Unknown of CBA led to Trevor Harris signing for one year with Redblacks

Trevor Harris returns to Ottawa for the 2018 season after signing his one-year pact.

The reason for the short term surrounds the collective bargaining agreement which expires in May 15, 2019.

“Since the CBA is running out there’s an unknown sort of thing, but I will say that as soon as the CBA is done I’m very, very confident that I’ll be back in Ottawa for much longer as long as the desire is there on their end. That just has everything to do with the unknown of the CBA,” Harris told TSN 1200 in Ottawa. “That has nothing to do with myself trying to jump ship or leave, that has everything to do with the unknowns of the CBA.

During contract negotiations, a longer deal was “talked about a lot” but the CBA stood in the way. Besides that Harris felt discussions were “pretty easy”.

“I wanted to be back, they wanted me to be back. We pretty much settled on a number that we started at last off-season and in the middle of the season when we just kind of decided to hold it off. So it was a pretty easy deal. Obviously, the main reason I wanted to come back is I came to Ottawa to be the starting quarterback of a team that won the Grey Cup and hopefully multiple times. So the fact that we didn’t get that done, not that it made me want to comeback more than I would’ve if we would’ve won the Grey Cup, but I’ve got some unfinished business. There was a very strong desire to be back.”

Harris tied for the CFL lead in touchdown passes with 30 during the 2017 campaign and went 7-7-1 as the team’s starting pivot, guiding the Redblacks to a home playoff game. The 31-year-old made around $400,000 in 2017 and got a bump to the $450,000 range for 2018, elite quarterback money in the CFL.

“This year was a big year for myself in terms of a lot of learning. I came into this year thinking I knew a lot of what it took to be a franchise quarterback, to be a starting quarterback because I had done it so many times, but this year I learned so much because it was such a different role, it was such a different feeling being the starting quarterback coming in from day one. I had a lot of growing pains that I came in and learned.”


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  1. Harris is a quality guy, and a talented QB. He looked unsure in the Eastern semi, but so did the entire team. I’m glad he’s back and I feel better about next season with Trevor Harris signed.

  2. Bill deHoog // December 15, 2017 at 11:23 am //

    Yes good move for both. Lot of players will be awaiting new CBA, thus a lot of 1 year contracts (as they are now also)

  3. Harris has got talent, no doubt, but I do have doubts about his emotional or personality side. He seems to always be in a ‘I need to prove to myself’ mode. That kind of yo-yo attitude will generate yo-yo results, as shown in 2017. I think the best QB’s don’t let iffy games and results bother them so much, they just go out next game and do their thing, let the chips fall where they may. Excessive introspection at high level of sports can consume a player and really impact future performance. The game is tough enough without a player making it even tougher through excessive self criticism. No, I’m not a shrink, just a guy who’s lived a long time being highly self critical. A yo-yo, in other words.

    • Good point, to comment on it I would say if that is the case regarding mental processing /// then it would be in the best interest of the Red Black organization to have a honest long talk with Harris on that issue and see if possibly having Harris work closely with a professional sport psychologist would be a good course of action.

  4. Trevor is a great fit for the team. I think he is only around 30 years old so there is huge potential for growth at the position and growth as a individual. Trevor is a great ambassador for football in Ottawa and can help bring more younger fans to the game.
    My wife and my three kids had the pleasure of meeting Trevor before the season started and he is a true gentleman. Good luck in 2018 Trevor!

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