Rich Stubler in the running to be Alouettes head coach: report

An old comrade could become Kavis Reed’s choice to be Montreal’s next head coach, according to Miguel Bujold of La Presse.

There are only two candidates left for the Alouettes head coach position, and one of these two men may well be Rich Stubler. He was the Edmonton Eskimos defensive coordinator when Reed began his playing career as a defensive back in the mid-90s, and the two men have remained friends since that time. What seems more and more clear is that Stubler is still in the running for the position of head coach.

Stubler has been a defensive coordinator for the Ticats, Argos, Eskimos and Stampeders. He was a head coach for one year in Toronto going 4-6 during the 2008 season before he was let go.

Bujold reported that another defensive coach was seriously considered for the Als job.

Greg Quick had two interviews. His candidacy was not retained.

Quick was the linebackers coach in 2017 and assumed defensive coordinator responsibilities after Noel Thorpe was fired in September.

Regardless of who the new Montreal bench boss is Bujold expects an announcement in the coming days.

Barring a last-minute turnaround, the Alouettes should finally announce the identity of their new driver in the coming days.


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  1. Keep hearing all the anti-Kavis stuff but who hires him? What qualifications does that person have? Doesn’t the ‘buck stop’ at the top?

    • Reed played in the NFL and CFL. He was a CFL all-star. His playing career ended on the field where he was carried off on a stretcher. They thought he would never walk again. Rich Stubler visited him as often as he could and encouraged him to coach, from the hospital bed he told Stubler he would be the Head Coach of the Edmonton Eskimos. He reached this goal.

      Prior to becoming the HC in Edmonton he worked for a number of successful GMs and HCs throughout the league including an assignment at the CFL League office. During this time he finished his MBA from the University of Phoenix with a specialization in negotiation and mediation.

      He is passionate student of the game and continuous learner. He is married to a wonderful Canadian woman and has two beautiful children. The Als are lucky to have him.

      When I come by this site I can’t help but wonder how some of you could get it so wrong, the hate and venom is something that Kavis Reed would never condone if directed at any of you. He is a charssmatic leader who wants to serve the Alouettes fans, players, organization and ownership.

      As an Esksfan I wish him the best of luck with his new HC selection and hope to face him in the Grey Cup.

      • ……..and there’s going to be consequences for all you people talking down about him!!!!!!

        • Just for stronson the thing about the internet is its traceable so using 30 different profiles while assasinating someone’s character will catch up with you.

          • That’s why I only use one and I said nothing to assassinate his character. He was an excellent player but mediocre or less as a coordinator, head coach or general manager.

          • To make a comment like that after a sincere post is the behaviour of a troll. My Christmas wish for you my friend is that people always treat you with more dignity and respect than you and others have given Reed here on 3 DownNation.

  2. Who are yu guys listening to ? Every day another guy. Stubler was Mentioned in
    July or August ??

  3. Stubler will be 69 next year – he and Wally will be oldest coaches in CFL.

  4. Another disasterous season for the Als. They won’t make the playoffs.

  5. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Eeny refused to interview, meeny dropped out. The hiring process is almost over.

    • I hear the lead candidate accepted the position. He is an impressive coach with a passion for the game and a solid history of success. Alouettes of Montreal ready to become the Beast of the East once again.

  6. I’m surprised the Als aren’t after Kent Austin, who’s been floating his resume around. He’s a demanding Coach, and maybe he’s learned after 2 successive trips to the Grey Cups, and then the slippery slope thereafter that he’d better bone up on his people skills if he’s going to take the next step as a Leader as a Coach or GM for that matter. He’s certainly capable.

    • Austin probably doesn’t want to touch the Montreal coaching position with a 10 foot pole! I’m sure he’d head back to the NCAA before joining the dirty birds!

    • He wanted to have many titles, including GM when arriving in Hamilton so I suspect Reed is not interested in giving up his title.

    • blackgold58 // December 19, 2017 at 7:29 pm //

      Kent Austin isn’t “floating his resume around” this is bs. He has said, during press confrences he has a passion for coaching.

  7. BigRedMachine // December 19, 2017 at 12:37 pm //

    Don’t know what happened to Stubler, but his defense his last year in TO was horrible. Always respected his defenses prior to 2016.

    • blackgold58 // December 19, 2017 at 7:31 pm //

      The players he had didn’t fit in his system. Talent upgrade this year with Popp and Zimmerman.

  8. Stubler is (or was?) a respectable DC, but his only try at HC just didn’t work … not a good track record. I wish Wettenhall fils would promise to stay out, and that they could get LaPolice.

    • habbernack // December 19, 2017 at 2:05 pm //

      Lapo resigned with the Blue bombers

    • blackgold58 // December 19, 2017 at 7:35 pm //

      Wasn’t Stublers fault, Rita had it on for him because he was chosen by Pinball with no input from Rita. Rita undermined him and lobbied for a change. May he Rest In Peace, Don didn’t win a game and he was followed by Bart Andrus. Stubler was a class act when he got screwed by the Argos.

  9. Habsnriders // December 19, 2017 at 3:48 pm //

    Ken Miller is there but I highly doubt he would accept a headcoach job .

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