Alouettes neg lister Colin Kaepernick goes through lengthy QB workout

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick clearly wants to get back into professional football.

NFL reporter Charles Robinson posted footage on Thursday of the former San Francisco 49er going through an on-field workout in Texas.

Kaepernick was added to the Montreal Alouettes negotiation list in September and was previous on the Ticats list of 45 protected players.

The 30-year-old has played six seasons in the NFL but made headlines as the first player to kneel during the U.S. national anthem, a form of non-violent protest that has been adopted in various forms by athletes across North America, including the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Kaepernick has been a free agent since opting out of his contract with the 49ers in March 2017, leading to speculation that he has been blackballed by the league.

Kaepernick has thrown for 12,271 yards and 72 touchdowns with 30 interceptions and 2,300 rushing yards (6.1 yards per carry) and 13 touchdowns since San Francisco selected him in the second-round of the 2011 NFL draft.


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  1. He would so suit being an Allouette! And what a shot in the arm that would be for the team. The city, the culture, it all would work for both parties.

  2. Kaepernick obviously belongs in the NFL, if not for the ridiculous blackball move by owners, unlike Johnny Foolball’s prospects.

    • No time for the guy! any one that would kneel during the national anthem doesn’t deserve to be signed.
      Keep your political statements off the field!!

      • Green is the Color // March 16, 2018 at 5:19 pm //

        Wrong. There is no better place for statements than on the field, political or otherwise. He was the first, and certainly is not the last. His action will continue to be copied by others until the points of the message and reasons for the protest are heard loud and clear.

        • LOL Right. Explain to me why the ratings are dropping because of it in the NFL and now Reid is on the outside. People don’t want this shit and the ratings and peoples reactions prove it.

  3. Scottsask // March 15, 2018 at 2:50 pm //

    I couldn’t have said it better myself George.

  4. Scottsask // March 15, 2018 at 2:55 pm //

    Putting politics and personal views aside, the is no damn way he shouldn’t be playing pro football, and the last time I checked he’s never harmed any women or children…..unlike he who shall remain nameless.

  5. “ … and was previous on the Ticats list …”
    RIP, English language.

  6. I wonder who the workout was for?

    • @Phil
      As an Alouettes fan, THAT is the crucial question, and omission. He goes through a “lengthy qb workout”, but no mention for whom? Obviously he’s been on a field working out over the time he’s been blacklisted. So the only way this is news is if he was working out for a specific team, or teams.
      I’d personally LOVE to see Kaepernick in Montreal. But for now this is just a tease. And teasing a Montreal fanbase facing a season WITHOUT a starting quarterback is cruel, to say the least.

  7. Edward Leslie // March 15, 2018 at 3:02 pm //

    Kaepernick could be the guy that Montreal has been looking for since Anthony Calvillo retired, a bonafide answer as a starting quarterback.
    However they MIGHT have tgat guy already. Josh Freeman was drafted higher than Kaepernick (1st round) and actually has slightly better stats with Tampa Bay. The issue with Freemannis that hes been away from football for three years and, like Kaepernick, has zero CFL experience.
    Still, it will bevinterestibg to see if he can succeed in Montreal this year.

    • Good analysis. It’s hard to imagine in all the pro football universe there isn’t a team in need of a QB enough to give it a shot? Let’s face it….most of these teams are not selecting players based on their moral fortitude let’s say……if you have talent a lot gets over looked rightly or wrongly me thinks.

    • NO we don’t need this guy in the CFL.
      If he ever turned his back or kneeled during our anthem I would be on the field and kicking his ass.
      Don’t want this guy, don’t want his politics, he has no respect for police.
      Blue Lives Matter

      • As far as I know, there aren’t a lot of African-Canadians being gunned down on our streets. All frickin lives matter. Why is it OK for YOU to express your fascist political opinions , but Kaepernick cannot? Respect is earned. And it is NOT earned by murdering innocent women, men and children, irrespective of colour.
        I would say more, in distinctly more “colourful” language, but there’s little point in attempting to dissuade those of your ilk.

    • Freeman has been “out of football” since 2012.
      He played 3 games for TB in 2013. One game for MIN in 2013. One game for IND in 2015.

      If he starts for the Alouettes in 2018, he will have played 5 games total in the previous 6 years.

      In contrast, Kaepernick last played a “full season” (12 games) in 2016. So that’s 2 years since he played regularly. His age and lack of CFL experience doesn’t give him much of an advantage over Freeman. However, 6 seasons is one hell of a time to be riding the pines. Freeman is likely to be a dud.

      The Alouettes better sign someone. Even quarterbacks jumping STRAIGHT from NFL careers to the CFL haven’t the best track records. The learning curve (and un-learning curve) is apparently HUGE. There are serious doubts about Freeman, in every forum and from every sports journalist in the city.

      My prediction is the team will be hard-pressed to duplicate last year’s “success”. And that ain’t good.

  8. Who was he working out for I wonder?

  9. Kaep is too talented for the CFL. Unfortunately all NFL owners are too scared to sign him. Its too bad to see a talented guy get bumped out of the league for something like this when guys like Greg hardy, Adrian Peterson, and Joe Mixon (to name a few) could still play after domestic violence issues. Or there is always Ray Lewis who MURDERED A DUDE. But we don’t talk about that. We’ll just put him in the HOF.

    • So true! This false moral outrage bull crap out of some of these billionaire (NFL) owners makes me want to punch them in their fat slobby pie holes!
      If he can help your team win…sign him! We’re I a fan of a team that needed a QB but a posturing owner…..WOW… better be doing all you can to win….leave the politics on all sides for the off season when I can tune you all out!

      • I actually just started tuning into games 5 mins into the 1st quarter to skip the anthem BS. Didn’t care about it, didn’t care who did/didn’t kneel. Just wanted to watch football.

        • Could anyone please explain WHY national anthems precede sporting events? We don’t go to a movie, or a play, or the dentist’s office (LOL) and are forced to endure an anthem!!

          • Like cheerleaders it’s a tradition.
            Why do we still have young women dancing around at a football game?

            We sing the national anthem because we are proud of our country. I suppose that is why it means a lot to Americans and not so much for Canadians.
            Most Canadians are not proud and take the country for granted.
            Some of us are proud of our country, our military and we don’t have much chance to sing our national anthem except at sporting events.

          • Rampant mindless nationalism.

        • You would feel different if he kneeled during our national anthem.

          • I couldn’t give 2 sh*ts if he knelt during our national anthem. That’s what I’s saying. I started watching 5 mins into the 1st quarter so I skipped all that BS. If you wanna get REAL technical I’m a dual a citizen so he was kneeling during my national anthem. In fact, with the f**ktard running Canada right now, I would probably kneel during our national anthem.

      • Kaep shouldn’t have brought his politics into football. I agree that he doesn’t deserve to play up here.
        I doubt he would come up here anyway. He was earning millions in the NFL and he wouldn’t play for a couple of hundred thousand Canadian dollars.
        I could understand if he was trying to resurrect a career, but it doesn’t matter how he would perform in Canada, the owners and the fans don’t want him.

    • Do you think so?? He was great with San Fran for a while… then his production really tailed off. By the end, he wasn’t starter material in the NFL. Could that have been coaching, different players around him… I don’t know.

      • Fair question….he looked good once….with all the bums out there trying to play qb… can you not give him a shot and say you re trying to win? He might not pan out to your point….but to not even look?

        • His last season with the awful Chip Kelly was actually a good season by any standards. especially in that NFL worst system. Check out his numbers that year. It might surprise you. The 49ers were terrible yes, but individually he did not bad at all. He definitely justifies being a starter right now.

          • green goddess // March 15, 2018 at 6:27 pm //

            He lost his starting job before the anthem protests. If he thought he could win a job back he made it tougher when he knelt during the national anthem.

  10. He’s a huge distraction for any NFL team. Most old school owners could be bothered to answer tough questions about his beliefs and politics daily .. like it or hate it it’s what it is .. if he wants to ball he’s gonna probably have to cool it and conform.. I doubt t he plays another down. But what the hell do I know..

    • He has said he’d stand for the anthem if signed. Probably just really wants to get signed lol but I honestly wonder if he didnt mean for this thing to blow up this big, Or maybe he did. But in the end, nothing has really changed. Sigh…

      • green goddess // March 15, 2018 at 6:29 pm //

        He’s burned bridges, too late. He made his millions and it’s time for him to hang it up.

    • Conform to what? A society that permits the murder of its citizens by police? Hopefully if this becomes a tradition in Canada, we’ll have courageous and “non-conformist” heroes like Kaepernick to take a stand…or a knee.

  11. True….I just wished I lived in a world where football and the ability to play at a high level came first and only.
    I don’t give a …..about the politics of the owners nor the players…..this is the kinda sh*^ ruining the game for some of us…..
    In my ideal world his opinions have no bearing on football ops. He would of course need to leave it out the workplace just like the rest of us…but once he is on his time……I care not

    • fannotacoach // March 15, 2018 at 4:43 pm //

      On the other hand JC what Kaepernick is standing against is ruining lives for some. The only reason anyone pays attention to his stand is because he has a huge stage. If he was a labourer or clerk he wouldn’t get front page. He believes it is on him to sacrifice his career for the cause. Who has the guts to do that? Not very entertaining unfortunately.

      • green goddess // March 15, 2018 at 6:32 pm //

        He might fit in with the Als, most of their fans don’t stand or sing the national anthem either. I have heard a lot of boos during the English version of O Canada in Montreal.
        I don’t care what his politics are, he could’ve protested at another time OUTSIDE of football.

        • He would likely get a standing ovation in Quebec if he knelt for O’Canada………

          • That’s why he would be acceptable in Quebec. Most have zero respect for their country or the anthem.
            Kaepernick would be some sort of hero there.

          • Wow. I never realised how many racist jerks there are on these forums. It’s very enlightening.

          • Kaepernick might be suited to a Quebec fanbase because of our tradition of accepting and furthering the careers of African Americans who’ve been excluded down south. You know. Like Jackie Robinson and the Montreal Royals.

            It IS, in fact, the history of the CFL, where Black quarterbacks who couldn’t play their chosen position came North to the CFL because WE accepted them, and didn’t discriminate on the basis of colour.

            That was then. Considering the bulk of the comments on this forum, I have to wonder if Canada is anywhere NEAR as tolerant and welcoming as we were then.

            There is a sickness here. I am DEEPLY ashamed for my CON-citoyens.

      • I doubt a labourer or clerk would be kneeling during our national anthem.
        I don’t call it “guts” to kneel during the anthem I call it COWARDICE

  12. well B, I agree with you. But you should have included a multiplicity of similar examples. Each story is followed by so many comments that appear to be written by people who have never taken an English class in their entire lives! Sad!

  13. Scottsask // March 15, 2018 at 4:47 pm //

    Muhammad Ali for one.

  14. I should have added that, in one recent post, I wrote “become” instead of “becoming.” This was haste not ignorance. However, many posts display repeated, flagrant, abuses of grammar, spelling, and common sense.
    I know that some of this is written in “text format” which, BTW, is destroying our ability to communicate coherently, but most of it is not.

    • Welcome to 2018. Where millennials hide behind their keyboards and abuse you with their trollism. Where a “become” instead of a “becoming” is an OUTRAGE! Lol

    • The posters are CFL football fans…………… most graduated 50 years ago and have no idea about proper English.
      Why don’t you stick to the topic ??

      • I disagree. 50 years ago, circa my my own English 101, it was MANDATORY for students to pass English, or they wouldn’t be promoted to the next grade. Schools actually demanded that students learn. Today, alas, that would seem to be a novel idea.

    • Nobody should be judged too harshly on a comment board that doesn’t allow for corrections. Anyone who’s commented elsewhere may well be in the habit of “winging it” on the understanding that they’ll just correct mistakes after they’ve hit the “post comment” button. That explains the majority of my grammatical fudge ups.

  15. If he can help us win great. The greatest pro athlete made a big political statement avoiding Vietnam..Yes Ali..

  16. Complete waste of article space. Kaepernick is never coming to the CFL to play for such meager wages relatively to his worth and earnings from the NFL.

    Manziel is still a possibility in that sense. Kaepernick isn’t.

  17. It would be nice to see Kaepernick play here. I would rather see him than J. Football.

  18. I’d bet big money that the same NFL fans that crucify Kapernick aren’t standing at attention in front of the t.v. at home…theyre grabbing a beer or sitting on their asses yaking with their buddies

    • fannotacoach // March 15, 2018 at 10:24 pm //

      That likely goes for many of the posters here that condemn him as well. Our proud and loyal fans don’t wait for the anthem to end before they starting cheering the game. Lots of hats remain on heads, gum chewing, texting. Does everyone know the words? Do they know they just changed again in the last month or so?

  19. Any pro athlete that thinks they can use their employers/team venue and media for their own personal ideals platform – is selfish. Not discounting the cause, but it’s not the time nor place. Kaepernick didn’t solve anything nor engage any sort of positive change. All he did was polarize the NFL. Bad for business and guess what – it’s very BIG business.

    • Do NONE OF YOU realise what a f*cking slaughter of inocent African Americans is happening just south of us? Are you really so desensitized to the suffering of others that you prefer your self righteous nonsense to actually concerning yourself with the fate of other human beings?
      Anyone expressing these opinions is despicable, vile, and REALLY needs to examine their own conscience.
      Jesus Christ. Russian trolls are less revolting as human beings.

      • Slaughter of innocent African Americans??
        The slaughter is about African Americans killing each other. Look at the murders in Chicago and Detroit, in almost every case it’s black on black or latino on latino.
        You have never heard of the gangs, the drug gangs the Lation MS-13 gangs??

    • “Kaepernick didn’t solve anything nor engage any sort of positive change”

      It is an acknowledged FACT that Kaepernick’s protests have inspired people across the sports world. As everyone knows, kneeling in protest of police brutality has been going on in highschools, colleges…anywhere sports are played.
      And these protest have even gotten under the hat of Mr. Deplorable in Chief, so BIG BONUS there, if nothing else.
      Murdering innocents is what had “polarized the NFL” and every other aspect of American life.
      Anyone expressing your point of view isn’t saying Blue Lives Matter, or White Lives Matter….they are emphatically declaring Black Live DON’T matter. And to that I say: FOR SHAME!!!

      • Where are you FACTS that Kaepernicks protests have inspired people? it has alienated people.
        Yes there has been police brutality….there have been roughly 6 that were filmed and proven but there are ONE MILLION police in the US and they are all made out to be criminals by Kaepericks protest.
        ALL LIVE MATTERS and especially our police who protect us

        • There is no doubt that by far, the majority of police do their job properly to keep us safe…kudos to them. However, if a few are caught on camera doing outrageous things, how many more are not caught on camera?
          See the TV episode about John Keenan and family on Nowhere TO Hide. Scary stuff!

  20. Northern Bomber // March 15, 2018 at 10:30 pm //

    I can understand frustration with a player for bringing politics into the sporting arena. But let’s be realistic; it was governments who pushed patriotism into them in the first place with the playing of anthems before events after World War II. Sporting events have continuously been used since then to push nationalistic propaghanda, by governments and wealthy owners who benefit from people seeming to be happy and going with the flow without questioning how society is operated, as the current system benefits the rich (white) owners. Sport is the only avenue big enough where issues that permeate society such as systematic racism that are mostly ignored by mainstream society can be addressed, if an extreme measure like the one C.K. took was taken. When people take to the streets for a cause, there’s always the media’s spin or big corporations portrayal of the event; but this was live tv in front of the whole country; cannot be ignored or pushed aside or manipulated or spun. Message sent and received. The President blew it up by bringing even more politics into it, and threatening peoples right to free speech. People get upset perhaps cause the message being sent made them uncomfortable? Or they use sport as an escape from reality and just want to be entertained? Which is fair…but when is a good time to challenge oppression? Or systematic racist behaviours?

    • The President blew it? You are talking about OBAMA right?
      The Kaepernick protests all took place during the 2016 season before Trump became Pres in Jan 017
      The Black Lives Matter all happened under Obama.

      What nationalistic propaganda is pushed at sporting events? do you mean singing the national anthem is propaganda? honouring our troops?
      I think we are all smart enough to know propaganda, I’m sure that if you lived in North Korea or Cuba and forced to praise your leader at a sporting even that is propaganda.
      I don’t think you are smart enough to know what propaganda is but the rest of us know

  21. Northern Bomber // March 15, 2018 at 10:33 pm //

    If C.K. isnt welcomed to play down south, like others for various reasons before him, we should welcome him with open arms. He’d be great for the Als, and a positive addition to the league. He wouldn’t protest here as other American players stated their refusal to kneel prior to CFL games, cause they were guests in this country and the events in the states were American protests for American events

    • and what if he decides that he doesn’t agree with the way our government has treated native Canadians and gets on one knee??
      I wouldn’t welcome him with open arms, I would booing him as soon as he walked on the field.
      He wouldn’t play up here anyway, he has made millions in the NFL.
      Some team will sign him but he will be given an ultimatum “take your protests off the field”

  22. Hell I’d love to see what he could do up here, for the same reason as I’d love to see Manziel. They are both great athletes. They both have to POTENTIAL to light things up in the CFL.

    However, do either of them have the heart or desire to play here? This is a big question.

  23. Hey guys. Don’t forget Kapernick did this to himself. I wouldn’t have him play in the CFL incase he started some crusade here. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you in any professional sport! Political and racial campaigns are meant to be off the field and at your own expense not at the expenseof the fans or owners!! Bad move CFL by even considering him. He is no ambassador for the sport of football

    • I totally agree!!
      I think he will return to the NFL but it’s likely that an NFL owner will tell him “we will sign you but stop the political protests on the field, save it for your own time” — Okay you made your point, get up off your knee and support your country and show some respect.

  24. I totally agree!!
    I think he will return to the NFL but it’s likely that an NFL owner will tell him “we will sign you but stop the political protests on the field, save it for your own time” — Okay you made your point, get up off your knee and support your country and show some respect.

  25. Blue rules // March 16, 2018 at 7:59 am //

    Nostredummass, Northern Bomber. Much respect for your well worded comments, I’m sick of having this very same argument with (some, too many) of my friends & family. Small minded or better yet ignorant people in this world can’t wrap their minds around the facts. This was nothing more than a peaceful demonstration, only politicians made it political. I used to travel to the USA years ago, but 1996 after a trip to Louisville KY, I vowed to NEVER step foot in that Country again, to this day I haven’t. I was absolutely sickened with what I seen (normal daily activity) just how racial the vast majority are. I agree that it is very disparaging how many people here feel so free to express themselves (hidden ID) that way, really proves Canada has a long way to improve. Many of the people in Canada and USA who behave this way don’t realize only a few (maybe 4 or 5) generations ago your family were the new people to enter the country, and yes your great grandparents were treated in this very same fashion, made to alter their names in order to find work, always made to take the lowest position job, never having a voice, afraid every day to stand up for themselves. I remember new families moving into the neighborhood, the adults treated them terrible accusing them of everything that went bad in the neighborhood, as children we didn’t understand why we were not to play with them. We are not born RACISTS, we are taught to be RACISTS. Please just stop, you be the one in your family to further the process. Salute

  26. Blue rules. What did you see in 1996? Things change fast in our digital world. Maybe things are different 22 years later. Also the USA is vastly different from region to region. Visit a super liberal city like San Francisco or Seattle and you will see a different culture completely from the traditional US South.

  27. Just like Manziel Kap needs to be on a team and playing to show the PRO FOOTBALL WORLD that he still HAS IT to play pro ball. At this point if I were both of them I would not be too picky where that night be if they want to make it back to the NFL.

  28. Blue rules // March 16, 2018 at 10:00 am //

    Mostly the deeply ingrained culture of hopelessness, people of color couldn’t look others (white) in the eye, I was there on a business trip, spending most of my time with well off caucasians businessmen during the day. The way they would speak, behave & treat black people was very disturbing, disgusting and demoralizing, In the evening I would venture on my own going to department stores and restaurants, racism was everywhere. I’ve been on business trips before and have seen bad s#it but never anything to this level. I started to reflect on past trips it has always been there, I just didn’t see it as obvious I did this time. I no longer work for that company. To be clear I’ve traveled the States many times mostly on vacation, East, West, North, South & middle, the racial flavor was always there, I tried to ignore it and enjoy my vacation. What was most disturbing was the children, they should have no reason to be afraid of people only because they are white. I know that’s many years ago but you see and hear it everyday on TV, newspapers, sports and virtually everywhere in the States. I know it goes on everywhere in the world as well. I just have no desire to go back.

  29. Paul Bomber // March 16, 2018 at 10:09 am //

    I’m betting he has more in his emergency account… the little bit he set aside for a rainy day, is more than he could make in a 20 year CFL career – – he ain’t coming north, and 3Down is filling space with this story… if has NOTHING to do with this league. The fact he’s on a negotiation list is a weak excuse for running this story. (No… I didn’t read it… saw the headline, got frustrated, let lose with a rant. I’m doing better now, thanks)

  30. well Gord…why do sports and entertainment have to be tied with supporting the country? They should be mutually exclusive. There could be nothing more ridiculous than watching a hockey team, with players from several different countries, having to endure a US national anthem, and a Canadian national anthem. What about all the other nationalities playing the game?
    Games of any kind should be pure entertainment…politics of any kind (and the anthem itself is the ultimate political tool) should be banned from these events.

  31. Bottom line, Colin Kaepernick will always spark a heated debate with vastly differing opinions. As you see here, not everybody agrees on one point, & the sad thing is, the racism still clearly exists which is what this was all about in the first place. Whatever your stance on it is, none of you would have had the guts to do what he did in taking a stand (knee) for something he believed in on such a large and public platform. Count me in amongst you.

  32. Northern Bomber // March 16, 2018 at 11:23 am //

    Gord –
    President Obama received much of the same racialized attacks African Americans receive daily. What President has ever had their nationality questioned before?!?
    C.K. Started the movement in ’16, but it didn’t become a league wide phenomena that made some posters skip the starts of games until players had their freedom of speech threatened.
    There are different levels of propaganda. Obviously authoritarian dictatorships have more developed methods of propaganda. Check out the material being pushed everywhere in Canada during World War II….it’s not far off from current regimes around the world. I love my country and love hearing the anthem, especially on occasions in Ottawa after the violent attack on Parliament Hill, when 25,000 people held hands and sang in unity. I also believe using large public platforms to honour first responders and armed forces is very respectful of those who sacrifice so much for us to live the way we do. But loving my country doesn’t blind me from seeing the truth; it’s nationalistic propaganda. If it’s not, what does the playing of an anthem have to do with a sporting event? What do displays of military vehicles and troops (as I’ve witnessed in Winnipeg) have to do with playing football??
    Thanks Blue Rules

    • All Presidents must be American born that is why Kissinger, Arnold Schwarznegger and a few other were not allowed to be President.
      With Obama he was asked to prove that he was born in the USA, since his mother was from Kenya.
      It took him a few years to produce his birth certificate, nothing to do with racism.
      Any presidential hopeful would have to do the same thing, especially if their parents were born outside fo the USA

  33. Northern Bomber // March 16, 2018 at 12:46 pm //

    Ok. Proof of citizenship is not asked of presidential candidates; it is assumed that the party’s are putting forward candidates that meet the constitutional requirements of having US born citizens. They are taken for their word as otherwise the parties would be in violation of the constitution, and we know how protective Americans are of that document

  34. The point of that comment is no sitting president has ever been harassed and had their integrity question as a sitting president the way that Obama was. It’s never happened in the history of the USA…even going back to the civil war era

  35. Those having hissy fits over CK taking a knee protesting police shootings and brutality of black Americans and others of colour are not only dumb as a bag of hammer but sound like Republican law makers. 17 dead in a HS shooting at the hands of an AR15 and nothing for them but thoughts and prayers. Meanwhile the sad case of a puppy forced into an overhead bin on UA has a bill before Congress in less than 48 hours. Guns over kids, pets over kids.

    There is some debate down south as to how good a QB he is.

    Having said that it’d be great to see him in Canada but this comes with the usual proviso. The player has to want to come here to play here. If not, he can take a knee down home.

  36. Excellent points Greg! Valid point about CK’s abilities as well. His play during the last part of his days in San Fran bring legitimate concerns about his ability to be a starter down south.

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