All CFL teams come in under the salary cap during 2017 season

The CFL announced Friday all nine of its teams were under the $5.15-million salary cap in 2017.

As a result, the order of the league’s annual draft May 3 is unaffected. The Montreal Alouettes currently hold the first pick overall.

The last team to go over the salary cap was the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in 2014. The Ticats spent $8,939 over the $5 million allotted cap and were fined the same amount.

Teams must provide updates on salary at the six-, 12- and 18-game mark of the season. The CFL introduced the salary cap management system in 2007 to provide competitive balance.

The league’s salary cap for 2018 will increase to $5.2 million, the final season of the current collective bargaining agreement which ends in May 2019.



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  1. Look at that. Sask had no problem with the cap last year, unlike so many of you haters speculated.

    • fannotacoach // April 20, 2018 at 1:31 pm //

      Something will come, just wait for it!
      On another note, how many of you were able to NOT open the Johnny or Big Brother stories? Just curious. If we ignore will they go away or keep coming back like . . . . .

    • RobE – hmmmm, the last team over cap was Hamilton in 2014 ? Are you telling me, the man with a hundred handles has been talking out of his a*s this whole time ? Say it ain’t so…

      • Yup – I would have to say you would be completely right in that regards. That seems to be the only way he talks… out his a** Lol

    • This time last year the Riders were fined $31,500 by the CFL for by-law violations and Chris Jones also received an additional $5,000 fine for tampering.

      In 2016 the Riders were fined $15,000 for a ratio violation. Another $60,000 for roster violations and had their salary cap reduced by $26,000. Then $5,000 for a field violation.

      I wouldn’t spin that the Riders run a clean ship simply due to staying within the bounce of the SMS. However it does help that the Commish has been changed.

      • Jones got fined for doing the exact same things all other teams do except on a bigger scale and by an unliked commish needing to be seen to be doing things.

        You don’t really care about the act, you care that it’s the Riders cause you’re a partisan hack.

        • Triggered much? Guess the truth hurts and the Rider apologist comes out to defend the undefendable.

          For the record when Coach Jones held Eskies players back from being on the field for the national anthem in 2014 and was fined $5000 I did not defend his actions. In fact I called him out as a classless buffoon who lacked character, even if he was the Esks HC.

          Then there was the Monday Morning Magic debacle that Jones orchestrated while in Edmonton, holding players back from attending a k-days meet and greet with sick and disabled kids. No fine, but to say no Eskimo fan ever defended this dirtbag move ever would be an understatement.

          Put on your green and white glasses if you want, but Chris Jones is a pathologic self serving scumbag who will do anything to gain an edge to win. No matter how repugnant the act this jerk will do it and that means he will put the Riders in possession of another set of fines yet again no matter who the commish is.

          • In fairness Darren I dooubt the average fan (outside of Edmonton) knew of the K Days incident. Certainly does sound like something that could set an opinion of an individual no doubt.

          • He Yup in all fairness the K-Days incident was well reported nationally … we choose to see what we want to see.

          • I guess you know all there is to know them. I PERSONALLY heard nothing of it.

          • Imagine how rider fans would defend him if he did something similar in Regina today.

          • Terry Jones ran the article Jul 20, 2015 that was picked up nationally entitled, “Jones: Edmonton Eskimos make good by returning to Monday Morning Magic” in which he wrote … “It was a major make-good on head coach Chris Jones making a mistake last year and not allowing the players to come to Monday Morning Magic on the midway at K-Days.” … is that enough for you Yup?

          • greenenvy? // April 22, 2018 at 1:36 am //

            Darren’s bang on with the Monday morning Magic, not letting the players attend with disadvantaged kids. Jones is not well liked in Edmonton for a # of reasons which are not related to the Riders “stealing” the coach. Jones is loyal to no one but himself. Living in a hotel for 2 years now should be a clear indication of that. Why has Jones not signed some real Eskimo stars when they are available. Lots of rumors floated about getting Grymes, Walker & especially Franklin but none chose to go there. Bowman turned down a fair amount of cash offered by the Riders. Truth is a lot of the Eskimos saw him as a traitor for leaving early on his contract & basically committed to the Riders even before the Grey Cup game was played. It was the worst kept secret floated around during Grey Cup week. I can guarantee you that the Eskimos are happy to have Maas & see the last of Jones. It’s not surprising there are currently 12 ex RedBlacks on the Eskimo roster, most coming before Sunderland. Players like Maas. My problem has never been with the Riders, but Jones. Good coach technically – yes. Good GM – that remains to be seen. Lots of high profile players, still good, have left & once they go, they won’t play for Jones again unless forced through trade.

          • Gotta love the “triggered much.” I mean, if that’s how we’re playing it, could we not say “triggered much” about your initial crybaby post?

            It’s a pathetic “I know you are but what am I?” tactic, and you’re laughable for using it.

            You are just a partisan hack, period. You have no objective opinion on the matter.

  2. The fact riderfans have to comment in relief and bragous of being under, says all that needs said.

    • Actually, we’ve stated multiple times that we had complete faith in our office staff. We are not surprised that we have not gone over the cap(they have a handle on everything). Its only you.. the red troll and your speculations that had any doubts.

    • Huff's Neighbor // April 20, 2018 at 5:26 pm //

      Hey Mrs Red, what’s it like to be b slapped by your wee sister? You shallow persona needs a make up so here you are again, spewing garbage.

    • The fact that you think ‘bragous’ is a word says all that needs to be said.

    • Puck Hog // April 20, 2018 at 8:01 pm //

      Red, if that’s all that needs said, shut up.

    • How’s your inept locker room coming Red? That’s the biggest joke of the off season in my opinion.

    • and the fact that you were not the first one out of the gate to say,”I told you so” “says all that needs said”.

  3. Have to move to a C$10m cap in the next few years (= this next agreement).
    The increase from $5m means about 20-25% of revenue for most clubs, so it’s not easy, but it’s important. A better U.S. TV deal would go a long way, and adding a second network in Canada for one game a week would be great too (even though TSN has done an amazing job for the last two decades).

    • tsn covers the games well, but off season does little to spark interest

      • True, but it has come a long way compared to even, what? 5 years ago. You never got draft coverage til the next day in the newspaper. Same with free agency (although I’d love to see less movement).

    • If you think the CFL is anywhere near being able to afford a $10 million salary cap then you’re a special kind of misinformed.

  4. Scottsask // April 20, 2018 at 2:54 pm //

    As much as I would like to see that happen, I think as a league they need to take a slow and steady approach. BC, Montreal, Toronto Ll have attendance problems. This might get worse before it gets better. This is still very much a gate driven league, so too much too soon would be exactly that. I think something closer to 6 million after this next CBA would be more realistic.

    • Agreed Scott, now is not the time to raise the cap. 2018 could determine the fate of a few teams in my opinion

      • greenenvy? // April 20, 2018 at 4:03 pm //

        Absolutely, slow & easy. Going to $10MM shouldn’t & isn’t going to happen. Would cause all kinds of problems including expectations of players. But I do think it has to be increased maybe to around the $7MM mark & the minimum go up quite a bit. It’s hard to beg poverty when you now have most coaching staffs around a dozen persons including a few Quality Control coaches. And coaches are getting a lot of money. The league is doing fairly well & the players need to get a bigger share of the pie.

  5. Scottsask // April 20, 2018 at 3:16 pm //

    I’m not saying don’t raise it, but you can’t just double it overnight. A 10 million dollar cap would be a great thing to strive for, but league stability is and will always be a bit of an issue in certain markets. Looks like Winnipeg has solved it and possibly Toronto is pointed in the right direction, but I do have grave concerns with BC and Montreal.

    • I was just indicating that now is not the time given the instability in some centers. 2018 will determine where BC, Toronto etc will be situated moving forward.

    • Riders23 // April 20, 2018 at 4:02 pm //

      Agreed Scott and Yup , some movement is warranted, the 6-7 million range sounds doable,not sure how that increase should be applied (increased minimal salary /// increased roster capacity/// increased salary to current players in general under the cap). In defense of the Loins situation sounds like the Antonalini/ Aquanalini Family ( not sure of the spelling there ) Group which I believe owns the NHL Canucks seems to be the interested buyer , but for whatever reason the current owner seems resistant to selling to this organization , I think it relates to the current owner having a issue related to wringing more money out of the GVA authorities before he leaves. A deep pocket owner in BC could help stabilize that franchise as it has a chance of doing with the Argo situation. I for one an glad teams like the Bomber/Eskimo and our Riders have NO private ownership and are community owned I believe. Its my feeling that if the CFL is truly a Canadian cultural icon —- more community ownership models should be put forward. Existing successful templates are current and available.

    • Add 750k first year and 1000k each after providing attendance numbers increase.

      • Actually just read on the Rider web sight that the salary cap increased by 50K this year 2018 from 2017, so it would appear that that board of directors might actually have a sustainable growth plan regarding the cap in mind.

  6. OK…I need help here. I am an English scholar, with a good command of the English language, yet I am stumped.
    The man with a large number of handles, but far fewer brain cells, has stumped me with: “bragous.”
    Can anyone help me here….or, better yet, help him?

  7. MR. Green // April 20, 2018 at 4:46 pm //

    The teams abide. Even Hamilton being the last team dent really count. Barely over. My insider has the Riders under the cap by 200,000, range.
    Anyway I too hope it will get a significant jump to start the next CBA, by at least 750,000. I think MLSE will do a great job with the Argos. BC needs to get permanamt and committed ownership.
    Montreal has a decent owner. Montreal fans are the most fickle in Canada.
    Having said that the league is as only strong as our weakest team. So they will dicate the cap more than stable teams. The new American TV deal will help me another reason I wanted Manziel up here, to generate southern interest and at the same time get new fans. I see 500,000 Max next year, thanks to the weak @$$ big markets, ironically. It’s not the QB’s that need a big raise, it the rookie minimum that needs a big jump, to start.

    • MR. Green // April 20, 2018 at 4:50 pm //

      Oh,and the practice roster wage needs a bump as too. I think it’s 500 a week. Start it at 750 a week now, minimum.

  8. You mean to tell me that Chris Jones actually knows what he’s doing?!?! This goes against just about every comment I’ve read from non-Rider fans throughout the past 2.5 years! I don’t know what to believe anymore.

    • Whoa whoa who there big guy, don’t get carried away … Chris Jones has failed more n the last 2.5 years than he has had success.

      Aug. 2, 2016: CFL penalizes the Roughriders $15,000 for a ratio violation.

      Aug. 11, 2016: CFL fines Roughriders $60,000 for roster violations and reduces the team’s salary cap by $26,000. Commissioner Jeffrey Orridge says the Roughriders “have compromised the reputation of the CFL.”

      Aug. 14, 2016: Add $5,000 for a field violation — staying on the McMahon Stadium midfield logo during player introductions before a game in Calgary.

      April 28, 2017: The aforementioned $31,500 for two bylaw violations (players attending practice while on the CFL’s suspension list; violations related to recruitment of a junior player).

      April 28, 2017: Cha-ching! Jones is dinged $5,000. Manziel is on the Hamilton Tiger-Cats’ negotiation list, so contact with his mouthpiece constituted tampering.

      The (116) grand total: $116,500.

      Plenty of players with legal issues and suspect character and then there is the 15-21 record and 1-1 in the playoffs.

      • Jones was also “warned” about holding a JR camp in Montreal last spring. He quickly cancelled it.

        • Ohh… and he was fined for not playing the required amount of Canadians in a 2016 game too.!!!

      • Whoa, whoa, “who” there big guy, my comment was not about past ratio violations or CFL by-law transgressions. If we’re going to nitpick that sort of thing, why don’t we just dig up every team’s fines dating back to the beginning of the league? That’s the only way to fairly assess which teams are dirty rotten cheaters.

        No, my comment was about the salary cap, and the 100-or-so comments I’ve read over the past few years, anytime the Riders signed a free agent or got on a winning streak, saying “mark my words, there’s gonna be a reckoning when the salary cap gets tallied at the end of this year! there’s no way the Riders can afford this, Chris Jones is obviously cheating, blah blah blah”

        Chris Jones has always had tunnel vision when it comes to winning, and perhaps he doesn’t tend to spend enough time learning the ins and outs of the rules (written and unwritten) when he starts a new job. As a result he’s had to go through growing pains at each stage of his career progression. Do I need to remind you of the mistakes and faux-pas he committed in his first few months as head coach of the Eskimos?

        The Riders and Chris Jones haven’t been fined for anything in a full year. Perhaps it’s time to move on and consider that he might be more competent than he’s given credit for. But I get it, when there are no new graves to dig up, all you can do is dig up old ones.

        • You mean like the SMS fines the Riders received in 2016? Nice of you to pick and choose your reality. Cause Chris Jones is 15-21, so that pursuit of winning thing doesn’t seem to be working out for him. Of course I will cut him some slack, because it isn’t like he ever got on a real roll last year like the Eskies did winning 7 in row or Calgary winning 11.

          Chris Jones faux-pas while he was the Eskies coach? He was an out and out dirtbag at times and there are plenty of Eskie fans happy he is gone. I mean really holding your players back from a national anthem and standing up sick kids? What a scumbag and the worse part is he has learned NOTHING from the fines!

          Truth be told, the Eskies won in 2015 in spite of Jones obnoxious stupidity. We also learned that he will continue to make bad choices, oh sure he goes dormant for a time, but he always finds a way to do something stupid just like his mentor Don Mathews. Only a fool would believe Chris Jones is done being an asshat.

          • Plus Darren and others , as Jones explained and was not publically rebutted that he only was doing the same practices as he has witnessed and been a part of doing with other or. For my part, Jones got caught with his pants down mostly based on the whistle blowing by other organizations to a weak and spineless commish in Orage that did others bidding. In my opinion many action by other organizations were taken out of the Fear that given Jones and his coaching skills and ability to rapidly help transform a struggling team into a winner //// given the financial clout of the RIDERS and an open check book Jones would rapidly put a VERY competitive Riders team on the TURF in his first year of running the show. SO they whistle blew in FEAR of great competition. Jones only did what Edmonton, Toronto, B.C and Calgary had done decades before in fudging the rules to build CUP winning teams, when no RULEs wer in place to prevent such actions. Much to many Riders haters dismay and teeth nashing , Jones and CO have managed by year two to have a playoff team on the field. Now entering into year 3 the haters WORST fears are coming into play as Jones and Co may be from many analysist’s perspective be putting a on the field that is a legitimate contender for the divisional title. (all done now firmly within the rules again much to the haters shagrin). A final comment tom the other past year matters , in the words of what many call the greatest FB coach in history Bill ( the Hoodie ) Belicheck , if ya ain’t cheatin ya aint tryin !!!, lol 6sb rings seem to back his philosophy!!

          • Riders23 this thought of it was other teams fault and other teams did it before is nonsense. There is simply no evidence of your assertion other than hearsay and conspiracy theories.

            You are completely delusional if you think Collaros isn’t broken mentally and physically to the point he lasts more than 10 to 12 games at best. Without a legit QB the Riders do not overcome Jones the obnoxious loser with the 15-21 record and win in spite of his clueless escapades.

            I will see your Raiders reference re-attributed to Bill Belicheck and raise you one you will get … from Ricky Bobby, “If you aint first your last … ” Riders have won the West 3 times since 1970 … enuf said.

          • True Green // April 21, 2018 at 1:21 am //

            Dude your hate on is a little obsessive. Taking things a little personally?

          • Did he steal your lunch money when you were a kid? You sound like you have a personal vendetta against him.

            Like I said, old graves. If you want to base your argument on the assumption that he’s going to re-offend, that’s your choice.

          • Riders23 // April 21, 2018 at 1:51 pm //

            Darren the Riders IMO are NOT totally reliant on Collaros being a sound QB option , as Rider fans we will be interested in the progress Bridge has continued to make , and we have faith that both Williams and David Watford may have taken large steps forward as well. SO unlike some other franchises we have faith that Jones and CO have not totally hung their hat on 1 qb option . time will tell.

          • Yes Craig I am going to base my point on the leopard doesn’t change his spots, because history tells he cannot. Be that delusional ostrich if you want, but remember your butt is hanging out in the wind.

          • True Green, personally? Not really just think a guy who makes a decision to stand up sick kids is a dirtbag, do you really disagree?

          • and you need join us on planet earth Yup!

      • Please Darren – Jeffrey Orridge compromised the reputation of the CFL.

        • Of course you’d say that. He actually stood up to the bosses and fined them for cheating,,,,,turns out teh riders were the only ones who were!

          • Ignored Winnipeg with regards to Euclid Cummings and left Ambrosie with a soup sandwich among other things. But don’t let your Rider hatred cloud your already clouded dense air space.

          • You probably sit down when you pee Red

        • Please yup Chris Jones did the smillar BS while with the Esks … it is a simple person who blames the judge and jury for the crime and not the criminal who has the history of previous crimes.

  9. Scottsask // April 20, 2018 at 7:01 pm //

    I for one do not miss him.

  10. Do rememeber everyone. ALOT of rider players ended up on the 9 game IR last year, Pigpen and Owens most notably, who’s salaries would not have counted against the cap, not exactly above board.

    • “Everyone”……are you rallying the multiple personalities in your head ?

    • lol like other teams didn’t have injuries , but again of course only in YOUR infantile little clouded excuse of mass that tries sorely to function as a BRAIN but misses the mark consistently : only the Riders players had all phantom injuries and are indestructible men of steel that cant be injured long term. Lets see what happens when Bo PEEP blows out his should week 2 and sits on the shelf for 16 weeks , regarding the twist you will put on that . Yeeesh !

  11. BTW,,,,, I never once said the riders would be over the cap in 2017. I said they seem to have an awfully large number of players hanging around.
    Considering they were the only team in the league without a high priced QB they should be under the cap.

    With over $800,000.00 wrapped up in QBs this year and alot already dished out in bonuses, this time next year will be interesting. We could see another 2007 or 2013 !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Green&Gold // April 20, 2018 at 11:34 pm //

      As an outside observer, you’ve actually said it many times in many threads. You just seem to have a selective memory.

    • True Green // April 21, 2018 at 1:27 am //

      That’s a very friendly predication Red. That’s not like you at all. I’ll take another 2007 or 2013 year for the Riders. Thank you!

    • CFLFIRST // April 21, 2018 at 8:34 pm //

      The Riders don’t have over 800K wrapped up in Qbs…Collaros is 430k, bridge is 150K and Williams is league min. They signed some guys, but they got rid of 2 of their highest paid players in Dennis and Muamba.

  12. These are some great comments. As much as I’d like to see at $10+ mil salary cap – we are just not there yet. $6 mil to start and then bring it up to about 8 depending upon what kind of TV deals we can strike. A US deal would be the ticket. Or a second broadcaster in Canada which could happen.

    In BC, this could be turned around quite quickly… new ownership and vision would bring back the fans. We used to have some big crowds in BC Place.

    • I was actually surprised to see the drop on attendance in BC last year Byron. I think you are correct, that new ownership would be a step in restoring your fan base.

    • Yeap Byron , it would be great to see the HUGE crowds back in BC Place when packed that joint was rocking , and had a atmosphere similar to the NFL’s Seahawk home games!!! Even thought the Riders took a several huge poundings in that atmosphere it was nice to see the crowds , occasionally thought the Riders would pull a big game out , thinking about the 2007 Western final .

    • Oh man do I remember those crowds !!!!! Really want to go to the Western Final in Vancouver this year. What an atmosphere in that building. Been to a couple and it i ELECTRIC. Heartbreaking to see the upper bowl closed off during the regular season. Hoping between Lalacheur marketing expertise and Hervey building a powerhouse on the field that it will equate to at least 40k crowds in 2019, maybe even by end of 2018.

  13. From what I last heard 50% of a active roster in the CFL makes the minimum entry salary of 53K. The 5.2mil for 2018 = 1 back up QB salary in the NFL!! CFL is a great league and game but the players certainly deserve much better salary wise for their dedication and efforts in playing in the league. Gotta get ALL THOSE EMPTY SEATS filled in various CFL cities to make things better for those guys in 2019 and beyond.

  14. Calgary has a major attendance problem next….the old white stock won’t last forever.

  15. But what about the “secret” SMS?

    And the [gasp] “DOUBLE SECRET!” SMS??

  16. Bombs Away // April 21, 2018 at 11:04 am //

    And who said the Riders could not count past 12? 🙂
    Good on all the teams to making it a fair play league!

  17. Honestly, what surprises me most is that the Eskimos did not go over the cap considering the unprecedented number of players they had. They were 4 deep in some positions. You really could not blame them for exceeding the cap but for not exceeding it, they are to be commended.

  18. Correction, I meant the unprecedented number of INJURIES they had.

  19. Of Reds 5,000 post on this site there is not 1 that is not something about the Riders.

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