Johnny Manziel raps along with noted domestic abuser Chris Brown on Instagram

The latest instalment of the Johnny Manziel Comeback SZN™ social media campaign – otherwise known as Tone Deaf 2018 – features the controversial quarterback rapping the lyrics from repeat domestic abuser Chris Brown while rocking his soon-to-be released Comeback SZN™ hoodies.

Manziel also appears to be back to his late-night ways. The two short videos were posted to his Instagram story early Thursday morning and feature Manziel singing along with two Brown songs in what appears to be a limo.

The first video is from the Brown song “Tempo,” released last year.

“We should pull up to the kick-back, smoke one with me one time. Tell me ’bout all the freaky secrets, all them troubles that you got on your mind. Just bring them to life (bend it up), put that shit on a film and watch it back on rewind (hold up).We ain’t in a rush, girl, it’s just us…

It then cuts to Manziel rapping “No Exit” from the same Heartbreak on a Full Moon album.

“There really ain’t no exit for me. So don’t be worried by my ex-chick, I know that you heard them stories…”

The optics of this are awful. Brown has a long history of domestic violence and the line from “No Exit” feels like a reference to Manziel’s former girlfriend Colleen Crowley, with whom he was charged with hitting and threatening in January 2016. He reached a dismissal agreement that required him to complete an anger management class, attend a domestic violence impact panel and participate in a substance-abuse program.

Add the hawking of the hoodies, the late-night posts, the limo ride and the outrageous contract demands… it hardly inspires confidence that Manziel sees the Comeback SZN™ as some kind of redemption effort – more like the same old story.

Oh, and Manziel told a fan on Twitter that “Money Manziel” is making a return as well and added a #MoneySZN hashtag.

Better get those Comeback SZN™ hoodies quick. They may not last long.


95 Comments on Johnny Manziel raps along with noted domestic abuser Chris Brown on Instagram

  1. Lennywasout // January 18, 2018 at 10:17 am //

    Tell me again why Austin and Jones want this Nutcase on our team?

    • Live! From Hamilton!
      It’s 3 Down Nation!!
      Wait, no its As The Ticats Turn!
      Blaaa blaaaaa

    • Count me as one of those TC fans who thought initially it was a good idea…now I’m in full retreat.

      • Tiger man // January 22, 2018 at 9:08 am //

        I never once thought this was a good idea and this article not only goes to further demonstrate Manziel’s poor judgement, but also how little he thinks of this league that without putting in an honest effort to prepare and learn this game, he assumes he’s just going to walk into camp (if it gets that far) and take command.

        Talent without effort equals a plane ticket out of town.

  2. Remind me what’s wrong with the QBs we already have on the roster? Why we’re chasing a QB who’s best year was while he was in the throes of a substance abuse problem (read into that what you will)?

    Even with the issues I have raised with Jeremiah Masoli in other posts, I have far more confidence in his attitude and professionalism than with Johnny-Train-Wreck. If you don’t have the right attitude and work ethic, you have no hope of effectively leading a CFL offense.

    Release his rights and let Kavis Reed hammer another nail into his own coffin.

    • I think this Manziel issue has an initiator in the Ticats organization and it’s likely Eric Tillman who crafted this plan to get something out this guy on their Neg List.

      June Jones might want him but I suspect this is really more about dangling the bait for a QB starved team like MTL or a team that might want to take a flyer on this guy to see if he can regain old form.

    • Brockleigh Clearly anyone who has done anything wrong will just do it again. Singing along with a rap or rock act that ever did anything wrong means you do those things to. So if you like the Rolling stones than clearly you are doing Heroin because Keith Richards did for years and somehow survived. Now back to Masoli. Using The logic of many comments on this board clearly people will continue to repeat mistakes over and over. That is at least what I am reading into it. Lord know nobody reads into actions and comments on this board. So what is wrong with Masoli? Only a matter of time before he repeats these actions. Ticking time bomb buddy….From Wikiepedia

      On the morning of January 24, 2010, a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house returned home and witnessed Masoli and teammate Garrett Embry leaving an area of the house near his room. When he realized a projector and two laptop computers were missing he took chase. The victim chased down Embry, who returned the projector and subsequently reported the incident to Eugene police. Police interviewed Masoli the next day, where he said he was not at the fraternity house. On March 12, 2010, Masoli pleaded guilty to second-degree burglary before Lane County Circuit Judge Maurice Merten, who sentenced Masoli to one year probation and 140 hours of community service. As part of the plea agreement, this charge was later reduced to a misdemeanor.[40] Oregon head coach Chip Kelly immediately suspended Masoli for the 2010 football season, his senior year, but allowed him to remain on the team (he still had a redshirt season available).[41]

      On June 7, 2010, Masoli was pulled over by Springfield police for a traffic violation. After inspection Masoli was cited for driving with a suspended license, failure to stop, and possession of one ounce or less of marijuana. Two days later he was dismissed from the team for “failure to adhere to obligations previously outlined”.[42] Masoli later entered guilty pleas to both the marijuana and failure to stop charges (both non-criminal violations in Oregon).[43]

      • Of course if you believe that anyone who had done anything wrong and will just continue to to those then you must also believe that anyone who has done anything right will continue to do those. So the principle I hear on this board is the past (good or bad) will continue to repeat itself. So that means the numbers he put up in those two Texas [email protected] seasons in the offence that was a rip off of June Jones’ system is right around the corner.

        • “Of course if you believe that anyone who had done anything wrong and will just continue to to those then you must also believe that anyone who has done anything right will continue to do those. So the principle I hear on this board is the past (good or bad) will continue to repeat itself. So that means the numbers he put up in those two Texas [email protected] seasons in the offence that was a rip off of June Jones’ system is right around the corner.”

          No, because he won’t be allowed to play under the influence of alcohol in the CFL.

        • Settle down Marko (Burkhardt), you don’t need to defend him on every comment. Don’t worry about it. Even though he’s a terrible singer, He has done nothing wrong here. People will always speculate and judge. I too just want him to sign and focus on football. Kid has talent. I would rather see him post football drill activities. He is having fun and promoting his apparel. As long as he is following the law, good for him.

      • You’re totally missing the point, Marko. I am fully aware of Jeremiah Masoli’s reasons for leaving Oregon. I follow college football and knew about it at the time and certainly hadn’t forgotten about it.

        The difference is that Manziel has undergone a stringent and arduous process to be allowed to play football in the country and resume his career, and now that he has his green light, he’s engaging in the tone-deaf behaviour that lead to the concerns people had about him. Masoli hasn’t been a choir boy his whole life, but since his issues at Oregon, he’s largely kept his nose clean and has demonstrated remarkable maturity, especially since his demotion to fourth-string quarterback two years ago.

        I’m all for giving second chances, but it’s barely three weeks since Manziel was granted his by the Canadian Football League, and by his behaviour since then, he seems determined to squander it.

      • Hey Marco a little long winded arent ya???

      • Tiger man // January 22, 2018 at 9:14 am //

        And this will be Jeremiah’s 5th season in Hamilton. If your theory holds true, then why hasn’t he had any problems here??

    • BleedsGreen // January 18, 2018 at 7:22 pm //

      Stronson stop yer posing as a TiCat fan…

    • Agree with you Brockleigh! Johnny sure isn’t instilling any confidence in me that he’s ready to come and put in the necessary work to be successful here! The only problem is that the current QB depth behind Masoli is very thin with a mostly untried Golson set to become a FA and a totally inexperienced Dane Evans. The team needs to ensure that there’s a decent backup in the event that Masoli is injured, although I’m far from convinced that Johnny would fit that role!

  3. Ticats would be better off signing Darian Durant as a veteran backup for
    Masoli than sabotaging another season by bringing in Manziel.

  4. Paul Bomber // January 18, 2018 at 10:36 am //

    Big risk, big reward? Best case? He installs some swagger on the team, averages 87 yards a game on the ground and another few hundred in the air.
    Worst case? Spreads like a cancer through the dressing room, total deer in the headlights/no idea what to do with all the motion in a giant field and quickly flames out.
    If he signs, I hope for that team’s sake Manziel realizes this could be he last chance too.

  5. Bleeding Green // January 18, 2018 at 10:37 am //

    It doesn’t matter what this kid does, its gonna be wrong. He could have been singing George Jones and you guys would’ve said “Manziel sings along with known inebriated tractor driver.”

    • Tiger man // January 22, 2018 at 9:21 am //


      And what happened to those Rider players who had brushes with the law??


  6. Oh boy …smh….

  7. character matters not to the caretaker.Let Johnny set up his tent over on Barton, I’m sure those hoodies will disappear quick.

  8. You would surprised what is going on in the off season. Most professional players should feel blessed they do not have the hype of Johnny Manziel. We all might be surprised what the media would find out about them on a 24-7 watch. Even non events can be used negatively as in the case here with Manziel.

  9. holy speculation…..

  10. Just saying // January 18, 2018 at 10:58 am //

    I would like to see him play just to see him get sacked over and over!

  11. He looks a little blotto….Please don’t come to Montreal. We have enough troubles.7

  12. Tinhead 296 // January 18, 2018 at 11:01 am //

    wow. 2 high profile losers make one team. LOL7

  13. dangerdan21 // January 18, 2018 at 11:22 am //

    what a waist of skin

  14. CowtownDave // January 18, 2018 at 11:35 am //

    Good luck with this train wreck. Good grief – exercise some judgment.

  15. Jimmy Jimmy Coacao puff // January 18, 2018 at 11:39 am //

    Man talk about milking the cow dry then trying to milk the family Dog. He wasn’t with Chris Brown. If he sang a Michael Jackson Song would the title have read… “Johnny Manziel sings along with noted child molester Michael Jackson on Instagram. The dude has enough to deal with without 3 Down trying to Villainize him even more!

  16. POS rich kid wannabe gangster (loser)

    Chris Brown (failure and a moron punk)….Manziel (see aforementioned adjectives)

    Release his rights and let Kavis Reed hammer another nail into his own coffin…

    actually, after that video, mark my words, Ambrosie will kick Manziel to the curb by tomorrow morning….wait for the announcement….Manziel looks like he’s violated the terms of his admittance into the CFL

  17. Can’t help but notice the glaring difference between the Mike Filer story and this one. This guy Manziel will be a permanent toothache until he gets yanked. Get rid of him now.he has no place on the Tiger-Cats’ roster.

    • excellent comparison. One of these things is not like the other…..

    • Agreed, Brian. There are 7 billion people on the planet. I’m sure we can dig up at least one QB who brings more to the table in terms of skill, character and charisma than John Manziel.

  18. Wow Manziel’s reformed and rehabilitated man. What a joke, and the killer is there’s fans who stick up for this publicity seeker, who constantly wants to try and be relevant and in the media all the time.

    First it was his agent giving a ridiculous ultimatum by January 31st deadline. Now if he is hanging with Chris Brown? There’s a real good influence, a how many time domestic abuse loser?

    Ti-Cats cut this cancerous growth loose, trade him to Montreal’s circus, they need to fill McGill Stadium, even Anthony Cavillo is sitting out a year. Anything to do with Kavis Reed?

    Maybe Johnny Football and Josh Freeman can bunk together, and enjoy the night life on St. Catherine St. in the Montreal night life?

  19. This is ridiculous. Drew and Milty hate this guy and will make neutral issues into a negative. So anyone on this board who has ever filmed themselves playing air guitar and singing along with the Rolling stones is: 1. Doing Heroin because Keith Richards did. 2. Will die in a pool drunk because Brian Jones did. 3. Will marry multiple times because MIck Jagger did. 4. Will smoke and continue to tour because Keith Richards does. There is no connection to Drew’s conclusions. He could be on his way to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in his Limo because him parents have oil money.

  20. Tom calder // January 18, 2018 at 12:18 pm //

    He does seem to meet Montreal’s criteria for dysfunction. Am praying reed and Sherman dont think they can rehabilitate him. Don’t touch him.

  21. What happened to the idea that sportsmen conducted themselves as gentlemen on and off the field?

  22. Oskee Wee Wee // January 18, 2018 at 12:24 pm //

    This guy is nothing but a loser. Go sign Durant and call it a day.

  23. Manziel tweeted this last Sunday. Everyone please find the negative connections in this one. I will start. The ice in ice water refers to the street drug ice which is used in Rap songs.

    Drew Brees ice water in his veins. Representin for all the short QB’s out there

    5:03 PM – 14 Jan 2018

  24. Manziel presents as incredibly immature. How can the Cats even entertain this guy on their roster? The man is a train wreck. The potential for negative publicity for the Cats’ organization and the reputation of the CFL are not worth the risk of bringing this guy into the League.

    • yea and Masoli too who plead guilty two a count of MJ possession and Burglary and was kicked of the Oregon Ducks by current UCLA coach Chip Kelly. Immature, incorrigible, and will repeat the past over and over. Manziel and Masoli two little peas in the pod.

      • Funny how you go after Masoli for no reason yet you cry foul if anyone mentions Manziels name in a negative manner if you believe in what you say give a guy a chance then you should leave Masoli out of this you are being a hypocrite if you havint noticed

      • You don’t see Masoli riding in the back seat of limos with other women abusers and self promoting in a juvenile way. BTW, Masoli was statistically the 2nd best QB in the league for the last half of the season; he has gained the respect of his team by his actions. I really doubt the Cats’ players are looking at this Manziel video and thinking, “Man, I totally this guy leading us on the field”…

        • MoneyTeam // January 18, 2018 at 6:11 pm //

          See my post at the bottom. Chris Brown was not with him. He was simply singing along to music. The article and headline is misleading.

  25. This guy has never developed boundaries He has been catered to and fawned over as soon as he showed talent in sports He will probably be an embarrassment to our league

  26. Collaros given huge contract and bombed. Masoli given huge contract and… will bomb and go back to criminal behavior outlined in the wikepedia post above. Why? Because everyone on this board thinks that anything done in the past will continue. so Masoli had a nice half season but he also plead guilty to burglary and MJ possession So which will happen this season? Both? Will Collaros bomb in Sask? The answer is what your stock broker says under his breath as he is closing the deal on you. “Past performance does not predict future performance”. Either could happen. Same with Manziel. He could bomb or put up huge numbers. What everyone is forgetting is there are no guaranteed contracts in the CFL. First sign of trouble cut him and make Dane Evans the back up who put up huge numbers at Univ. of Tulsa so that means….Nothing

    • Numbers vs Leadership. Seriously, Manziel and his pre-contract activities display a ‘me first’ and immature man who lacks the ability to lead at this level.

      • An 0-8 record indicates Collaros can’t lead Ducks to the pond. wait.. or was that Masoli who got kicked off the Ducks for Burglary and MJ possession by Chip Kelly. Hmm what does it all mean? Nothing. Like your stock broker says “Past performance does not Guarantee future performance”. A 6-4 half season does not guarantee squat nor did Callaros Grey cup appearance.

  27. Blue rules // January 18, 2018 at 1:05 pm //

    Manziel has a contract offer. If he wants to play sign it. This is beyond simple. If he doesn’t like the contract, keep singing in your limo while selling your hoodies in mall parking lots, maybe he can eke out a career that way.

    • agreed Blue rules. It is that simple. So why does Drew continue to post these outlandish comments about a dood singing karoeke in a limo that he could have rented to go to a BarMitzvahs of his agents son? It is equally outlandish and outrageous to say you must be boinking some girl in New Orleans because you sang along with “rown Sugar” by the Stones. But I bet Mick did.

      • correction Brown Sugar performed by the Rolling stones and written by Jagger/Richards psst… I bet Mick wrote the lyrics.

      • Blue rules // January 18, 2018 at 1:21 pm //

        Marko……hum….ask Drew!!!. But if this site bothers you so much, just don’t logon. That’s beyond simple.

  28. Drew Edwards is so ashamed of writing this article, he couldn’t put himself as the author of this article and instead used the generic 3down Staff moniker. But on the other hand, he knows clickbaiting (anything Manziel or Riders) drives traffic to this site.

  29. I have to admit I am impressed how big a following the rough riders have in a pretty small prairie town compared to TO or MTL.

  30. Would you not think that if Manziel seriously wants to make a comeback that he would be laying low and trying to look squeaky clean? As opposed to looking like an arrogant spoiled idiot? I don’t want to see him signed in Hamilton or Montreal or anywhere else in the CFL. Montreal is in enough trouble without the likes of Manziel. I don’t like seeing anything that weakens a CFL franchise and I see no good coming from this guy. Ambrosie needs to step in again and kick this guy to the curb, forever. He had to earn a second chance and nothing he has done or said so far earns him a second chance. Mazoli has acted respectfully and so deserved a second chance. Manziel acts like an idiot and deserves nothing.

    • Or Manziel is trying to prove to Caretaker Bob that he will bring his legions of followers with him to Hamilton and increase Jersey sales sent to the USA by 1000000000000 percent and thus should get some sort of percentage of revenue on jersey sales. That is one of my recommendations. Take the salary offered and get a % of jersey sales which are off the cap calculation. Same with the hoodie thing. It is to show Caretaker needs the money for his soccer team Bob that he can show Bob the money.

  31. I heard Masoli sang “One Love” by Bob Marley and the Wailers a noted Rastafarian and Marijuana user at his friends wedding. I am pretty confident now that Masoli is back to his old smoking weed days. A habit that got him canned from the University of Oregon Ducks football team by Chip Kelley now the new coach at UCLA.

    • ya well i would trust a guy with a b and e and smoked some weed before ill trust a women beater we can see where your morals are at

      • I don’t think past behavior means anything about future behavior just pointing out inconsistencies.

  32. If Manziel was filmed singing Amazing Grace at a Catholic Sunday service Drew would say 2 things. 1. This is proof positive that Manziel is a pedophile like all those priests that the Catholic Church paid out big settlements for and 2. Manziel clearly is involved in modern slavery smuggling of Central American refugees because Amazing Grace was written by a Slavery Ship Captain.

  33. Funny how you go after Masoli for no reason yet you cry foul if anyone mentions Manziels name in a negative manner if you believe in what you say give a guy a chance then you should leave Masoli out of this you are being a hypocrite if you havint noticed

    • Just pointing out others inconsistency. My official stance is past behavior as no bearing on future behavior. Anything could happen with any QB. So sign Manziel because his upside could happen as easily as his downside. Same with Masoli he could fall off the wagon as well. No guaranteed contracts in CFL so just cut either guy if he breaks the law or just sucks.

  34. J. dunk when you have to write “IF” at the beginning of every paragraph is it really a news story. I thought journalism had to be free from BIAS

  35. I gotta say, this is getting ridiculous. Manziel can do no right in the eyes of the Holier than Thou crowd here. Let’s all get off our crosses for a second here, this is a guy who won the Heisman and has a big following. Screwing around on social media with entertaining posts is part of his brand. And give me a break with the ERMAGERD HE WAS SINGING CHRIS BROWN.

    At the risk of bringing race into this, no one batted an eye about Trent Richardson, who was up on domestic violence charges. No one batted an eye about Ricky Williams and his drug problems.

    Players looking to rehabilitate their careers come to the CFL. Stars aren’t coming here for the balmy November weather in Winnipeg. Let’s be realistic.

    Manziel’s desire for a big $$$ contract seems unrealistic, but let’s not roast the guy for just living. I’m sure there will be enough on-field stuff to talk about soon enough.

  36. Dane Mefford // January 18, 2018 at 3:55 pm //

    Johnny’s comment about his money sign should have not died is to a Texas A&M receiver that wants to use the money sign as a celebration next season. Johnny just said it should not have gone away. Young people sing along to songs like those. Its probably not for the older generation (I’m 53 but a HUGE Johnny fan!) Yes he made mistakes but his head is right and wants to play football. Ready for him in the CFL. If he was in the NFL now with what right he is doing now, probably would be in top 10 in the league. He is a celebrity that does stuff at night. Gee, it gets dark by 9-10 p.m. So to be in a car at night doesn’t mean it’s 2:00 a.m.
    Johnny is going to bring the CFL into North America and contend with NFL status!!! Just wait!!!

  37. What if June Jones thinks he has a great team of “high character” guys who are competitive and may get to the Grey Cup game. And thinks this team can tolerate a quirky high-maintenance exceptional talent like Manziel. Think Joe Namath with the Jets in ‘69.

  38. The only stock I put into this is Manziel should not sing.

  39. My final piece of advice if any Ticats Intern is reading this and getting back to Austin. Is increase the salary a bit but offer a personal services contract approved by caretaker bob that would give Johnny a percentage of Jersey sales to US addresses only and a percentage of increased tV money to US households only. Flutie came out recently and said his first BC contract was standard rate plus a personal services contract.

  40. MoneyTeam // January 18, 2018 at 5:38 pm //

    I’m going to stay out of the contract side of things here, but to echo Marko’s sentiments, it’s absolutely ludicrous that people on this forum are upset that Manziel has posted a video on Instagram of him singing.

    First and foremost, title is misleading – he was not WITH Chris Brown, he was playing his music and singing.

    Secondly, to Marko’s point, using the logic of most people commenting here that means that anyone who has ever listened to or sung along to lyrics by artists who have had brushes with the law/drugs are also bad people and should be vilified to the fullest extent. Justin Bieber (while a noted douche) is one of the biggest artists on the planet. Has had a number of brushes with the law. So your logic states now everyone who listens to/sings Bieber is going to act the same. That’s A LOT OF PEOPLE. Had a bit of a bout with alcohol? Now you cant listen to music by artists who had bouts with alcohol ever again. Does that sound crazy? Yes, it does. Because it is crazy. Choice of music is personal, and just because someone likes a certain artist or band doesnt mean theyre going to mimic past indiscretions of said artist. Come on people! You’re better than this!

    Third: Masoli. Nobody on here is attacking Masoli. The comparison was made to say that yes, some people have past legal issues, but doesn’t mean they can’t rehabilitate and live normal lives again. To become judge/jury/executioner on Manziel before he’s done anything wrong because he had past issues means you should apply the same thinking to Masoli, and anyone else for that matter. Apparently nobody here wants to do that with Masoli – which is the correct way of thinking. So then don’t apply this other logic to Manziel.

    Fourth: this article is total clickbait, and that is fine. People (myself included) want to read stuff about Manziel and news publications should take advantage because whether you like it or not, Manziel is a big story. ESPN/CBS Sports front page big story. Take advantage but at least deliver us accurate, unbiased (professional) reporting. To try and spin this as him hanging out with Chris Brown and noting specifically that he is a domestic abuser IN THE HEADLINE is unfair to Manziel, who is trying to resurrect his career. When Banks re-signed his deal you could have made the title “Noted Drug User Brandon Banks Re-ups with Ticats” but you didn’t. Crap contract demands aside, it doesn’t help the mob when you do this, as seen by these comments.

    Apologies for lengthy post but I felt it was needed. This all said, yes he could relapse and things could blow up. I am no fortune teller (neither are you). But let’s let cooler heads prevail and see how this plays out.

  41. Homer Simpson // January 18, 2018 at 5:50 pm //

    As of this moment there are a total of 61 comments on this story. The vast majority are from a “Mister Marko”. Curious why one person would have so much time and apparent interest in a former football player/wannabee entertainer to write every few minutes!!

    • I am Johnnies coffee dealer and make big money doing a whole lot of nothing other than ordering him first rate Columbian Gold….coffee

  42. Don’t compare Masoli to Manziel. JM made mistakes, but has been a model professional since arriving in the CFL. People do learn from mistakes, unless there’s a hole where your soul used to be. That’s not a bad rap lyric!

  43. Edward Leslie // January 18, 2018 at 8:23 pm //

    Marlo, I agree that Manziel deserves a chance too. I’m looking forward to seeing him in the CFL with somebody this summer. I’ll keep an open mind. But comparing Jeremiah Masoli’s problems to Manziiel’s is wrong. Masoli got a raw deal from Oregon. Stealing a projector from a dorm. Sounds like some offbeat college high jinks to me. Caught with a small amount of weed and an expired licence? Again, hardly anything too horrible. Manziel’s drug use, and especially domestic abuse is CONSIDERABLY worse.

    • Edward leslie Manziel never got convicted of anything but Masoli plead guilty twice thus 2 convictions. Manziels charge was a misdemeanor that Dallas realized was no case after seeing the hotel tape of Crowly hitting him. It was a lovers quarrel over another women gone bad. His Dad wanted him to go to counseling so supported a plea deal instead of outright drop of charges. The drug use is speculative because there are no pictures or arrests for cocaine. Yet Masoli was caught with a bag of weed. The NFL suspension did not specify other than substance abuse so it could have been performance enhancing drugs. There are many pics of Manziel drinking so we can say he was an alcoholic which he got addressed in the plea deal.

  44. “Moneyteam”. Very rational and logical good comment

  45. Manziel must be following the columnist in three down nation as well as the negative comments. He posted this today on twitter

    “”All the hating only fuels me more. Nothing but positive vibes on this end”

  46. I can’t wait for the big smack down by Charleston Hughes, Willie Jefferson, or the Lemonator. Manziel will be sucking his thumb like the baby his is crying for his mommy. Go Masoli!

  47. Ti cats should bring back Dan Lefevour to back up Masoli.

  48. The good news forJohnny is that he no longer has to worry about opposing players trying to knock his block off should he sign and step onto the field…his teammates will do it for them.

  49. Philski you have no idea what his locker rooms were like. Austin said they did due diligence and his locker room atmospheres were great. The Current HC of 49ers was Manziel’s OC Rookie year and is on record saying Johnnie was a model citizen during practice. It was the off field stuff that got him.

  50. Mr. Polo, I am referring to possible conflict in the TC dressing room should Manziel sign. Banks has already stated his case for Masoli to be the main man. I’m sure there are other TC players echoing the same sentiment, even more so since this item first surfaced. Fact of the matter is that the “T” on his jersey is growing more and more for all players I’m sure every time his agent opens his mouth, or when a silly non-football article comes out involving him.

  51. solara2000 // January 21, 2018 at 6:52 pm //

    Bad publicity i better than no publicity so the saying goes. Perhaps JM is the exception that proves the rule. If time, !05 years or so proves anything, it’s that the CFL does not need a JM, regardless of his talent whatever that may be at the pro-level.
    Cat’s fan/CFL fan

  52. Edward Leslie // January 22, 2018 at 5:45 am //

    Yo! It feels like Drew Edwards be dissin’ my homie, JM! Dat sucka don’t feel da fresh vibe Johnny be puttin down!! On da football field, in da club and in da limo, my boy be chillin and Illin” wit da best o dem. Drew be a sucka Gives me a HELLS YEAH!! Word to all me homies sitting in dere cribs feelin da fresh flow!! Yeah!! But not you, Drewski, you sucka!!

    • yeah, you’ll fit right in with the boys in Box J.Fortunately your boy will be playing for a visitor, and we will only have to roll you out onto Balsam twice a year.

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