Manziel fatigue shows the downside of making neg lists public

The Johnny Manziel saga keeps rolling on.

The Ticats, in a move that was as inevitable as He-Men beating Skeletor, announced that they made the former Heisman-trophy winner a contract offer prior to the league’s January 7 deadline.

The team now has a full year to ink him to a contract, but that part may prove more difficult than first thought after the comments made by Manziel’s agent, Erik Burkhardt, on Monday.

But the end of this whole things seems like it cannot come soon enough for some fans and pundits.

And that is just a small sample. Check the replies under Dave Campbell’s tweet. It shows that plenty of people have crossed into boredom when it comes to Johnny Manziel.

But this is what you wrought when your wishes for public neg lists are met. I don’t mean to sound accusatory, but this is the type of stuff you are going to have to put up with year after year if you want, as many fans and pundits do, the negotiation lists made public.

While Manziel’s case is a more high-profile one than most players who reside on the nine neg lists across the league, he is far from the only known name to be on neg lists recently. Remember Vince Young? He was on the Riders’ neg list and if you don’t think we would have seen the same public circus with him that we are seeing with Manziel had we known well in advance that he was on the Riders’ list then you are naive.

Being more transparent is something the CFL needs to get better at, but transparency also isn’t as clean as, “Well, now we know and everything is hunky dory.” There is a downside to knowing as well.

This has been one of the most newsworthy off-seasons in recent memory and the Johnny Manziel story has been a major reason for that.

But if you want the neg lists public, and you want to know who teams can negotiate with, this is what you will need to get used to. Public negotiations, especially with high-profile players and especially if those high-profile players happen to play quarterback, are going to be the norm. You are going to see more things like what has happened between the Ticats and Johnny Manziel, not less.

But if you find yourself fatigued by the constant Johnny Manziel news, then maybe you should reevaluate whether you actually want the neg lists public or not.

Josh Smith

Josh Smith

Josh has been writing about the Ticats and the CFL since 2010 and was sporting his beard way before it was cool. Will be long after, too.
Josh Smith
Josh Smith
About Josh Smith (393 Articles)
Josh has been writing about the Ticats and the CFL since 2010 and was sporting his beard way before it was cool. Will be long after, too.

30 Comments on Manziel fatigue shows the downside of making neg lists public

  1. Agree…
    Leave it within the GM’s office until contracts are seriously offered and likely accepted…
    As for Johnny “what? There’s someone else?” let him search for his future in quietude. Like Trump, if we’d only ignore him for a week or so, life might get back closer to normal…

    • ‘Quietude’ ? is that a new word ?
      I agree . Only when it’s close to serious or about to actually happen should it become public.

  2. Billinburlington // January 14, 2018 at 11:31 am //

    Disagree. Fist, the lists should be public. It raises interest in the teams and the CFL, especially In the off season. Just count 5he number of articles published here and on, not to mention the radio is nterviews and hours of podcast time taken up with this subject. Like JM or not it sure makes things interesting.

    Second, In high profile cases such as Manziel, I’m sure word would have leaked out anyway that he as on the Ticats Neg. list. Then, the rumours would really have swirled. Being transparent focuses discussions – rather than feed rumours and conjectures.

    • “Disagree. Fist, the lists should be public. It raises interest in the teams and the CFL, ”

      It really doesn’t, unless it’s a guy with some name recognition. But 99% of these guys mean nothing to the majority of fans. They’re a bunch of unknowns and unknowns don’t generate interest or discussion.

      Look at any “street” free agent being signed now. How much discussion does it generate? Little to none. A bunch of no-name guys who may never even come north won’t generate discussion either.

      • Well, they’re unknowns because they’re not beg list status is unknown. I would watch NCAA football and get to know these guys! If you you don’t like the news don’t read it. But any CFL Press is better than zip

        • but zero press is still zero press.

          Ottawa signed five guys last week.

          – International offensive lineman Kendall Pace
          – International linebacker Lamar Louis
          – International receiver Richard Mullaney
          – International linebacker Avery Williams
          – International defensive lineman Cliff Matthews

          It generated zero discussion. Maybe some of these guys were neg. list guys, I don’t know. What I DO know is that the team likes them and if the neg. list were public, and any of those guys were on it, Ottawa might have struggled to sign them. So to me, the non-existent discussion created isn’t worth the risk of not being able to sign guys you want. Find something else to talk about.

  3. Sea of Dead // January 14, 2018 at 11:32 am //

    At this point I could care less. If the Cats up their offer, which I suspect they will, then this IMO will end badly and reverse some of the momentum that was achieved late last season and reduce the remaining cap space to strengthen the team in other areas.

    But the Caretaker has already blown a wad on his guys at the top of the org chart and their poor management decisions without retribution … so it likely continues until he finally comes to his senses and won’t take it anymore. Let’s hope!

    • Well, they’re unknowns because they’re not beg list status is unknown. I would watch NCAA football and get to know these guys! If you you don’t like the news don’t read it. But any CFL Press is better than zip

  4. I’m not sure that’s quite right.

    You want the neg. list to remain confidential so the team controls when a contract is offered, not the player and his agent. The list it not confidential to fans, it’s confidential to everyone. Fatigue should have no part of that reasoning.

    And honestly, there would have been far less fatigue if 3DN didn’t see fit to write an article about Manziel every time he blew his nose. THAT’S where the fatigue came from, at least speaking for myself. There’ll be far less fatigue if you stop trying to create news where there isn’t any. The negotiation list has nothing to do with that part of it.

  5. The entire neg list is a big down side, archaic, unfair and a deterrent to top top Div 1 players coming here. We don’t treat CIS players this way. Scrap it and replace it with an Intl draft with same rules as CIS draft. With same time how long rights are retained. Will force sensible choices such as div 2 players and for gods sake leave amateurs out. Eligible upon graduation or declaration to be a pro. Current neg list are mostly pie in the sky players who will never come here. The odd exception such as Manziel or Vince Young will not be a bidding war as the Cap stops bidding wars already. By the odd Div one star interested in coming here being a free agent it allows the 1 team with cap space and desperation space enough to sign them as opposed to another team “cock blocking” them as in the Josh Freeman Ottawa case last year. The unrealistic guys currently on neg lists should just be unchosen in the Intl draft and thus free agents. Also if you are fatigued don’t write about it. This is your problem not the Ti-cats who are now the most well known CFL brand in the USA. As they say in the Entertainment biz of which pro sports are a part of “There is no such thing as bad publicity. I don’t care what you say about me just spell my name correctly”.

  6. As much as I find the Manziel circus a bit boring, it has managed to keep people talking about the CFL in the off season. I guess any publicity is better than the cone of silence the mainstream media throws over the CFL every offseason?

  7. Just saying // January 14, 2018 at 11:53 am //

    Agree with Cc rider

  8. Giving the media something to focus on isn’t an issue to me — it’s their job. And all this Manziel business is still a relative tempest in a teapot compared to the constant media storm around the goings-on in other leagues, especially the NFL and NHL (mostly in Canada anyway for the latter). Remember when the Bills were Super Bowl contenders/pretenders back in the 1990s? Here in the Hamilton area, because so much of our U.S. media comes out of Buffalo we got to hear all the chatter, right down to excruciating details like what Jim Kelly ate for breakfast on a Wednesday, that Thurman Thomas clipped his toenails, Bruce Smith took a long nap…

    The solution then was to change the channel, or turn the TV or radio off entirely.

    We have the same solutions today. If someone is tired of reading about or listening to a story, they can simply stop and turn their attention elsewhere.

  9. Impossible for the Cats to say nothing; too much notoriety on this subject, but they’ve handled it right.. Cats may up the offer a bit, but never what Masoli’s getting. If it’s not good enough, trade him to the Als for some goodies, or let him spin on the end of a rope for a year. Another year out of football, and another year of depreciation on an iffy asset. ‘Nuff said, move on….

  10. Colour me green // January 14, 2018 at 12:41 pm //

    It will be something to talk about during the long off season. Whatever happens, once training camps start it will be old news we soon forget unless he signs.
    This guy is not destined for greatness. In cfl or nfl.

  11. I am so bored of this topic too. I hope he does sign and go to camp, he will be trying out for a backup position – which is where he deserves to be at this point. This kid Frankin is a great example of a pro, only has a few starts knows he needs to prove himself, goes to the Argos knowing there is a great chance he will be the backup for the season BUT a great chance he will get the starting role a year later – learn a new system and grow as a pro.

  12. Josh…you are wrong! Any news good or bad is better then hearing nothing for six months between Grey Cup and Pre-Season. Are you hearing complaints about the almost hourly updates on NHL trade deadline rumours that start in December? No you aren’t and why? Because the FANS love this stuff. It’s about time the CFL is in the news on a regularl basis during the off season. As a Redblacks fan, I’d love to know who the hell is on their neg list. In fact, I doubt that most fans of most teams other than Sask could name any of the 360 or so internationals on the 9teams neg list. Whats with the secrecy? Make it public…give us fans something to think and talk about during the long, cold off-season.

  13. trade the MF’s rights to Montreal and be done with it…..bridges are already burned in Hamilton….fans there would boooo their own tean with that frat-boy child on the field….he belongs with the Alouettes who are going to be a sideshow, gong show this year….the Las Vegas Posse (of US expansion days) will look like a model franchise next to the current Alouettes

    from managenent down….I have never seen such a team of incompetents…..they are the second incarnation of the Gliebermans

  14. Business side to this will do nothing but benefit the ticats. Show me one ticat that has more follower then Johnny football. Shit I think he has more followers then the CFL and all the teams and players. I would have locked him in 4 weeks ago. He wants back in the NFL. So he’s going to come out playing hard .let’s say he does great. And NFL don’t want him. Now u have a qb that ever CFL team wants . Do the math ticats don’t be dumb sign his ass now.

    • Sea of Dead // January 15, 2018 at 2:16 pm //

      Your 2nd last word explains precisely why we don’t need him on the team. Besides, we have enough of them in Cat upper management already. Let’s not bring one into the huddle too!

  15. Since the cats traded our starting running back to be the starting running back for Edmonton in 2018 so who are these NFL all stars OL the cats are getting in return?

  16. Nice article Josh. But I disagree and it is you his naive thinking Vince Young would have caused as much attention. He also didn’t make crazy demands. Manziel is more popular in North America, especially with the millennials who are in social media 24/7.
    My Riders lost the rights to the Alabama QB, but like I said now Hamilton fans can follow him to watch his progress. If h turns into a Joe Montana then we’re smart enough to say no chance. Kapernick being on the Cats lost caused some attention but went away quickly.
    When contract offers are made to high profile guys its known all over, in every league. Basically sounds like you say it’s too much for the CFL to handle. This, to me has created a positive buzz for our league. Many interested possible new fans down south is never bad. Yankees telling others on stories to watch because it is good football.
    I understand the frustration over many stories written over and over, at worst it engages fans to talk. No one is forced to read or focus in every story.
    I wonder how many players don’t know they are on a neg list. The should know. I suppose that is why its a secret. They dont want to start possible embarrassing situation.
    The NCAA winning QB may be asked if he knows he is on a Canadian football teams list and they own his rights without being NFL drafted yet and those things could be a negative outlook. If so, change the rules to only pro’s on the list or a private neg list draft made public after. The only reason it would be private is to keep it from the player and the CFL worried about being embarrassed. They can’t be sued. It’s only rights, not his life. It’s a privalige to play pro ball for money.
    I ran on too much here. It should be made out it, for more interest.
    I guess we’re lucky as heck the drafts in every league are public because when draft day is over it’s really a neg list too.

  17. Omarosa Reid // January 14, 2018 at 6:03 pm //

    Sad, Banks got no ink and Masoli almost none because of this guy. But don’t call it a distraction. Nope, nope 🙂

  18. Transparency is all u need Manzel will make the CFL a much better leauge

  19. Jeremiah was a Bull Frog // January 14, 2018 at 10:32 pm //

    Sometimes it might be best if the authors of these articles read the very recent articles as well. As CFL writers they often seem to contradict each other. I think everything about Johnny Menziel has been said. Some of us who do see the upside to the business side of this has asked those who are so opposed to look at it as well. There is a huge amount of money and a ton or international and national recognition to come out of Johnny playing in the CFL. Good play or bad play Johnny is going to generate money. Of course the better he plays the better the crowds will be at each stadium he is playing i in.
    On the other side of this I have to disagree with you Josh on your comments about Vince Young. You stated that had there been more notice that Vince was going to get a try out in SK. That it too would have become a circus. Not so, I will tell you why… There was no problems of any kind with a contract. From the first time we all heard from Vince a Young it was never about the money. Vince knew that the CFL doesn’t pay enough to make a difference in his portfolio. Vince stated time and time again he was just great full to get another shot at playing football. Justin Dunks article stated that Vince Young would not get a signing bonus. Plus Justin went on to well document exactly what the Contract read. The contract also stated that if Vince did not make the team that SK did not have to pay him a dime. The contract offer was that Vice accepted was modest. He went to camp in Saskatoon. When he 1st arrived in SK with his publicist his wife and a couple others. His press was professional and he came across as very modest. So there is no comparison in Vince and Johnny. I believe Vince realized he was not good enough to make the team. Even the American sports writer that showed up in SK wrote how much better QB red shirt # 5 was Then Vince. That being Kevin Glen. Now Johnny is a whole different story. He’s 10 years younger. His testosterone is still increasing so he’s hard and stiff to get things going at a high level.
    If we let things happen and Sjohnny some how becomes a starter in this league. On the business side the sky is the limit. Johnny’s brand is so relevant and the following he has in the US of A. Will translate into a huge following up here. Let’s all sit back have fun discussing this in what use to be the Dead Sea time in the Jeffery Orridge regime. The CFL is alive and well in a cold ass January in Canada. We are all heated up and debating Canadian football in the dead of winter. I for one couldn’t be happier. Nothing could be better. Bring on the Johnny talk and the Darian Durant talk and the new Saskatchewan Greek God QB Zack Collaros and the stud EE receiver Walker. How is Bowman going to be in 2018. Is BC QB Jennings for real and will his play be back or was he a 1 hit (season) wonder. Will Freeman have caught onto the CFL game by labour day. Of course… How is our good buddy Johnny Football on Monday Wednesday and Friday? Ah heck through boring Sunday morning in there too.
    The CFL Rocks this off season.

  20. hey Three Dog nite Jerry. Right on.. Let me add that Manziel is a talented Marketer now with his Texas [email protected] degree in Travel and Tourism he completed while completing terms of plea deal. Canucks on this board are afraid he will exploit Canadianz. Not at all.. his hoodie and Jersey sales, and increased viewers will by by Americans. He will just play in Canada but the new money will be from USA. Any new Cana revenue will be by previously disinterested Millennial, baseball, and soccer fans. If he bombs he gets cut. No guaranteed contracts. Very Little downside… nothing ventured nothing gained.

  21. There is an old saying that people are more afraid of success than failure. Many fans and most of the writers dont want to change their cozy small potatoes CFL. Change is scary. That is why the 3down writers only post bad news about manziel. Yesterday i got retweeted an 11 year old thanking Johnie for an autographed helmet. I retweeted to Drew but he wont report it because it is positive.

  22. There’s another old saying..there’s no such thing as bad publicity. This topic has given the CFL good exposure in January. Love talking football. Watching the NCAA playoffs and bowl games, knowing about some of the neg list players gave me some extra enjoyment to the game.

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