Duron Carter marijuana case heard in Winnipeg court: report

Riders receiver Duron Carter has a new court date set for his marijuana charge in Winnipeg.

Carter was caught with more than 30 grams of marijuana at Winnipeg International Airport on Nov. 25, 2017.

Under the current Criminal Code, a first offence involving possession of 30 grams of marijuana could lead to a $1,000 fine and a year in jail. And while personal marijuana use is slated to become legal in Canada this summer, possession of more than 30 grams will still be against the law.

The enigmatic receiver is facing two separate marijuana possessions charges, both stemming from incidents in Western Canadian airports. Carter was also found with marijuana at the Saskatoon airport earlier this year, though details on the amount have yet to be reported. For that charge, Carter’s date in Saskatoon Provincial Court is on March 27.


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  1. Rocky Mountain High // March 13, 2018 at 10:54 am //

    I’m no legal expert,but this will be the 4th date for this charge. Is is lawyer delaying things?

    • Delay it til it’s legal. I don’t even understand why they are wasting money on prosecuting these cases anymore. Who cares?!

      • Rocky Mountain High // March 13, 2018 at 11:34 am //

        I’m not sure it works that way, the date he committed the crime, it was still illegal regardless of when his final court date is. Besides this, what he did will still be illegal.

      • Blue rules // March 13, 2018 at 11:59 am //

        Regardless if it were legal by the time DC’s court date, the charges would apply. Not to mention DC had 30 grams, that amount will still be illegal. often a lawyer delays until they get the judge they want…..note I was NOT a criminal…..many of my friends were!!

      • More than 30 grams caught at the airport on his way into Canada!!! then caught again.
        Likely ONE year in prison , it wasn’t for personal use unless it was less than 30g.
        He’s not a Canadian citizen either – jail and then deported

        • Brian Lazorko // March 13, 2018 at 2:28 pm //

          Don’t be an idiot. He was not charged with trafficking or intent to traffic. This is simple possession so is relatively minor. Are you trying to be a jerk or does it just come naturally for you?

          • We all know the law is changing re Marijuana
            The court case will be based on current law. However the court of public opinion should be a little more understanding. For example the liquor co tr boards will be selling marijuana at approx $10 per gram. Take 30 grams it would cost legally $300. To think he would be distributing is not plausible. He will not be doing jail time. The cfl suspension will be the most costly and effective.

          • If it was relatively minor than why is there a 1000 fine and year in jail thats not minor

        • brian johnson // March 17, 2018 at 12:23 am //

          Hopefully. Well said

      • Are you daft? 30 grams would still be illegal. Law is pushed back to 2019 and will likely never be enacted since the provinces and municipalities are threatening to sue the Federal government.

      • Johnny Blumpkin // March 13, 2018 at 2:08 pm //

        You’re an idiot.

      • SupaFlea // March 14, 2018 at 6:00 pm //

        Even in the states where its legal you can’t travel with 30+ grams! And then the audacity to do it twice? Similar to his attitude towards authority in this game of football. He needs a league mandated hiatus!

  2. Blue rules // March 13, 2018 at 11:04 am //

    A beautiful Tuesday morning….Doh.. Riders story again.. come on..

    • Well, you did say it was a beautiful morning……….

    • Perhaps another “what dipping sauce goes best with your team colors.” article? Or more goofy hockey uni’s…..
      Barely more than a zip of ganja…..zzzzzzzzzz…..world’s a changing…..but pretty stupid he wasn’t able to figure out a means of transport short of the airport?

    • Gotta get those clicks – was slow last week Blue.

  3. Caught not once but twice, at airports no less, in less than a year? Like come on guy. He either doesn’t care enough to respect the law, or he’s not a very smart individual. I know it’s only pot and it will be legal later this year, but as of now it’s not. Maybe after getting caught the first time you’d think to leave your baggy behind?

    • Ease up, Joe. MJ is not a PED, and certainly not a hard drug. Safer than alcohol, I will suggest. He’s going to get a fine and not one day in jail. He will be out torching opposition DBs all year long!

      • But it was more than 30 grams and caught by Border Service agents twice. That is classed as a “dealer” He’s not a Canadian citizen.
        One year in jail, deported not allowed to return

  4. Over 30 grams would still be over the legal limit when it’s legalized so either way he would be facing these charges, not very smart to have that quantity with him at an airport of all places but he’ll probably get off pretty easy anyway.

  5. Jeff Dummy Stump // March 13, 2018 at 12:15 pm //

    My buddy got a DUI at one point, and his lawyer just kept pushing the court date. After a lot of time of pushing the court date, he ended up with a fine instead of losing his license. Now, I am not sure how or why that exactly happened, but the lawyer must know something that we don’t. Giving Carter anything more than a fine doesn’t make sense, as the gov’t wants to clear all marijuana convictions when it becomes legal (just like they are doing down in the states).

    • What does that have to do with this case?
      Carter is not a Canadian citizen and was caught IMPORTING over 30 grams – he’s a dealer in the eyes of the law.
      If it was for his own use (less than 30g) and he was a Canadian citizen then he would have a chance.
      But it’s Good-Bye Duron

    • greenenvy? // March 13, 2018 at 1:30 pm //

      Keep up with the news Stumpy. The provinces aren’t going to be ready for July & there is talk now that the whole legalization is going to be put back for awhile. Justin throws all this at the provinces without much thought. There is consultation going on with the states down south where it was legalized & they’re telling us it isn’t that simple. So if, for whatever perceived advantage, his lawyer thinks delaying is going to benefit Carter, he should think twice. And don’t you think the judges might be saying “enough” after a delay or 2. Or are they all that stupid to not know what’s going on?

  6. Pennyrocker // March 13, 2018 at 12:42 pm //

    Crossing a federal border with mj is a serious offense when you get caught twice. The lawyer is pushing the date hopeful to put both dates together. That way the first charge has no bearing on the second.

  7. Rider4life // March 13, 2018 at 12:44 pm //

    What a bunch of crap by DC haters he had 30 grams or less a possession charge on both charges sounds like so much 1 ounce. Well the thing is he’s only human I have had a ounce on me and stopped 5 yrs ago 280 dollar fine . So do your research as he was selling it was personal. I know him personally and great guy on and off the field as he smokes weed off the field. Not like Jordan Reeves for cocaine.

    • Blue rules // March 13, 2018 at 2:53 pm //

      Why can’t Rider’s fan read (sorry that’s a redundant question) Carter was caught with MORE,MORE,MORE than not less 30 grams. Just read the article (again redundant)

  8. Oh because he was like 2 grams over the personal use limit he’s a dealer? I didn’t read the part where he had a scale and baggies and small bills hahaha. Some of you guys are so out of touch, but you’re funny!

  9. Dennis Quintin // March 13, 2018 at 12:52 pm //

    All the jealous rider haters , making a mountain out of a mole hill, get a life assholes’!

    • Hey denise if this happened to any other team you sliders fans wouldnt stop chirping as you always do , but because ur precious little sliders player you think its ok to break the law get a life

  10. Well one could safety conclude that Duron is leading by example, right? How much longer will Jones patience hold out is the real question. Further, why is Rider management always in some crisis mode? Embarrassing to CFL considering the leagues “greatest” franchise. Cheezzz.

  11. thethinman // March 13, 2018 at 1:07 pm //

    Delay the inevitable till the season. Start the 10 week theatrical run of Duron Carter starring in “Return Of The Dummy”. Opening credits with “I’m An Adult Now” playing in the background, ironically performed by Pursuit of Happiness which is what got DC in trouble to begin with.

  12. Bombs away // March 13, 2018 at 1:40 pm //

    Kim, lucky for him the security agent had a scale. How do you think it goes when you’re .10 and driving? only .02 over the limit! Some kids are harder to train.

    • Bombs Away you don’t get it old man. Take a nap and wake up when the B.B. miss another GC. Bye!

  13. This clown’s Visa should be revoked. No Canadian in the US would be allowed to maintain his Visa with two charges like these. And there is no need to wait, its not like the drugs were “planted” twice!

  14. Blue rules // March 13, 2018 at 2:23 pm //

    Curious, is Dummy Duron still flapping his lips at Manziel??

  15. Does not matter how many time his lawyer has it extended, it was illegal when he was caught. When it becomes legal will have no bearing on anything..

  16. Bombs away // March 13, 2018 at 3:57 pm //

    Kim, The charge is he had more than 30 grams, not 30 grams… MORE, maybe 40, maybe 50. Cutoff = 30 . You did go to school long enough to know what more means right? Or are you one of those who gets confused with any number higher than 12?
    Yeeeeaaaahhhh!!!!! ” whistle…13″ Boooooooooooo!!!!!

    • Bombs Away. LOL. A little upset are we? You’re pathetic. Enjoy hating your life today buddy! I bet you’re single.

  17. Nobody should be anxious to condone DC’s stupid, and yes, still criminal activity. However, it is obvious that there are no legal minds on this site…or minds, period.
    First of all, the maximum penalties are almost never imposed. Second, I can’t find any indication that he was charged with trafficking. And while some correctly posted that he will be tried under current law, regardless of trial date, the courts are already backlogged, and if possession becomes legal, they will be anxious to quickly to dispose of these nuisance cases, which means accepting a plea, or dismissing entirely. Remember that the burden of proof is on the crown, and they haven’t even seen fit to lay a charge of trafficking, because the facts don’t support same.
    Come on people…stop the myopic (use your dictionary…hint, look under M) trolling.

  18. Bombs away // March 13, 2018 at 8:54 pm //

    Dakac, Nobody but you mentioned trafficking. Possession… and possession of over 30 grams will never be legal. With the current and proposed law this is hardly a nuisance case. The government will be very happy to lay down the law instead of bending over and setting a precedent. Burden of proof? Pretty hard to argue otherwise when it’s found in your possession . Check C45

    • Hahaha Bombs Away scratching and clawing to get his digs in. Slow day in Winnipeg when you’re unemployed and single eh. Loser!

  19. Cheech with da Bong man. // March 13, 2018 at 9:01 pm //

    Man some of you Dudes are way off. It was 100% for Personal. When your a friendly fellow and you roll u some Monsta Doobies. Dem boys are smoked up in a BUOW party jam. Then we be Jammin. BUO is bring your own. Then after spinnin some magical tines. We do it all again. We all share and we all have fun. Come un jam with us. You’se be happy just the the rest of us.
    So my good friends so called over 30 grams is on hold. It’s on hold in a dry ass Winnipeg Sherrifs Departments safe. It be drying and drying good. He’s be coming from Florida. Everything comin from there be damp with Humid Moisture. We be thinking by April my good friend asks for a re weigh in front of the cloacked ruler. Then he be seein no way more than 1 OZ. He be reading maybe 26 grams. Then my good friend be within the Canada allowed Party stash.
    So why all the cussin and fussin on here man. Stop the hate, plant a seed, show the love with a shower can. Open your heart to the sunshine people.
    Don’t be pickin on my good friend. I’m laying down da good old sayin… Don’t Worry Be happy man. Just be happy.

    • Very scientific….nice…..can we get your thoughts on deflate-gate and the ideal gas law?

  20. This message brought to you by Justin Trudeau 🙂

  21. Edward Leslie // March 13, 2018 at 11:57 pm //

    I sure wouldnt want to be an interviewer going into the Roughriders dressing room. First you have to deal with one of the most unfriendly and anti-media people around, Mr. Chris Jones. He’s probably second only to Ed Hervey as the most secretive and paranoid CFL people.
    Secondly, the dressing room atmosphere probably resembles a Bob Marley concert with a haze of marijuana smoke emanating everywhere and stinking up beautiful Mosaic Field. Something tells me there’s lots of weedheads on that team besides DC. Stay clear, Gainer!

    • Edward, it sounds like you’ve been enveloped in a haze of marijuana smoke.

    • lol! They’re going to have to change the saying for your EL! Clearly you really took it hard when Jones jilted the Esks.

      “Hell hath no fury like a woman or Edward Leslie scorned!”

      • greenenvy? // March 14, 2018 at 9:59 am //

        Not sure the Eskimos are missing those 4th & 5th place finishes. Do you think bringing on players from the chokers you love to hate is a winning formula? Seems to be a disconnect between Jones’ thinking & his followers.

  22. Edward Leslie // March 14, 2018 at 12:20 am //

    Cheech with the Bong Man:
    LOL To use your vernacular, Homie, you be fryin’ brain cells smokin dat stuff. It ain’t referred to as “skunk” for nuttin! It stinks! Put down da chronic and you be chillin for shizzel. Word! Dey be called da “GREEN Riders” for a reason… all dat but they be blazin. Duron is the Jerry Garcia of da Riders!

  23. Edward Leslie // March 14, 2018 at 9:26 am //

    It’s just that I’m not very politically correct. I don’t think legalizing marijuana is a very good idea.
    Plus I’m astonished at how many players who have been involved with dope, PEDs and/or spousal abuse have been members of the Saskatchewan Roughriders since Chris Jones showed up in Regina. Justin Cox, Jordan Reaves, Melvin Abankwah (all no longer there), along with current Riders Duron Carter, Marcus Thigpen, Willie Jefferson, Trent Richardson, Bruce Campbell, Taylor Mays and Shaq Evans. At least ten, maybe more.
    Chris Jones just says that he’s “disappointed”. Disappointed that they broke the law, or disappointed that they got caught??

  24. Edward Leslie // March 14, 2018 at 9:35 am //

    I forgot about Defensive lineman Makana Henry, who did prison time for drugs and violent crimes in the past. So, that makes 11! Any others that I’m missing?
    I guess Chris can say he’s the Head Coach, General Manager, Defensive Coordinator… and Warden of the Saskatchewan Roughriders! Randy Ambrosie needs to look into this situation because it’s giving the CFL a blackeye.

    • For Christ sake Eddie – this has been beaten like an old rug for long enough don’t you think ? But don’t worry, there will be 3 more articles to follow just to keep those “clicks” up

    • Blue rules // March 14, 2018 at 11:19 am //

      “A mistake repeated more than once is a decision” Paulo Coelho

  25. Edward Leslie the cfl already has a black eye because of ignorant fans like yourself. No wonder the league can’t grow! Fans like you that’s why.

  26. Do you think football players are all sons of preachers, choir boys, super-volunteers, raised in two parent homes, all with the same start to life and the advantages that most CFL fans living in Canada had? Think again. A lot of these guys come from places you and I would not dare step foot in and they persevered through athletics to have a better life than the family and friends they left behind (go google former Rider Taj Smith’s escape from Chicago). They make mistakes and that is life (I dont count DV or sexual assault as a mistake. Get rid of those guys). To continually call out these young men on transgressions for simple possession or PEDs (that they felt necessary to seek employment (still wrong) is tiresome and stupid. You obviously have hate toward the Riders. We get it. I am a CFL fan. Lots of great talented people from all backgrounds, all with different paths to get here. Take it easy.

  27. Now this is the true reason why he did not sign in the NFL. It is not because he loves Saskatchewan it is because no NFL would want him because of these charges.

  28. Bombs away // March 14, 2018 at 12:18 pm //

    And now his CFL career is hanging by a thin thread, OK two thin threads. Worst place to get caught with too much of the good stuff, in an airport where you just can’t blame it as being someone else’s goodies.
    It’s Tuesday already. Must be time for another story from the Droiders.

  29. Edward Leslie // March 14, 2018 at 1:51 pm //

    Sec. 39: Stop, you’re breaking my heart. LOL
    You just sound like an enabler, making excuses for stoners, drug cheats and thugs. Are you by any chance a member if the supreme court or a supporter of Justin Trudeau?
    I DON’T hate the Saskatchewan Roughriders, I’m merely pointi g out that since Chris Jones came to town, the Riders have become the Rogue’s gallery of the CFL. Besides the 11 offenders that I already mentioned, lets not forget that he tried to NEG list infamous NFL pariah Defensive lineman Greg Hardy and tried to workout Johnny Manziel too.
    He won’t be happy until Saskatchewan’s football team is the mirror image of the prison team from “The Longest yard”.

  30. Edward Leslie // March 14, 2018 at 1:57 pm //

    Jimmy, can you elaborate on how my remarks are ignorant? I thought my viewpoints through and can back up my opinions. Can you? Or are you just such a Saskatchewan fanatic, that they can do no wrong in your eyes? If so, I would suggest that’s the epitome of “ignorance”.

  31. Eddie my man, you don’t hate??? Come on you are merely pointing out things that are so common in pro football and not just on the Riders! You don’t think there are other players in the CFL/NFL/NCAA/AFL outside the Riders that have used performance enhancing drugs? Weed? This stuff predates Chris Jones’ time in the CFL (Allen Pitts, Dexter Manley (the list is huge dude). Your agenda is clear to everyone here (hate on Jones, hate on Riders, hate life). The Rogue Gallery of the CFL? Tell me, in Chris Jones’ time in Sask. how many players have toured the province supporting anti-bullying, helping the community visiting rural and northern schools? What about going and seeing fans in physical rehabilitation centres where there is no press? You don’t care that this happens. It also happens in all corners of the CFL by players that have made the mistakes you constantly re-hash over and over again. You are a sky is falling, Chris Jones hating, nothing to add, poster that has taken enough time whining and crying to make a horse blush.

    Signed Supreme Court Sec. 39

  32. Edward Leslie // March 14, 2018 at 3:21 pm //

    Puck hog, I intend to keep off the grass, unless it’s the freshly mowed grass on the lawn.
    Despite what all the phony junk science claims, it does destroy brain cells. It does lead to harder drugs. And it absolutely, positively stinks.

  33. Edward Leslie // March 14, 2018 at 3:32 pm //

    Sec. 39: Section 39 could also be a wing of the psycho ward. LOL
    I understand that there have been thugs and lowlifes on every CFL team,except for the Atlantic Schooners. However most teams have one or two shady characters… SASKATCHEWAN has 11! Thats a pretty big disparity, no?
    If I’m wrong about Chris Jones, why doesn’t he come out with a statement saying something like the following:
    “The Saskatchewan Roughriders organization DOES NOT condone the use of illegal drugs, Performance Enhancing drugs, violent conduct towards women or any other conduct that places our organization or the Canadian Football League in a bad light. We will take a zero tolerance towards players who can’t adhere to specified rules of conduct in future.”
    No, instead we get “I’m disappointed.” Its obvious that he’s complicit in the misdeeds by looking the other way and not caring.

    • Puck hog // March 14, 2018 at 6:04 pm //

      Haha, Eddie! After reading your comment, I am inclined to believe you know all about the psycho ward.
      Regardless, it is plain to see that the haters are the fearful.

  34. I have to head to my electro shock therapy here in two minutes, so I don’t have the time to comb over the 75+ players signed to the other CFL rosters, to research the background of each player to nitpick the possible human indiscretions each has made. Nor do I want to. Go check out Tony Washington or Chris Rainey. Still on rosters! You say the Riders have 11 thugs. You mention Shaq Evans, he was just signed, likely has not even seen Regina, yet he is included. You include Justin Cox, who the Riders went on record saying they would not welcome him back, even if the CFL did. You fail to look under other rocks while throwing stones. There are and will always be checkered pasts in the CFL. This league is not alone, the Riders are not alone.

  35. Run the clock out to where this substance is legal is how I’d run his defence – and I’m no lawyer.

    The gov’ts (fed/provs) are all still working out the rules on how to handle these situations and how to handle past convictions some of which in the 60s and 70s landed folks in jail.

  36. Edward Leslie // March 15, 2018 at 3:09 pm //

    Right you are, Greg. The U.S. actually tried to deport John Lennon because of a simple marijuana possession charge backbin the 70s. Things have sure changed a lot in the last 40 years!
    I can’t see Carter doing any jail time or being deported. The worst he’ll get is a stiff fine, but he’s paid well by Saskatchewan.
    This is really kind of a non-story. Of all the “offenders” on the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Carter is the least… offensive.

  37. In Hamilton you can get an ounce for $95 from multiple walk in store fronts. I have an ounce right now.

    Guy is a phenomenal football player, anyone who wants him out of this league can go back to black and white television and dial-up internet.

    Marijuana is not a performance-enhancing drug.

    Let the people smoke! Duron I will pay your fine and replace your Z with some Doug Ford Kush and Sour diesel.

    God speed all Riders fans!

    Love, Hamilton

  38. I don’t think Duron has much to worry about, I was caught with 150 grams and only got $700. fine.

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