Riders didn’t know about Duron Carter arrest when they signed new deal: Jones

Saskatchewan Roughriders head coach Chris Jones says he was not aware of Duron Carter’s November arrest for marijuana possession when the receiver signed a contract extension on Jan. 22.

Jones spoke to the media on Wednesday to talk about the team’s free agent acquisitions but talk inevitably turned to Carter, who is facing two separate marijuana possessions charges, both stemming from incidents in Western Canadian airports. He was caught with more than 30 grams of marijuana at Winnipeg International Airport on Nov. 25, 2017 then arrested again on Feb. 1 at the Saskatoon airport and charged with marijuana possession a second time.

In between, the Riders inked Carter to a one-year deal for 2018 that included a $70,000 signing bonus and could see him earn up to $175,000 in 2018. The deal includes $144,000 in “hard money,” $74,000 in base salary and $31,000 in playtime bonuses, per 3DownNation insider Justin Dunk.

Jones said he wasn’t aware of the charge Carter was facing when they agreed to the new deal.

“I was not aware,” Jones said. “At that time, he just had the one and he didn’t fill me in on it and I’d rather meet with him face-to-face where I can sit down with him and get his take on it. He and I have had one conversation about it, that’s when he was around in Saskatoon, and he and I are going to sit down in the next little bit and discuss what’s going on and hopefully put these things behind us and grow up a little bit.”

Under the current Criminal Code for a first offence involving possession of 30 grams of marijuana could lead to a $1,000 fine and a year in jail and while personal marijuana use is slated to become legal in Canada this summer, possession of more than 30 grams will still be against the law.

Jones says the team has investigated the possible legal ramifications for Carter but are optimistic he’ll be able to play this season.

“We’ll wait to see what the legal process goes through and what the authorities say and then we’ll have more of a comment on exactly what happens with Duron,” Jones said. “We’ve had our people look at it and it appears that it will just be a fine but we’ll have to wait and see.”

Jones visited with Carter in Florida before the new deal was signed and clearly felt that Carter was showing signs of increased maturity.

“It’s kind of like when a family member or close friend gets in a situation like that,” Jones said. “I was really disappointed, I thought we were a bit beyond that kind of thing,”

Carter will appear in Winnipeg court Feb. 15 and Saskatoon March 27.


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  1. Should be enough to buy him a good lawyer lol

  2. Bad to the bone // February 14, 2018 at 2:29 pm //

    Won’t need one. Comes clean with the Judge. Tells the Judge that Florida Pot is much more moist due to humidity there. Requests that they weigh it now. It’s had time to dry out in Winnipeg and should weigh under 30 grams. Then throws himself at the mercy of the court.

  3. Once is one thing. Carrying twice, caught twice is not showing increased maturity. Quite the opposite.

    • Agreed. Carrying twice, caught twice in an airport crossing the border shows no maturity, no intelligence and no responsibility. If he was smart, mature and responsible, it wouldn’t have happened once, certainly not twice in two months. Slow learner, apparently. If he was all those things, he also would have told the Riders upfront before taking a $70,000 signing bonus. There goes your loyalty to the Riders; obviously thought that he could pull one over on the Riders and get some money out of them in case things go bad in court. Don’t bother wasting any respect on this guy.

    • If immaturity was a felony, half the population would be in prison. Sounds like Duron will get a fine, maybe some community service and no record if he complies.

  4. Pennyrocker // February 14, 2018 at 2:46 pm //

    I would say very stupid move on Carter your crossing federal lines with Marijuana and get busted twice. When it easier to pick up good BC Bud when you settle in Regina or vice versa.

    I suggest play the get out a jail card admit your addiction and go into recovery.

    • Addiction? Recovery? Are you insane?

    • addiction, really!its weed not heroin. i bet your favorite movie is reefer madness.

    • Absolute, pure SIN, wait a few months and he and all the CFL players and coaches will be buying pot in the duty-free shops.then everyone will be happy!!! Gotta go to church Me and the preacher usually have a few hits before the sevice….88

  5. $70,000 up in smoke.

  6. Bad to the bone // February 14, 2018 at 2:53 pm //

    Hey… Up in Smoke. That was a Cheech and Chong Movie. Maybe Duron should become the new Millinium Cheech

  7. Rick Draho // February 14, 2018 at 2:57 pm //

    Sad to see a good talent go to waste.
    Hope he learns from this.

  8. Habsnriders // February 14, 2018 at 3:30 pm //

    Wow people lets get real here , it was pot not meth or heroin . It’s going to be legal soon . Yes he was stupid to have it in an airport but calling it an addiction like one poster mentioned is laughable. I would have a big problem with carter if he was an alcoholic , that’s a serious addiction . These guys bodies get beat up pretty badly and if pot relieves the pain go for it, better than being addicted to pain killers. But of course addictive pain killers are socially acceptable , ask Michael Jackson about oh wait we can’t he is dead from pain killers .

    • No kidding…..it’s not like he was selling meth out of his mom’s house then left his backpack when he ran from the police

  9. I have no idea whether Duron is an addict or not. What I care about is being stupid enough to get caught twice in a place where it will not become legal (an international flight) with an amount that will not become legal (30 grams). Then taking a signing bonus from a team that knows nothing about his court dates and a chance that his career there could be in jeopardy. Even though I am not a Jones fan, he has gone out of his way to encourage and assist Carter. He has also played to a mostly adoring fan base. Taking that signing bonus without being truthful, is like giving the finger to the franchise and the fans. The Riders should give him the finger right back.

  10. Showing signs of “increased maturity?

    Like signing a contract in bad faith, not telling anyone about an arrest for drug possession that could conceivably keep him out of the line up? Then smuggling pot across the border when coming into Canada to answer for the 1st conviction? That kind of maturity, Jones?
    Got it.

  11. Can Rakeem Cato come back to the CFL…NOW!?!
    Jesus. What a rank and imbecilic tool is Duron Carter.

    The biggest shame, in all his bullcrap, is Carter destroyed the career of a potentially great quarterback, and is still pulling this nonsense in the CFL.

    Surely, after all this, even GreenRider fans realise what manner of creature they have ahold of? OK…maybe I’m being too optimistic on that score. But still, Carter is a disaster. And the Alouettes could REALLY use Cato around now.

    Drew Willy…grumble grumble…

    • I don’t always agree with you but on this, you are right on. Duron Carter is an idiotic disgrace. I wonder if some still think he should be the face of the league, used for marketing the CFL? He will finish more careers with his antics before he is likely done. What a shame.

  12. Jones makes it seem like no big deal which is concerning. To me it sends a message to young fans (kids) that smoking pot is ok. Really sad because this idiot seems to be an idol to small kids in SK.If the CFL ha any balls they would suspend him for a few games….doubt it though.

    • Ridersnhabs // February 14, 2018 at 8:15 pm //

      Omg you are such an idiot I’m suprised you can even function in society. So let’s see if I can get my head wrapped around your brilliant post . So carter is sending a message to kids that it’s ok to smoke pot . Just getting things clear here .
      You do realize that in a few months it will be legal , yes the government has passed legislation that it will be legal . Are you getting this ? It’s not carter saying it’s ok it’s our entire country .
      Is it your dislike of carter to say that or is it that your simply not that bright ? aim going with a bit of both .
      Run along now and let the intelligent adults play

  13. Pennyrocker // February 14, 2018 at 5:42 pm //

    Nostredummass anything can be an addiction little do you know. If a substance effects your mood or behavior or if you find once you start you can not quit that addiction. You say you can not be addicted to Marijuana you is bullshit. There are affiliated groups out there just for Marijuana
    Besides not much difference from being bombed on alcohol and flying high than a kite.Both are considered gate way drugs.

  14. Ridershabs
    Just because pot will be legal doesnt mean a pro athlete should get away with it now. I for one would not want my 10 yr old kid looking up to him and thinking …Duron does it so its ok. For that matter I dont care if it was Matt Nichols or Mike Reilly who got caught it just sends the wrong message…..ps if you think its ok maybe they should let them drink beer and toke up on the sidelines…no big deal right?

    • C’mon man…..the frigging prime minister says it’s OK for crying out loud. Mind you he’s a complete idiot,but I’m certain more 10 year olds have no flipping idea who the hell Duron Carter is.

    • Ridersnhabs // February 15, 2018 at 10:09 am //

      Oh so now he is doing it on the sidelines this just keeps getting better and better . I sure hope you have never had a beer in front of a 10 year old .
      i was going to try and explain more but your thinking reminds me of the people that made the movie reefer madness to scare the public . Follow along little sheep follow along

  15. Anne Allman // February 15, 2018 at 8:30 am //

    As an American and a devout fan of the Canadian Football League, I am embarrassed by this guy. Our American players should serve as goodwill ambassadors to the country and league which have welcomed them.

    • We’ve had plenty of much worse Americans come up here, from Lawrence Phillips to Eric Tillman. Carter obviously has an ample case of ADD or something of that sort, but a little bit of pot and scatterbrained behaviour is nothing by comparison. Carter has actually done a great deal of good up here as well, and he’s genuinely a nice and personable guy.

    • Ridersnhabs // February 15, 2018 at 10:14 am //

      Omg you make me laugh . You live in a country that has pot already legal in a number of states with more to follow and your embarrassed by carter .
      Instead of being worried about Duran carter smoking some weed that will soon be legal in Canada you might want to focus on your children being murdered in schools because of your gun laws.
      Ya kinda makes the Duran carter thing look pretty trivial doesn’t it.

  16. If this guy was on any other team than the sliders their fans would be all over this guy, but because he is a sliders player it’s ok.

  17. Ridersnhabs // February 15, 2018 at 10:24 am //

    Oh yes of course he is the only guy in the entire CFL that smokes pot . Well I think they should stone him at centre field , what do you think . All us “slider” fans at the first game stone carter
    I wonder if you realize how childish and immature your slider term makes you look. 3 done nation has really opened my eyes to the fact that there are a lot of rednecks in Canada .
    I can picture you with you talking with your cronies 4 or 5 teeth blackened by chewing tobacco among the lot of you cackling about carter and the sliders . Oh to be a fly on that wall.

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