Conflicting reports out of Montreal on Bellefeuille’s status

Marcel Bellefeuille appears to be Montreal’s choice for head coach but there’s a catch.

The 51-year-old speaks English and French fluently and he has a history with the Alouettes franchise as a position coach and coordinator. He has been a head coach in the past for Hamilton.

Bellefeuille took a team that had suffered through four straight losing seasons and made them competitive again going 26-28 and leading the Ticats to three straight playoff appearances. A 1-3 post-season record ultimately led to Bellefeuille being let go by the Tabbies, but he left the organization in a much better place than it was found.

Since moving on from Hamilton, Bellefeuille was the offensive coordinator in Winnipeg for three seasons and the last two years he’s been the B.C. Lions receivers coach.

Bellefeuille could meet many needs of the Montreal market because he’s bilingual, experience rebuilding teams and as a head coach.

UPDATE: A source has told 3DownNation that Orméjuste’s report is not accurate. Veteran Montreal Gazette reporter Herb Zurkowsky backed that up.

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13 Comments on Conflicting reports out of Montreal on Bellefeuille’s status

  1. Not a bad choice IF he can hire good solid co-ordinators

  2. Whatever happened to teams making great choices? I think this tells us the situation in Montreal with Kavis Reed as the GM.

  3. Good choice for the Als

  4. Wonder what the sticking points are.

  5. The sticking point is probably over the right to put a gag on Wetenhall. **cking impatient owners and their sons who think they know the game!

  6. Beth Dalley // December 19, 2017 at 9:58 am //

    Nice guy too

  7. Test

    • I posted a completely harmless, knowledgeable comment on the weekend and it was deleted. Hence, the “test”. On a relevant football note, Bellefeuille would be the best hire for the Als. He is not the best choice overall but given his experience, the fact that he is bilingual, and has worked with rebuilding teams in the past (Ticats), he would be a stabilizing presence. His calm personality may balance Reed’s unpredictable nature better than most.

  8. Look at the habs and see what their hiring policy has gotten them. Winning puts bums in the seats not a french speaking coach.

  9. It would be interesting to learn more about the hiring process – who is involved – Mack and Reed it seems, but noty Catherine Raiche – and the role of the owners, particularly Wetenhall the younger. What are the criteria that they are following?

  10. Could the sticking point be Calvillo, the HC in waiting every year?

    • The sticking point may be that Calvillo remain as OC or at least with the team in some offensive capacity. Could be why others have chosen to withdraw their names as they’d not be able to hire their OC of choice. Maybe they should just give the HC job to AC and stop all the “musical coaching chairs”!

  11. white horse on red // December 19, 2017 at 1:52 pm //

    Reed the team outsider needs to be replaced asap! Gm replacement_ Anthony Calvillo.

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