Details on Riders and Zach Collaros restructured contract

Zach Collaros and Saskatchewan have struck a new deal.

The Riders newest quarterback was scheduled to make $540,000 in 2018, $200,000 of which was due as an off-season bonus February 1. The Riders and 29-year-old pivot agreed to a restructured deal worth $430,000 in hard money including $225,000 up front. There are no playtime incentives in the contract.

provision in the Canada-U.S. income tax treaty allows international players who maintain a permanent residence south of the border to be taxed just 15 per cent on any signing bonus – much less than their usual Canadian tax rate. That means after some astute accounting work, Collaros could come out with more money in his pocket.

Collaros has lost 12 straight starts dating back to 2016, one short of the CFL record. He completed 62.7 per cent of his passes for 1,743 yards with eight touchdowns (lowest among the league’s starters at the time) and seven interceptions in 2017, but the Ticats did give up 21 sacks and 77 pressures.

In 59 career CFL games with the Argos (2012-13) and Ticats (2014-17), Collaros has accumulated 1,127 pass completions on 1,694 attempts (66.5%) for 13,759 yards, 83 touchdowns and 38 interceptions.

Personnel men around the league believe he needed a fresh start and the Riders provide just that.

Justin Dunk

Justin Dunk

Justin Dunk was a five-year starter at quarterback for the University of Guelph. He covers the league for Sportsnet and 3DownNation.
Justin Dunk
Justin Dunk
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Justin Dunk was a five-year starter at quarterback for the University of Guelph. He covers the league for Sportsnet and 3DownNation.

49 Comments on Details on Riders and Zach Collaros restructured contract

  1. I wonder what that will do to their Cap management??? I’m not even sure that all of their QB’s made that in total last year.

    • The cap is $5.2 Million, if you subtract his $500k the Riders still have $4.6 Million to spend on the other 45 starters, that’s an average of $100k per player.

  2. That’s still a ton of upfront $$ for a guy who is coming off a very unproductive season.

    • This.

    • Kind of like Ricky Ray after the 2016 season. Most Argo fans were demanding that he retire or be cut after his terrible two seasons in 15/16, but he came back to surprise everyone last year.

      • Or Henry Burris after the 2014 season. 2 wins in 2014 and 12 wins and a GC appearance in 2015 and a GC win in 2016 !!
        Zach could be an all-star like Burris and Ray after coming off disastrous seasons

  3. All about the Canadian tax rate. Who would have ever thought. So if Johnny Boy lands up in TiCat camp, guess same applies?

  4. A ton of money for a QB who is 0-12. Does Collaros get a bonus if he breaks the futility record of 0-15?

    • Sea of Dead // January 19, 2018 at 7:52 pm //

      No, likely just another tax break deduction from the IRS (US tax man).

      • He’s taxed at source, Canadian federal tax plus the Ontario tax.
        They are taxed in Canada but then they can’t become Canadians because the CFL is considered a part time job.
        Look what happened with Burris, he couldn’t claim Canadian residency because the government ruled that the CFL is part time work, he was in the same class as the fruit pickers that come from Jamaica and Mexico every year!!

  5. The Riders can afford the upfront money and, quite frankly, this is less of a hit to the salary cap then what Hamilton was paying out. Good to see they could work this out so quickly. With it being for one year means that if Collaros stinks the joint out its only going to be the one year which is much better then what Hamilton negotiated. Also if Bridge looks really good in the time he gets to play it will give the Riders an interesting problem next year.

  6. This is SUCKS big time !!! Jones has LOST his MIND !!!! If what is written is true. ALBETROS is DONE !!!! period end of discussion and we are 225k poorer , less a TOP pick in the CFL draft and have P’ed off all our capibile HEALTHY Qb’s on our current roster. This better be a plan to HOSE Cavis in Montreal by getting ALBETROS toa suitable number then Trading him TOMORROW to the Al’s for their best olineman /westerman and a draft pick similar to what they gave up to get a WASHED UP/Injury Riddeled ALBTROS. If this was Jones plan to BRING in a washed up injury prone LOOSER!!! we could of stuck with Doubles at least he won a GC!!!! and loved to be in Rider Green. Well, guess I will pack up the RIDER gear for this year, find something else to DO insteadd of watch CFL fottball, and WAITE till either JONES and or ALBETROS are gone from the Rider organization. Well at least 2018-19 will be better with having the 1st overall draft pick !!! Yikes 2-16 here we come , and that is winning 2 with GREAT D, ALBETROS you SUCK !!!! Praying he is cut by week 2 .if Riders are stuck with him!!!

  7. Don’t worry Rider fans, you will be in the GC.
    Collaros is better than you think.

    • sorry better at what pouting and holding a clip board , if that is what your referring to i agree albetros is amazing at that …….. basically that is all he did last year in Hamilton other then stand like a statue get sasked and throw interceptions and incompletions. don’t know who looked worse albetros or dd. at best albetros is a POOR copy of blake bortels and that the rest of our salary structure better go to the D and we become the cfk verson of the jags . horrible offense due to a joke at qb this is horrible !!!!! good gawd again hope Brandon demands to get out and find a way to toast jones ass repeatedly.

      • RobERider // January 19, 2018 at 4:26 pm //

        Dude seriously relax. You are making an ass out of yourself right now. Collaros is going to be fine. If you think that Masoli and Bridge are better than him, you need to give your head a shake. The fact you want to see Jones gone because of this just shows your uneducated, ignorance.

      • LMFAO shine on you crazy diamond

      • I think it will be exactly like last season: qb’s will compete in camp for starter and Jones will likely play Collaros and Bridge as a tandem if one is struggling. Jones believes, as do I, that with good coaching and a good team around him Collaros can return to form as one of, if not the, best qb’s in the league. Read an article the other day about his early years- he was 41-1 as a qb in high school. The only receivers the Riders haven’t resigned yet are Demski and Carter. Whoever’s at qb will have a lot more talent to work with than Collaros had in Hamilton. Who did he have there for receivers of any note besides Tasker? Also, if he has an O line that keeps him from getting kille I’m sure he can do great things. Atm Edmonton is the only team with anywhere near as much talent at qb as Saskatchewan.

        • Cat Fan (differnt from Catfan) // January 19, 2018 at 5:02 pm //

          For receivers, Collaros had 1,000+ yard Toliver for part of the first game, then out for the season. Beyond that, I believe it was all rookies or almost rookies (ex. Tyms, Jones).

          Playing Banks at receiver might have helped but that was spot duty under Austin. Under Jones, he played something like three plays or so.

          Throw in that every defense knew that Austin’s offense was pass happy with few runs, which put more pressure on the O line.

          Some are sure Collaros is done while others like myself, wonder how much was Austin’s brittle offense. Time will tell.

          • Cat Fan (differnt from Catfan) // January 19, 2018 at 5:03 pm //

            I meant that under Jones when Banks was a full time receiver, Collaros played almost no time.

      • No Getfit51, all Zac did last year was RUN FOR HIS LIFE because we didn’t have and Offensive Line or a Running game.

        • Billinburlington // January 20, 2018 at 1:27 pm //

          Exactly. Ticat fans everywhere were screening at the top of our lungs for a run game… which finally came when June Jones became coach. And coincided with much better play. Zach was running for his lif3 as teams continuously blitzed him, tiring out the Cats o line.

          Sask is in good hands with Zach in th3 QB spot.

  8. To think they coulda had Manziel for a couple of Nationals and a set of snow tires…..

  9. Riders don’t release financial details of contracts, so this is purely speculation. No sources are mentioned because there are none. As for only signing for a year, it’s what the majority of players are doing this year since the CBA is being renegotiated after this season and things like the salary cap and minimum salaries will likely be going up significantly. If he took a significant pay cut and plays good this season he can negotiate for more in 2019.

  10. Imo, paying way too much money for a player who didn’t play well last year. Especially with it being guaranteed. If it had been an incentive laden contract that cld add up to that amount, then ok. But NOT when its guaranteed.
    And do much for QB job being an open competition – no way do the Riders pay Zach that much for him to sit on the bench.
    So, I believe that Jones has been talking out of the side of his mouth.
    Plus with spending all that on a QB, then they don’t have the $s to spend on other players.

    • Remember that he already had a contract with a big signing bonus due, so this was a renegotiation. Second, If Bridge wins the job in training camp why wouldn’t they sit Collaros on the bench? This contract expires this year, and if Collaros doen’t earn the starting job then he’ll have to take another big pay cut next year if he wants to stick around. This isn’t a long term big contract. It’s only one year.

    • It’s a fictional number that Dunk and this site came up with- no sources and no mention of it anywhere else.

  11. RobERider // January 19, 2018 at 4:31 pm //

    The Riders now have a legitimate number one qb. He got the short end of the stick because of Austin. That is one character this league could lose for a while and nobody would miss him.
    He literally destroyed his confidence. With a fresh start, one of the best receiving cores in the league and if they can use one of the 3 amazing running backs we have effectively, he has a chance to be MOP in 2018. He’s not a terrible qb. He was once of of the best in the league, you don’t magically lose that skillset.

  12. Rider Fans do not worry you are getting a Hell of a Deal and QB for that matter.Collaros now free of Austin with a run game I might add will be back to his old self and playing at a very High level.Prediction Riders will Win 12 or 13 with Zach!

  13. Roll the dice… I am a fan of Durant. I am a fan of Glenn. I am a fan of Slack. I am a fan of Joseph. I am a fan of Bridge. I am a fan of any Rider QB who plays a game.

    I am a fan of the decision to roll the dice with Collaros. You never know who may become the next General until they get the chance to make some fans.

  14. Looks like getfit51 passed out finally. What the hell is that clown even talking about? Collaros is a great quarterback and has proven himself in the starter roll. Please please please just stop posting on here getfit51…. you are embarrassing!

  15. IF the #s are right Collaros got 55% of his 2018 contract up front and the other 45% will be paid out at least over 18 games if he plays like a #1 should. If he doesn’t the Riders should cut there loses by week 9 so they don’t have to pay out the entire yearly contract. Of course if he plays LIGHTS OUT and the Riders have a great record EVERYBODY will say what a great trade they made and what a shrewd DEAL they did in redoing his contract for 2018. We will all see in due time.

  16. Responding to others : I as a fan am entitled to have an opinion , obviously I am NOT a Collaros fan. Football is a NOW game , not a what I did 2 years ago before injuries physically and mentally. Granted at one point Collaros looked to be a potential superstar but that ship has sailed I Look at Jones words regarding ‘DD’ last January, he refered to DD as a moderately successful Qb – fact that moderate success included a GC title- 3 GC appearances. Now Jones felt DD was not worth 400k due to injuries etc, fair enough and it looks like he was right. However a Collaros that has 0 CG wins, 1 appearance and as Many injuries as DD is WORTH 400K pluss in Jones mind , to me is BS. Bridge IMO is our future, he preformed last year when given a opportunity, far superior to Collaros. IMO if Collaros was offered 250 k base and some incentives to around 350 k, on a 1 year deal that makes sence to me and I can live with it. But if these new numbers are true , Collaros gets 225 for SFA , and another 200K plus that is an insult our other Qb’s IMO. Given reportedly that Jones spent about 500 k total for all 4 qb’s last year if I was Bridge/Adams/Williams I would be pissed and looing for greener pastures after this Collaros experiment fails at the end of this year. I respect others fans opinions, and as a Rider fan I am more then willing to eat crow on this issue if proven wrong. for the sake of Rider Nation I hope I am wrong on this one; but my current opinion is Jones screwed up badly here on this issue, time will tell, and luckily I am only a fan with an opinion so lets see what happens.

  17. Colour me green // January 20, 2018 at 1:22 am //

    I’m shocked at such a large number for a guy who has been injury prone like DD had been. Should have been given a lower salary and playing incentive.
    Really he needs to prove himself this year and if he proves out then sign for more next year.
    Sorry disagree with locking up so much money for a guy that results in less money to sign other players.

  18. RIDER for life // January 20, 2018 at 9:32 am //

    Well got to say where dunk get these numbers. The Riders Wouldn’t pay 350 for DD and let him go. Collaros was hurt 2 seasons ago like DD and did the same last season both couldn’t win ball games. So where Justin Dunk got these numbers I say prove it as all speculation to me and other rider fans. As 3down blew the big fight out of proportion to this summer as jovon posted it was a 30 sec scuffle but these guys were saying these guys are on planes flying home no longer play in cfl. This site posts crap sometimes and haven’t got the truth out before they post.

    • I assume that you haven’t read the TSN tweets/articles that are reporting the same salary.

      • Yeah, saw it. It wasn’t out until well after this and also has no mention whatsoever of sources, so Dave Naylor probably just took his information feom here.

  19. Hey getfit51 I am not big supporter of Chris Jones but trust Me Collaros will play a lot better than the last two seasons.His poor play had nothing to do with his injury, His poor play had more to do with Coaching.First Condell left to get away from Austin he was a Buffer between Austin and Collaros second the rest of the League finally figured out Austin will not run the ball no matter how damaging or unsuccessful his Offence is and that made it real easy to defend(can not believe it took this long) third clearly Austin had lost the locker room and the entire Team sucked because of it Defense Special Teams I mean the entire Team. You will be happy with Collaros He will be just Fine I think you will win 12 or 13 games and Compete for the Cup and the Kid is only 29 you will be set for the next 4 or 5 seasons.

  20. If these numbers are accurate, Jones has slapped Bridge in the face..

    • Bridge got a pay raise, and Collaros got a big pay cut. How is that a slap in the face to Bridge? Players are paid in part based on what they’ve done. I put them on even footing coming into this year, and I believe Jones does as well, but they are coming from very different places and that explains the difference in salaries. And remember that they’re both on one year contracts, so whoever wins the job and establishes himself as the #1 will be rewarded for that next year.

  21. To All the Posters , thanks for all the opinions, this was a fun article to mull over and lots of great opinions/ enjoyed the respectful discussion and amount of thought folks put into posting. This form can work well apparently when people stick to the facts and give honest reasoned response to what is posted by the writers.

  22. Edward Leslie // January 21, 2018 at 12:40 pm //

    getfit51: The contract was the “Albatross”, not Collaros himself. Paying $540,000 for a starting QB in the CFL is committing more than 10% of the budget on one guy, and if that guy doesn’t have an M.O.P.-worthy campaign, it’s a bad deal for sure.
    Frankly, I was expecting he’d get less than $430,000 in the renegotiated deal. It’s still a lot to budget for.
    Still, in spite of Collaros’ season from hell, I think he can and will bounce back.
    He’s not coming off a serious injury in 2018. He was missing two key receivers last season (Andy Fantuz and Terrance Toliver) and had no running game to speak of. And Tony Washington only came in to solidify left tackle AFTER Jeremiah Masoli took over.
    I think Collaros/ Bridge will make a great tandem in 2018.

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