B.C. Lions use Valentine’s Day to chirp rivals, mock the CFL

The B.C. Lions took absolutely no prisoners on Valentine’s Day and it was glorious.

While the rest of the CFL produced the typical social media fare for the most Hallmark of “holidays” the Lions spit straight fire at the other eight teams and the CFL.

The Lions sent out “Valentine’s” via Twitter, each with a little poem. Most of them were pretty solid but the shot at the Toronto Argonauts was great and the one targetting the league was a close second.


For context, running back James Wilder Jr. and Victor Butler have both said they will not be returning to the Argos next season after alleging the club went back on agreements that would have allowed them to pursue NFL opportunities this off-season.

The CFL, meanwhile, fined the Lions this month for releasing Micah Awe to chase his NFL dream, despite the fact that he was under contract for another season. It’s the second time in two years the Lions have been penalized for letting a player out of his deal.

The Lions got a measure of revenge today…


Congrats to the Lions for using social media for its intended purpose: to settle scores and take cheap shots at adversaries. Well done.


8 Comments on B.C. Lions use Valentine’s Day to chirp rivals, mock the CFL

  1. ❤️Dear BC Lions❤️:
    Wally, you’re good, but you’re not that good,
    Hervey, you’re just plain misunderstood,
    So tweet your hearts and shoot Cupid’s arrows,
    You’re finishing last and nobody care-ohs.

  2. Lone Voice of Reason // February 14, 2018 at 4:47 pm //

    Stampeders See RED,
    And Bombers feel BLUE…
    Those Jealous of GREEN,

  3. Try abiding by the rules, maybe put more attention on the football field, poetry is not your forte

  4. Wow. Some kid better lose his job over this.

    • WHAT?… it’s the CFL. Clean trash-talking is the norm. The rhymes need some work, but as Cats’ fan, I enjoyed it.

      • Agree Nanaman – I finally managed to take a peek at all of the Valentines sent to each team – and most of the responses – and thought it was a hoot!

  5. Awesome!!! I live in Hamilton,but BC is my new Western team this year!
    Love it!


  6. The picture is appropriate Buonhead, right there kissing ref’s asses

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