Ticats trade QB Zach Collaros to Riders

The Ticats have acquired the 10th overall selection in the 2018 CFL draft from the Riders in exchange for quarterback Zach Collaros.

“I am happy for Zach to land on his feet with a chance to be on a good team that can compete for a championship, and not a rebuilding situation,” said June Jones, Hamilton head coach in a press release.

“As I said during the season, Zach was put into a difficult situation, as was I, and he handled himself as a true pro. He came to work every day and tried to be the best he could be. Zach was an asset to me and our team in the areas he could control. There is no question in my mind had he gotten his chance again to play for me, he would have been successful. I saw enough in practice and witnessed his work ethic to know he is a tough kid and a winner. As I told him, this is a business. Zach understands the game, and the business. I wish him all the best and so does everyone in our organization.”

Collaros has lost 12 straight starts dating back to 2016, one short of the CFL record. He completed 62.7 per cent of his passes for 1,743 yards with eight touchdowns (lowest among the league’s starters at the time) and seven interceptions in 2017.

Hamilton ranked last in the CFL in points scored (148), possession time (25 minutes. 54 seconds), passing yards (1,888), rushing yards (459) and net offence (269 per game) at the time Collaros was benched. But the Ticats did give up 21 sacks and 77 pressures while Collaros was at the helm.

In 59 career CFL games with the Argos (2012-13) and Ticats (2014-17), Collaros has accumulated 1,127 pass completions on 1,694 attempts (66.5%) for 13,759 yards, 83 touchdowns and 38 interceptions.


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  1. Morty Faerman // January 3, 2018 at 10:08 am //

    Als missed out again

    • Tiger man // January 3, 2018 at 10:43 am //

      Did you honestly think that the Tiger cats’ management would trade him to an eastern team???

      Not that Reed would have seen the value….

    • Vic Menthol // January 3, 2018 at 2:20 pm //

      Why? They already have a damaged overpaid QB.

  2. Habsnriders // January 3, 2018 at 10:08 am //

    I think he still has lots left in the tank and a fresh start will be good for him .

  3. poor Bridge…give the guy a chance

    • Every team needs a couple of good QBs, and I’m sure Bridge will be given a chance to compete for #1. One way or another I think they’ll both see quite a bit of playing time next year.

    • blame that on the ratio. With Canucks performance in US bowls what is it needed for? No ratio I dont see Canucks dropping below 25% which is what US percentage if NHL is with no ratios and stiff competition from Euros and Canadianz

    • Poor Bridge? the guy is a backup right now, not ready to be a starter

  4. Glenn & Bridge are signed. What happens to Adams Jr.?

  5. And the Jones team never even gave him a shot, but we’re going to bring in Johnny “beats his girlfriend” Manziel. Awesome.

    • How do feel about Masoli starting for the ticats?

      You know his record isn’t exactly spotless, right?

  6. Wow! So many questions. I’m happy to have Collaros, as long as he’s agreed to take a huge salary cut. Not so happy about having to give up that pick, but Collaros and Bridge should give us a powerful one-two punch at QB. Collaros is going to have a chip on his shoulder too. Now we are true contenders.

    • Where he has an honest shot at more than a passing game offense and starting, I expect he would have no problem taking a cut/re-structuring.

  7. let the gong show begin. Not sure about this. Only, and only if he settles into a new contract that works and stays healthy. Otherwise, I would rather have the pick. Maybe he just gets traded for a better pick down the road???

  8. The 10th pick seems a little steep based on the last few seasons, but could end up being a steal for the Riders if Collaros regains some confidence and regains the MVP-type form he displayed before his last 2 injuries. I hope the Riders made this trade conditional on Collaros renegotiating his contract because the risk isn’t worth the cap hit his projected 2018 salary would have on the team. Especially since the Riders need to improve their o-line in order for him to have a snowball’s chance of having any success.

    • Given what the Argos gave up for Willy in 2016, this deal is a steal for the Riders. Collaros can still play at a high level given decent protection and a running game – both of which were lacking on the Ticats early last season. I sure hope that the Ticats don’t regret this move.

  9. Collards deserves a second chance to show his skills. He would not have got it with Hamilton. All the best to him in sask.

  10. habbernack // January 3, 2018 at 10:22 am //

    Riders trade collaros to Als for more than they give up.

    • BleedzGreen // January 3, 2018 at 2:38 pm //

      That was the first thing to cross my mind.

      Second thing was a trade with the Argos.

  11. So I assume we hear Masoli re signs in the not to distant future?

  12. habebernack. You may be right. If Montreal does not get Manziel then he would be worth much more in the trade you suggest.

  13. That means Masoli & Manziel must be close to signing and announcements pending. Glenn & Adams Jr will be released in Regina

    • Jeff Garcia's Agent // January 3, 2018 at 10:48 am //

      No reason to release Adams at this point. They can send him to mini-camp and training camp to compete with Williams for the #3 spot. He still has value as the short yardage QB as well.

  14. Why woud Collaros agree to renegotiate? If he has to take less money, might as well force Sask to release him if they don’t want to pay him his current contract… then at least he can decide where he wants to go……… can you say Argos? Then Franklin becomes the hottest commodity in Free agency.

  15. What if the plan for sask is to trade collaros to Toronto for Franklin…

    • ivan Diablo // January 3, 2018 at 11:12 am //

      if anything, trade bridge to toronto – free agent messam would look very good in an argos uniform – a backfield with him and wilder and with bridge as the pivot would be awesome – both messam and bridge are GTA boys and tutoring the young wilder would be a great way for messam to get a ring – bridge in toronto is a marketer’s dream !

  16. rider fan // January 3, 2018 at 10:33 am //

    I don’t know how to evaluate draft picks, our first over all pick with Shamar Williams did not turn out that well. Other high draft pick have not paid dividends. The riders need a QB, and this fills that gap. I hope Bridge gets a chance to show his ability. Other people that made the comment that the team is in need of a upgrade on O line is right. I hope this is a move in the right direction.

  17. Don’t be surprised if mazoli won’t test the market for him. He does not want to be in a battle with Manziel in training camp. All things being equal Manziel will win out as big media coverage and attention.

    • With being out of football so long as well as differences in the game, it is not clear that all things are equal.

      Doesn’t mean Manziel can’t apply himself to win the starting job but it also doesn’t mean he will.

      • Manziel knows diddly squat about the CFL and has yet to prove that he willing to put in the work to learn and be successful. I HIGHLY doubt that he`ll be starting ahead of Masoli. Masoli also indicated a desire to return to the Ticats especially if JJ remained as HC. Johnny isn’t going to be any more than a back up for at least a year IF he has the right attitude and work ethic.

        • I suspect Manziel, barring an injury to Masoli won’t start until 2019 (assuming he ends up in the Hammer).

          As for Masoli, despite the concern that he would see Manziel as a threat then try FA to be a starter elsewhere, he has signed for two years.

          Shows that no matter what rationale – what happens is what matters more.

  18. dangerdan21 // January 3, 2018 at 10:34 am //

    Watch that Zack is out that snake pit in Hamilton He’ll win a grey cup
    Like Hank did Hamilton Football Club is a den of iniquity
    Best that happen to Zack is he off that sinking ship

    • We were hottest team going at end of regular season. From worse to first is a sinking ship!
      I love the jealousy already. What does it say about us if we can afford to give up Zach! Zach or nobody else is winning the cup this year, unless they play for the Ticats

      • While I agree it isn’t a sinking ship … I would say it’s more about not being able to afford to keep Collaros, especially as he was not the HC’s choice for starter.

  19. Good job by Eric Tillman trading that enormous contract. Hamilton now has 4 picks in the top 15 in a solid draft class. Masoli & Manziel are going to be awesome under June Jones.

  20. 2018: The Year of the Cats! He was maybe the leagues best before his injury. Never would think he’d set a loosing streak record
    Writing on the wall for awhile. Only one series under Jones
    His old form is worth 3 starters, not a draft pick! Guess we will all see!

    • The Cats had their chance at more than a draft pick during the season when the Argos made their offer.

      The risk of waiting was that the offers in the off season when everyone knows that Collaros is likely cut to avoid paying the Feb bonus would be less.

  21. I remember when Hamilton first got Collarus. I was so excited and his play was MOP worthy until he was side-lined with injuries. Sadly he lost his edge – played not to be injured. Didn’t just play which handcuffed him in making plays. Hope he gets his edge back. Ti-Cats could carry that contract if Collarus is not the clear number 1 QB. Austin destroyed him last year. Austin should’ve been the one to leave. That Austin acts like his present situation isn’t a freak show doesn’t change the fact that it is a freak show.

  22. Ti-Cats could NOT carry that contract if Collarus is not the clear number 1 QB.

  23. What a horrible mistake by the cats.

    Collaros has plenty left in the tank and I am happy for him to get away from this madhouse to an organization that understands how to build a winning team.

    As for the cats, they now have nothing. A neg-list QB who has serious commitment questions and a free-agent in Masoli who is an average QB on a good day.

    This team won’t compete for some time.

  24. Mazoli knows he would be playing the start of schedule in west while Manziel gets climatized to CFL then he is on the bench until Manziel gets hurt. If you were Mazoli would you want to sign. If the next announcement mazoli signs then Manziel is going to Montreal.

    • You have a lot of faith that Manziel will do a lot better than many other QBs that have switched leagues … not to mention an assumption he will be open to/committed to learning the differences.

  25. Scottsask // January 3, 2018 at 10:47 am //

    Collaros to T.O. for Franklin……?

  26. Not really sure about this trade like some of the other comments listed above. Like, where does Brandon Bridge fit in? And what about Kevin Glenn? Two veteran quarterbacks in Riderland with Collaros and Glenn? And what kind of contract will Zach Collaros command (remember, we saw an inflated contract with Durant, and what did that bring)? Lots and lots of questions on this trade including a top-10 pick? Anything seems to go in Riderville. Wow!!!

    • Dan Bombers // January 3, 2018 at 1:12 pm //

      Sure makes for some good conversation in January though green rider !! Happy new year

      • Yes, Dan. It certainly does make for some interesting scenarios and trade conversation through free agency which is fast approaching. Really, has the CFL been this interesting in the last 4-5 years? I don’t think so. Good luck to your Bombers, Dan. If there are a few teams other than the Riders, it would be nice to see the Bombers or Ti-Cats run for a title in 2018.

      • Actually, I should reword my reply slightly, that in the past 4-5 years, I have never enjoyed free agency and trade banters, etc. as much and that goes back to the early-’70’s. But, and a big but, so much finer communication with social media (maybe, too much), and a website devoted to Canadian football in 3downnation.com. I commend Drew and his fellow reporters for doing a very good job with reporting on current CFL topics and issues. It sure beats Sportsnet.

  27. All things being equal reference is to performance in training camp.

  28. solara2000 // January 3, 2018 at 10:55 am //

    While not a surprise, I am surprised. And for the 10th draft pick – wow, am underwhelmed.
    Only in the CFL, with its Can/American roster makeup, can the highest-paid player be traded for a hope and a prayer.

    Best wishes to ZC regardless of whether he actually dons a green sweater

    • quotas and ratios always cause absurd situations

    • Max value for Collaros while holding to the highest paid salary was the Argo offer during the season, when presumably they were worried about a possible injury to Ray.

      Off season puts control back on the bidding teams as they likely know that the Cats likely would release Collaros rather than pay a Feb bonus to overpay for backup role.

      Other than the fact that the Browns couldn’t trade Manziel … is cutting him all that different?

  29. Everyone wins on this one. Collaros doesn’t fit JJ’s system, and he’s out of the East. I believe the man has some left in the tank, as long as he’s primarily in a pocket passer system. The 10th overall pick was a fire sale. Now they can sign Masoli and offer Manziel. They both fit Jones’ offensive system better. Just wondering if the Cats are eating a bit ofZack’s 2018 contract? (Don’t know if CFL rules allow that) Offer Manziel a reasonable entry contract with lots of performance bonuses. As long as it’s a tryout and not a coronation. Find it hard to believe that Cats haven’t had preliminary discussions over Johnny Football. He’s a free agent that just has to clear the league’s PR protocol, but I don’t think that stops a team from talking.

    Gonna make ’18 interesting!

    • I don’t agree it was a fire sale … why would any team offer a ton for a guy who is likely going to be cut to avoid paying the Feb bonus?

      Premium value was during the season as insurance against a Ray injury. With the Argos securing the rights to Franklin plus only a few teams interested – no chance of a bidding war that I can see.

  30. Great news now we don’t have any QB under contract.
    Maybe they will hold a open tryout like they have for the last two years with the kickers
    Does anyone now of some high school QB’s in the area?

  31. Dane Evans is good ticats fans. Does not matter if neither masoli nor manziel come aboard.

  32. dane evans under contract

  33. Where's Shultz? // January 3, 2018 at 11:20 am //

    Collaros could be as good as any QB in the league, or he could not be. Masoli has played hot and cold every time he stepped in for injured Zach, but with June Jones (and a new QB coach and offensive system) you could see Masoli improving each week. He could or could not be as good as any QB in the league, but where Masoli is trending up, Zach has been way down for a long time.

    Collaros is a risk at this point and is simply not worth the huge salary that he was unwilling to renegotiate. The Cats are smart to move on.

  34. Good luck to Zach.

  35. BigRedMachine // January 3, 2018 at 11:24 am //

    It would appear that the Ti-Cats are moving ahead with Masoli and probably Manziel so unless the Riders are planning on flipping Collaros to TO it would appear that the Riders have 1 or 2 qb assets they may want to move. Dare I say Glenn to the Esks to backup Reilly? That would be Glenn’s completion of the circuit. Do the Riders attempt to trade Adams or do they go to camp with both he and Williams?

  36. Scottsask // January 3, 2018 at 11:34 am //

    I think Glenn to the Eskies. Or possibly stays on as QB coach.

  37. Billinburlington // January 3, 2018 at 11:50 am //

    The Ticats have made a huge mistake trading Collaros and perusing Manziel. This will come back to haunt the Ticats. Despite my dislike of Chris Jones I hope that Zach does well in Saskatchewan. Zach was never given a fair shot under June Jones (and his reinstituted run game). Given a fair chance I am confident Collaros will regain his confidence and stature as a league MOP. Very disappointed with my Ticats.

    • ^^^This^^^
      What “Billinburlington” said echos my feelings exactly.

      • Maybe … but throwing another $500K+ at a QB that the HC is not planning on playing hurts the team.

        Glad Collaros looks like he will get a chance to compete in a more balanced offense but there is no guarantee he will return to form.

    • I totally agree Bill! They’ve just traded away their `franchise` QB who was considered best in the league a mere couple of years ago – a player who is competitive and has a great work ethic and character. Instead they want to sign a player who has questionable character, no knowledge of the 3 down game and has yet to prove that he’s willing to work to be a pro. I’m sure not convinced that this is a good move.

  38. RalphInTheCreek // January 3, 2018 at 12:12 pm //

    Sask got the deal of the year, franchise QB for a 10th rounder. Can’t bet that.

    • ivan Diablo // January 3, 2018 at 12:14 pm //

      bridge must be really pissed now – ripe for a trade to the argos ?

      • ivan Diablo // January 3, 2018 at 2:04 pm //

        messam was very pissed post grey cup – he won most valuable canadian yet refused any post game comment
        he is a free agent and like bridge a local GTA boy – he would great alongside the young wilder teaching him the running game in the CFL and getting a ring in the process
        sure as hell would help the cdn/int’l ratio
        unfortunate whittaker is the short man out
        i would keep cross as a blocker/fullback/tight end/’secret weapon’/2 pt convert specialist

  39. I loved Zach – but he has sucked for some time dating back to 2016 season. 0-8 this year, trigger shy, bad interceptions at crucial times and the biggest contract in CFL. Happy Cats have moved on. Masoli will extend in the next couple days and Manziel w be his backup in camp. We now have cap freed up for Luke, Teddy and Speedy. Everyone wins.

    • BigD I just hope that you aren’t crying in your beer when Collaros comes back and lights it up against the Ticats!

  40. I think the fact that the Ticats only got a second round pick for Zach, speaks volumes.

    • Volumes about what the market is like as well as the number of teams who felt a need of an experienced QB.

      What incentive does any team have to offer much in the off season for a player that is likely going to be cut?

  41. jimbobray // January 3, 2018 at 2:16 pm //

    Brandon Bridge is 6’5″, 230lbs, a good body for the NFL, and that’s where Bridge really wants to play. His tryout for the Giants was very positive, they like him, told him he needs to work on footwork. So he’ll be signed at some point by an NFL team.

    Hence, Collaros, who has no shot at the NFL is a perfect pick-up for the Riders, and the timing is perfect too. Collaros is very capable of leading the Riders to a couple of Grey Cups, or any decent team for that matter. His bad showing in Hamilton last year was due to the Cats having morale problems early, they all stunk, not just Collaros who was last seen running for his life as blocking was non existent before June Jones showed up. Zach is a great QB if he’s got a decent line, receivers and a running back. He can win it all for Rider fans, and probably will.

    Riders will still have Marquise Williams, a big QB with a stellar record in college ball. He’s got the right kind of stats which are critical for CFL success, high completion %, low pick to TD ratio. He needs consideration. Kevin Glenn may hang around as 3rd string QB, and Adams can also stay on the practice roster if he so chooses. Adams is too small imo to make it in the CLF as a starter.

    As for Manziel, he doesn’t inspire confidence given his pathetic record with Cleveland. He can run, averaged 6 yds a carry, but his passing completion average was only 57%…needs to raise that significantly to be a winner in the CFL. So, Manziel has something to prove, June Jones was very impressed with his on field testing last fall, but he’ll need to be impressive under fire. Jury is out. June Jones loves Masoli though, sees a special calm and confidence with him, and if Manziel doesn’t cut it, he’s still got his favourite starter coming back, provided they can sign him. He would be a great addition to almost any team in the CFL as a starter or backup. But Masoli will likely insist on being a starter from now on, who can blame him.

    As for the Als, no telling what Kavis Reed will do for a QB. He’s got nothing on the roster now, won’t go after Glenn, maybe he’ll try to trade for Marquise Williams of the Riders. Then he’ll have to depend on a young, untried CFL QB who better get good in a hurry. Argos have one guy, Dakota Prukop, with an excellent college record including the Oregon Ducks, who looks to me to be a potential starter within a year or two. Reed could possibly trade for him as well. I don’t see too many other possibilities for the Als at this point. Don’t have much faith in Kavis Reed, either.

  42. Vic Menthol // January 3, 2018 at 2:21 pm //

    Essentially this becomes Durant for Collaros

  43. Yuck !!! Not liking this a bit ! WE needed the better options in a good draft class, as I have said before Colaros is DONE DONE DONE !!! THIS could cost Jones his job, luckily we ight only have to pay out 1 year , sigh , well 2019 might be a good draft year as well, 5th place here we come !!!!! Colaros is disaster waiting to happen again!

    • Before his injury, we played Edmonton in early August I think, and virtually had them out of the game by mid-2nd quarter. That is how it felt and ended up, and that was not the only game like that. (Edmonton went on to win it all after ZCs injury), so you never know, if he returns to form. Nothing like that last year.
      On the other hand, if he looses his first start it will set a record for consecutive loses. Maybe on July 19th!!!

      • In the Sept game he was injured in, it took multiple INTs for TDs and the final drive by Reilly to win the game (only TD all game from what I recall).

        What we know IMO is that unlike repeating the same plan to the same loss results in the Austin offense or having no chance of playing under Jones … Collaros will have a chance to change the script.

    • Re-negotiation is reported as in progress so it would seem Rider management is not planning on sticking with the one year number. Maybe with some sort of playing time bonus structure, the total might get close.

  44. Now both Collaros and Grant can share stories about how they were mistreated by the TC organization.

  45. Terrible, terrible, terrible mistake by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

    The Saskatchewan Roughriders have always been a second-favorite team for me. Now I’m just gonna cheer for them even harder, seeing as they’re going to be playing longer in 2018 than the Tiger-Cats will.

  46. ivan Diablo // January 4, 2018 at 12:17 pm //

    u sound like charles barley … lol

  47. First of all Glenn was cut today…As far as I’m concerned , draft picks are overated…I would rather sign a free agent that has played in the league for a few years and has proved himself.1

    • ivan Diablo // January 4, 2018 at 6:45 pm //

      i agree wholeheartedly
      draft picks are over rated
      free agents do indeed have a track record

  48. Riders are working out a new contract as we speak ,so what can they lose nothing will be guaranteed…

  49. Yes he’d be a Sask free agent But don’t worry this has been in yhe works for weeks

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