Bo Levi Mitchell leads Calgary Stampede over Argos

Dan Ralph, Canadian Press

There was no Grey Cup redemption for Bo Levi Mitchell and the Calgary Stampeders.

Mitchell threw three touchdown passes as Calgary embarrassed Toronto 41-7 at BMO Field in the first meeting between the two teams since the Argonauts’ 27-24 Grey Cup win in November. Mitchell improved his career regular-season record against the Double Blue to 9-0 while guiding the Stampeders to their ninth consecutive regular-season victory over the defending CFL champions.

“I would’ve thought about it more if it was Game 1 of the season, more like Ottawa two years ago and we had to play them twice,” said Mitchell. “To me, you’re thinking about Hamilton all off-season, all training camp, so to me it kind of lost that lustre of it.

“It was just us going out there and beating a football team today.”

Calgary (2-0) opened its season last week downing Hamilton 28-14.

Toronto (0-2) also lost starter Ricky Ray late in the third. After being sandwiched between two Stampeders defenders, Ray received on-field medical treatment before going on a backboard then a stretcher with his neck immobilized and leaving on a cart following roughly a 20-minute delay.

Ray was taken to a Toronto hospital afterwards, but a club official said it was purely for precautionary reasons.

“He’ll get an MRI and those type of things, but I’m encouraged by what the doctors had to say,” Toronto head coach Marc Trestman said. “But I’m not a doctor so we’ll have to wait until the medical information is in, but I’m going to be optimistic at this point.”

Calgary head coach Dave Dickenson echoed those sentiments.

“I’ve been told it was a bit more precautionary and I’m glad our people do that,” Dickenson said. “I like Ricky, always have … and didn’t like seeing that.

“It was a hard-fought game, things can happen but fingers crossed. I believe he’ll bounce back, we’ll see what happens.”

Ray, who was seen moving his fingers, finished 12-of-17 passing for 74 yards. He was replaced by James Franklin, who scored Toronto’s lone TD on a 10-yard run at 9:11 of the fourth.

“It’s always scary to see a guy you’ve played with for six years take a hit like that,” said veteran Argos tackle Chris Van Zeyl. “And then see him hurt, my heart was broken.

“It makes you question a lot of things.”

Mitchell improved his career regular-season record to 58-10-2 and is 27-3-2 versus East Division teams. Rookie running back Don Jackson also ran for 123 yards on nine carries while Eric Rogers registered five catches for 131 yards and two TDs.

Mitchell finished 20-of-22 passing for 324 yards before giving way to Nick Arbuckle in the fourth.

“He was on fire, made a lot of good reads and plays with his feet,” Dickenson said of his starter. “He’s also happy to get Mr. Rogers back in the neighborhood and that was nice.

“But I’d have to say (Mitchell) stayed within himself, he didn’t force the ball, he took the checkdowns. He did the things we know if he does we’re a dang good offence and it looked like that tonight.”

Calgary also registered its sixth straight road win over Toronto. The Argos last beat the Stampeders on Sept. 21, 2013 and their last home victory against them came July 7, 2012.

Toronto opened a season with two straight losses for the first time since 2002. Ray lost his seventh straight start against the Stamps and dropped to 14-23 all-time against them before a home-opening crowd of 16,450, roughly 1,550 short of a sellout with the upper-east balcony closed.

Toronto will have time to ponder its start heading into a bye week.

“We’ve got to find ourselves,” Trestman said. “The first two weeks, we still don’t know who we are.

“What we’ve seen in practice hasn’t been reflected on the field for most of the first two games. We really have to regroup and start over.”

After gaining just 69 first-half yards offensively, Toronto opened the second half turning the ball over on downs. Franklin was stopped on a third-and-one gamble at the Calgary 49-yard line.

Calgary responded with Mitchell’s 10-yard TD strike to Rogers at 5:33 to go ahead 27-1.

Arbuckle, DaVaris Daniels and Terry Williams, on a 102-yard punt return, had Calgary’s other TDs. Rene Paredes had five converts and two field goals, boosting his streak to 15 straight.

Ronnie Pfeffer added a single for Toronto.

Calgary experienced a deja vu moment in the second, leading 10-0 and at the Toronto 15-yard line. Argos defensive back Ronnie Yell recovered Mitchell’s fumble and looked like he had a clear path to a touchdown.

But receiver Kamar Jorden ran Yell down and eventually tackled him at the Calgary 20-yard line. That was huge because Toronto never scored as the snap on Pfeffer’s 21-yard field goal was high and holder Jimmy Ralph fumbled while scrambling.

In last year’s Grey Cup game, Toronto tied Calgary 24-24 when Cassius Vaughn returned a fumble 110 yards for the TD and Declar Cross scored a two-point convert at 10:25 of the fourth. That set up Lirim Hajrullahu’s eventual game-winning kick from 32 yards out with 53 seconds remaining.

This time, though, Calgary countered with Mitchell’s 18-yard TD strike to Rogers at 5:28 for a 17-0 advantage.

“I was pretty upset with myself and I’m watching the guy run and I’m like, ‘Man, he’s gone,”’ Mitchell said. “And I just see KJ coming from outside and he’s moving faster than everybody on the field.

“I think that was kind of a vindictive moment but honestly that’s just KJ, that’s how he plays. Hats off to him, he saved my tail right there, the defence got the ball back and we drove down and scored.”


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  1. Thoughts:

    Question: What do you get when you combine the worlds best football team with a chipped shoulder??
    Answer: Calgary Stampeders with a 41-7 win over the defending Grey Cup champions

    I’ll make you a deal (rider fans in particular). You stop telling us how Calgary is about to fall and I’ll stop telling you you’re wrong

    I guess Bo Bo had his sandwich, hey Yup? 20 for 22 – 91%. Greatest completion percentage in league history for a single game

    Calgary needed a new running back, they find a guy named Don Jackson and he looks like he’s headed to rookie of the year honors, and maybe the rushing title. Who knew! You don’t need to find some failed big-name college prospect to fill such a vacancy.

    Welcome to Mr. Rogers neighborhood. Next phase coming to a stadium near you. Soon to feature an estate area in Mosaic.

    The only competition for Calgary is who gets player of week:
    Eric Rogers?
    Don Jackson?

    Defense did what the defense does for the red.

    • Thoughts:

      Bo looked pretty good for a frail fellow. For the record, I’m not sure he got that sandwich manyhandles – saw him gnawing on his mouth guard like a bloodhound on a bone.

      Glad you were able to get habdle #36 sorted out in time to come here and gloat. Heard nothing of the sort from Bomber or Cat fans, but expected nothing less from you.

      Congratulations to the Stampeders and their true fans for a very dominant win.

    • I’ve never said Stamps are about to fall. I’ve said that I hope BLM can win a few GC before his window closes. Hes way too good to have a losing record in the GC. If they make it back and lose again, thats what his legacy will become. Greatest regular season QB that couldn’t close. I think he’s way too talented for that label, so for HIS sake I hope they can win.
      For the record, I am not denying my spats with manyhandles. Lol

  2. Peter North // June 23, 2018 at 10:11 pm //

    The Argos look like utter garbage the first two weeks. They are getting a bye at the right time.

  3. Garcia98 // June 23, 2018 at 10:24 pm //

    Man, the Stamps looked good. Can they please play like this in November? Seems like a quiet celebration though. Feel really bad for Ricky Ray. Hall of Fame QB and complete class act may have played his final game. Argos will be OK though. Great coaching staff and a talented Franklin waiting to prove himself. Decent crowd in T.O. as well.

  4. White Horse // June 23, 2018 at 10:30 pm //

    Total yards of offense..564 yrds.
    After the Grey Cup give away, the Stamps wanted to make a statement.
    Ottawa you are next at Historic McMahon.

    • We can’t take Ottawa lightly.

    • Flying in from Southern CALIF for that one ?

    • RealityCheck // June 23, 2018 at 10:50 pm //

      Oh will you go away already; you’re nauseating comments are giving me a headache. If it wasn’t for atrocious officiating the horse $hits would have been 0-3 in Grey Cup Championships. Biggest chokers in the history of the CFL.

    • Bombs Away! // June 23, 2018 at 11:12 pm //

      Quietly the Bombers had 588.

    • They make a lot of statements during preseason and the regular season. No one is questioning that.
      When it matters however, they fold like a cheap tent.

    • nothing historic about mcmahon and ottawa doesnt fear or hear u with the grey cup it owned you in 2 years ago

    • White Horse. Seriously? You want to go with “Mission Accomplished” … don’t you think that it is a little premature … the “Mission” is the GC and it is still a long way to go … seems like you are spiking the ball a little early (again). The Stamps won a game … that’s all. They have not erased their choke hold on infamy from their last two GC appearances … that will require at least one untainted GC win … no help from the officials this time.

  5. Does anyone else find themselves not really worrying about the Stamps … because they’re just going to choke in the playoffs anyway? 😉

    • I believe we are 6-2 in playoff games since 2012.
      Playoffs are a long way away my friend. As a fan who’s team is showing toe most promise atthis point?

      • not the stamps, they played who so far again? lol they played no one that is any good 😀

    • Of course, for that to even happen, every other Western team will choke first. Again.

    • RFD – Does anybody else notice, manyhandles is pretty much carrying on a conversation with his multiple personalities ?

      • Yes, I have noticed that. Generally I don’t bother with him, and I’ll go back to that now.

      • Puck hog // June 24, 2018 at 12:36 am //

        Yup, the guy is blatant moron. Even the good Stamp fans distance themselves from him and this site, prompting good ol’ Red to make up some conversations with himself. As I have said before, I hope Calgary cake walks through the regular season without a loss. Then we’ll stand back and watch them self-destruct in the playoffs. Of course I would never direct this to the real Stsmp fans, but this is targeted for Red, the biggest arse in Calgary.

  6. Is anyone noticing how well Derrick Denis is playing???? At tackle?

  7. Rider fan // June 23, 2018 at 10:40 pm //

    Calgary looked good. Nothing went right for the Argos. Hope Wray is ok. Calgary fans have lots to gloat over. Can’t deny they played well. Hats off to them they were a better team this week.

  8. RE: “I’ll make you a deal (rider fans in particular). You stop telling us how Calgary is about to fall and I’ll stop telling you you’re wrong”

    Assuming your are ‘it” with yet ANOTHER handle…I doubt that. You are your buddy ARSE51 live to tell people they are wrong, even when YOU are the ones who are wrong, which is most of the time.
    Try it at LEAST once that you are wrong.

  9. Ok be honest;
    2 weeks into the season, is there a receiver you’d rather have than Eric Rogers?

    • Peter North // June 23, 2018 at 10:46 pm //


        • Peter North // June 23, 2018 at 11:09 pm //

          Carter (I still acknowledge him as a WR)
          Williams (EDM)

          There are a few guys in the arena league that have been en fuego so far this year…Darius Price, Malachi Jones, and Joe Hills, in no order, of course.

          I’d also rather have 30 or so NFL receivers over who you named. I can list them if you like.

          If we are going to talk about the stamps as that best football team in the world, then we have to talk best receivers in the world.

    • BigRedMachine // June 24, 2018 at 1:02 am //

      I have probably said this to you 4 or 5 times already on this site but damn you make this site unenjoyable for other Stamp fans…

      • Red&White Forever // June 24, 2018 at 12:17 pm //

        Agreed. The rest of us aren’t allowed to say anything without everyone thinking it’s Manyhandles the Troll.

  10. On occasion every team has laid a bomb on another team during a season. To my memory, Stamps are always giving out a spanking and never seem to receive one though. This is a team without a weakness it appears. Interesting to see how they fare against RB.

  11. HEY porno guy (Peter north) you a football fan also? You got game!

  12. Bombs Away! // June 23, 2018 at 11:33 pm //

    So does Calgary now become Canada’s Team? What say ye Riders? The season is not over. I heard the fat lady gurgling but she did not sing… It must have been her training camp.

  13. The Stamps DO receive a spanking…against significantly lesser teams that they should beat in the Grey Cup.

    • dangnabbit // June 24, 2018 at 11:40 am //

      A spanking? Lost to Toronto by a field goal last year, and took Ottawa to overtime the year before – those aren’t spankings. Maybe a choke, and definitely an underperformance, but when we say spanking we’re talking about games like this, where it was 41-1 after three quarters of play. Or the 60-1 pounding they laid on Hamilton last year. The last time Calgary lost by more than thirty points was in 2007.

  14. True Green // June 24, 2018 at 12:07 am //

    Congrats Stamps, and for the record Bo looked Fantastic.

    I really don’t like the Stampeders much, primarily because of their regular season dominance the past ten years versus my Riders who seemingly are always tying to find themselves and can’t build any continuity. That said I do think Bo is a very gifted QB but there’s a certain someone on this site with an obsession for the guy that goes beyond the posters of Bo that he’s plastered his bedroom walls with, that just goes beyond creepy. It’s hard to like a player or a team with a fan like that.

    • All I’m doing is standing up for my team.
      When people claim Bo is only the 4th or 5th best QB in this league and Huff isn’t a (or THE) top GM in this league, and all types of similar statements, I get mad. It’s clear BS just being said out of hate. No one as had worse insults and threats hurled at them than myself on this site.

      • Completely delusional.

        • lol
          Oh Yup
          41-7 Calgary win
          40-17 rider loss
          What more needs said this week???

          • BC Dave // June 24, 2018 at 2:13 am //

            The problem is, dipstick, that if it was the other way around, you would still have lots to say making up lame excuses. You are a poor loser and not a gracious winner. In general, you are just one big pain in the

      • Puck hog // June 24, 2018 at 12:45 am //

        Hahaha, what is the matter with you? Just leave this site then, if you feel that you’re mistreated. What a clown!

      • Peter North // June 24, 2018 at 12:47 am //

        Well, could be because you have multiple handles and people don’t really care for that, you’re being a smart alec.

        Just pick one and go with it.

      • Peter North // June 24, 2018 at 12:53 am //

        Speaking of insults, someone referred to me as a ‘porno guy’. Shame on you, my feelings have been hurt.

        I am an adult entertainer and have had an illustrious career, including winning several awards and starring in countless films.

      • The best QB in the CFL is BLM who has the best won/loss record in the CFL over the period of his career; no one else even comes close. Also the success of the Stamps since BLM became the starting QB is the best in the CFL over an extended period of time. BLM’s career stats are better then any other starting QB in the CFL.
        I also agree that Huffnagel is the best GM in the CFL as he has proven this over several years, as in the case with their O-line over the past several seasons when players become injured, Huff always seems to find replacements that can start and play at a high level. It seems that Huff can cut players year after year and the replacements just never seem to miss a beat. The Stamps always play at a high level and are the best team in the CFL and this can be attributed to John Huffnagel in my opinion.

  15. Peter North // June 24, 2018 at 12:17 am //

    @Stampeding, not being a smart alec. You asked who I would rather have, I provided answers.

    Can you tell me when we can expect mighty Roy Finch back with the Stamps?

    • I cannot tell you that. I just hope Finch can get his life together. Whether he will be able to resume his career is still unknown.
      Purely speaking as a fan,,,,,,after watching the Stamps run at will and Terry Williams return a kick,,,,does it really matter? I’m afraid the mighty Stamps have done what they always do, replace players seamlessly.
      Watch what you say, if he can resume his career it might be with your team. You don’t enjoy crow do you?

      • MR. Green // June 24, 2018 at 1:13 am //

        You need to settle down and learn to be humble and not POS. The Mule’s can’t win a Grey Cup week 2, like I said last week. Not being here 4 days and you still make this site worse and will be booted by tomorrow again. Trust me pal, your day is comming and you will regret your behaviour. Sad part is, you are b!and to it.

        • what behavior? You make it sound like I’ve done something terrible. lololololol

          • Bombs Away! // June 24, 2018 at 10:39 am //

            I really don’t care to get into this but there is something about being gracious and respectful. So what if someone says Bo stinks. We know it’s not true so why bother responding. This site is supposed to be for sports fans, not people who want to vent their frustration. Well, I guess I got into it, sorry!

  16. Wow so much gloating from the usual sadsacks in here. It’s week 2 and that was a good win over a terrible team. Big deal. The league lost RR in a nasty injury, but some of my fellow Stamps fans can’t control their emotions. Says a lot. You guys, but really it’s just one posing as several, you know who you are. Get a life!

  17. The Argos have looked absolutely dreadful in both contests so far… offense = junk, defense = weak, special teams = alright (except for kicking which has been brutal)… they couldn’t execute anything tonight! Brutal! Hopefully this isn’t a sign of the season to come!

  18. Peter North // June 24, 2018 at 12:44 am //

    Mmmm, crow is fantastic next to some fava beans and chianti.

    It all matters because The Rock says so. Do you remember when Dwayne Johnson tried out for the Stamps back in the day? Good times.

    Btw, my favourite Stamps QB of all time is Rick Johnson followed by Danny Barrett and Phil Kessel. How about you? I bet I know who your going to say, but I’m hoping it’s someone else.

    Do you still have the horse running down the sideline when a touchdown is scored? What type of horse is it?

    Please feel free to respond with one of your aliases.

    We were talking about some guy named Derrick Denis with one of them earlier.

    • I’m Stampeding and Sirdropsalot….no one else

      I’ve been a season ticket holder for 25 years. I don’t remember the Rock trying out because he was just a regular prospect like any other at the time, on a very good Stampeder team with not many openings.

      I’ve never heard of Phil Kessel, before my time perhaps and definitely no one of note.

      I did like Danny Barrett, Hollywood Rick had a good year but played on a team that wasn’t all that great. My favs: Garcia, Flute, BLM, Dave D, Burris.

      Yes the horse still runs up and down the sidelines but opposite side where I sit so I often don’t notice. Have no idea of type–white, with a very hot woman riding it.

      any more questions?

      • Peter North // June 24, 2018 at 1:10 am //

        No, I appreciate the response.

        Phil was a tremendous clip board holder for the Stamps in the early 80’s. I believe he actually served as Barrett’s backup. I must admit, I’m a tad disappointed you didn’t know of him.

        You always have to give the understudy recognition. It’s important in maintaining a solid relationship in the QB room.

        Note to self, no more Stamps references prior to 1987.

        Have a wonderful evening in CALIF. If you are ever in Chatsworth, look me up. I’ll be happy to autograph a few BluRay’s for you. They may be of some use.

        Real good conversation. I’ll look for you again when the Stamps play.

        • I looked it up. Kessel played 1 year in 1982, I was 9. Barrett was hear 83-85 and 89 to 91. So their times never coincided.
          Not sure what the California reference is about.

      • What the hell possesses a person to hide behind more than one handle at a time ??

        • Who’s hiding?

          • Puck hog // June 24, 2018 at 11:08 am //

            Did you forget about split personality #9, Pino?

          • Sorry to burst your oversensitive bubble there, Hog. I’ve got nothing to do with Mr Manyhandles, here.

          • Puck hog // June 24, 2018 at 4:18 pm //

            Sounds like you’re the sensitive one. Anyway, if you’re not Red, congratulations on being just like him. You should be proud.

          • Considering you and Yup and a few others seem to think anyone who dares disagree with you on these forums must all be the same person, I think our respective comments speak for themselves. Now let’s get back to talking football instead of snowflakes. It’s the middle of summer.

    • Chianti? North America’s favorite wine of the 1970’s

  19. Horse excrement permeates. // June 24, 2018 at 1:33 am //

    Wow! There are some really angry Calgary fans. Must be all that macho cowboy perfume to hide your impotence.

  20. What a catastrophic debacle on all levels for the Argos.

    Pitiful crowd of just 16,500 – – looks like the token Cracker Jack ring giveaway didn’t go over so well. I suppose the next step is to close down the upper west side stands.

    Ron Yell should be embarrassed after getting caught from behind on what should have been an easy TD. He had at least a 10yd head start and Jordan still ran him down.

    Calgary definitely has the best set of receivers in the league. I fully expect Eric Rogers to lead the league in receiving again this year.

    No idea WTF that clueless assclown was spouting off about Rogers being the 18th best receiver in the league. Absolutely clueless – – no point in telling someone that dumb to watch the games because they’ve got no idea what they’re even watching.

  21. Bo was in a zone. Argos looked so bad. Stamps not going to have any issues this year if Bo stays healthy. The question will be if they can win it all. For BLM’s sake I hope he can. He’s too talented to keep losing in the Grey Cup. Anyone that think’s Reilly is the better QB is crazy. Me thinks Bo is on a mission this year. Game 1 was just an off game.

    • Right now Reilly and Bo occupy the 1 and 2 spots as best QB in the league, and whoever is 1 and 2 will change multiple times as the weeks go on. Reilly had an off game this week, just as Mitchell had the week before.

      I’d say Masoli is a close #3 right now, but he needs to stop making bad mistakes late in games, or he’ll get burned. Trevor Harris and Jeremiah Masoli are really sitting in the 3 and 4 spot in my opinion.

      Don’t know where to put Streveler yet as he’s just so new, but he is a treat to watch and we got time to see more of him. He and Bridge should both be sitting in that “got good potential, but not really a starter yet” category.

      Then you got the rest. Collaros, Willy, Jennings.

      I don’t mention Ricky Ray because I really can’t decide where to fit him. He has been a phenom for so long in the league, but has recently become inconsistent. I’d put him up there with Bo and Reilly when he’s on his game, and with the Masoli/Harris tandem when he’s not.

  22. Van Zeyl: the guy’s a beast. Love him – even as a Stamps fan

  23. Well, I guess “The gift that keeps on giving” won’t be “giving” too much in the near future after ingesting a Stump sandwhich, right there, Mr. gmen32? But all is not lost, I understand they are building a spankin’ brand new senior’s facility near Ricky’s hospital…maybe he’ll check it out during his re-hab stroll?

  24. Concern in Toronto – only 16,000 for a Grey Cup re-match, most tickets $29 tickets, the pre-game concert with rapper Ofishal, the $5 beers, the replica GC ring giveaway.
    With their performance they will be lucky to get 12k for the next game.

  25. sick and tired of everyone bending over backwards for Toronto which is the Los Angeles of Canada. Just like LA does not need the NFL Toronto does need the CFL. LA has 2 teams now but on their terms. No public money. Rams are filling seats but Chargers are not. A better model is the only game in town model. That would be always sold out Saskatchewan, Hamilton, Green Bay and Jacksonville. Let Toronto sink or swim on its own. Meanwhile expand to cities with no other pro teams such as Halifax, Quebec City, Waterloo-kitchener, london, Windsor, Victoria, and Anchorage.

  26. Oskee Wee Wee // June 24, 2018 at 9:01 am //

    Thoughts on Argos:

    Who is calling the plays? Because the Offensive plays were all horrible calls at the wrong time. For example it is second and long and the Argos need to get a first down. They need to do a medium to long passing play. Instead they dish it off to Wilder and he runs a few feet. OC Tommy Condell and HC Marc Trestman have to find a rhythm fast and figure out what clicks as it is spiralling out of control for the Argos.

  27. Pennyrocker // June 24, 2018 at 9:52 am //

    All I read is how great the Stumps are in this thread. They seem to forget that Bo peep has injuried his shoulder last year. Like most shoulderinjuries can be reoccurring. Ever wonder what the stumps would do with out Bo in the line up. Ride the wave as long as you can there will be a day coming when the wave crashes.

    I don’t recall the last time we had a weekend where there was three blow outs occurred.

    The riders played a dark horse team and had know idea what to watch for in the RB’s game plan. The Al’s played horrible. The Argos were the worst and got lucky under Franklin otherwise never scored a single point on their own except for a safety from the Stumps.

  28. Did I read some of the above comments correctly, some dolt admitted to using at least two names on this thread alone? What kind of brain dead fool does that? Just figure out how to use the internet did you guy? LOL. How many azn porn subscriptions that guy must have eh….haha, what a fool.

    • Puck hog // June 24, 2018 at 11:20 am //

      Yes, the clown trolls on this site under several pseudonyms. Then when everybody Pokes fun at his ignorance, he plays the victim. This is what he said above. I have to repost it to have another laugh: “When people claim Bo is only the 4th or 5th best QB in this league and Huff isn’t a top GM in this league, and all types of similar statements, I get mad…… No one as had worse insults and threats hurled at them than myself on this site.” Clown Red is mad, i’ll Give him that!

      • HAHAHA old tough guy wanna be then is he? Too funny that he cries when people reply back and plays a victim.

      • Having several names on here is like someone’s drunk single uncle who has nothing going but a game played by other men. That guy should try Tinder haha.

  29. As usual Phsyco boys comments are rife with made up shi t. It states Mitchell had the greatest one game completion percentage in the history of the game at 91%. Ricky Ray has two that are better 95% and 92% and the great great Casey Printers also has a 91%. It’s posts are all made up crap from this “danger to society”.

  30. Although the Argos won the grey cup, let’s not forget this was a 9-9 team. Fans better prepare them self’s for an average season. The grey cup victor created a false illusion

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