Riders ink DB Crezdon Butler to extension

Saskatchewan has inked American defensive back Crezdon Butler to a contract extension that will keep him in green and white through the 2019 season.

The 30-year-old made 39 tackles, two sacks and forced one fumble in 15 games during his first CFL season in 2017. He added eight tackles and a fumble recovery in Saskatchewan’s two playoff contests.

Butler was a fifth-round pick, 164th overall by Pittsburgh in 2010. He spent one season with the Steelers then moved on to the Cardinals, Redskins, Bills, Chargers, Bucs, Seahawks and Lions. The Clemson product played in 46 NFL games recording 27 tackles and two forced fumbles.


45 Comments on Riders ink DB Crezdon Butler to extension

  1. Good signing now all the Riders need to do is find a decent cornerback to take Rogers place

  2. Bo and the red supremes // December 29, 2017 at 11:58 am //

    Not a bad signing.
    I’m surprised the riders haven’t been able to sign more of their FA’s prior to the New Year.
    It’s commonly believed they have cap room due to the “injuries” but they haven’t been able to take advantage.
    Calgary has already signed so many of theirs

    • and it matters why that you have an advantage if you sign your players earlier than later!! Get a life man will ya Horsie, you grasp at the stupidest things to find a way in your pea brain that the stamps are better than the riders. You do remember the stamps lost the last 2 grey cups right and they are no better than the other 8 teams that didnt win the grey cup!!!

      • Bo and the red supremes // December 29, 2017 at 1:49 pm //

        Actually ollie.
        Its very important in some cases. Teams can have cap space left over from 2017. If they sign prior to the New Year, part of their new contract can be in the form of a signing bonus that will count against 2017 cap freeing up that amount for the 2018 cap.

      • Bo and the red supremes // December 29, 2017 at 1:51 pm //

        I think most would argue Calgary is much better than the other teams. Its a fact! and has been for decades

        • Since 2000, 5 teams have won the Cup 3 times. Mtl has the most appearances with 7 followed by Calgary with 5. But the best records are the other 3. Argos are 3-0, Edm & BC are 3-1. So, decades, not so much. The best team each year IS the Grey Cup winner. Regardless of the season results, it’s one game for all the marbles, just like the World Cup, Super Bowl etc.. Nobody cares how you did in the elimination rounds in the World Cup & few even remember the runners up. The ultimate test is a one game showdown & that’s the measure of a champion. How you got there is irrelevant. The grand prize in the CFL is the Grey Cup. Winning the division doesn’t get you much. Name the past 5 winners of the President’s Cup – not many can. The Stanley Cup is what counts.

          • Bo and the red supremes // December 29, 2017 at 2:25 pm //

            Calgary’s success goes back to 1992. Calgary has 5 cups, same as the Argos(with very lean years in between wins). AL’s have 3 and BC has 4.
            Besides that, no one comes close to the regular season wins and home playoff games, particularly the Western Finals.
            Boneyard, I’m not sure who you cheer for but I’m sure you would love to have that consistency over 25 years wouldn’t you?

          • One more thing – since 2000 the Stamps have had seasons of 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 wins. That’s 5 sub .500 seasons of 18. So to say they have been superior for a long time is not really true. Every team has its runs. What is proven by the fact that, until this year the previous 7 Grey Cup winners were all different teams & by the fact over the last 18 years you had 5 different 3 time winners covering most of that period, the league has a fair amount of parity & there is no clear “best” team.

          • Well, you can pick & choose your time periods. I am simply going back to this millennium. But back to 1992 the Eskimos were a club that had 4 as well & made the playoffs a record 34 seasons in a row, for what that’s worth in a 9 team league. But it is a measure of consistency. Calgary also lost 5 Grey Cups since 1992. But you are only proving my point. Stamps & Argos with 5, BC & Edm with 4 each make up 18 of the 25 Cups over the quarter century you talk about. No one dominated the Grey Cups. That’s 4 teams. Add the Als & that’s 21 Cups. When you talk about dynasties you can talk about the 5 Cups Esks won in a row & they had dominant regular seasons to go with that. But one of the best teams of all time were the ’50’s Alouettes who were heavily favoured over the Eskimos & lost 3 straight to them. Nobody remembers the great team they had or their regular season records. The Grey Cup champion is the acknowledged best team of any regular season because the Grey Cup winner is defined as such & gets the seasonal trophy. It’s a one game shot – dem’s da rules. IMO the Stamps were 1 of 4 teams who could be called the best over the last quarter century.

          • Bo and the red supremes // December 29, 2017 at 3:18 pm //

            lol Boneyard. I think you better curb your holiday celebrating. You’ve had too much rum &eggnog. I just pointed to you that no team has more cups in 25 years and you claim teams with fewer are just as good? (Edmonton,BC)???? How does that make sense?
            I just did a quick tally. Since 1989 Calgary has made the playoffs 26 years! In that time they’ve held 24 home games and 14 western finals!
            You point out 5 years when Calgary was sub .500, of course you predictably fail to mention the 8 win year resulted in a Grey Cup win :).
            I’ve acknowledged many times 2002-2004 was a dark era with ill intended owner/family. But in 2005 the team was sold and it was right back to winning football and a home playoff game! You take out those 3 years no one has been better?
            Boneyard you still haven’t answered my question, would you love your team to have the consistency of the Calgary Stampeders for 25 (plus) years?

          • Bo and the red supremes // December 29, 2017 at 6:42 pm //

            1 more cup is 1 more cup
            By your rational a team who finishes dead last 23 of 25 year but manages 2 third places finishes is more dominant than Calgary if they went on to win the cup those 2 years? All because they are undefeated in the playoffs and Grey Cup over that 25 years?? Come on.
            Yes Edmonton was great through the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Look at Montreal in the late 90’s through 2000’s. Look at BC from 2003 to present day. Both great teams with few cups too!
            You still haven’t answer my question. That tells me you know I’m right.

        • Bo and the red supremes // December 29, 2017 at 3:31 pm //

          Actually Boneyard, I stand corrected. Calgary has hosted 27 home playoff games since 1989!

          • Semantics. Over a 25 year period you’re going to say 5 Grey Cups over 4 Grey Cups is that much better? Really? Does 5 Grey Cup losses mean they’re worse than someone who lost 4 over a 25 year period. Look, when you have 4 teams over 25 years win a collective 18 grey cups that shows there isn’t one of those teams you can call dominant. But if you insist, let’s put it this way. There is the regular season & the second season, the playoffs. Over 26 years the Stamps are a .500 club when it counts. DOMINANT clubs don’t play .500 in Grey Cups. In the 26 years the Stamps lost 18 playoff games. They were 23-18, which, for their record in the regular season, is pretty mundane for when it counts to establish yourself as a dominant club. From 1973-93, the Eskimos were 27-5 in playoffs & won 8 Grey Cups in 21 years. The other 8 clubs had to share the 13 other Cups available. That is dominant. A 56% winning percentage over 41 playoff contests is not.

          • Regular Season Champs // December 30, 2017 at 11:35 pm //

            Why limit to the last 25 years? What is the Stamps all-time playoff record?

    • As a non Stamps fan, it’s great to see them sign so many of the same players.

  3. Nice extension. Butler quietly was our best DB. I know Gainey had a lot of attention because of the picks but I would rate Butler our #2 defensive player after Jefferson. He sure took advantage of his chance due to an early season injury.

    Off-season has gone pretty well with Butler, Jones, Johnson, Coleman and Bridge signed or extended. Roosevelt, Labatte and Holley extended during the season too.

  4. After he ran into that goalpost he got better and better. But my God that was funny.

    • “Agreed it was a ” WOW Ok I am not int he NFL anymore moment , the goal posts are in PLAY , lol ” Joking aside Butler is very good signing , could be a bit of Riders marketing plan to gradually release names of those signed to keep intrest building !!! So much happening now in the football world, NCAA Bowl games galore, NFL winding down and playoffs starting !! Wise planning to gradually release signings names, a tease till Feb free agaency and NFL Superbowl is over . AS well probably giving some players a chance to take a NFL tryout t if one comes along ( no use saying a player is signed if opportunitiesa exist, aka big deal Calagray signings, MEANS NO NFL interest ZERO in those players!!! geeeeeeeeeee guess one stamp fan SUPER overestimates the value and talent of his CHOKERS!!!!! and yes some good Calgary player s did get invites and I wish them well, this is just a response to a other jerk fan beaking off about a also ran player signing and telling us HOW marvelous the stumps are !!!

  5. I agree,Rogers needs to be GONE……

  6. I think maybe Rogers shoud run into a goal post..

  7. Ya and it’s hard to belive Rogers is getting looks in the nfl… ship him off. Rogers was our worsts dB in my opinion. Expecially in the big play moments.

    • Rodgers is getting looks at DHB in the NFL , less cover — more run support !! suites his playing style , the fact the Rodgers plays out of postion , on the corner speaks well of his ab ility to cover when playing his regular position strong inside saftey in a NFL style Defense or nickel back !! But true Rodgers is not a elite CFL corner as pointed out .

  8. Rogers was definitely the weak link in the Rider’s defensive backfield.
    He must have the world’s best agent to generate those NFL workouts, I guess he fits the NFL ‘cookie cutter’ for his position.

  9. Bo and the red supremes // December 29, 2017 at 2:04 pm //

    I think your prophet Jones would disagree with all of your assessments of Rogers

    • justforkicks // December 29, 2017 at 2:59 pm //

      Not likely. he’ll be on the phone to you to get some advice I’m sure. You obviously are so far ahead of everyone in your thinking. Make that delusional thinking!

  10. Cal Gary's Secret BF // December 29, 2017 at 3:05 pm //

    Bo and the Red Supremes sounds like a gay porno title.

  11. Let’s hope he avoids running into his own goalposts trying to cover receivers this was priceless and only happens in sliderville

  12. Bo and the red supremes // December 29, 2017 at 6:53 pm //

    To Boneyard
    Something you said above didn’t add up to me. You said Edmonton only lost 5 playoff games between 73 and 93. I did a quick check. They lost in 76,83,84,85,88 that’s 5 and I stopped counting after because I know they lost a couple to Calgary in the early 90’s too.
    Myth Busted!

    • Regular Season Champs // December 29, 2017 at 8:46 pm //

      Didn’t they lose in 89 as well?

    • I stand corrected. They were 21-8 from 1973-1987 with 7 Grey Cups in 15 years. So let’s look at that as a period of dominance. Look, I have nothing against the Stamps. I use an obvious example of the Eskimos because of their run of 5 so there are a lot of victories in there. The mark of a great team is winning the prize. No matter the sport, the champions are remembered. To get to the championship a lot is a sign of a good team. To win it is a sign of greatness. Were the 4 time Super Bowl losing Buffalo Bills a great team? Sure. But those teams are not associated with greatness. Dan Marino was one of the greatest to play the game but Montana, Aikman, Staubach, Bradshaw, Unitas all have less yards but are mentioned more often among the greats. You get measured by championships, fair or not.

  13. Great veteran signing! He showed continuos improvement all season long. Now they need to find another corner.

  14. Lol mr red supremes the article is about a rider player. Yes your stamps are a good team. But not the only team.

    • Bo and the red supremes // December 30, 2017 at 12:17 am //

      but we are the most relevant team

      • justforkicks // December 30, 2017 at 1:33 am //

        Apparently the riders are more relevant since you are always mentioning them regardless if the story is about other teams.

        • Bo and the red supremes // December 30, 2017 at 1:40 am //

          Look at BLM. Look at the players this team brings into this league out of nowhere. Rarely do they sign big name FA’s.
          This team IS the CFL

          • Your football team maybe awesome, but you are just a piece of human garbage.

            A quote from an article on trolls from CBS news:
            The researchers found that trolls tend to show higher levels of trait psychopathy and sadism, as well as lower levels of affective empathy, according to the study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences.

            Researchers noticed a strategy of predicting and recognizing victims’ emotional suffering, but maintaining distance from “the experience of these negative emotions.” Trolls, the researchers wrote, “appear to be master manipulators of both cyber-settings and their victims’ emotions.”

        • Maybe, kicks, tne Riders constantly need attention to be considered relevant. Look at us, we have the best fans, the best stadium, tne most money. At least you kerp telling everyone that. The best barn argument is showing some leaks, literally. The most money – everyone is doing OK with the TV money right now & you’ve never had to parcel out money to save other teams. I think MLSE is one, of a few, owners who would contest that. The best fans? Other teams fans are just as passionate. So when you aren’t constantly on about those 3 angles to get attention, what else you got?

          • justforkicks // December 30, 2017 at 4:42 pm //

            Envy, I have no argument about the passion and heart of other teams players and fans. Only one poster gets the ire of most of the CFL fans with his constant anti rider crap so the result is the type of responses you see. Not aimed so much at the team as that person. I have not posted anything saying how great the riders and the organization and fans are ever. I celebrate victories and good decisions and typically only deride posters like horsey. I have enjoyed games in Edmonton and Calgary shoulder to shoulder with the home town crowd and had a lot of fun. Obviously I never sat beside horsey who for all his knowledge should rein it in a bit.

      • Greenapples // December 30, 2017 at 6:43 pm //

        It’s absolutely fundamental that you protect the football especially in the red zone and especially at critical times in a game. The Calgary team turned it over twice in the last three minutes of a fairly important game which speaks to a serious lack of winning pedigree, lack of execution and lack of team play. Unfortunately right now they are the laughing stock of the CFL.

  15. 3DN administration, please delete and ban the redneck and his homophobic comments.


    • Yeah. It’s bordering on harassment. Makes other Stampeders fans look bad and want to step away from this space.

      • The guy clearly had mental problems. Take a read of this. Describes him perfectly:

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