Canadian receiver Jake Harty spurns Alouettes to sign with Riders

National pass catcher Jake Harty was reportedly set to sign in Montreal as part of Tuesday’s free agent frenzy, according to Dave Naylor of TSN.

But that has changed.

Harty had 26 catches for 226 yards and one TD with Ottawa in 2017. He’s a rare Canadian receiver that can make an impact on special teams. The 27-year-old was selected in the second round, 10th overall in the 2015 CFL draft by the Redblacks.

The University of Calgary product had consistent production the last half of 2017 and it seems like he could break out soon.


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  1. So Piffles Podcast had it first, please credit them, which proper journalists should do.

  2. Rather Be In Hell // February 18, 2018 at 12:03 pm //

    Probably half the cost of what the Bombers gave to Demski

    • Cal Gary Shampeders // February 18, 2018 at 4:11 pm //

      For half the player. Seems fair.

      • Demski was okay. However, in 2 or 3 with the Riders I don’t think he ever played a full season. He has potential, but seems to be injury prone and drops a lot or misses. He only had 200 some yards receiving last season, in 9 games, and almost 200 of those were in 2 games.

      • Rather Be In Hell // February 18, 2018 at 7:23 pm //

        Half the player? That remains to be seen. Looking at the stats, if Harty is given the same reps as Demski, he should yield similar results. Demski, while younger, appears to have considerably more miles on his body and can’t be relied on for an 18 game schedule.

  3. Bad to the bone // February 18, 2018 at 12:11 pm //

    Oh my, my! How horrible and terrible it must be. The heartbreak and anguish the ALs and ALS fan must feel after this ordeal. I mean Canadian receiver Jake Harty (who?) signed with the Riders instead of Montreal. That Perfectly sized wonderful, awesome, colourful, artsy fun city of Montreal (IMHO) lost out to the Riders. (All in good fun)
    Truly if this was a player in the top 5 of TSNs top 50. It may actually mean something is trending. Since our young Canadian receiver special teamer Jake Harty is not really known to anyone outside of Ottawa. Even within Ottawa probably no more than only 25% of Ottawa fans know of him. It really means nothing at all.
    Jake may have signed in Saskatchewan simply because the opportunity presented itself at the last minute and for Jake. It’s thousands of kilometres closer to home.

    • Why assume “only 25% of Ottawa fans know of him”? RBNation loves Harty but knew he was hoping to play closer to home. He’s a sure-handed receiver who excels on special teams and, given the right opportunity, is ready to break out. Riders fans will adore him.

    • Sorry bad to the bone and speak for yourself because this fan knows him well and sees he is ready to breakout. You need to pay a little more attention cause he should be on everyones radar and if can fight for good playtime everyone will know his name

      • Bad to the bone // February 18, 2018 at 10:01 pm //

        Oh bull shit Rider on the Island. 27-year-old Jake Hardy has dressed for 34 career regular-season games for the Redblacks. Collecting a whopping 36 receptions for 307 yards and one touchdown while adding 12 special-teams tackles. Ya sure he’s on everyone Radar. Just because you may have heard of him dosent mean squat. If this kid was a Canadian the trolls would be all over this.
        To say he’s going to have a break out season is nothing but hopefull thinking. Nic Demsky is much better situated to have a break out season. Jake Hardy coming to SK with the receiving core here. His chances are even less now than they were in the last 36 games in Ottawa.
        I stick to my comment. Jake signed closer to home. He will be a special teamer. I will add that Jake will most likely fill in as a receiver on injury to the already signed Canadian receivers.

    • Another player who is given a spot because of the ratio.
      Reduce the ratio and guys like Harty who may have been a good CIS player, wouldn’t have a job. He would be replaced by a faster more entertaining, talented international.

      • Cal Gary Shampeders // February 18, 2018 at 4:13 pm //

        Do you mean a drug-addicted headcase like Duron Carter or a woman abuser like Chad Ochocinco?

        Without the ratio, Canadians will lose interest in the sport and the CFL will die. Otherwise your idea is a great one.

    • True green // February 18, 2018 at 2:26 pm //

      If only 25% of Ottawa fans are aware of one of their own Canadian receivers, that says a lot (and nothing very positive) about Ottawa fans. That is NOT the impression I get of Ottawa fans.

      A quality Canadian talent at a good price is always a player to covet and to be aware of.

  4. Was hoping we would have signed him for decent Canadian depth.

  5. Good signing will help the Rider’s depth

  6. Anthony Kaduck // February 18, 2018 at 2:03 pm //

    Good signing. He has a lot of potential and Ottawa fans will miss him. I just wonder how Sask has the cap space for another free agent.

    • True green // February 18, 2018 at 2:28 pm //

      Dropped Dennis and Muamba. That opened up $400,000 plus I believe.

      • greenenvy? // February 18, 2018 at 3:17 pm //

        Well yes & no. You’re missing your entire starters @LB with Muamba, Knox & Foster gone. You’re not going to fill all those spots from within. Expect Bear Woods or Taylor Reed to be signed, for one.

        • True green // February 18, 2018 at 4:04 pm //

          Youre right, but I didn’t say we don’t need MLB. I said we have room in the cap given the released players. I like Muamba, but if he can be replaced by an American it will be at a lesser cost. I’m partly hoping for Bear, but I also feel we need to add youth.

          Big if, but If Judge plays this year and is any good that would be really helpful. Still, we need someone solid at MLB. Maybe Muambas too rich for another club and stays in green for less money. One can hope.

          • Rather Be In Hell // February 18, 2018 at 6:12 pm //

            Woods won’t be signed. He doesn’t Jones’ scheme. Knox and Foster were barely part of the team last season. As Moncrief and Eguaveon are already slotted into the Will and Sam positions, MLB is the only need. If Jones is going to deploy an International at that spot, there’s no way he drops over a hundred grand to do so. Why cut Muamba, a National, if that was the case? Look for the spot to be filed by aplayer already on the roster or look for a rookie International that cost the minimum to be brought in.

  7. Reed released Giguère and Carroll, another Canadian retired so a quick scroll down their roster currently shows two iffy nationals left, Haidara and Johnson, three if you want to stretch things and include Patrick Lavoie, but face it he’s a pure fullback. Even assuming going all American at the receiver spot how in hell does that help your ratio situation ? Injuries can and do impact your roster in a big way over a full season. Does anyone know if there are legitimate CFL caliber receivers to be drafted this year ? What a circus in Montreal.

    • Reduce or eliminate the ratio and let team sign the best players for the job. Fans could actually see more talented imports like Ellingson, Spencer, SJ Green etc and less Giguere’s Harty’s and Giovanni’s
      Come on CFL it’s time for a change, we need to attract a younger fan base

      • Reduce then eliminate Canadian content and you will eventually kill off the league entirely. Once Canadian boys have no outlet beyond University ball the interest in the sport will die off in this country. The next step will be the CFL itself, why bother let’s just all watch the NFL all we have up here are Americans who can’t make the grade. I guess you Canadian talent haters simply cant grasp that concept eh ?

  8. Great move by Harty to avoid the Kavis Reed debacle.

  9. Depth move, but he’s also a coach’s kid and he won a GC in Ottawa as well, so he brings some intangibles to the team as well. Good signing.

  10. You know the song, “Alouette, gentil Alouette”?
    to goes on to detail all the parts of the bird about to be plucked. “Je te plumerais la tete.” etc etc.
    Pretty much describes the way Kavis Reed is dismantling the Alouettes:

    Death By a Thousand Plucks.

  11. Agree, good depth piece. Now can they please address the OLine??? Need Campbell and another centre would be great too!!!

    • Rather Be In Hell // February 18, 2018 at 6:15 pm //

      With the addition of Bond, LaBatte will likely move to Centre fulltime. The OL didn’t play better than when he filed in for Clark last season. Campbell’s 2 game suspension is keeping teams at bay. They’ll let his price continue to drop before he’s signed.

  12. Riders2013 // February 18, 2018 at 3:21 pm //

    Too much credit is being given to Naylor assuming that Harty was on his way to Montreal. Until a deal is signed, I pay no attention to DN and 3DN rumours of player movement from the almighty “sources say”. Montreal may have been in the mix, but it’s obvious that the Riders were in the mix as well and Naylor jumped the gun. I’m no Kavis fan, but Naylor clearly has egg on his face for shoddy “journalism”. #cliches lol

    • greenenvy? // February 18, 2018 at 3:34 pm //

      It’s not unusual for players to switch at the last minute – so what? If the reason Harty went to Riders ultimately was money, outbidding Reed is not a good thing. But Riders clearly need better Canadian content at receiver with Demski gone & not knowing what Bagg has left. Also, as mentioned in a previous item, with Muamba gone, they may want to go with 2 Nationals at receiver, especially if they stay with 2 imports on the OL. So it’s a good signing for sure but it would be interesting to know how much was paid for him. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was LaFrance type money.

    • naylor works for the network that also employs onwrong and o’Fool. What does that tell you?

  13. greenenvy? // February 18, 2018 at 3:24 pm //

    Good signing & has to be better than just a depth piece. Badly need help @ National receiver & he will. Right now you have:
    Bagg-33 & worst campaign of his career stat wise. Least yds (except inury year 2012), yds/catch 2nd worst of career & despite mostly short passes, caught only 57%. Also, as noted by TSN stats guy, only 1 of 3 receivers in league not able to break a single tackle after catch – the dreaded “Kenny Shaw award”.
    Other Nationals- Bailey in 5th year & stats down every year. Stanford, 3rd year hasn’t established himself, Radford & Picton no experience to speak of.
    In other words, you need a veteran presence besides Bagg who, wait for the outrage, was ineffective last year & that’s an understatement. Be happy you got Harty.

  14. Giving Jake Harty $150k is absurd. You cannot overpay that badly for a ST guy. Riders have made some nice moves so far but this is horrifically bad. Kavis Reed should be thankful the Regina saved him from himself.

  15. While it may seem a bit unfair to go against your word, until a contract is actually signed players can change their minds. Harty got a better deal. Considering that an injury can happen anytime then good for him. He is closer to home & on a much better team.

  16. I forseee the ratio rules changing in the future as many on this site like to discuss. In order to give the cap a break for every team and increase profits and exposure the roster guidelines will go as follows: only 7 non Canadian’s will be starters for each team and the rest of the starters will be Canadian. A true CFL roster with the starting QB being a mandatory native born Canadian. Everybody have fun putting these rosters together.

  17. Can’t believe $150K for special teamer and back up. If correct, must be a lot of play time incentives and bad news for Bagg.

  18. It was reported on this site that Montreal had given Harty $125k – – where would a “better deal” from Regina put him?

    I’ll wait for a Rider Apologist to explain how living in Regina rather than Montreal is a “better deal”.

  19. Another great depth piece for the Riders. Our Canadian depth issues have improved immensely over the last 2 years. I had no idea who Harty was until last year and was quite impressed by what I saw in limited action. Trending in the right direction.

    • Picking up Mrabure, Zver and Guy helped a lot. We lost Mrabure of course but we gained Evans, so still trending up. Guy was buried in a suddenly deep group of young OLs, so we traded him to Calgary for DB Adam Laurensse who we just signed.

  20. What, they did not pay this guy 150K did they? Even if they did who cares it’s February.

  21. People need to lose the whole “we need more Americans so it’s better football” crap.
    It’s the CANADIAN Football League.
    Go watch NFL if you want to watch more Americans.

    • I’m with you Billy. Great point !! – But hey I also love the NFL, however I want our game to retain it’s Canadian flavour. You have about 60-65 players drafted each year from the Canadian ranks, They are the best of the best and even at that maybe15 or so will stick. It is statistically harder to make a CFL roster than the NHL if you’re a young Canadian athlete. To me these boys should be celebrated not demeaned and ridiculed by someone hiding behind a computer screen who never in a million years could ever hope to achieve that himself.

  22. Bingo

  23. Provemewrong // February 18, 2018 at 11:15 pm //

    Wow.. This guy is obviously just short of a load. Giving up a great city like Montreal for “Regina” I mean the best thing they can offer is Pilsner and Agribition… Yee Haw … Them sheep sure look pretty.

    • Your ignorance continues to shine brightly. What a complete idiotic, Clueless piece of sh it you are. Let me guess, your form one of the provinces that the Sask people built when they so humbly and selflessly left their home province to help out the useless migrants of other parts of the country to help build them up to the economic powerhouse that Sask is.

  24. Jim Morrison // February 19, 2018 at 6:35 am //

    National WR Alex Morrison,UBC, 2017 4th round, 29th overall, has signed a two year deal with Montreal. Go Alex, Go Als!

  25. Riders2013 // February 19, 2018 at 8:02 am //

    Man the Riders can’t be stupid enough to pay Harty $150k but cut Muamba to save $185k would they? (The $35k January boys already paid and counts). If they did that they should’ve cut CO2 and saved his $160k instead.

  26. I could see Owens and possibly even Bagg not making this team this year, just by age and salary alone.

  27. Owens was reported here on 3DN to have taken a pay cut, but I have trouble believing he was making $160k in the first place. He wasn’t in a position to demand a top salary when we signed him.

    I doubt that we’ll cut Bagg either. If we were thinking about that I think we would have kept Demski. I think we only had room for one of them and we picked the veteran Bagg, which was the right call imo, a tough call but the right call.

    • Was your ham radio down the past few weeks? Demski was going home to Wpg. There was no option to keep him. Bagg was B-A-D last year – career lows almost across the board in all stats. As for Owens, why keep him even at a lower salary? Teams aren’t exactly beating down the door to sign him. Clear up some CAP space & say bye-bye.

      • Ya, Bagg didn’t have a great year in 2017, but I thought Owens contributed well for the small amount of time he played.

  28. Pennyrocker // February 19, 2018 at 1:50 pm //

    Someone said these are Canadian game so why would we want to change the ratio except the QB that needs to be changed. After all how many American QB come up here and shine per ratio. Time will tell with Harty and being a day drive from his home in Cowtown makes it easier. Don’t know if Harty can understand French. Also with Jones and the way he shifts players around if he not thinking of shifting Nick James to Middle Linebacker.

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