Defending Super Bowl champion Patriots workout three CFL players

New England has checked out three players from the CFL.

Defensive backs Jonathon Mincy, Kacy Rodgers and Chandler Fenner were put through the paces by the Patriots Thursday.

Mincy played boundary corner for Montreal in 2017 where many of the best wide outs in the CFL line up each week. He was targeted 6.2 times per game in 2017 and he allowed a 64 per cent completion rate and 42.3 yards per game, leading the league in those categories (statistics via Onside CFL Fantasy host Dave Dawson).

Rodgers emerged as a top cover man in the league while making 42 tackles, two forced fumbles and one interception.

Fenner spent two seasons with the B.C. Lions playing in 26 games making 105 tackles, 27 special teams tackles, one sack, one forced fumble and one interception.

The Patriots have signed CFL players in the past, defensive linemen Jason Vega and Armond Armstead in 2013.


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  1. The NFL loves Rodger’s size

    • He couldnt survive in NFL at Corner looks as if hed be a nickle fit…but doesnt cover well enough. Agent should get major credit…or his father who is a DC in NFL should!

  2. Hope he makes it st safety, he’s not a CFL corner.

    • Don’t forget that he was very good early in the year. It was after he came back from his injury that he struggled. He does have the size to be a safety though. I hope he does make it, both because it would be great for him ($$$) and because in my perfect world Bouka will be starting at CB for us next year and free up another import sport.

      • I think Bouka will get one more NFL shot , I didn’t even see himm receintly on the rider web sight roster ! health tends ot be an issue with Bouka though as well. But when healthy a wonderful player.

        • His name is still there. Bouka may well get another shot at some point, but what he needs now is playing time. I think the last time he started a game or saw any significant playing time was in 2014. You’re very right about the injuries, and it would probably be foolish for us to count on him staying healthy until he proves he can stay healthy. If we were to start him it would be critical to have a good Canadian to back him up too, unless we started him as an extra Canadian. But first we need to find out if anyone is going to sign Rodgers.

          • Good points re CDN content and need for playing time re Eli and yep I did go back and saw his name , was impressed //cautiously optimistic as his size is VERY similar to Rodgers and I think that Eli has better measurable then RODGERS IN TOP END SPEED/VERTICAL JUMP!! so would look great in the backfield. With the 3 top 15 picks in this years draft the question of finding a potential cdn backup to Boukas position comes into play in my mind ,

    • Agreed as I posted below , AKA Brackenridge in his prime in Chamblins D but Brack I think was still a better technique cover guy then Rodgers is .

  3. Jeff Garcia's Agent // December 15, 2017 at 11:34 am //

    Mincy getting alot of looks. Someone is going to give him a future’s contract before January for sure.

    • yeah , good luck to your man , I think he indeed deserves a shot some where , he is a wonderful player !!!

  4. bouka is signed though 2018 he would be a good stating corner anybody is better than rogers he is terrible

    • agreed, was wondering how long the term was for Bouka, as he mad e it sound like it was a ( tom the end of the 2017 season when he came back from the NFL ) so its awesome re longer term. I still like Rodgers as a corner as he plays the run so well!!! He is agreed not LIGHTS OUT in coverage especially when forced to cver the opposition top recievers. He is serviceable till Bouka proves he can be a starter. Given that , if Bouka starts could we see Rodgers moved to Safty — aka Brackenridge during Chamblins D , lots of flexibility given that Edam is a good safety and Marc B , might come back for 1 more year!!! As well maybe Francis has matured as well having had last year as a understudy and not forced to start as he did as raw rookie!!! Can’t waite to see how Jones puts all the pieces together !!! They could be special but are in for a western dog fight next year!!! I think possibly 1 very very good football team from the west might miss the playoffs, sorry eastern fans but I think that western team will be better then a eastern team making the playoffs ,

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