What changes for the Riders following the James Franklin trade?

The Riders search for their next starting quarterback will continue after James Franklin was dealt to the Toronto Argonauts on Monday.

One of the worst kept secrets in the CFL over the last two years has been Chris Jones’ interest in acquiring the intriguing young pass slinger from his former team. There’s plenty of reasons why, Franklin is young and has shown very well to date in relatively limited CFL action. Jones would know him well too, which certainly helps.

You have to imagine that Jones kept trying to acquire Franklin until the deal with Toronto was done. We’ll probably never know what Edmonton would have been looking for from Saskatchewan to trade their biggest chip within the division. Would having better Canadian depth have helped? Maybe. Was Edmonton looking for more out of the Riders? Perhaps. Either way, unless a deal doesn’t get done with Toronto (which would be a major blunder by Jim Popp), the dream of Franklin landing in Saskatchewan is dead. And Jones wouldn’t comment on another team’s quarterback when asked about the Franklin trade during his contract extension presser.

So where do the Riders go from here? They just have to keep on doing what they’re doing (hot take, I know). The team will keep searching near and far for their next pivot. There’s no reason to believe that their next quarterback won’t be found, as I’ve written before, CFL quarterbacks have a history of coming out of nowhere. The only question is who and when?

As it stands right now, there are some options in house. First and foremost a deal has to get done with Brandon Bridge, who’s value may have just nudged a little higher with the Franklin deal. At this point, Bridge is the furthest along (of the three not named Kevin Glenn) who were on the roster last season. Bridge has played about as much as Franklin, and even though he has known flaws, now is probably the time to see if he can actually do it or not.

It might be a little early for Marquise Williams but he did show well in very limited time in the pre-season. It would have been nice to see the former Tar Heel get more time than he did in the team’s second pre-season game. Can Williams take a big step forward with some time under his belt? Maybe.

Vernon Adam’s Jr. does have some experience with Montreal, winning a few starts a long the way. He didn’t really get the chance to do much else other than short yardage since being traded to Saskatchewan. How he fits in around here is still a bit of a question mark.

There could also be some options elsewhere this offseason with guys like Zach Collaros (I think he’s got something in the tank), among others likely being available one way or another. Most of those free market options don’t really come with much long term potential, though. They could fill the gap for the time being until someone else is found.

If nothing works, then you basically just keep throwing jello against the wall until something sticks. It’s unscientific and it could take longer than some would like, but there isn’t a whole lot else you can do.

Joel Gasson

Joel Gasson

Joel Gasson is a Regina-based sports writer, broadcaster and football fanatic.
Joel Gasson
Joel Gasson
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Joel Gasson is a Regina-based sports writer, broadcaster and football fanatic.

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  1. Curious, did you not read, or just not believe the other 3Downnation article which stated that the Riders were not one of four teams attempting to acquire Franklin?

  2. stomp into 2018 // December 16, 2017 at 12:50 pm //

    Here come the the “fake news” theorist.

    The bottom line is this. Teams starting the off season with huge question regarding their QB are never in a good position. Consider too the Harris and Franklin options appear to be closed. Look at history.
    I know this is hard to hear and I’ll be met with insults and threats. You can spin it however you want but the facts always tell the truth.

    • Odd. You begin your sad little rant by insulting somebody for no reason, and then finish with a pathetic plea that nobody insult you. You can’t have it both ways you disgusting piece of human garbage.

      You are a well known and annoying troll. Your constant chicken little-esque rants about how bad the Riders will be all through the previous off season prove without a doubt YOU KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT FOOTBALL.

      At one point last off season you predicted the Riders would win three games. Wrong. 10 wins. You ranted continually that the Riders did not have a QB. Yet somehow they managed to have more TD passes than any team in the CFL. You want to talk facts, that is an actual fact!!! What you usually declare to be facts are really nothing more than old cliches that you spout off as gospel, but only if you can spin it to be a negative for the Riders.

      You continually post your inflammatory BS because you really have no respect for anyone, including yourself. Normal people with a conscience don’t write things that they know to be false or have no basis in reality. Normal people would actually feel bad if they conducted themselves the same way you do.

      I’m sure now you’ll go into some defensive sobbing cry fest about how Rider fans attack you without cause. You give Rider fans all the cause in world. You at no time ever seek to do anything more than attack the Riders and their fans. You contribute nothing to this forum and to the world in general. You attempt to transform every article on this website, whether related to the Riders or not, into a Rider bash fest. You seem to think that being the fan of a successful football team somehow reflects positively on you and gives you some sort of higher authority, rights or knowledge. It does not. Your babblings, predictions and prognostications are just annoying, much like you are just annoying.

      I will close by reminding you that you insulted me, without cause.

      • True green // December 16, 2017 at 2:59 pm //

        Buddy, don’t let Donkey take up any head space. That’s what he wants. As a fan that is confident with my team, i enjoy his twisted views on football and toss the odd one back at him. He needs it, it’s all he has.

        • gawd man , I sure could use your calm when seeing the stuff posted by the various incarnations of “Stomp”, and I am NOT being coy or untruthful when I say I need help ignoring that jerk, as even when proved wrong he JUST keeps at it. Seriously he should be recruited by the CIA to torture insugents by talking CFL and STAMPEDER jibberish to them he is that ANNYOYING !!!IN no time even the most devote religious zealot would peal for the electric chair if that was the only option to AVOID the JERKS constant prattle.

          • I just realized that he is 3Downnation’s answer to Eric Cartman from South Park. A manipulative, selfish little SOB with no conscience or concept of actions and consequences. Truly a demented little sociopath.

          • I suggest everyone including your self go back to a Dec. 14, posting you put forward at 5:30 PM. Head line Jarious Jackson appointed new OC of the Lions. Its still there. It does make you appear, oh how shall I say it, a complete hypocrite, bullshitter, whatever.

          • He’s just it worth it. He gets me riled up then I end up saying insulting things about his team when in fact I admire the Stampeders (as much as I love beating them and watching them lose to others, especially in the playoffs 🙂

      • stomp into 2018 // December 16, 2017 at 3:44 pm //

        Thank you for your concern

      • stomp into 2018 // December 16, 2017 at 3:47 pm //

        Then I guess not many people do know anything about football; no one predicted 10 wins.
        I guess that’s what happens when a single division is as weak as the east was.
        I will refer you to the many riderfans saying Calgary would be in trouble without Derek Dennis to protect Bo’s blindside :)…..it goes both ways Evan

        • Actually i predicted 18 wins for the riders last season but alas I am an eternal optimist!

        • Time you find a larger brick, tie with rope to ankle and head to the Glenmore reservoir. The rest we’ll leave up to you.

      • Good on you Evan!

      • He starts EVERY thread like that Evan. He embarrasses his own, other stamp fans and sounds like he has the IQ of a show horn and lacks the social skills to get along or pick up he is not welcome by most. But we, unfortunately, keep opening the door allowing more oxygen into the room to keep the destructive fire alive.

        • yeap, agreed re opening the door, as I said before the man could have a career as a weapon of mass torture he is that annoying and infuriating must be a steven harper clone, lol sorry even steven wasn’t as bad as him, given my dislike for mr harper that is saying something.

      • Grow some balls and pretend your a man.

    • You mean like the Stamps? An injured starting qb, who could need surgery and looked pretty crappy in the end of last season and they’re depth behind him is nonexistent. They would be lucky to ever pull out a win without him, since there’s nobody behind him. Calgary and Edmonton are the worst places now and for probably the next 5 years at least for young qb’s who want experience to go. If they want experience and opportunities to play they’ll go somewhere else… like Franklin did when not even considering Edmonton because he knows the situation there. Calgary and Edmonton’s best options for backup qb’s is to find some older, semiretired guys with experience and/or who aren’t looking to be starters anymore.

      • greenenvy? // December 16, 2017 at 6:37 pm //

        On the one hand you talk about BLM being crappy & on the other hand talk about Edm & Calgary in the same breath for a young starting QB to go, which is true because BLM & Reilly are there & the last 2 MOP’s are going to be starting there for a few years. In other words you are conceding that BLM IS a good QB if NO young QB has a chance to unseat him. As for Franklin, his old, semi-retired guy is Ray putting him just where he wants to be.

        • No, I’m saying that Calgary don’t and won’t have anyone to replace him who can win… irregardless of his health or performance.

  3. Yep Evan no proof reading lately as I told people on my site Jefferson signed a month ago. People didn’t believe me as not been posted yet as I talked to WILLIE he said he signed and finally in Regina leader post it came out Dec 2 your right sask was not interested in Franklin deal and Edmonton wanted him east not leave him in the west a threat to west teams lol.

  4. Jones will just keep looking under rocks for a CHEAP quarterback. That’s what a ‘defensive guru’ does.

  5. stomp into 2018 // December 16, 2017 at 1:19 pm //

    It will be hard for the riders to improve without a QB upgrade. An upgrade on oline is needed too. Callaros wouldn’t last 3 games with last years version

    • Lancaster/Reed // December 16, 2017 at 3:16 pm //


    • MORON , research before YOU YAPP !!! looking at the RIDER ROSTER ,(Available to all with just one simple click) they have 4 guys CDN all under 24 years old , 6’4″plus around 300ish pounds /// 2 American imports as well with the same stats!!!!! yeesh !!!! Zehr , Merideth ,St.John, Bladzek, plus re Canadians probably 1 of the top Olinemen n this years draft as they have 3 picks in the 1st 15 slots…. Moron !!!!! ohhh and that is not even looking at any possible FA offers to be made !!!!!!!!

      • greenenvy? // December 16, 2017 at 6:56 pm //

        Whoa Getfits. Your starters were LaBatte, Coleman & Dyakowski – all turning 32, 33 & 35 next year. Campbell & Dennis both turn 30 next year. You may have some young guys on the roster but they’re not starters. Unless you plan on starting 3 or more of those young guys next year, the majority of your OL is over 30 & gave up a lot of sacks. For comparison look at the Stamps & Esks, who gave up the least sacks. Calgary has 11 OL, only 1 over 30 & he won’t be there next year. Edmonton has 10 OL on the roster, only 2 over 30. And only 1 over 30 started last year as Rottier was injured most of the season. Those are 2 of the biggest & best OL’s in the league & they’re young. You better hope at least a couple young guys can start. St. John is still a project & Bladek played some. How much experience did the others get – not much. Only BC & Mtl gave up more sacks than the Riders & they had older guys with experience. The club played best, everyone agrees, without Clark & with LaBatte at center with the other 4 mentioned above. You think that if you put 2 or 3 younger players from your roster the OL will be better? Well when Clark came back from injury in game 14, he played, NOT the younger guys. Clark isn’t great but obviously Jones sees him as more ready than your youngsters. Clark BTW also turns 30 next year.

        • true greenenvy, the starter age is a concern, however regarding labatte I take 1 year off his age as he missed basically a full plying season with that neck injury , but yeah the injury is still a concern. I personally don’t foresee all the older guys remaining as starters next year but as oyu put forward our roster young guys have limited playing time!!! Only time will tell and we might pick up a freeagent slong the line as a interm solution for our age factor. Your also right in the poinit Edmonton is basically potentially scarey regading the potrntial of their oline , but a creative d can mitage that its not all about sacks its about pressure and forcing innacurate throws as well. Again our sak total against is abit ( thought accurately ) infalated as unlike Riely , when under BIG pressure KG is just not going to escape often, Bridge is another matter there . yeap not a big Clarke fan , rumor has it they have been working hard at having Eddie Merideth , 24, 6’5′ 300, work at doing a oline position change and become the new centre , we will see how that went come training camp. but oline makes me nervous and hoping that Bridge winds up resigning with us !!

  6. He will find another stoner under one of those rocks. It will get even more interesting if an NFL team invites Bridge to camp or Bridge decides to test free agency.

  7. Lancaster/Reed // December 16, 2017 at 1:39 pm //

    I still think marquise williams is the dark horse for the riders. Stellar college career in one of the top divisions, broke all of darian durants tar heels records . Over 3000 yds passing and almost 1000 yds rushing and a 150 qb rating. in his final season. Played pretty good in limited time in the pre-season. He is a kid to watch.

    • stomp into 2018 // December 16, 2017 at 1:44 pm //

      Williams is a prospect at this time. No different than any prospect. Some will make it, most won’t!

      • If you’re so bright donkey, why don’t you cheer for a team that doesn’t choke?

        • stomp into 2018 // December 16, 2017 at 2:41 pm //

          I cheer for the CFL’s most successful franchise for over a quarter decade. Watched many home playoff games. I’ve been entertained like no other fan is this league.
          Anyways I don’t base my fan ship on winning and losing. I base it on loyalty. The fact the Stamps are so good is great but not the reason for my fandom.

    • Agreed but Moron again is dissing him , rather then admitting that Marquis holds great potential , I just have a feeling re Williams we might be inline for Doubles 2.0 new and improved, more Grey Cups less interceptions , lol.. Ahhh dang ,an extra player here //less on a field goal try and actually having a filed goal kicker in the 2010 grey cup and who knows, Doubles would be the OTHER QB beside Rickey Ray to have started and WON 3 grey cups !!!! take that doubles haters ,and yes due to injury in all reality Dariens playing days are done , much like lulays , just hope he same does not happen to another very tought QB dude in MVP Riely , gl Esks!!! hope he stays heathy. Mitchel could ge thit by a truck and I would cheer it though !!! Jackdickass that BLM is .

      • greenenvy? // December 16, 2017 at 7:10 pm //

        Potential was sitting behind Adams, Glenn & Bridge. Potential may have the best tools but Jones rated Potential behind the other 3 so, no, it’s unlikely Potential is the “next one” Jones is looking for. Why wouldn’t you get him in some games? Sit Adams & see what Potential can do. If he really was so great, he should have stood out in practices to make Jones’ choice easy. You Rider guys keep gazing through the green fog. BTW name me another 3rd string QB or 4th stringer with “potential” on the other 8 clubs. Here’s a couple. Shiltz has “potential” sitting behind Durant, Willy & Harris (another guy who’s been around) & actually made it into a couple of games, which only emphasized his “potential” to Reed. Just ask him. Dominique Davis has had “potential” in Winnipeg for 3 years now. You can toss Marquis, Dominque etc etc all in the same basket – big arms, did well in college blah blah. Some of them even make it on the field for a game or two. Marquis hasn’t even done that yet. For what it’s worth, he MAY be the better of Adams & Bridge. That says a lot more about Adams & Bridge than it does of Marquis. Is there a QB in Regina who hasn’t got the royal jelly in Rider Nation’s eyes? Seems you have a bunch of guys who everybody should be running after instead of teams developing their own. Strange, isn’t it?

        • I think why some of us in rider land , favor Williams , so much, he is going down almost the same career path as Doubles— SC qb, multi tooled, like doubles in his rookie year look pretty good in very limited preseason play – made roster almost as a after thought but proved during the year to be a great student of the game. THE trade for Adams , caused Williams to not be in uni on the sidelines this year, but would of been much like Doubles 1st year , dressed for games but didn’t see the field. I think the point is , like your alluding to , Williams has to GET on the field this coming year, or nothing possibly will happen . But remember the only reason Doubles got his break in 2008 was Crandel got dinged//became very ineffective, our 1st back up was very marginal and got dinged, so Doubles was forced to start against Hamilton , 1/2 way through the season , played lights out and just rolled form there . Like you all know, prior to 1/2 way through 2008 no one even in riderville even knew who Darien Durant was. So we are hoping for lightening to hit Twice in the same spot. ergo Doubles 2.0 for the next 8 years , lol .

          • greenenvy? // December 16, 2017 at 8:37 pm //

            You got it – my point exactly. I agree that Marquis LOOKS like the real deal. But Jones has to make a choice. It doesn’t do anyone any good having 4 QB’s IMO. Get him out there & see what he can do.

  8. Nothing really changes until Franklin actually signs in Toronto.

    • True, but at this point based on most of what jones has implied I think he has seriously moved on from franklin , he has basically come out and stated in so many words Bridge is now their guy to focus on resigning. Hopefully Franklin signs with your club and your fan base responds favorably with huge season ticket numbers !

  9. Unless Franklin gets an NFL opportunity, he will sign in Toronto. Playing under Trestman makes more sense than playing under Jones and McAdoo. And if you are going to be on the same team as a 39 year old mentor, why choose Kevin Glenn who has no Grey Cup rings over Ricky Ray who has more rings than any other starting quarterback? And a bettér O line.

  10. Why should Chris Jones show his hand now, when he can still sign Franklin when he becomes a free agent in February. All Toronto done was make a trade with Edmonton, nothing else. Don’t for one minute, think that Jones is all done with Franklin!!! The Riders are going to wake up a lot of people in February!!!!

    • Good comment. The Riders can pursue Franklin should Ricky Ray sign with Toronto. Or the Argos can even trade the rights to Saskatchewan for James Franklin if Ray signs. Nothing yet concrete. The only thing Edmonton did was relinquish Franklin’s rights. With that said, Brandon Bridge is a good quarterback. Whatever the Riders do, no need to panic. They do have options. Personally, I think Zach Collaros won’t be a Rider. But we’ll see with Brandon Bridge and James Franklin.

      • stomp into 2018 // December 16, 2017 at 6:39 pm //

        You can always wish upon a star Greenrider89

      • greenonions // December 16, 2017 at 7:22 pm //

        Greenrider pay attention to what’s been happening. a) As mentioned a few times, Franklin was on the neg list for Esks BEFORE 2014 & Jones arrival. Hervey brought him in, NOT Jones. b) Farhan Lalji said this on Dec 3 BEFORE the trade. “One place I would not expect him to land is #Riders. Many assume the fact that he & Jones have worked together is a positive. False assumption.” c) Why did a whole bunch of free agent Esks NOT follow Jones to Regina? Of the 4 that did initially, only Foster remains. Two ran back to Edmonton. The reason – a lot of Eskimos saw Jones as a traitor, running out on his contract, & don’t like him. d) Maybe the reason Jones never made a trade offer to Edmonton & always has deflected questions when Franklin’s name came up is because the relationship isn’t good. e) How is Saskatchewan a better fit for Franklin than TO? According to all of you, there’s Adams, Bridge & Marquis Williams who may be the best of all of them. If Franklin wants to start, why go to Regina? Only in Saskatchewan does that sort of logic make sense. There is NO reason for Franklin to go to Regina. I mean really, you’re hilarious. To top it all off, playing in Regina where every thing is criticized would be stupid. Why go into that circus?

        • Green Onions, I would love to know how you “assume” that Franklin and Jones would NOT be a positive? Do you have some inside knowledge on that situation? If so, please inform us. Secondly, you mention Foster as the ONLY free agent (Eskimo) to stay with the Roughriders. Where does Willie Jefferson (a former Eskimo) fit in with the Roughriders? And perhaps you may be right with Franklin on the negotiation list of the Eskimos before Jones actually arrived in Edmonton. I will have to check that fact out. But if that is correct, Chris Jones was the first professional head coach for Franklin and saw first-hand the talent he had. So, “hooray” on one correct assumption. But I would really be interested to know the inside scoop on the relationship between James Franklin and Chris Jones that you seem to have some knowledge about?

          • greenonions // December 17, 2017 at 3:28 pm //

            Please read carefully before “assuming” things. You can check Farhan Lalji’s Dec 3 tweet on his account. I have quoted it verbatim. HE has stated their relationship is not a positive. Secondly I mention Foster as one of the 4 ORIGINAL FA’s signed, namely A. Jones, Chambers, Lawrence & Foster. Jefferson came later & the day prior to his signing in Regina tweeted a pic of him in an Esk uniform when commenting on his return to the CFL. That changed the next day due to $$$$$. He didn’t “follow” Jones, he followed the $$$$$. As far as inside scoop goes, there has been lots said, as recently as in BC since Hervey’s hire, that Franklin had a connection with Hervey not Jones & it was likely a landing spot in BC. I’m sure that Lalji knows this as that is his beat. Doesn’t it strike you as peculiar that Jones has enquired about Franklin since he left which is an open secret around the CFL &, so he says, hasn’t made a trade offer. Why wouldn’t he when he is looking for a young gunslinger? Why has he refused to even talk about Franklin when asked, usually saying he won’t talk about another team’s player? If he hasn’t made ANY offers, even tested the waters, it’s because he knows he’d be giving up assets for a guy who won’t sign there. The constant noise from Riderville that he’s going to wait for FA to sign & compete with Bridge, Adams, Williams & Glenn makes no sense when you consider how much you laud theses prospects. Compete vs Ray or Bridge, Franklin’s equal in Rider fans’ eyes? Why would he pick the latter? Explain that to me.

        • Please read my comment below regarding as such.

      • Give you Collaros and his big, fat, overpaid contract for a bag of footballs…wait a minute…throw a tee in there as well and we have a deal!

    • stomp into 2018 // December 16, 2017 at 6:37 pm //

      That theory contradicts the report that Chris Jones never pursed a trade for Franklin doesn’t it?

    • stomp into 2018 // December 16, 2017 at 10:22 pm //

      I agree he will wake people up in February. That’s when we find out the riders a 1 million over the cap, Thats when we find out how many times Jones cheated the ratio, what players he’s illegally negotiation with

      • I’ll remember those thoughts in February. If you’re wrong, promise me to leave all your assumptions at home and not on this blog.

        • you actually expect him to keep a promise??? hahahahahahahahahahahna
          If he didn’t post ASSumptions, twisted stats and venom, his post count would drop by 98 %. Am I being too kind with 98%?

          • (LOL) You are so correct, BC Dave. Nothing like wishing upon a star (LOL), I guess. Yet, the twisted venom of this individual is so cancerous, it actually spreads to some of the other Rider haters in this blog.

  11. Why would any QB want to sign where Stephen McAdoo is the OC?

  12. Franklin won’t sign in Toronto and play in front of crowds of 9,000

    • Sea of Dead // December 16, 2017 at 7:29 pm //

      Oh, yes he will. New ownership with a huge sports bankroll, big popular entertainment centre with lots happening all the time, large multi-cultural mix and who knows, perhaps even a few more bums in the seats after the GC win watching him throw the long ball. What’s not to like.

    • greenonions // December 16, 2017 at 7:31 pm //

      With the purchase by MLSE who, like ’em or not, are great at pushing their product, TO is the place to be. It’s the biggest market in Canada. TO can promote him as the face of the franchise to bring customers in. BTW, Stage, how do you know? Not everybody wants to play in a venue with a 24 hour light shining on them. Not all players like playing for the Maple Leafs or Canadiens for just that reason. Calgary has for the past decade had no trouble getting players to play for them despite your contention it has the worst stadium & low crowds, a misconception at best. Rider fans always think that nobody would NOT want to play in Regina. Why don’t you ask Shawn Lemon about that. Or Odell “there’s nothin’ to do in Regina” Willis. It’s not exactly a destination point for some of these players who grew up in large cities – let’s be honest. No offense.

      • How would you know all Rider fans think that nobody would NOT want to play in Regina? And if that “assumption” was correct, does that really bother you? If it does, then why even come on this blog? Greenonions, just follow the team you cheer for (Edmonton or Calgary) and leave Rider fans alone. No offense.

        • I could ask you the same question greenrider. What did the Franklin trade have to do with the Riders, outside their constant yearning for him? But there you were with a host of other Riderites commenting on the trade that involved the Argos & Esks. Your fellow posters ALSO found time to comment on the column with the Q & A with Sunderland. So, if I follow the Esks, as you say, then I am rightfully commenting upon an Eskimo that was traded which just so happens to captivate the Rider crowd although the trade has NOTHING to do with them. In fact hasn’t it been said Jones never made an offer. You DO believe in Jones, don’t you? And yet it keeps coming up that the “worst kept secret in the CFL” knows otherwise. It is fair game for ANYONE to comment about ANY team. The Franklin trade has league wide interest so please don’t make it all about yourselves. Grow up & take criticism like a man instead of refusing to face it & crying about people picking on the Riders.

          • Who’s crying, greenenvy? And is there a problem when Rider fans provide their own assumptions? Grow up, little one!!! Why do you tend to be so critical of what Rider fans state? And you state that you are commenting, and captivating Rider fans??? By running Rider fans down? You’ve got be kidding me!!! (LOL) Now, who would you really be captivating??? Yourself??? Take it like a man and for a change, show some RESPECT towards other people’s comments. And STOP being a Troll!!!

          • greenonions // December 17, 2017 at 2:37 pm //

            Who said anything about ME captivating Rider fans?6 My comment is about Rider fans being besotted by FRANKLIN being traded. Didn’t you take English?

          • Who’s talking about you, greenonions? Can you not read names properly? If not, go to English-101.

          • Bridge has more experience than Franklin anyways, not sure why people care that much about Franklin… did he take even 1 snap last season?

  13. stomp into 2018 // December 16, 2017 at 6:59 pm //

    Here is an interesting analytic.
    Sask had an improved 10-8 record. When we examine, it really is interesting:
    Of the 81 wins up for grabs in the 2017 season only 32.5 were obtained by the east, that includes head to head where it was a certainty. That shows just how weak the east was during the regular season.
    60% of Sask’s wins were against the east with 44.4% of their schedule. 40% of there wins came against the west which was 55.5% of their schedule

    Compare that to Calgary : 48% of wins against the east with same 44.4% of schedule and 52% of wins came against west at the same 55.5% portion.

    What does this tell us? That the riders relied on the weakness of the east for their “success”. That doesn’t mean they didn’t improve. But it must be kept in perspective.

    • Seriously donkey, go look in the mirror. You need to get a life.

    • It tells that despite what the stamps did during the regular season, they are 0-2 in Grey Cup appearances against the WEAK EAST as you so adequately pointed out. That tells us that the stamps are WORSE than the Weak East teams. Thank you for pointing that out.
      And yes, I will have a good night.

      • stomp into 2018 // December 16, 2017 at 10:18 pm //

        That has little importance on what I just said

        • Are you for effen real? It relates to EXACTLY what you said. You constantly prove how obtuse, narrow-minded, lacking in real knowledge, arrogant you are. You just said the Riders relied on “the weakness of the East’ and I just pointed out that you cannot even do THAT. You keep using the portions of the year you want but in the end, it is CHAMPIONSHIPS that people remember. Get a life. You don’t take hints well. Hell you don’t take point blank rejection well. Your one kind keep telling you to the a hike. AS much as I hate to give you more power than already in your head, you single handedly ruin this site.

      • stomp into 2018 // December 17, 2017 at 1:17 am //

        Lordy Lordy Lordy BC Dave
        You are wrong
        My analytic only points out regular season records. Nothing to do with playoffs. CLEARLY The west was superior throughout the regular season. Like I say only 32.5 wins for the east this year. Infact in 40 west vs. east games 29.5 wins for west and 10.5 for the east!!!
        It’s undeniable!!!!! The riders took advantage of this.

        • No, you are wrong but not smart enough to see it or man enough to ever admit it.
          The last time I looked at the ;schedule’ it included playoff games. BUT, I should shut up and let you keep thinking the way you do cut as long as you, your team and other small thinkers keep thinking that way, The rest of us MEN can win Championships, the REAL winning.
          Real teams use regular season to get in position for and sharpen their skills for CHAMPIONSHIP games. Small thinkers hang their hat on and use the regular season to judge their ‘greatness’.
          But, I guess if you keep choking cannot win a championship, you have to look at the small accomplishments, that REAL teams don’ care about, to try and feel good about yourself. So good for you Sparky !! You keep chasing those small dreams and low hanging berries and then step aside when the real men come to climb to the top.

          • stomp into 2018 // December 17, 2017 at 1:05 pm //

            Than Sask and BC failed even worse that Calgary didn’t they? If we’re “not men” what does that make you?

        • Why do you focus on the Riders so much? Until the last couple weeks of the season the ONLY Western team Edmonton beat was BC. Get a life. Not like everyone doesn’t already know, but you’re clearly a troll.

    • Come on Donk, it also tells you the Stamps lostto what you consider lesser teams more often. Let the analysts analyze. You keep stirring the pot that’s all your good for. That and wearing out calculators figuring out the math problems to enter your posts

      • stomp into 2018 // December 17, 2017 at 1:11 pm //

        Lost to lesser teams? We lost a total of 1.5 games to the east. The least of anyone. Both were very early in the season too

        • True green // December 17, 2017 at 2:34 pm //

          “Compare that to Calgary : 48% of wins against the east with same 44.4% of schedule and 52% of wins came against west at the same 55.5% portion”

          You are correct. Pardon my ignorance. You quoted 48% wins from eastern teams while Riders had 60%. After reading your post again, I understand your meaning. I don’t agree with your point that Riders “took advantage”… were they supposed to let the eastern team win so as not to take advantage? Isn’t the point to win the game? (Obviously not the Grey Cup game though, you just want to get to that game right?)

        • Baltimore CFLer // December 17, 2017 at 4:01 pm //

          The last game of the year was the one that mattered. Remember, the regular season isn’t important to Calgary.

  14. Provemewrong // December 16, 2017 at 7:27 pm //

    It will be great when Bridge gets picked up by an NFL team (even if he makes a practice squad he will want to try his luck for at least a year). That leaves the sliders with Glen. Mr. Nice guy tries hard. So Jones, being Jones, will start Glen, pull Glen and insert whatever 3rd stringers he can cobble together. When they throw multiple picks, Jones will put Glen in, again. Fail, repeat, fail again.

  15. Riders have their man on the roster to take them to the next level in Brandon Bridge. Must win the starting job then allowed to develop, improve etc. as time goes on. Without a doubt a multi faceted QB whose skills match the CFL. If he gets away they could go to Adams with Glenn as the backup/mentor. Don’t see Collaros going to Riderville unless he takes a big paycut and reproves himself as a starter.

    • It’s well documented Collaros wants to go East. Sure, if he is traded to Regina he will need to get his salary adjusted but he calls the shots. If he refuses a pay cut the only option is to release him, in which case he signs where he wants. Whether he gets less money in Regina or less in Mtl, what difference does it make? He gets to play in the East then. Brandon Bridge is not a starter. He WILL sign in Regina, he WON’T make it in the US. Where else in the CFL could he start? Certainly not in the West & certainly not in Ottawa, Toronto or Hamilton. If he ends up starting for the Riders, he’ll be the backup before year end. Derek Taylor exposed him – he’s the most inaccurate passer in the league. And as he said at the time, only in Riderland do they not know this.

  16. If Franklin was to sign in TO – he would have been at a news conference – telling the world how happy he will be playing in Hog Town

    Not happening – silence from the crickets is deafening

    • stomp into 2018 // December 16, 2017 at 8:07 pm //

      Wish upon a star. Sometimes your dreams come true stage!

      • Again, did you wish upon a star before the Argo Bounce? Just wondering?

        • stomp into 2018 // December 17, 2017 at 1:53 am //

          Well I can tell you this Greenrider89
          If I wish for a Grey Cup in 2018 its far more likely to come true than Franklin going to sask.
          My God. Do you think this trade occurred because TO is just blindly hoping they can sign Franklin during the FA period? No! If they thought that they’d just bid for his service come Feb like anyone else who was interested. Popp and Franklin already have an understanding in place should the NFL not work out!
          Man oh man how delusional can one province be?

          • stomp into 2018 // December 17, 2017 at 2:02 am //

            Furthermore Greenrder89
            It’s unlikely too that TO is going to turnaround and trade his rights to Sask now. Considering they gave up a potentially great Canadian O-lineman, Toronto will want something substantial in return. Namely a top Canadian. Who would sask give? They don’t have alot an those that they do they really can’t afford to lose with there thin Canadian depth. They could give their first round pick but with so few picks this year can sask really afford to do that?

          • Horsee, please read some of my comments with due diligence. Did I touch a cord by talking about the Grey Cup and Argo Bounce? Maybe, you should get a life. If you read carefully, which you have trouble doing, I commented that should it not work with the Riders and Franklin, the green and white would certainly be all right with Brandon Bridge. And I don’t believe Zach Collaros is in the Riders plans as previously mentioned. Please read carefully. I know the Grey Cup still haunts you, but for gosh sakes, let it go!!!!

        • stomp into 2018 // December 17, 2017 at 1:34 pm //

          You see Greentrider89
          That is a contradiction.
          You sound like you want the riders to go after Franklin. But if it doesn’t work out than Bridge is ok too. You want 2 possible paths resulting in the same positive outcome.
          If you’re ok with Bridge then why not go with Bridge? Why waste you time and possibly a player to acquire him when what you have is “just as good”.
          What you’re really doing is rationalizing the fact that you aren’t getting Franklin
          No charge for the session

          • Is there a problem with that, horsee? Sure, Franklin would be a great addition if he’s available as I stated earlier, but I’m alright with Bridge. Have I ever said anything bad about Brandon Bridge? And should you decide on a session, please call. But I charge for mine. P.S — You might have to borrow some cash from your mom.

    • greenonions // December 16, 2017 at 10:12 pm //

      He belongs to the Argos till Feb, no different then Bridge in Regina. No contract for 2018 has been signed by either one. Should Bridge be at a news conference telling the world how happy he may or may not be playing in Regina? When do you hold a news conference for pending free agents without a contract signed? What exactly should Franklin (or Bridge) say? Franklin DID say he was excited to talk to Popp – similar to Bridge expecting Riders to make an offer. Holding a media scrum to say you’re happy proves nothing & is rather silly Stage.

  17. Merry Christmas Stomp

  18. Can we please make the spambot questions harder? Maybe that will get rid of him.

    • It has been told that when a nuclear test went off on Bikini Island years ago, the US found only one living thing afterwards – a scorpion. Some things last. How do you know you won’t be eliminating a slew of Rider bloggers, BC Dave? Some of your buddies may be gone. Be careful what you wish for. Happy holidays.

      • And maybe, Dave, greenenvy will disappear for good. Wouldn’t that be a treat.

        • greenenvy? // December 17, 2017 at 3:51 pm //

          I just may, Rider. Now that they’re using multiplication instead of addition it’s taking me 3 or 4 cracks at it before it takes. Consider it my Christmas gift to you. Bye for now. Got to get out my “times” table.

      • True green // December 17, 2017 at 5:34 pm //

        Lol! You’re an ass but that was a witty post!

  19. What changes for the Riders after the JF trade? Absolutely nothing. Trade has zero effect. They currently have 4 Qb’s under contract in Glenn, Adams, Williams and Watford. Watford is another intriguing prospect. Was a later cut from the Eagles NFL camp as a wide receiver. Another athletic player but is here to be a QB. If Bridge is back either Glenn or Adams will not be here for game 1. Right now that’s the likely scenerio. I just hope bridge is asking for a reasonable contract. Still needs to prove himself as a starter. Somewhere in the mid 200 range. When he turns 27 is when he can get the elite QB money if he is there. I hope Bridge and Franklin are CFL starters this next season. We need more good starters in the league.

  20. Provemewrong // December 17, 2017 at 10:52 am //

    I get a kick out of how easy gangrene fans lose their sh!t over this guys posts!!! My opinion is that Stamps/RedStamp/Stomp your cat, or WHATEVER his handle is, in reality, a team of 3rd Downnation junior staffers that are fed redbull and candy yo hype themselves up and write this drivel. Think about it. 3DN can charge advertisers bases on the number of people who visit the site. All they have to do is post something speaking badly about the sliders and their tiny minds explode and you get 10X the posts. More posts, more ad income. BRILLIANT!!

    • There’s the conductor & there’s the orchestra. You need both to make music. Sometimes the orchestra thinks they can do without the conductor. NOT.

    • stomp into 2018 // December 17, 2017 at 12:38 pm //

      I’d love to sit down with you and hear your thoughts on JKF and 911 conspiracies. You have a very active imagination.

    • Funny you say that because I thought something similar. Why else would they not ban him from ruining their site. Maybe they do not care about the content, just the numbers. Just does not make sense to continue allowing his constant, illogical, self-contradicting drool. It makes you want to wipe your monitor with disinfectant cleaner ever time you see he has puked more crap onto the screen.

    • True green // December 17, 2017 at 5:37 pm //

      Provemewrong, for quite some time I thought you were one of Donk’s personalities. Now i know it’s not true. That’s for clearing that up for me.

      Or… this could be a trick from Justin Donk???

  21. Franklin was never going to a western division team and Brock Sunderland is on record as stating that.

  22. Cutting Log Pies. Not horse pies // December 17, 2017 at 2:42 pm //

    Hey I heard a rumour that as long as six is the official Calgary Stampeders home TD celebration act. That Calgary will continue to play in the only Stadium barn in the CFL. So Stamps fans better cheer loud and smell proud each time six runs the sideline and leaves his package of cud chewed and stomach digested blob of Oates on the sidelines. Buy “hay” that’s how them Southern Albertans like their air quality. Warmed with the aroma of fermenting horse crap. Ya just gotta love those simple minded field pie jumpers.

    • P.S. Don’t speak too loudly, horsee’s just above. And he might drop a few.

      • greenonions // December 17, 2017 at 3:40 pm //

        I’ve posted a reply to your 1:13 AM question, WAY back. Hopefully that clears up what you were asking about. Cheers.

        • OK, yes you do have some validity. And Laliji may have some inside knowledge from a source of his. Interesting to note how someone can say this person doesn’t get along with that person and they have a testy relationship. Just like a fly on the wall in the middle of a conversation or mikes hooked up and hidden to record conversations inside the dressing room. Listen, it may be true and it may not be true. I do have some knowledge of the media and workings by as such. As far as Jefferson is concerned, in my view, he was a free agent pickup and he also expressed interest staying with Jones and the Riders next season as previously mentioned by himself. But talk is rather cheap, as you probably are aware. Did Jefferson really mean what he said, similar to my mention, just above, with Franklin/Jones? With your comments about Bridge/Franklin: Personally, Bridge may not be the same calibre of quarterback as Franklin — time will tell. But Bridge did have a great season for a first-time starter. And he led the Riders to a number of victories last season and, in my view, showed extremely well in games the team looked lost with Glenn’s earlier exits. With your mention regarding Jones not offering a deal to the Eskimos for Franklin’s services. Think about that for a minute? Jones left the Eskimos right after the Grey Cup in 2014 to join the Riders. Would there maybe not be some animosity by the Eskimos to the Riders and Chris Jones? Certainly is with some of the fans. Secondly, (as I mentioned several days ago) would the Eskimos not want a coveted player like Naaman Rosevelt who is an outstanding player in the CFL? Of course, the Eskimos would want the house for Franklin, and the contents as well if they were to deal with the Riders. So I can understand what Jones was up against and I believe he made a wise choice when I really think about it. And furthermore, the Eskimos for their better interests, would be wise to send Franklin east to Toronto (why have Franklin haunt them in the same division?). And to your comment about Franklin competing with Bridge? Would never happen. I guarantee that if Franklin signed with the Riders, he would be the unequivocal starter, Day 1. Glenn, if he stayed, would likely be the backup. Perhaps some Rider fans suggested both players (Franklin/Bridge) staying in Riderville. But it certainly wasn’t I that suggested that, knowing that both players want to be a starter. And as far as B.C. is concerned as a landing spot by some of these wishy-washy reporters, with Hervey running the show in B.C. the Lions have as much a chance as Saskatchewan. If anything were to happen, it will likely happen in February if Ricky Ray stays with the Argos. Personally, I rate that chance less than 50-percent. But anything is possible. And I have always been a Bridge supporter, but know the potential of James Franklin. Cheers (as well).

        • And my mistake. It was 2015 when Jones left Edmonton, not 2014 as earlier mentioned.

    • stomp into 2018 // December 17, 2017 at 4:41 pm //

      That’s all you got? Making fun of our mascot? The coolest tradition in the CFL?
      You do realize the only place he can shit is on the visitors sideline right?

  23. Bonnie Neustaeter // December 17, 2017 at 3:55 pm //

    Why can’t we just keep bridge playing for saskatchewan roughriders and use him as the starter

    • That’s a great question Bonnie. It’s been asked before but many just dance around giving a direct answer. So I can try and answer your question by putting together the little tin bits we have all heard. So this is not “my” answer but the answer that seems to come from those in the know.
      Everyone knows that Brandon is a athelete. A very good athletic QB is a real bonus. From what we are hearing is that Brandon chooses to use his athleticism to make plays instead of following the play book. Meaning that Bridge often gets happy feet and does not allow the play to happen. He is rolling out of the pocket well before the receivers are allowed to run their routes.
      We have all seen how effective that can be when he’s replaced Kevin Glen who is most certainly a pocket QB who allows the receivers to run their routes. But then has trouble when they don’t get open. By holding onto the ball to long or throwing the dreaded INT’s.
      From what I hear Chris Jones and MacAdoo saying is that Brandon is close. He just needs to believe in the system. That comes with maturity.
      When we played Calgary; I think it was the last game we played them. At half time they asked the awesome Calgary D-lineman Charleston Hughes what he thought they would have to do in the second half. He chuckled and said something to the effect that we just need to stay in our gaps and lanes. Then those back yard made up plays won’t get anywhere. So it’s know throughout the league that Brandon dosent stick to the script and improvises way too much.
      So if Brandon Bridge can mature enough to truly read the defence on each play. Believe in the OC and the playbook. Allow the plays to run their course and only improvise when no one is open and the check down receiver is out of position or it’s a broken play. Instead of running the QB position like Nealon Green did. Where Nelon improvised all the time and just couldn’t figure out how to get away from that.
      If Brandon really matured and catches on. He certainly could be a good QB. Otherwise he will remain a good alternative off the bench when the initial game plan is faultering.
      I hoped that helped some Bonnie.
      Also Stomping Donkey I would suggest that a Gopher who is involved with the crowd at all times of the game. Getting the “whole” crowd chanting from one side of the stadium to the other with his metal cheer signs of
      “Go” … “RIDERS” … “GO” Gainer also is able to have fun with a stuffed mascot of the competing team. When things get dirty on the field. It’s great to see Gainer becoming the Stallion while riding Calgary’s mascot. Or pulling the stuffed TigerCat by his tail all around the sidelines during the game. Even competing players have fun trying to stop Gainer. Plus Gainer and his camiuflaged automobile made into a Gopher Hole drives a complete circle of the stadium to ALL cheering fans after each TD. Is far more entertaining than a horse running 150 yards from the back of one endzone to the back end of the other on one side of the field. Gainer is a total all around incredibly entertaining mascot. Not just a horse that rides a sideline and possibley leaves behind a hose paddy of used Oates and Hay! Maybe Six needs a partner. Kinda like the life partners of Buster and Boomer in Winnipeg. Those 2 dudes have brought their love for one another to the forefront and have shown that it’s Aok to be gay and proud of it. As a heterosexual person I have no problem with Winnipeg’s mascots flying high in their Blue Bomber flying love machine. As it’s high time for all of us to be accepting.

  24. Seriously, a Gopher pulling a tiger’s tail, a vehicle designed like a gopher hole, a mascot driving this contraption around the field to thousands of adoring fans???? This passes for high excitement at Mosaic???? I can see the relation of a cowgirl on a horse to Stampeders but what has a gopher to do with Rough Riders??? Maybe you should have a guy riding a horse too. But a GOPHER??? Pretty lame.

  25. riderontheisland // December 18, 2017 at 11:57 am //

    I am confused by this article because Dave Naylor reported that the Riders didn’t offer a deal and if that’s the case they really weren’t trying too hard. Too much hype going on here and don’t get me wrong because I too was intrigued about the thought of having him as a Rider, but he really hasn’t done anything yet. I mean he could fall on his face and never start again by the 6th game. He has not been the starting guy that other Ds prepare for week in week out which is often a taste of reality for backup QBs. Once I saw what Bridge could do, I forgot about Franklin and lets face it both of these QBs may not succeed as starters by the end of 2018.

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