

  5. Agree with Jeff. Could be a good move by Washington not to take the job. If the Lions turn things around he could get the HC job in BC in 2019. If they don’t turn things around he could be looking for a new job and could end up in Montreal as the DC or HC if things go bad there again.

  6. What is going on in Montreal? Seems no one wants to be head coach of the Als.

  7. Trestman was still coaching them that season, do you mean 2013?

    • Trestman interviewed with the Colts in early 2012 so likely Popp talked to some people, in case Trestman went to the NFL.

  8. I bet Gary Crowton will be the next coach

  9. TouchDownBC // December 14, 2017 at 1:19 pm //

    Devon Claybrooks would be a good choice to HC Lions in 2019

  10. WOW!!! as I said I have a contact that coached Grade 6-7 flag, maybe its time to text his contact info to Kavis !!! is getting embarrasing from the once ONCE mighty Al’s. PS: wake up Marv Levie from his nap,they could do worse.

  11. Als and lions sort of in the same boat. Unstable leadership and sinking ship with little chance of success in 2018. Who wants to put their name on that? Only a very good GM / coach with a rebuilding type of contract or one with nothing or little to lose by taking it on.

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