Brandon Banks on Manziel ‘stop talking about someone who hasn’t prove nothing’

While quarterback Johnny Manziel may have tongues wagging (and us posting incessantly) over his will-or-won’t-he dance with the CFL, Hamilton Tiger-Cats receiver Brandon Banks has given 2017 starter Jeremiah Masoli a vote of support on Twitter.

Banks and Masoli were the main benefactors from the arrival of June Jones as head coach in late August. Masoli went 6-4 after being installed as the starter on Labour Day (he played in 10 games, not eight) while Banks set the world on fire by posing more than 1,000 yards receiving after joining the starting line up.

Both, however, are set to become free agents in February.

The CFL announced last Thursday it would approve a contract for Manziel should he reach a deal with the Ticats, who have had the quarterback on the negotiation list since his days at Texas A&M. The team has until Jan. 7 to offer him a contract – it could be for just the league minimum – or risk losing his rights.

Banks’ sentiments come a week after an Instagram post from Argos Marcus Ball which said much the same thing (without the Masoli reference of course.)

With all this talk from the Ticats about how great Manziel could be – vice-president of football operations Kent Austin said “he has one of the single greatest highlight films of any college football player I’ve ever seen” while head coach June Jones went even further, saying “He’d be the best player to ever play up here” – one has to wonder if that will impact Masoli’s decision-making when it comes to returning to Hamilton.

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.
Drew Edwards
Drew Edwards
About Drew Edwards (1570 Articles)
Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.

62 Comments on Brandon Banks on Manziel ‘stop talking about someone who hasn’t prove nothing’

  1. Eddiefelson // January 2, 2018 at 7:22 pm //

    I was wondering of brandon and a few others were half assing it when collaros was playing…now we know.

    Bye brandon-

    • BB wasn’t given the opportunity to contribute the way he has under Jones. That isn’t a fair assessment. Drew has painted this in a very negative light. Last thing that Tiger-Town needs is a QB controversy and fractured locker room.

      • NotJoshSmith // January 3, 2018 at 1:14 am //

        Too late! They got that with Kent Austin as head coach and vp, as soon as the voices of reason Orlando and Tommy left the coaching staff.

    • What happened to the first comment that was posted about tension between players? Don’t like what it said so it was sanitized? This doesn’t look good on 3 Down, you don’t need to censure.

  2. CowtownDave // January 2, 2018 at 7:43 pm //

    Is that how Banks wrote his term papers in university? In any event, I agree with him. All this hype over Manziel is ridiculous. Maybe see if he can play in the league first.

    • Didn’t we have this contraversery,a few years ago? With QB from some College down in the States! He came here, and didn’t even make it through, team tryouts! Let me know if I’m wrong, please.

      • CowtownDave // January 3, 2018 at 5:09 am //

        There are many examples. One example is Eric Crouch, who won the Heisman and couldn’t even hold a clipboard in the CFL. There are others cited in these comments. NCAA or even NFL success does not guarantee success in the CFL. Far from it.

  3. Carrie Cueto // January 2, 2018 at 7:45 pm //

    Brandon Banks has always been a petulant baby: poor attitude when things are not going his way & immature in success. His advancing age means his main asset, speed, will soon be diminished. Hopefully the TiCats kick him to the curb. Manziel is far more desirable assets than Banks. 5000 homes ….

  4. I agree with Brandon Banks. Leave 8 where he belongs. He proved himself in a tough situation in 2017 and deserves to shine in 2018

  5. What Edwards mentiond in his last comment that all this
    rederick on Manziel might impact Masoli’s decision-making
    when it comes to returning to Hamilton, I mentioned that
    in the ticats forum over a month ago. Check out Masoli’s
    contract signing.

    • While I am sure Masoli will be thinking about it … likely behind the scenes conversations with Jones as well as how much confidence Masoli has in what is said matters more than the talk.

      Either way – choosing to move to another team is no guarantee of success either.

  6. kaptain beyond // January 2, 2018 at 8:28 pm //


    • dangnabbit // January 2, 2018 at 9:32 pm //

      It had me puzzled too. I think it’s a phonetic rendering of “rhetoric” though.

  7. I applaud Banks for standing up for his teammate amidst the Manziel hype. He’s right: Manziel hasn’t process a thing in the CFL, performance in college and NFL doesn’t necessarily translate to CFL success as we’ve seen in the past.

    As well as Masoli played last year, which was better than previous years, he’s always been an approximately .500 QB. Just like when he started during Collaros’s rehab from surgery. At the end of the day, a team like the Alouettes will overpay him.
    Personally I’d like to know why no one is following what Collaros will do. He got the short end of the stick last year. No protection, not the right receiving corps available. Everyone jumped on him saying he was making bad throws, myself included. However when you’re running for your life on every single down, you will make bad throws. For some reason, he fell out of favor with Coach Jones but if anyone deserves a shot to win back the starting job, it’s him. He’s not the next Drew Willy.

    • Still don’t know what Collaros will do and possibly the final landing spot.

      In the meantime, it won’t be the Hammer as Collaros is now a Rider.

  8. Billinburlington // January 2, 2018 at 8:32 pm //

    Banks is absolutely correct that Manziel has yet to prove he can play in the CFL, everyone- Ticat coaches included- seems to think Manziel he is a sure fire QB sensation. I think the risk is just too great pursuing his talent- not to mention the media circus that would follow him to Hamilton.

    I really hope the Ticats trade away JManziel’s rights… we have two great QBs on the roster in ZC and J. Masoli.

    Let’s re-sign JM and Speedy B and pick up where we left off last season.

  9. Scottsask // January 2, 2018 at 8:49 pm //

    Hasn’t prove nothing? Was English not a class at University?

    • Can’t imagine what Banks studied at Kansas State or Bakersfield College but in likely was not English literature.

      • I’ve been wondering about Banks attitude lately. But the attitude of you guys insulting the guys writing skills? Get a life. And if you want to compare intelligence, so you feel important, pick on me!

  10. I hope I’m wrong but the whole situation the cats have themselves in is a gong show . I hope they resign banks and Masoli. I’m undecided about Manziel I think first and foremost re sign Masoli and let the other cards fall where they may . So many factors leading up to free agency .but if you think Manziel has a lot of focus on him now wait and see what happens if or when he steps on the field for camp .

  11. As a Redblacks fan, this “gong show” is fun to watch. Cats management seem to be doing everything they can to piss off their current roster. That said, take heart Cats fans……it all comes down to this. If they offer Mazoli $400 K plus starter money, he will sign and be your starter and a damn good one at that. If they low ball him in hopes of getting Johnny football with those bucks, he will be hitting the market on Feb 13th…..and that is a gamble. As well, Zack will be long gone before free agency, so they better make the right decision…..(the sure thing is Mazoli, but do they get it?). Bottom line is this….every team can afford one starter on their roster given the salary cap. Good luck cats fans…….a good start would be to clear the log jam at the top of the organization…..e.g. Kent has to go!

  12. solara2000 // January 2, 2018 at 9:32 pm //

    Manzeil. Much ado about nothing. I have no problem with trying to upgrade our team position by position but let’s build from an informed, learned basis, not based on an agent’s press releases. Don’t see all the hysteria, pro and con fitting that model. Think we have a couple of proven guys who can play QB at a very competitive level in a profeasional manner in a winning environment.

  13. Tiger Chick // January 2, 2018 at 9:44 pm //

    Ticat management is frustrating the s….t out of this ticats fan. Actually 3 down nation is frustrating as well. How many ways can you write about a guy who has actually never played in the CFL. I wish the ticat management would wake up and smell the coffee and offer up some contracts to our solid FA’s. Its an insult really to be holding this clown up on a pedastal (Manziel). Sure he was good when he played college football (too many years ago to matter). Get out the check book and write some cheques that make sense. Too many poor decisions over the last years have released too many of our good players. 3 down, quit writing about Manziel, there are far other and better ways to please the people.

  14. Most think Masoli is happy with the prospect he competes with manziel for the starting position in training camp. There is a reason he is not signed. Did you ever think Mazoli does not want to play back up to manziel. Also manziel has only being gracious in his meeting with cfl and stated he looks forward to earning his spot on the team. He has to show his abilities and the coaching staff makes the decision on the starter.

  15. justforkicks // January 2, 2018 at 10:02 pm //

    Would the Cats lose anything by signing all three QBs. Let training camp and preseason determine who is 1, 2, 3 and unload as required once that is established thereby not being in position to lose a winner.

    • I agree… let all 3 QB’s compete. After camp & pre-season, the Cats will have a good picture of what Masoli, Golson & Manziel can offer for 2018.

    • It would tie up a lot of dollars as Collaros is at or near the top pay in the league with 2018 being the last year of his deal.

      Masoli is expected to want to a pay upgrade and some think Manziel should be signed for close to Collaros’ contract.

      How many FAs can be re-signed if something like a quarter or more of the salary cap is tied up in three QBs?

      Keep in mind that Banks took a pay cut so he is probably wanting a pay upgrade as well.

      • Presumably you would unload the #3 guy – no salary cap funds are tied up until the season starts.

        • The article about Durant’s Jan 15th bonus says the it counts against the cap.

          Are you sure Collaros had nothing being paid until the season starts?

          Of course it is now moot as Collaros has been traded to become a Rider.

  16. Chad Smith, Ricky Williams, Vince Young….. the list of NFLers that have skunked it up here is a big one. Banks is right, Manziel hasn’t proven anything. He’s 2-6 as a pro and doesn’t have good arm strength. Masolli will be the starter for us this year with Manziel as the backup… that’s the way it should be. I think Masolli has gotten overlooked his whole career because he’s soft spoken and mild mannered but he can flat out ball when he’s on the field and we need to respect that!

    • Ricky Williams, didn’t he get a game winning kick return in Grey Cup? Others who failed didn’t run 1,400 yards as a QB while having a great arm!
      What happens if QB1 gets hurt, say in November? Plus, we did start at 0 and 8, yet people complain about improvements? Be happy!

      • That was Rocket Ismail in 1991. Ricky Williams broke a leg up here a few games in and went back to the NFL.

      • I don’t think it is the possibility of improving so much as “Manziel will be starter after a game or two then will dominate the CFL”.

        Williams was a running back that played 11 games for the Argos for 2 TDs with 526 yards rushing and 127 yards receiving. No KR yards that I am aware of.

        You may be thinking of Rocket Ismail … though the Argos had already scored the game winning points when he ran back the KR for a TD.

        Doesn’t change that his TD plus the additional TD scored by the Argos sealed the deal … but his points did not win the game.

    • I agree with those who claim that Masoli’s success last year was against weakened opponents (mostly my Alouettes) and shouldn’t necessarily be taken as a sign of greatness. If Manziel is any kind of a quarterback, he’s likely to beat Masoli out for a job in pretty short order.

  17. whodathunkit // January 2, 2018 at 10:30 pm //

    This just in! With fear of BLM not being able to recover in time for the new season Calgary is looking at making a blockbuster trade for Manziel’s rights!

  18. Ticats4ever // January 2, 2018 at 10:35 pm //

    Agree with B.B. sign Brandon and Masoli and let’s get on with it. Enough of Johnny football ticats 4 ever

  19. Dundas dude // January 2, 2018 at 11:10 pm //

    I think Masoli and Banks would be crazy to move out of Hamilton and risk a Chris Williamsesque oblivion under a new system. Let management spin the value of Manziel to benefit Hamilton in trade, and keep Masoli and Banks ion the team in which they’ve recently excelled: Hamilton.

  20. I’m with Banks!

    • I’m with whoever can get this 18 year and counting record of futility erased. Pity the Bomber fans as they’ve had an even longer wait than the TC faithful.

  21. BB is correct…but shouldn’t be chirping while still contracted to the TC organization.

    • Last I checked – contracts expire in Dec so AFAICT, he is a FA.

      Interesting that in other articles, you want people to let you have your opinion but seem to be unhappy Banks has his opinion.

      • I stand to be corrected – thank you.
        As for “opinions” I’m referencing people who comment on sites like this one. If you are a playing in the CFL (or any sports league) however you should close the pie hole because it reflects negatively on you as a player and the organization you are, or have been, affiliated with. Big difference. But if you think it’s cool for a player to be mouth off to the media I guess that’s your OPINION.

  22. Speedy B isn’t doing himself any favours spouting off on social media, during the off season. BB is and always will be one of my favourite Ti-Cats, BUT IMO he does have an attitude problem on occasions.

    Some fans enjoy his candidacy, and some fans aren’t keen listening to it. Yea should he really be making comments now, before he isn’t even signed as a Ti-Cat yet? Sticking up for Masoli, who he and Banks had chemistry the last 10 games.

    Yea it is getting somewhat tiresome listening all about Johnny Football’s possibilities of playing in the CFL. Two years is a long time out of ball,so yea maybe Banks should keep trap shut.

    Let the management and coaches make the decisions. But have to say one thing, this has been a hyped up off season so far, so this Manziel could bring some notoriety to the league if he is signed.

  23. Apparently they signed some lightning fast sprinter /returner. May just be Brandon banks replacement may be a reason he pissed off lol

  24. If we lose Masoli, I’m permanently out as a Ticat fan. He has heart and skill and determination. What else do we need? I have no interest in Manziel or Collaros.

  25. Banks and everyone else is not talking about what Manziel is saying…which is next to nothing. His one statement was very humble and gracious..people do change. Not all the time but it happens. Right now the story is Jon Gruden who ESPN thinks will coach Raiders. Gruden is a June Jones level fanboy of Juan Futbol who in turn made friend with Derek Carr on a reality TV shoot. Johannes Fussball is just as likely to humbly and gratefully be carrying a clipboard for Carr as he would for Collaros.

  26. see below
    be careful what you wish for…you just might get it

  27. also everyone is forgetting the Ticats signed QB Dane Evans who was a four year starter at Tulsa and was the last cut by the Eagles who already had Wentz and Foles. We were all surprised that June Jones started Masoli and how well Jerry did. June has coached 30 plus yearz at every level in North America and you have not.

  28. Masoli deserves to be the starting QB going into camp based on what he did as the starting QB BUT just like any position on the team someone will be behind him trying to get that starting position also. If it is Manziel so be it. As they say let the BEST MAN win or maintain the position. It happens everywhere in every sport.

  29. I don’t think Speedy is bashing Johnny.. simply telling people he’s gotta prove it on the field. Masoli proved he can start – but I also think Masoli and Banks benefited from June Jones play calling. I’m not sure Masoli has the same success elsewhere. Love to have them all on the same team thou. Professionals care about winning – and money – nothing else!

  30. Can we stop spinning the end of last season please. The Ti-Cats beat woeful teams in Montreal twice and BC once as part of the 6-4 record. Got to think they would have won these games anyway no matter who was playing QB. Masoli didn’t suddenly become an elite QB last year. At key times in key games he failed. Masoli didn’t go 9-1 or 8-2 he went 6-4 with 3 gimme games.

  31. shelby mount // January 3, 2018 at 12:33 pm //

    Go Johnny go go Johnny be good

  32. Ya gotta luv it wen football players show off their command of the English language on Twitter.

    Official language of the USA: Grade 3 English!

    I hope Speedy and Masoli are signed asap.

  33. Just stopping by to see if there’s been even ONE sighting of Manziel even in the parking lot of a gym or near a field or out on a run????

    Silence…. oh well.. See ya next time.

  34. Not sure, but if I’m Banks I’m happy the team is getting (hopefully) a quarterback that can help his team. I get the loyalty to Masoli, but it’s a heck of a way to start off your relationship with a prospective new QB.

  35. I agree with nostredummass. That is not the right way for banks to start off with manziel. It May cost him his job if he continues.

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