Mike Sherman hire by Alouettes is good, for many reasons

Boy, did they ever fool us or what?

Every sports reporter in the country thought that Montreal would hire a head coach with CFL experience. From Claybrooks to Chamblin, the rumours were aplenty. When the popular name of Marcel Bellefeuille surfaced, fans in this province thought that it was a foregone conclusion that the Als would hire their second straight bilingual coach. But it was not to be. Instead, they went for a name that resonates throughout the North American football world.

Mike Sherman is a successful coordinator and head coach in the NFL. No, he didn’t win a Super Bowl as the team boss, but he did win many NFL and college games. He coached big names. He was successful with big names. It is curious that he was plucked from the high school ranks, but you can’t ignore his past accomplishments.

Sherman’s introductory presser was predictable, full of cliches and boring “the right way” speak. But the Alouettes need stability and fundamentals right now. And Sherman is certainly capable of providing it.

While detractors may worry about his ability to adapt to the Canadian game, the CFL is more about talent level, both on the sideline and on the field. With a strong reputation, Sherman is bound to be able to bring in high-level coaches, both from Canada and down south. His name may also carry weight with ex-NFLers looking for a new lease on their football lives.

Sherman has also served as an NFL GM, so the belief is that he’ll have a major say in personnel decisions, assuaging my concerns about Kavis Reed being THE guy on that front.

Montreal has the oldest roster in the league. At 63, Sherman is one of the older coaches now in the league. What does that tell you? Well, it tells me that Reed may force Darian Durant on his new coach, preaching that he just needs the offensive mind that helped Brett Favre excel in Green Bay. Oh boy, I certainly hope that this isn’t the case.

Perhaps Sherman’s extensive network of contacts in the football world can yield an under-the-radar recommendation of a QB to bring in an and compete for the starting job. That’s my biggest hope for this hiring. In a league where the quarterback absolutely dictates how far you’ll go in the postseason (see Calvillo, Anthony), the Alouettes can’t afford to start a mediocre or even slightly above average rear pivot. They need franchise face.

So Sherman is a breath of fresh air in that he elevates the level of respect for the team across the league. Now it’s time for he and Kavis to justify it.

Matthew Ross

Matthew Ross

Matthew Ross is a radio host on TSN 690 Montreal and has contributed to the Montreal Gazette, MLB.com and AskMen.com. He's a native Montrealer and misses watching Anthony Calvillo just like everyone else.
Matthew Ross
Matthew Ross
About Matthew Ross (27 Articles)
Matthew Ross is a radio host on TSN 690 Montreal and has contributed to the Montreal Gazette, MLB.com and AskMen.com. He's a native Montrealer and misses watching Anthony Calvillo just like everyone else.

14 Comments on Mike Sherman hire by Alouettes is good, for many reasons

  1. Ivan Diablo // December 20, 2017 at 6:50 pm //

    change the cdn/am ratio and now include coaches/consultants in the calculation
    allow 5 yr continuous coach/playing experience to count as a cdn in that calculation
    problem pretty close to being solved [to reward americans staying in canada]

  2. Interesting thought Ivan…

  3. Maybe, maybe not.

    Marc Trestman was a thoughtful, reflective individual. He recognized the game was different and was excited by the possibilities offered by the differences. He learned.

    Dan Hawkins was an arrogant know it all. He and his offensive side-kick Mike Miller believe they understood the game better than those with deep experience with the CFL. I still remember the TSN panel questioning the thought process of Hawkins who suggested that the one yard separation was an advantage for the Defensive Line rather than Offensive Line. The Panel question whether Hawkins could learn and adapt. 5 games and then we knew the answer to the question.

    We shall see if Mike Sherman is humble or hubris, reflective or reflexive. Time will tell if that is fresh air coming into the room or just pollution from south of the border.

  4. Made a delivery from Toronto to Buffalo and back couple days ago. On way back on Ontario side, they asked me if I had anything to declare,I said nope, then they asked if I had any CFL coaching experience and gave me a blank application for Als HC

  5. Bill deHoog // December 20, 2017 at 9:34 pm //

    I think this will likely be a good hire

  6. Adam Stocker // December 20, 2017 at 11:09 pm //

    Really disappointed in the lack of research that Matthew Ross did for this piece. It sounds like Ross went by name value than actually looked at how Sherman performed as a head coach and offensive coordinator. The article also makes no mention of how poor Sherman did well in charge of Texas A&M, posting one winning season in four years and a 25-25 record.

    To say Favre excelled under Sherman is generous. In 6 seasons with Sherman, he had his worst year, 2005 and only had two seasons where he averaged more than 7.2 YPA. Under Sherman, Farve had three of his five worst seasons in Yards per attempt. Prior to Sherman becoming HC, Favre had to 4 seasons with a YPA greater than 7.2 and 2 after Sherman leaving that were better.

    Sherman’s record as HC or OC
    Year Team – Rankings total yards, ranking total points
    99 Seattle – 23rd in yards, 12th in points
    00 GB – 15th, 11th
    01 GB – 6th, 5th
    02 GB – 12th, 6th
    03 GB – 4th, 4th
    04 GB – 3rd, 5th
    05 GB – 18th, 22nd
    07 Houston – 14th, 12th
    12 Miami – 27th, 27th,
    13 Miami – 27th, 26th

    So 10 seasons leading an offensive and 4 are good, 6 are average to awful.

    The most interesting part of this hire would be if he wants Reed to trade for Johnny Manziel. Manziel was recruited by Sherman and redshirted his freshman season under Sherman

  7. Another good reason: the end to the speculation and naming of who’s a candidate this week or next week or next-next week.

    It was making the Manziel thing seem like a passing fancy. 😉
    (though I’m now sure the going-concerners will return it to its status of being a… you know)

  8. Sherman is no spring chicken per say but at 63 he should have possibly 3 to 5 good years left in him. Coaching is tough on anybody due to the stress and hours it demands. With a great coaching staff hopefully it will help with his transition to the CFL.

    • he probably is in to ALS for 3 years, they will be stuck paying his salary for years after they fire him. I repeat they should have fired the disgraced Kavis Reed(he should never have been hired) Chapdelaine was a very good coach , just that his FILTHY GM could not get him a QB

  9. It is amazing to hear CFL fans use the excuse that the Canadian game is so different that is why we have to provide protection for low talented Canadians and promise them slots. People the Helmet variety of Football is all the same between Canada, US, and Japan where it is also played extensively in a corporate league. The Differences between CFL and NFL are no greater than the differences between NCAA and NFL. In Basketball the rules are quite different between NCAA, NBA, FIBA, Olympics, and Euroleague. Yet players jump back and forth between Europe and USA and play in the Olympics. The rules are not that different in Helmet Football. It is the low talent coddling that is hurting the CFL. Canadians grow up in 3 downs and the best get recruited to the NCAA where many excel in 4 downs. If the different was so great we would not have all those Canadians starring in bowls games. We have to grow the CFL with star power marketing, talent upgrade, expansion, and better training for Canadians which means the NCAA. The CIS will never match the level of training available in the NCAA because the money is not there. Western Mustangs are lucky to attract 10,000 to a game meanwhile not that far away the Michigan Wolverines pull in 100,000. Of course a kid going to Michigan is going to get better training. Look at the Kicker punter from Michigan (Allen) who filled in for the injured Sergio at Hamilton. He was at least as good as Sergio with no CFL experience. Stop the excuses and upgrade the CFL or the MLS will put it out of business. Start with scrapping QB exemption to the ratio and immediately lower over all ratio to 6-6. Then lower by one for each expansion team and stop at 4 CANA. Which is what the MLS had for Americans in its early years. Canadians will still play in the CFL but they will either get better training in the NCAA or the CIS will upgrade. Or more schools will switch to NCAA division 2 as Simon Fraser has. Protectionism is what the communists did. Capitalism means you get better or lose your job. Brandon Bridge is a good example of getting better. Lets encourage Canadians to get better not rely on handouts.

    • One of the reasons that Canadians need protection is because fat headed coaches have this bad idea that our guys are not good enough. We are protecting our guys from fat headed coaches . Our guys are as good as anybodies. Or to quote the late great Alan Thicke in reference to baseball, our Cubans are better than your Cubans. Brandon Bridge I believe went to a US college so he is NOT as legit as a real Canadian that went to a good Canuck College, yes that is how I see it

  10. greenonions // December 21, 2017 at 11:03 am //

    All of what you say is true but then we end up with a mini-NFL. What is the overall effect of getting enough Cdn trained players out of US colleges? What impact is there in Canada on the football programs? Will Cdn kids go to other sports in Canada if we drastically reduce the ratio? I think a lot of Cdns want to see Cdn kids from Cdn universities in the CFL. Although football players in Cdn schools don’t have a high profile, they are more well known than Cdn players playing in the US colleges. Watching college games in the US, there isn’t a big thing made pointing out who the Cdns are on the field.

  11. Frank Sabados // December 21, 2017 at 7:37 pm //

    Sherman sucks as a Coach Montreal will keep sucking like last season , Alouettes are a horrible football team

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