Canadian receiver Tevaun Smith signs with Jacksonville Jaguars

Canadian receiver Tevaun Smith has been signed to the Jacksonville Jaguars practice squad.

He was let go by Indianapolis in August after suffering a groin injury early in training camp and that led to him being released. The Toronto, Ontario native played in two games for the Colts in 2016. Smith spent a week on the Oakland Raiders practice squad, but he was released.

After a four-year career at the University of Iowa where Smith made 102 receptions for 1,500 yards and seven touchdowns, the speedy receiver posted blistering times at his Iowa Pro Day. The six-foot-two, 205-pounder went unselected in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Smith was selected in the first round, 8th overall by the Edmonton Eskimos in the 2016 CFL Draft.


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  1. Hope Smith makes it somewhere in the NFL. Jumping from PR roster to PR roster only last so long in the NFL. Could be Edmonton bound in the near future.

  2. Hope for Smith’s sake Jacksonville is the right fit, but he really needs reps to progress and it is doubtful he gets those reps outside of the CFL.

    Most NFL PR players last three seasons if not activated as a backup because new talent is graduating every year. This is Smith’s last NFL shot right out of the NCAA. Either he impresses or he is outside of the NFL after this season.

    It would be smarter for Smith to play for three years in the CFL if not kept on the PR this time around. He will be 25 in January and he needs to play and be experienced at 28 when he gives the NFL one more shot.

    Eskie fans are disappointed, but we know the odds are in the Eskies favor that Smith plays in Edmonton this year or next.

  3. More evidence the ratio is insulting to Canadian kids. They can make it on their own.

  4. Completely agree with you Marko – we got kids in this country ‘itching and waiting ‘ for that phone call from the CFL

  5. Edward Leslie // December 29, 2017 at 9:20 am //

    Marko, the ratio gives Canadians a chance to play in their country’s own league. A good idea. A handful of Canadians get to play in the NFL. If the ratio didn’t matter, let me ask you this: How many Canadians played for the Baltimore Stallions, Sacramento Gold Miners, Las Vegas Posse, Shreveport, San Antonio,Memphis or Birmingham when they were in the CFL in the mid-90s. If you guessed zero, you are correct.

    • I believe Marko and Stager are referring to the fact that Tevaun Smith was born in Toronto and went to Chaminade Catholic High School in Ontario before moving to Kent, Connecticut to finish his high school and then play college ball for Iowa. This is a trend that is not slowing down in Canadian ball.

      Some people view only U Sports, CJFL and Canadian High Schoolers as worthy of Canadian eligibility for the CFL draft. In Smith’s case, he selected the right path for him and if he runs out of NFL shots he can return to Canada to play in the CFL. To me this is no different than a U Sport player taking a shot down south and then coming back to the CFL. For example, David Foucault who is now with the B.C. Lions, but was with Carolina Panthers from 2014 to 2016 after playing college for the Montreal Carabins.

      My hope going forward would be that CFL fans become less petty about the path a Canadian selects to sharpen his talents and more understanding that bubble players like Smith do have a 50/50 shot of playing in the CFL no matter the path they take. That is simply reality because the NFL pays more and we shouldn’t begrudge them anything when it comes to making a living at the sport they love.

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