Lions expected to add former Riders coach to staff

The Lions are expected to add former Riders receivers coach Marcus Howell to their coaching staff, according to TSN’s Farhan Lalji.

Howell was with Saskatchewan for the last two seasons. He spent five seasons in Winnipeg as a coach.

The long-time Canadian pass catcher was originally drafted by the Bombers in the fourth round, 25th overall during the 2000 CFL draft and played 11 seasons in the CFL for the Bombers, Renegades and Stampeders. Howell was a member of the 2008 Calgary team that won the Grey Cup.


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  1. Sources Say // December 22, 2017 at 5:14 pm //

    Gee whiz, The Riders getting a coach stole on them. Imagine that.

    • greenenvy? // December 22, 2017 at 7:34 pm //

      Ah yes. First Lolley left early in the season to take a lateral move to TiCats. Lolley gave Jones his 1st coaching gig, I believe. Now Howell leaves to join Jackson, another lateral move. What happened to good old fashioned loyalty?

      • George & Ronny Show // December 22, 2017 at 9:50 pm //

        Howell seems to have been promoted to receivers coach AND passing game co-ordinator, so not entirely lateral. Hopefully it comes with a pay raise.

      • Again might not be a huge loss, Riders might already have the replacement receivers coach on board —– two names come to mind Chad Owens or Chris Getzlaph —- Getz seems more likely to me —- maybe part of his returning to Riders practice roster last year for end of season — and Getz is a Regina kid with big Regina ties!!! Also throwing out a blast form the past for two other replacement coaches I believe still living in Regina : Receivers Coach– Matt Dominques // Jeff Fairholm ( know he did strength and conditioning for Riders for a time ), and Qb coach — Marquis Crandell —– doe she still live in Regina , /know he married a Regina gal I believe.

      • Sorry just read article , more carefully , Howell if passing coordinator is added to his role duties with lions could be seen as a slight promotion– step up the food chain toward Howell himself eventually becoming a OQ– cite Kahari/Jarious/Marcus Crandell that went from being passing coordinators to being oc’s. With Riders Howell as recievers coach only so move can be perceived to be not just lateral in nature but a slight promotion. Regarding Lolley that does perplex me , more but perhaps it was just lolley desire to move farther east and coach closer to home ( he is from tennisse as well I believe ) When Jones first fired Lolley in Edmonton Lolley was semi retired and he was coming for only a year, that turned into 2 , then an additional 3rd year with Jones in Regina , originally as I said lolleys plan was only for 1 year away from home. I am just questioning the assumptions that loyalty to Jones is fading /// trying to support my teams coach not that he needs my support.

  2. Obviously the narrative that Hervey resented Jones’ assistants jumping ship in 2015 was greatly exaggerated. Hervey always said he wanted to clear the deck for new coach Maas so he could make his own choices, which only makes sense. Looks like the assistants have no reservations with Hervey either.

    • GREAT !! point , kina makes Hervey look a bit in a bad light as well!
      From the perspective of trash talking his former staff for leaving with Jones and now going after and rehiring the same coaches after Hervey is with a new organization — pot meet kettle !!

  3. When one assistant leaves for a promotion as JJ did in leaving the Riders they always look to their former team or teams for a guy or 2 to take along with them. With coaches contracts usually ending at the end of the calendar year I expect more assistant coaches to move around to get more $$$ or better job security.

  4. Rick cowan // December 23, 2017 at 3:23 am //

    I think you may see Khari Jones as the Rider’s new Quarterback coach and maybe Travis Moore as the receiver s coach Howell and Jackson only had 2 year contract s so there contracts were up

  5. Dan Bombers // December 23, 2017 at 10:40 am //

    Love this guy he was all class as a player and coach wish he never left Winnipeg. Marcus would always take time to chat with you around the old stadium

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