Former Rider Otha Foster signs with the B.C. Lions

The B.C. Lions have signed former Saskatchewan Roughrider defensive back Otha Foster.

Foster played in just three games last season for the Riders after returning from an unsuccessful stint in the NFL last September. He registered 11 tackles.

But the 29-year-old was once considered one of the best strong-side linebackers in the CFL. He’s played in 54 games over four seasons, registering 184 defensive tackles, six sacks and three interceptions.

“Otha is a talented and hard-hitting defensive back who can play both secondary spots as well as the nickel position,” general manager Ed Hervey said in a statement. “He brings us significant game-ready experience and is a definite upgrade for our defence.”

Foster will help fill the void created when Chandler Fenner signed with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.


13 Comments on Former Rider Otha Foster signs with the B.C. Lions

  1. Very sorry to see Otha go! He is good individual and great player! Wish him all the best

  2. Damn….first Muamba now Foster today.Sure hope Jones has a plan, we need to shore up our O while our D takes a hit.

  3. Moncrief likely replaces Foster. Easier to replace than Muamba. Hervey has his replacement for Fenner. Last of the 4 original Esk defectors to join Jones. Hervey is getting a lot of the old gang together again.

  4. Rick cowan // February 14, 2018 at 8:29 pm //

    Maybe Bear Woods for Mumba

  5. Rick cowan // February 14, 2018 at 9:50 pm //

    How many free agents have the Lion’s signed got to be close to a dozen

  6. Been a lot of activity this year. Can’t wait to see the on field product the CFL serves up this year

  7. Not at all surprized to see OTHA gone , injuries become his downfall with we Riders– as pointed out, Moncrief came out of nowhere , is younger/cheaper and more talented then Foster. I liked Foster as player with the Riders , wish him well with BC just not against us so much ,but his lost is not at all a big one for the green !!!

    • I agree 51. We can all speculate from behind a keyboard as to what we (In our expert opinion) think is best for the team. Jones and his staff know who they have and where they may fit into the scheme this season. Lost a few big names so far but also gained some cap space. Will be an interesting year – GO RIDERS

      • I beg to differ. You cannot count someone out because of one injury. Apparently you don’t KNOW OTHA or maybe you are just in your feelings. GOOOOOOOO LIONS! Moncrief is definitely NOT more talented than OTHA!

        • Sorry Otha has had multiple injuries, knee and chronic back being the worst, ;; the chronic lower back injury is probably WHY the RIDERS let him slide in F/A. Otha hurt his back in doing his tryout form the NFL last year, –eventually released —didn’t play till healthy once coming back to Riders , -reinjured the back— injury list, then got a head /upper back/neck injury in last game of season didn’t play in playoffs.. Damaged goods will be lucky to play 3 -5 games for lions this year if hit gain. Moncrief – 5 years younger then Foster-as fast / hits harder /bnigger body style — nastier !!! as in SEC athletic conference nasty!!!! Moncrief will make Rider nation forget about Otha totally by week 3 of the 2018 season. again thanks to OTHA , loved him in his prime as a Rider / Esk but no where close to what he once was.

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