Canadian LB Sam Hurl signs with Riders

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have signed Canadian linebacker Sam Hurl.

The 27-year-old Hurl started all 18 games for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers last season registering 65 tackles and a sack. Over his six CFL seasons, Hurl has played in 90 games making 46 starts. Hurl started his CFL career with the Riders and spent three seasons in Regina after being draft in the second round of the 2012 draft.

The Riders start Canadian Henoc Muamba in the middle so Hurl makes sense from a ratio perspective.


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  1. BlueBomberChris // February 14, 2018 at 9:27 am //

    Good heart and soul kinda guy but certainly not a starting MLB as he was used in Wpg. Can’t deny his ST ability and the passport. Good signing for the Riders and Bombers lol

  2. Well well so I guess we call them the Sask Bombers now. Appears Travis Bond is also on his way to the dust bowl capital.
    BTW thanks for taking Hurl he made me hurl while he was here…lol

  3. Jonesy

    Messem and Hurl ?

  4. Yes the messam signing doesn’t make sense unless he’s lining up as a full back I suppose.. I have a feeling if everyone saying is true and were against the cap then training camp will sort out if these guys are too expensive and what newbies we bring In on the cheap. Teams are fun to speculate on. Paper though :-).. I’m disappointed no b Campbell though .. I don’t think he signed anywhere yet has he?

  5. Great special teamer. Great on coverage.

  6. Why, just why!!!

  7. What the hell???? He never was a starting middle linebacker. Special teamer and back up mlb. Hope he was cheap!

  8. Wonder why they would do this as we draft Cameron Judge 2nd overall and was slotted at some point to be a starting MLB. Knew he got hurt and then he tweeted out he had retired. Wonder if this could actually be true? He’d be cheaper and couldn’t be much worse than Hurl. Keep asking but no response from the Riders. Anyone have any news?

    • Muamba is only 28, so he has a lot of years ahead of him yet. You’re right however in that I see Hurl as filling the same role I expected Judge to fill, but Hurl has a lot more experience. Hurl as a backup is actually very good. I expected him to become a good starter in Winnipeg, but it just never happened. I see him now as a very good backup and a borderline starter, but not quite good enough to be a full time starter. So what happens with Judge then? Does he become a trading chip? Or does Francis become a trading chip? Hurl makes us better this year, and we have more than one good young depth player. Hurl signed a big contract with Winnipeg when he went to be a starter, but I think we can safely assume that he’s back to backup money now. This came out of the blue for me, but the more I think about it the more it makes sense. That Jones fella does seem to have a pretty big football brain.

  9. Chill people… Jonesy knows he’s a stop gap MLB and a special teams player. He came st a bargain. The dude wants to come home. He was a Rider before he was ever a Bomber. It all makes sense.
    This allow Henoc Muamba to take a breather when needed. When Henoc was pulled another Canadian was needed somewhere else. This helps!

  10. He’s a perennial backup with marginal athleticism- yes a character guy but good riddance from the Blue.

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