Mike Sherman named Alouettes head coach

Mike Sherman is adding the CFL to his football resume.

The Montreal Alouettes have hired the former NFL coach to fill their vacant head-coaching position.

Sherman replaces GM Kavis Reed, who assumed the position on an interim basis last year after firing Jacques Chapdelaine.

Sherman, 63, has coached at the high school, NCAA and NFL levels over his career.

He served as head coach/GM of the Green Bay Packers from 2000 to 2005 and has a career NFL coaching record of 59-43.

In May 2015, he became the head football coach at Nauset Regional High School but resigned two years later.

Sherman takes over an Alouettes squad that posted a CFL-worst 3-15 record last year.

Montreal becomes the third East Division team to have a former NFL head coach, joining Toronto (Marc Trestman) and Hamilton (June Jones).

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  1. How can a team hire a head coach with no idea about the CFL.He says he’s heard good things about the CFL. With all of the good possibilities to hire someone with CFL knowledge, I think going this route is surprising. Look how poor this worked with the Bombers when they hired Gary Crowton as an OF. He had no idea of the ins and outs of the CFL

    • richinbanff (Rich Wilson) // December 20, 2017 at 12:07 pm //

      How about you give him a chance? I am surprised as I recall an SI article saying he was content with his HS coaching semi-retirement. The track record isn’t great for American coaches with Sherman’s profile, but he could be the next Trestman.

  2. darockwilder // December 20, 2017 at 11:06 am //

    I guess they didn’t want Ray Rhodes?

  3. If the GM
    had gone out the door while this guy was coming in I might be more hopeful!

  4. Ivan Diablo // December 20, 2017 at 11:13 am //

    good news for the rest of the east …… lol

  5. BigRedMachine // December 20, 2017 at 11:15 am //

    I’m pleasantly surprised. He needs to surround himself with people familiar with the league and have an open mind. His college and NFL contacts should help with recruiting. These kind of hirings don’t always end well but it is definitely thinking outside the box.

  6. Wish him all the best. Hope that he is humbler than some imported coaches have been in learning the fundamentally different CFL game. Will be interesting to see what the future for Calvillo might be with the organization.

    • Agree with BRM ad FrankS- Trestman was willing to learn and surround himself with those who knew the Canadian game – Dan Hawkins DEFINITELY did not follow that route and was a disaster! For the sake of the Als, hopefully Sherman is more like Trestman than Hawkins or the coaching carousel of the past several years is going to continue.

  7. Ooh boy!!!! What is Kavus thinking? Nfl coaches with no Cfl experience have not faired well. Trrstman has been the only exception that comes to mind. Predict bad year for Montreal.

  8. This has the potential to be Bart Andrus all over again.

  9. What was needed is someone who can connect directly with the francophone fan base, knows the CFL, can keep Reed off the field, and likes offence… 4 down football, with a retired high school coach, doesn’t strike one as “outside the box” so much as “outside rationality”. Now we can see why so many turned down the job…during the interview process they realized they knew more than the GM…

    • Kavis might have been blinded by the NFL at the expense of all CFL requirements.

      Rod Black is going to LOVE this move!

    • Habsnriders // December 20, 2017 at 12:43 pm //

      Wow are you ever picking and choosing what you want from the article to make your weak post , a retired high school coach . Nothing about his success as a headcoach with the packers . You want offence and when he was with the packers they were a very good offensive team .
      If you don’t think he is a good fit that’s fine but calling him a retired highschool coach gives your post no credit at all . Just another no nothing troll

  10. I like this. Better than recycling the usual suspects. If he can look at the team like Trestman or June Jones, they’ll have something. I think this makes a statement from the ALs… we want to try something new.

  11. This is not new in Montreal..Have a history of it.Sherman is not Trestman or J.jones. Has been out of football for how long? This not the Als in 2008- 2012
    when Popp was gm ,Had a scouting staff of 3 Former CFL Gm’s and other scouts that had been with the club for a number of years.This should be very entertaining. for a while.Lets see who he hires. Sherman has not been on anyones radar for many years.

  12. No CFL experience? Read Marv Levy, Marc Trestman, June Jones. I’m sure he will surround himself with experienced coordinators. Hopefully he will keep AC around. Was GM of the Packers…..opens the door to get rid of Reed…hopefullt!!

  13. If they hire the right co-ordinators they’ll be just fine

  14. This took me by surprise. Has a solid resume, but we’ll see. The only thing that gives me pause is the “I’’ve heard great things about the CFL”, comment.

    • Yeah, I was initially very impressed with the leadership and team building things he was saying, and then he said that. He’d better start watching a lot of CFL games starting now, and he needs to hire the right OC and DC and let them do their thing. Who were Trestman’s OC and DC his first year?

  15. He’s no Trestman guaranteed.
    No hope for Als under this muddled up ownership group.

  16. Mike Sherman obviously doesn’t know much about the CFL and what a baffoon “What Say You” is.

  17. With the right coaches that have the experience Sherman is looking for and the right players from both sides of the border that the Als need anything is possible in the CFL. It will be up to Sherman to round up the coaches and Reeds to round up the players. Simple as that. I am sure they will both use their connections on both sides of the border to achieve those objectives.

  18. It doesn’t matter who is coaching in Montreal if they don’t have a quality starting QB.

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