Barstool Sports re-posts Johnny Manziel video from February

UPDATE and CORRECTION: So it turns out the video was originally released last February and the Barstool guys re-posted this week after the CFL news was announced. The story has been updated to reflect that information.

Barstool Sports has re-posted a video of Johnny Manziel it did last February.

The video starts with Barstool founder Dave Portnoy introducing Manziel.

“Been lost in the sauce, no big deal,” Portnoy says. “The comeback starts today.”

He and Manziel then do a version of the “Money Manziel” celebration.

Manziel performs some football-related activities in a format intended to be humorous. They include hitting shirtless guys with targets on their stomachs and throwing to an overweight, slow-moving receiver.

That last one allows Manziel, wearing a Barstool t-shirt celebrating the New England Patriots five Super Bowl rings, to get off a zinger.

“You’re about the size of all my receivers in Cleveland, so we’re good,” Manziel says. “They’re the best, don’t get me wrong.”

The video ends with a short interview clip of Manziel being asked if he’s trying to get back into the NFL.

“That’s the plan,” Manziel responds.

The decision by Manziel to do a video with Barstool is interesting. While the site has a huge audience, it has faced criticism for its misogynist content and recently had a program made in partnership with ESPN cancelled after just one episode.

Watch the video below.


27 Comments on Barstool Sports re-posts Johnny Manziel video from February

  1. ivan Diablo // December 30, 2017 at 5:23 pm //

    sure as hell that johnny doesn’t want to play in the CFL

  2. That is a funny commercial. Lost in the sauce? Overweight barstool guys as receivers, joke about same size as Cleveland receivers. Good luck Johny.

    • ivan Diablo // December 30, 2017 at 5:33 pm //

      i don’t think the much of the video was meant to be serious and i don’t think he is serious about the CFL

  3. anyone remember vince the prince feragammo, all the hype for nothing, he couldn,t throw an out pattern. two times in a row, the ball went the other way for touchdowns, this, our field is so much wider, we shall find out soon enough, if he has it or not.

    • Ferragamo, Billy ‘White Shoe’ Johnson, Tom Cousineau and James Scott all received more money than what they were offered in the NFL, much like Rocket Ismail years later. That doesn’t happen anymore. If Manziel is only about chasing fame and money, then he should do all of us a favor and hope for an XFL revival.

  4. Hahahaha, well if he wants to get back into the good graces of the NFL Head Office, he soon will be trying to prove that he belongs when March comes around when they start calling people up for tryouts..

  5. All the Nfl players come North thinking its easy until they play here and realize the talent and skill of the Cfl players and become fans of the game. The more Big Name Nfl guys that come north the more exposure for the Cfl and that a good thing

  6. Paul Garner // December 30, 2017 at 7:05 pm //

    This silly skit did nothing to indicate that he is serious about playing football anywhere -CFL Or NFL. It plays right into the reason why he isn’t playing in the NFL today. I think his stay in the CFL (if in fact it happens) will be a short bust. And if it’s Hamilton and the Cats lose Jeremiah Masoli and/or Zac Calloros over this it will be a bit of a disaster. I hope saner heads prevail in this whole fiasco of bringing Johnny football to Canada

  7. CFL players and our game has become more professional- with better television and league management exposure , ex – NFLer’s have a better experience and respect for the 3 down Canadian game

  8. It hasn’t been mentioned… but this video is from February. This isn’t a new video. Come on guys. Do at least a little fact checking before you rush to put a story out.

    • He just gets hired by CFL but immediately says he plans to play in NFL (not to mention the video). In fact: “Johnny Manziel has made his first public comments since the CFL cleared him to play this week” IS NOT HIS FIRST COMMENT? but made long before getting the opportunity to play here. When it was even ok if the nfl was still in his plans. To say that now is in poor taste, to me. To say he did that when he didn’t is beyond poor taste.

      • The “article” poses the notion that it is interesting Manziel would make the statement his plan is to get back to the NFL and there is an attempt to link this with being his supposed first comments after his decision to seek an opportunity to play in the NFL. If this “link” was true, I wouldn’t find it particularly interesting, odd or different from what I would believe to be the plan for many American and perhaps Canadian ball players. What I believe is more interesting is that the original article was not suitably vetted prior to posting to ensure the link was valid, in error or fabricated. In other posts on this site over the past year there has been considerable discussion by readers as to whether 3DN is closer to “journalism” versus “tabloidism”. I would leave it to everyone to make their own judgment. I would lean towards the tabloid end of the spectrum. There is nothing wrong with tabloid writing as folks no doubt find it entertaining and even often informative. Given that this is probably just the beginning of the tidal wave of Manziel-related articles, at 3DN and your other favourite “news” sources, I would caution that we may need to just be a bit more skeptical of what may be offered as fact or even links of logical supposition. This could apply to us as readers and commenters, as well as the writers themselves.

      • Thank you for the correction!

  9. Jonny football needs to stop with social media. It will take a strong willed coach to handle this gentleman. I hope he does not come to sask. But there was a lot of negative things brought up about other sask players. Time will tell

  10. rich frat boy…marrying wannabe models and less mature than my 8 year-old nephew…CFL D’s will chew him up

  11. Oops, see the update and correction…..never mind.

  12. Screw this. I’m out of here until Manziel-mania dies down. Or at least until something actually HAPPENS involving Manziel, not this TMZ-like nonsense.

  13. Expat has a point. Until F.A. Starts all we are going to get is the odd resigning of a player or Johnny comeback or better yet Mr Diss’n Duron with his jabs at Montreal.
    As dumb as it is Duron can be somewhat entertaining during the dry season. As long as it’s not more than 1 quote per week. haha

  14. The Iceman // December 31, 2017 at 8:41 am //

    People who are offended by the comment that Manziel wants to get back into the NFL would be offended by 95% of the CFL players good enough to play down South. Come on. Who would rather preform their job for substantially less money if given the option?

  15. Ticats fans Chill // January 1, 2018 at 5:57 am //

    I’ve been scrolling through these stories and I’m seeing some action. Some man named Gman32. Some other dude named ticats fans chilled, seems to be a foe of Philski. Hopefully they see this, imma be more active now. I was enjoying life.

  16. dangerdan21 // January 2, 2018 at 5:32 pm //

    what an idiot him and He’ll fit right in in Hamilton

  17. Just checking in to see if there has been a first sighting of Manziel either in the gym, on a run, or out on the practice field tossing footballs.

    I thought not but there’s some good ones of him on the beach!!!

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