Another former Eskimo going to the Left coast, Canadian receiver Cory Watson: report

Canuck pass catcher Cory Watson seems to be going further west, according to Montreal Gazette reporter Herb Zurkowsky.

Watson has played eight CFL seasons making 290 catches for 3,331 yards and 13 touchdowns over 115 games. The 33-year-old is known for being a stout blocker too. Lions general manager Ed Hervey brings another familiar face to town.


4 Comments on Another former Eskimo going to the Left coast, Canadian receiver Cory Watson: report

  1. “‘Canadian’ receiver”. I love it.

    I’ve been watching CFL football for over 50 years…since I watched as a kid, in my Grandpa’s living room. My Dad and my Gramps before him were Alouettes fans.

    Just because some knob unilaterally decides we suddenly and for no given reason, ALL have to call them “nationals” and such nonsense…the second I ever bow to the will of such ludicrous *d*ots, is the day I hope they put pennies on my eyes and start loading up the dirt.

    Carry on.

  2. Agree! Since when do Canadians need to be referenced as “nationals” or as “Canadian receivers” in their own country. Perhaps some people need the clarification for “furrigners” but aside from team management does it matter to most fans who want a good team on the field without tags assigned to individuals.

  3. Not a band wagon jumper // February 14, 2018 at 1:27 pm //

    When Watson played for the BB, he was always getting hurt. It appears he has outgrow that disease. Good luck in B.C.!
    As for Nationals etc. I agree that it is crap. Imports and non imports. Maybe we should feminize the terms too so they are non gender.
    Perhaps the tall foreheads at CFL HQ need a head shaking…

  4. Edward Leslie // February 14, 2018 at 2:30 pm //

    Nostredummass: The term “Nationals” sounds better than what they were formerly called, “Non imports”. That says what they AREN’T (Not Americans), rather than what they are.
    Personally I hate the new term for Imports, “Internationals”! International? They are all Americans… with one exception: Boris Bede, who’s from France.
    While on the subject, Randy Ambrosie, why is Boris Bede not a national, but Australian punter Josh Bartel is??! More confusing, why aren’t Brandon Bridge and Andrew Buckley considered Nationals, but Josh Bartel is????? Silly.

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