Ticats tear up Eskimos in comfortable Commonwealth win

Shane Jones, Canadian Press

Jeremiah Masoli continues to prove he deserves to be ranked with the CFL’s top quarterbacks.

Luke Tasker and Mercer Timmis each recorded a pair of touchdowns as Hamilton picked up its first win of the season, defeating the Edmonton Eskimos 38-21 on Friday. Masoli completed 19-of-29 pass attempts for three touchdowns, an interception and 332 yards for the Tiger-Cats.

“Hats off to our defence and how good they were,” Masoli said. “All I can do is be as good as my teammates allow me to be.

“We have so much speed with our receivers, they made it easy for me.”

Ticats head coach June Jones isn’t at all surprised with how much confidence Masoli is playing with, despite former NFL quarterback and 2012 Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel sitting on the bench behind him.

“I’ve been saying it and nobody seems to believe me,” he said. “He has been pretty spectacular for as long as I have been here, 12 games.

“Jeremiah got out of some trouble and made plays which you need to do in this league. We are lucky to have him.”

Manziel did not play for Hamilton (1-1) and is still waiting to make his on-field CFL regular season debut.

Quarterback Mike Reilly was 20 for 30 with two TDs, an interception and 286 yards for the Eskimos (1-1).

“I thought Jeremiah played a great game tonight,” said Eskimos head coach Jason Maas. “He was very calm and collected back there. Even when we got pressure, he seemed to get out of it and find somebody. He did that on multiple times tonight. Some of that was on second and long, he made plays. My hat is off to Hamilton, they outplayed us tonight in all three phases and the scoreboard shows that.”

Hamilton had a strong start to the game with a touchdown on its opening drive, a 15-yard passing strike from Masoli to Tasker.

Edmonton came flying back to tie it up just two plays later, though, as Reilly found a wide-open Duke Williams for a massive 88-yard passing TD.

The Tiger-Cats came right back themselves with a one-yard TD run by Timmis with just over five minutes left in the first quarter.

Edmonton got a punt single to start the second before Hamilton extended its lead with a 45-yard passing TD from Masoli to Tasker to go up 21-8.

The Ticats added a 44-yard Lirim Hajrullahu field goal, but the Eskimos responded with a five-yard TD toss to Derel Walker that was set up by a 55-yard pass to Kenny Stafford. The two-point convert attempt failed, leaving the score 24-14 at the half.

Hamilton kept up the pace in the third quarter, with an 18-yard TD pass from Masoli to Brandon Banks.

Edmonton closed the gap a little with 4:37 remaining in the fourth on a one-yard TD plunge by Reilly.

However, the Ticats came right back with a 44-yard TD run by Timmis to put the game away.

Both teams return to action next Friday, with the Ticats playing their home opener against Winnipeg, while the Eskimos host the B.C. Lions.

Notes: The Eskimos, who were riddled with injuries in the 2017 campaign, already had 13 players on the six-game injured list coming into the game. Hamilton had two… Reilly passed Joe Paopao for 26th in all-time CFL passing… While not becoming the marathon the Eskimos experienced in Week 1 with storms in Winnipeg, the longest game in CFL history, Friday’s game was also delayed 25 minutes due to lightning concerns.


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  1. Wow. So the Esks struggle to beat Winnipeg, who were starting a rookie QB in his first CFL game, and then the lose handily to the Ticats at home. Hands up everyone who saw that coming!

    • Maybe the arrogance of a few Eskimo fans that love to point fingers at the shortcomings of other teams, yet, not focusing on one’s own weaknesses comes to bite one in the ass sometimes. Lots of weaknesses with the Eskimos beginning with the defence. Let’s see … lack of a pass rush, major concerns with pass defence, discipline. Offensive line looked rattled much of the game, lack of depth at the receiver position. Eskimos are fortunate to be 1-1. Should be 0-2 and in last place.

    • Yes that’s a huge surprise. Everyone saying that Reilly is the best QB in the league but so far this season we haven’t seen it. The O-line is lacking and not opening holes for Gable or giving Reilly much protection.

      • Reilly is one of the best QBs in the league, if not the best. A lot of his misses were the fault of his receivers, not Reilly himself, though I do question the wisdom of trying for 30 yard passes on every second play.

        • The best QB in the CFL is BLM who has the best won/loss record in the CFL over the period of his career; no one else even comes close. Also the success of the Stamps since BLM became the starting QB is the best in the CFL over an extended period of time. BLM’s career stats are better then Reilly’s. These factors make BLM the best QB in the CFL. Reilly is still an elite QB; and it can be legitimately argued that Reilly may be the 2nd best QB in the CFL though, and that is not half bad.

          To other CFL fans who post on this site: Who do you regard as the best and 2nd best QB currently starting in the CFL and why? It is an interesting question indeed.

      • Cat Fan // June 25, 2018 at 9:18 am //

        We haven’t seen it despite Reilly having more yards than any other QB?

        Wonder what numbers Reilly would be having if the O line was doing better?

        Maybe the evaluation of Reilly is correct but other parts of the team are issues.

    • I saw it coming, winnipeg relaxed with a 10 point lead and deserved to lose, hamilton didnt make the same mistake the bombesr did and shoved it down deadmontons throat 🙂 im so far 3-3 on my picks i knew that Deadmonton, Montreal (no surprise) and sask were gonna lose. hope i can go 5-5

    • its easy to call him mazola cuz hes so slippery like oil

  2. Jeremiah Masoli was The Player Of The Game.

  3. Great game by offense and defense. They sure managed to frustrate the Eskies tonight!

  4. Jeremiah deserved to be the player of the game. He is going to be the MOP and win the Grey Cup

    Also, I hope Jeremiah plays so well that Johnny Manziel get to play , too

    • WHOA – slow down a little. One game doesn’t make an MOP or a Grey Cup.
      There is another team in the East that has everything going for it and firing on all cyclinders, they will have to go through Ottawa to get to the Grey Cup.

    • nice dream there lmfao

  5. I told you so about jm

    • AwaitingModeration // June 23, 2018 at 7:07 am //

      Am I the only one who realizes that Hamilton’s first and second string QBs have the same initials?
      Posting about “JM” isn’t exactly definitive.
      Use their full or last names.

      • SeaFiddle // June 23, 2018 at 8:53 am //

        Most of the people in Hamilton are using JM for Jeremiah Masoli and JF Johnny Football for Manziel so the two don’t get confused.

  6. Loved seeing Mercer Timmis run the ball. He was stuffed a few times, but his longer ones were beautiful. He’s a tough runner, covers up on the ball well, gives a strong stiff-arm, and on his 44-yarder to salt the game away he showed speed (against an albeit tired defense). Honourable mention as POTG.

  7. Anthony Kaduck // June 23, 2018 at 2:07 am //

    Amazing. We got all the way to paragraph 3 before our backup QB was mentioned.

    • Diehardticat // June 23, 2018 at 8:20 am //

      And we got all the way to your post with no mention of the roughriders. That is shocking as well. Lol

  8. Tigers Coach // June 23, 2018 at 2:07 am //

    This is basically the box score written out in sentences. What’s happening 3DN, not a single tweet or article from Drew today and now this underwhelming post game article. Is everyone ok?

    • Sea of Dead // June 23, 2018 at 9:01 am //

      Time zone difference 2 hrs … They are still napping and likely to submit their versions of play sometime before noon our time today. Drew has mentioned, several times now, that he is NOT a Ticat fan, he’s simply a reporter … So sleep takes precedence over reporting (BTW Drew’s likely very disappointed after the Bomber beat down of his Als and had to sleep it off).

  9. Sir Dropsalot // June 23, 2018 at 2:11 am //

    Wow, I guess this is going to be easy for Calgary once again! Everyone will be looking up at us already by the end of week 2 in their familiar spots.

    Great to see Timmis have a great game, could be the next great Canadian running back. Historic McMahon may take a lot from the other 8 teams, but it also gives a lot.

    • It isn’t going to be that easy for Calgary if Mitchell keeps throwing for less than 50%. Let’s wait until after tonight’s game before planning the coronation, shall we?

    • if its so easy for calgary, w hy do they choke in the grey cup every chance they get? but trust me, i believe the argos will beat you again tonight, nothing special about calgary

    • nothing historic about mcmahon cept for allthe choking calgary does

      • The last team to choke in a Grey Cup game hosted at McMahon did so in such spectacular fashion that there was an entire episode of a Grey Cup history documentary series dedicated to that particular choke job. That same team went on to choke again the very next year. Fans of that team would do well to remember that stones and glass houses rarely mix.

    • Red&White Forever // June 23, 2018 at 2:36 pm //

      The Stamps have had some issues winning in Toronto in the past. I wouldn’t say this is a guaranteed W at all. Plus, it’s week 2. Nobody really knows what they’ve got for sure yet. I always say it takes until at least week 4 before you know in the CFL.

      • Here’s what we know after week 2: Hamilton and Ottawa are “Have Teams” in the East and will be the only two teams making the playoffs in the East.

        Montreal and Toronto are “Have Not” teams in the East and will have a fewer wins then the cross-over team in the West (which will be either the Lions, or the Riders).

        Montreal will be fortunate to match last seasons win total of three games and will be clearly the worst team in the CFL.

        Johnathan Jennings is prone to slow starts in games and usually does not begin to play well until after the first half. If this trend from last season continues as it has in the last 2018 preseason game and the first regular home game, the Lions will lose more games then they win despite having a better O-line and D-line.

        The Riders have a BAD O-line and this will result in whomever is the starting QB to be under siege.

        The Eskimos’s have really bad DB’s and what the RedBlacks did to the Eskimo defensive back field will be followed by other CFL teams. Reilly will have to play at his absolute best for the Eskimos to beat the elite teams: the Stamps and Bombers in the West, and the Tiger Cats and RedBlacks in the East.

  10. Adam Stocker // June 23, 2018 at 2:14 am //

    This might be the poorest written article in the history of 3Down. Almost every paragraph was only one sentence.

    • canadianfootballfan // June 23, 2018 at 3:43 am //

      It’s called keeping your points separate.

      I’ll take this over the illiterates that write in giant blocks of text in comments as if they have never heard of a paragraph.

    • Adam. Your comment may be the most poorly written grammatical critique of the year. “Poorest written” … C-

  11. Well my friends – thought Coach/GM 51 said that scrub Masoli was going to “run around like a bumbling jackass again this week – – constantly turning his back to the line of scrimmage and making more dumb decisions” ??

    Guess it’s just a mtter of time until Areola 51 goes back to holding a clipboard.

  12. Also, not sure I’d say that was a “comfortable” win… with almost 5 mins to go and the Eskies down by 10 there was plenty of time for Reilly magic. They had the long ball working all game, if not much else. And their special teams kept giving Hamilton long fields to work from.

    Nice to see the Ticats put a game away for a change, but until the Timmis TD I was still on seat-edge.

    • Msd. Agree. I sure wasn’t comfortable! Masoli has now put played BLM and Reilly back to back. Time for Area 51 to man up and acknowledge that he has called Masoli all wrong

    • Reilly is over rated.

      • NOT!!!! Really???? Riely is an elite CFL QB; one of the best along with BLM and Ray.

        • And I think that Masoli will soon be joining that group if he keeps playing as well as he has in the first two weeks of the season. His HC certainly believes he’s one of the best in the league.

          • TFMCB, I agree with your comment. The only reason Masoli is NOT yet an elite QB is because he has not played at a consistently high level for an extended period of time…say over two seasons, and he has not yet led the Tiger Cats to any playoff success. Masoli has played like an elite QB since the last six games of the 2017 Regular Season, where over the last six games of last season he had the highest QB Rating of all of the QB’s in the CFL. Masoli can do it all: he can pass, throw the long bomb accurately, and run; he indeed has all of the tools to be an elite QB. I for one will be very interested in watching Masoli’s development over this season and the two games that the Lions play the Tiger Cats will be a “Cat Fight” indeed. Also remember that just because a QB has one MOP season and gets his team to the playoffs this does not guarantee that he will become an “elite” QB. Case-in-point is Travis Lulay who played like an “elite” QB in 2011, however injuries have derailed his career and he has never regained the MOP playing form that he demonstrated on the football field in 2011. Lulay since 2012 due to his injuries and limited playing time can only be regarded as a “better then average” QB at best (which is also BTW what I also regard Jennings as, no better then a “better then average” QB at best due to his inconsistent play over almost two seasons as a starter.

    • They had the long ball working a few times in the game. It was being missed more often than caught.

      • Give some credit to the Ticats’ DBs. And with Breaux on the field, Reilly didn’t even dare to toss a ball that way!

  13. Edmonton defence was absolutely TERRIBLE tonight.

    No idea WTF Benevides was thinking when he kept blitzing – – and the worst part was the blitzes just kept charging straight into the pile of bodies at the line of scrimmage.

    FFS, blitzing is not how you scheme against a QB like Masoli.

    Rush four and have the rest drop into coverage with one LB spying Masoli.

    Once Benevides finally figured that out, Masoli couldn’t read the coverage and Edmonton finally started getting some stops on defence.

    But getting dominated in time of possession like that was inexcusable. Total embarrassment from Edmonton tonight.

    • It must really tear you up inside watching the “dumb” and “garbage” QB kick “the best CFL” QB’s ass tonight, not to mention seeing your “franchise” QB knocked out of the game the other night after someone just breathed on him. That’s okay though, you can still save your weekend depending on how well your 100 year old QB fares against the Stumps on Saturday.

      • Sea of Dead // June 23, 2018 at 9:08 am //

        Awesome! Time for Area 51 to take flight and return to the solar system he came from.

        • No kidding, eh? I know some people on this post have fav and not so fav players…sometimes making a habit of pointing out not so fav players’ inefficiencies (myself included). But this individual has absolutely no objectivity. Has an obvious “hate on” for Masoli and the Tiger Cats, as well as Jennings and the Lions. Maybe he’s an ex-water boy of both…LOL!

      • Oh no…say it ain’t so…your 100 year old QB got carted off the field after ingesting a Stump sandwhich? That’s means you end up 0-3…what a lost weekend for you! Oh well, maybe next week…NOT!

    • Diehardticat // June 23, 2018 at 8:28 am //

      When you get beat by a good team even though they are underrated (they are always underrated), should not be seen as an embarrassment , Area 51.

    • time for Deadmonton to get rid of that scrub Reilley indeed.

      • Could not agree more. I think Reilly is selfish in a way. When the Eskimos are at the one-yard line, who’s going to score? It’s always Reilly. What is it, 12 touchdowns last season. And how many came from a yard out? Why not hand the ball off? I guess he likes to see his name in the paper. But someday he might get a headshot and realize there are other players to handle the ball. Whatever???

  14. Well deserved victory for the Ti-cats. Could easily be 2-0. Dominated the Eskimos throughout the entire game in Edmonton. Kudos to the Cats!!!

  15. #41 for Edmonton was the worst player on the field tonight. The guy is complete trash.

    When he wasn’t giving up huge cushions and getting burned he was desperately grabbing onto receivers and taking dumb penalties.

    Would not be surprised at all to see #41 get cut this week. At the very least, he’s unplayable on defence going forward.

    • Hey dumbass51, how about that Jeremiah Masoli? Did you Watch him closely last night with his weak, inaccurate arm and dumb decision making?

      It must drive you crazy to be so wrong about Jeremiah Masoli but I’m just calling it as I see it.

      • Area 51 is wrong most of the time esp with his scrub nichols comments, and he never comes up with any new material. Mazola could be the real deal Breeze hope he works out for your team 🙂

        • Actually, there was one play where Masoli almost made the same mistake as the week before. Only this time he was lucky not to get picked off. He needs to learn not to throw the ball when he already has a defender in his face.

      • Shootout at the OK Corral // June 23, 2018 at 4:11 pm //

        Breeze, you forgot to call him your “friend”. Get with the program Eh !

  16. Al Bazzie was invisible again on defence. He was also 100% responsible for the last TD by Timmis.

    Instead of keeping contain on the edge, Bazzie decided he’d go inside the RT and that left it wide open for Timmis to jog untouched for an easy TD.

    • You seem a bit rattled. Maybe you should sit down and have a drink.

      • I don’t consume alcohol, my friend.

        But I realize there’s pisstanks who turn to the bottle anytime things don’t go their way, so feel free to self-medicate.

        • Don’t worry about me, my friend. But I am concerned about you and your ramblings. You seem rattled.

          • Just call it as I see it, my friend.

            Did you feel this was a well played, competitive game?

          • Personally, Mr. 51, the Ti-cats physically manhandled the Eskimos throughout the entire night. If not for two major breakdowns in Hamilton’s pass defence, the score could very well have been worse. In fact, Hamilton gave Calgary a run the other night. It was wonderful to see teams like Winnipeg and Hamilton play great football.

        • You don’t drink? That’s too bad. Might explain the rambling BS you are spewing at 2:30 in the morning, my friend.

      • He prefers to sniff gas

        • I don’t live in Winnipeg.

          • I know what you are getting at…that’s a low blow, even on this post, and a comment only a true a**hole can make. And no, I’m not from Winnipeg…nor in this case would it matter.

    • Revenberg pulled to the right side to block Bazzie, and was on him before Timmis hit the LOS. If Bazzie had gone wider, Revenberg would have pushed him outward and Timmis would still have had a hole to run through. Bazzie had no chance either way.

      Instead of looking for reasons why the Esks gave the game to the Ticats, perhaps you’ll be more at ease simply accepting that the Cats won for reasons of their own making.

      • Exactly, msd. Hamilton deserves a LOT of credit for the victory. The Cats could easily be 2-0.

        • They are 1 – 1 no such thing as “could easily be” no points for being close.
          Great win and they will win a lot more games this year.

      • Educate yourself before trying to comment further, my friend.

        Bazzie absolutely HAS to keep contain and force Timmis to cut back inside. Do that and the LBs are there to clean up on the play and stop Timmis for a short gain.

        Even before the short armed fattie ever got over there, Bazzie had already jumped way too far inside and Timmis would have got the edge without the half assed block.

        • He does have to keep contain. But he was outmatched no matter what he did. Watch the video of it on CFL.ca’s game story and we’ll talk further about education.

          Seems that you’re simply unwilling to give Masoli, Timmis, Revenberg, or any other Ticat credit for their play.

          • Hamilton is simply just better than the eskimoes in every way, edmonton was fluky to win game 1 and you saw the real edmonton team game 2. they talked about all deadmontons injuries last week but they failed to talk about all the bomber starters who were also missing, you saw what happened when a couple came back against montreal i just feel edmonton is not that good as people say.

        • Area. We all call them like we see ‘em. And we all see a serious lack of intellectual honesty and integrity in your comments. Have some style dude! Acknowledge that you called Masoli all wrong. Otherwise you just confirm that it’s not your arms that are short.

      • Diehardticat // June 23, 2018 at 9:02 am //

        Amen brother. The theme with some is to blame the losing team and not give credit to the winning team. “How could Hamilton win, they are a bad team”. No, they aren’t. They are a good team. Can’t wait to see the rankings this week. They will likely justify keeping Cats in 8th and edm in 1st because it was an anomaly. See above for reasons why. No respect.

        • thing that pisses area 51 is he cant make any excuses, deadmonton lost this game BIG time in Deadmonton so he cant use the tired old excuse “wait till you come to shytontonwealth for the rematch” and reiley played a decent game so really deadmonton coudlnt play any better offensively, area 51 is pissed off 🙂

        • and they cant keep deadmonton in 1st and the cats in 8th, this happened in deadmonton so the pundits and experts have no reason to not rise the cats and lower the esks at all, it must be met face to face that the ti cats are better than deadmonton.

  17. Why is CJ Gable starting at RB for Edmonton?

    Every time Gable takes a handoff he’s stutter stepping in the backfield. Hit the hole, you puss!

    Import RBs are a dime a dozen and Edmonton has to get something more useful than Gable back there.

    • Masoli's sweaty armpits // June 23, 2018 at 3:08 am //

      How many comments is that for you tonight my friend? At this rate you’ll be wide awake for the next 72 hours.

    • you seem bitter scrub why so upset 🙂

  18. The Eskimo DB’s are suspect and are the main reason the Eskimo defense is giving up an average 34 points a game against. Although Mike Riely is a “gamer” and an elite QB, it will be difficult for the Eskimos to win many games if they continue to give up 30 plus points a game on defense. It will be interesting to see how poorly the Eskimo DB’s play in their next game on the road and how pourus the Eskimo defense is against the Bombers.

    • Good mention, Lionsfan. The porous secondary wasn’t too much worse than the run defence. Hamilton constantly shredded the Eskimos with several large rushing gains throughout the evening by Mercer Timmis. Finally tally was 133 rushing yards as he torched the front seven.

    • Good call, and I know they have some injuries but if you look at their depth chart in general it’s not all that spectacular. I don’t think Sunderland is as good a talent evaluator as Hervey was, and I certainly don’t think he’s up with the Hufnagels and Chris Jones of the league. Interesting interview with Reilly after the game where he said, in a sincere non-cliche way, that they got beaten in all three phases. Also interesting to note that he’s a FA at the end of this year. Things that make you go hmmmm!

      • lol you consider chris jones a good coach? thats funny 😀

      • Good point about Reilly being a FA at the end of the season. with an improved OL perhaps Hearvy brings Reilly back home as a Lion where he began his career, particularly if Jennings has a second consecutive sub-par season.

        • Or … perhaps he re-unites with Jones in Sask.

          • Jones, McAdoo, and many of the coaches he won a cup with in Edmonton, I should add.

          • More LIKELY that if Reilly chooses to leave the Eskimos that he chooses the Lions over the Riders due in part to the fact that he a Lulay are “best friends”; a friendship which developed during his playing days as a Lion. The two still keep in constant contact apparently. Also, if Hervey’s roster moves this past offseason mange to somehow get the Lions into the playoffs or amazingly into the Western Final and the Riders end up as the cross-over team that might also sway Reilly to sign with the Lions (as Hervey MAY then be regarded as a better GM then Jones). manages to muraclelessly

          • Well, we’ll have to see how it all unfolds. Lots of interesting possibles, and a long season ahead!

  19. Once Austin and Fantuz were gone – naturally the optimism improves

    Good Game Hamilton – Hope the league has a strong Eastern Division

  20. Mercer had a 4.7 40 at his combine. Great for a big full back type. Best case scenario is Masoli has record year and Cats clinch easy East with 3 to spare. John plays 3 wins them all. Manziel does not have to play much to get back to NFL. Just enough to display skills. Main thing is to stay sober and be a good team mate under the strain of two 20 plus game seasons and being a back up with spot duty. Which is what he will be in the NFL. June may get Masoli to NFL as well.

    • I am a Ticat fan and hope you are right but Ottawa looked very good on Thursday night and should be competitive with anyone.

      • lol @ you eastern fans forgetting about the grey cup champions

        • I have not forgotten about the Argos – they did not look very good in their first game but if they beat Calgary tonight, there is a chance of having some parity between east and west except for Montreal who have some work to do to be competitive.

    • Best CFL Fan // June 23, 2018 at 10:41 am //

      Some of those big fullback types play faster than the 40 sprint indicates. They don’t accelerate as fast but once they get going can be very very fast. See Chad Kackert, JC Beaulieu.

  21. A51 has depression symptoms

    • A51 is a dbag // June 23, 2018 at 8:00 am //

      It is impressive that he tries so hard to sound like a CFL insider, then he refers to OLineman.

      • dont forget he said that hes gonna have lunch with some player who he was twittering with, another bogus story 😀

        • He’s going to have the Happy Meal as it clearly reflects his personality.

          • BC Dave // June 23, 2018 at 8:18 pm //

            You might be right Yup, but allow me to educate you. I personally think he’s a few fries short of a Happy Meal. Just calling it as I see it.

  22. RB Nation // June 23, 2018 at 8:10 am //

    Probably too soon to say that the East won’t be the lEast this year but a guy can hope the first two week’s results means more coast to coast parity.

  23. gocatsgo // June 23, 2018 at 8:23 am //

    Awesome that Jones and company saw in training camp and exhibition the potential for Mercer to contribute as much as he did on friday night,…having the National at the RB position has been done by so many good teams in the CFL …what can anyone say about the performance of Masoli ?…51’s brushing off of Masoli by saying just drop 4 and spy a linebacker and you got him is so typical of a small minded person who cannot come to terms that he has totally underestimated the guy’s abilities and needs to say anything to deflect from this….he missed the boat on this one big time and continues to defend his position…

  24. George Fogarty // June 23, 2018 at 8:35 am //

    Congrats to the Cats, great game. Masoli needs to keep playing and he is and will get better. He will make mistakes as all QBs do, but he can scramble and throw on the run which makes him a great asset in the CFL.

    All the whiners who say that the East always sucks and that they should only have one division are being proven wrong this year, with Ottawa and Hamilton knocking off teams in the west.

  25. Let’s take Winni down a peg this Friday.

    • its gonna be a very tough game, 2 promising qbs one is only 23 years old, i think that game is going to be very close, this is not the run of the mill pussy cats anymore that the bombers thrash every time they play, t his ticat team is for real good luck 🙂

  26. bigplay // June 23, 2018 at 9:08 am //

    Wow was I ever wrong this week. First I thought Gable would be really motivated and play a lot better. This game was maybe the most consistent Masoli has played from the opening kick off to the gun, I was waiting for the lull to happen never did. The Mercer Kid ran really Hard nice to see maybe a Break out game for home. Would like to see more production out of the SAM spot and still think the Cats need a elite passing rushing End (Tracy was terrible and can not afford him going offside multiple times). Teddy Laurent was a Beast and Tasker might be the most Studliest Player in the League I guess no surprise his Father was a Tough as nails Player!Congrats to the Cats a Good Road Win.

    • Crankshaft79 // June 23, 2018 at 10:25 am //

      Hey Area51, you can learn a thing or two from bigplay. Hr admits when he is wrong.
      Stop blaming everybody else, and just concede that the Cats dominated the Esks in every aspect of the game.

      • oh come on crankshaft we all know you wrote that and replied to it yourself just to make a mockery of area 51, but you didnt need to do that, he does it well enough on his own lol 😀

  27. A few thoughts after a well deserved win by the Ticats… and a very late night by the hometown fans…

    My hat’s off to the fans who stayed up and contributed to this blog… too late for me…

    Kudos to the Ticat’s coach June Jones… he hasn’t taken very long to learn what’s required to win in the CFL… love how he’s using OL Rice as a tight end with Whitlock in the backfield to improve QB protection…

    Kudos to Mercer Timmis… I think we have found the RB we have been needing… he reminds me of Jessie Lumsden… and that last TD where he showed break away speed was sweet… I don’t subscribe to the “Esk’s defence was tired” excuse… because the Ticat’s offence is on the field for the same amount of time as the Esk’s defence… ergo equal fatigue…

    Kudos to the DB’s… most of Reilly’s passes were targeting Richard Leonard… and he played outstanding (again)… says a lot about the coverage provided by Delvin Breaux and Rolle.

    Kudos to Jeremiah Masoli… it’s time everyone learns what we already knew… he’s a gamer… he’s one of the elite QB’s in the CFL… in the last two weeks he outplayed Bo Levi and Reilly… and he does it all with so much humility… after the game he immediately deflected praise to his team mates, giving them credit for letting him play well…

    Kudos to Jones for trading Collaros and keeping Masoli… Collaros only lasted until week two and again he’s out due to concussion protocol… I feel bad for him… maybe it’s time for him to retire and consider his quality of life after football… CTE is real and it’s a result of too many concussions…

    Kudos to the many bloggers who got on Area51’s case about his comments… I defend that he’s entitled to any opinion he wants… but like Pres. Trump he doesn’t let facts interfere with his opinion, he blindly and stubbornly keeps his opinion even when proven wrong… and rather than defend his comments he just changes the narrative or blames false news… hey, maybe he is Trump… LOL

    In other news… Bombers look really good… O’Shea has built a strong team and their new QB Streveller (sp) is playing amazing… and as predicted the Al’s are a dumpster fire… they have become the CFL’s version of the NFL’s Cleveland Browns…

    • Peter North // June 23, 2018 at 10:52 am //

      Good post.

    • Bang on, Mr. Snake. But I must confirm, just for our Area51 friend out there, somewhere in outer space, you did use the word “ELITE” and “Masoli” in the same sentence, right? Just like Dunigan did on “The Panel” after the Stump game? Masoli = Elite…yes it certainly is starting to look that way!

  28. This looks so good on Evil Empire and all his arrogant comments! Eskies got owned and looked awful.

    • i notice that evil empire hasnt commented here, must be butthurt 😀

      • You hit it right on. The evil one; always one of the first to criticize the Roughriders. Then disappears when the Eskimos get slaughtered. Funny, funny, funny!!!

  29. Ray Jay Johnson II // June 23, 2018 at 10:21 am //

    okay not fan of Hamilton but they did well4

  30. Crankshaft79 // June 23, 2018 at 10:49 am //

    I am really surprised that Area 51 can actually comment on 3downnation. I mean, those math questions to prove that he isn’t a spambot must be hard for him.

  31. Sir Gallahan of the Prairie // June 23, 2018 at 10:50 am //

    To all TiCats fans…. right on!!!
    June Jones and company couldn’t have done it better. Way to turn around this team. Frankly you should have won the Calgary game too. Unfortunately the INT in the last 2 minutes broke their back.
    To the EE fans that understand football and don’t attack other fans when they are beaten in a game. All teams lose. You know it’s just a blip in an 18 game season. I feel your pain today. It’s a crappy week ahead.
    To the EE fans that get on here with all of that in your face attitude. Plus the ones that were piling on after the Ottawa SK game. Man does this look good on you. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. To get your azz handed to you in your own ball park.
    You didn’t have a short week. Plus you had this seasons film on your opponent. This is a far worse beat down than even what happened in Montreal. They don’t have a QB a true CFL coach and an idi*t of a GM. Little loan having the MOP QB

  32. Peter North // June 23, 2018 at 11:00 am //

    Don’t like to get too high or low over one win or loss, long season but Cats played really well last night. Eskies have been hit hard early this season by the injury bug but you still have to give credit where it is due.

    There’s just something about playing at Commonwealth Masoli likes. Always has success there.

    Keep the cohesion in the secondary, let the boys play together, good or bad. Tired of the revolving door in the secondary, I think we finally have the makings of a good group back there.

    Timmis was solid but so was the Oline. Ciraco has looked good thus far. The rookie has done well, hope it continues.

    Cats have some of the best Canadian talent in the league this year. Really like their depth.

    Home opener will be tough, Winnipeg has a heck to f a QB. Looking forward to it.

  33. Mazoli play was very impressive both passing and running. What also impressed me was his elusiveness scrambling “in the pocket” to avoid the Eskimo’s rush…very Hudini like on multiple occasions. Very accurate passing throwing tight spirals “on a rope” to his receivers. His one interception occurred only after the ball was tipped by his receiver; the pass was a little high, and this was Maszoli’s only mistake passing. Maszoli had the highest QB rating over the last six games of the regular 2017 season. If Mazoli continues his impressive play JF (Johnny Football) will mostly be a clip board holder all season. We may have to wait for JF second year in the CFL to be able to gage wether JF is a great (or even a good) CFL QB. If Maszoli is able to continue his impressive play and lead the Tiger Cats to the playoffs and win the Eastern Final and do so consistently over a two year period Maszoli may be on the road to becoming the next “ELITE” QB in the CFL along with Riely, BLM, and Ray. Hopefully this happens.

  34. Did you see the typical Deadmonton fan base? Bail and leave the game before the 3rd quarter started? 75 percent empty by halftime i think…..I love watching Deadmonton get pounded, lol “cfls best team” yeaahhhh right lmfao! Hit Reilly and they become mediocre fast 🙂

  35. Lion.. Best Big Cat scenario is Hamilton c!inches weak East early and they play Manziel to save Jerry for playoffs. I can see the Cats releasing John to pursue NFL or AAF opportunities to save 75 k March bonus and a 200 k salary for a backup. I am sure John would be first pick in AAF draft. If he comes back to Canada he can go to a team with Quarter back need.

  36. Snake did you see Trump tried to change the attention away from his ghastly treatment of Latino children by parading parents of children killed by so called immigrants? Pure Stalinist or Hitler move. Jews eating Aryan babies….. The facts he is ignoring us immigrants commit crimes at a far lower level than native bien Anmericans. A51 has got that shtick down as wel!.

  37. Nice to see Masoli have a good game, seems focused on team success instead of getting caught up in the Manziel hype.
    Bet his teammates respect him for that!

    • His team mates respect him for his attitude and humility as well as his leadership and work ethic. Most of the KNOW how hard he worked over the course of several years to get this opportunity. he certainly is proving any doubters wrong.

  38. Dedmonton // June 23, 2018 at 1:03 pm //

    The Eskimos have 13 players on the six-game injured list before Tiger Cat game. Signing of OL Bond and his immediate insertion into the starting line up does not bode well. Its telling that the Bombers were not interested in Bond after he was cut by Sask. Possibly other Esk players injured, hence the signing of Giguree which is similar to signing Getlaf previously, another Rider cut.
    There are deficiencies on the team which a rash of early season injuries has not helped, this fact coupled with a hothead coach could prove extremely problematic as the season continues.

    • BC Dave // June 23, 2018 at 8:27 pm //

      And Esks also signed Kelvin Palmer. Palmer was, if not mistaken, cut the very next day after we played the last game of the season last year. That tells me they are struggling to find )-linemen. They better get on it quick because it they cannot keep Reilly upright, they will struggle mightily to win games. He IS their team as far as I’m concerned.

      • Against Hamilton, Reilly took a pounding. There were two or three shots he took in the game that I questioned whether he would be up for the count.

  39. Good point about Reilly being a FA at the end of the season. with an improved OL perhaps Hearvy brings Reilly back home as a Lion where he began his career, particularly if Jennings has a second consecutive sub-par season.

    • 3rd & 1 // June 23, 2018 at 6:20 pm //

      Good point Lionsfan.
      Yet I’m pretty sure the EE front office will give Reilly their 1st born, a new house and a lucrative contract. They would want to keep the 2017 and possibly the 2018 MOP
      Wally should never have traded away Reilly. Going with LuLay. No doubt about Lulays talent. Just his body got torched.
      Reilly’s 1st 2 years in Edmonton was marred with Injury but he’s been solid ever since.

      • Based on the play at the time Lulay was the best choice over Reilly. Lulay did lead the Lions to a 2011 Grey Cup and was an MOP that year. However since 2011 Lulay has been injury prone; and based on Lulay’s numerous injuries which has prevented him from regaining his 2011 MOP form on the football field I do agree with your point that Reilly would have been the better choice over the long-term. But what is the old maxim that best describes the decision that Wally made: Hindsight is 20-20. There is no doubt that Lulay is indeed one of the classiest players in the CFL and one day he will be a head coach of the BC Lions (and Geroy Simon-the “Lion King”-will be the GM).

  40. Very good day for ticats and Masoli As you know I am a Johnny Manziel advocate however with Masoli playing great football he will continue to start. Manziel has been humble and complimentary and thankful to the team and MAsoli for helping him get up to speed. I would however as we all should want Manziel to get some game reps as very important should he have to go in. You want to seethe team do very well under both quarterbacks. This is a formula for a grey cup.

  41. Shootout at the OK Corral // June 23, 2018 at 4:18 pm //

    128 comments so far and you are ALL wrong. It had to be Chris Jones fault.

  42. Ron Tuthill // June 23, 2018 at 4:36 pm //

    greenrider89- Yes that Grey Cup still stings but on to your first post. Edmonton was less disciplined than Hamilton which caused more penalties and it looks like they are missing Odell Willis on their defensive line. Also a huge shoutout has to go to June Jones and the offensive coordinator as I noted that Masoli only threw short passes and ate up the clock which kept Reilly on the sidelines most of the time and didn’t allow him to get into a rhythm. Also Edmonton brought pressure but Masoli was able to elude it several times.He played one heck of a game.

    • Good points, Ron. I thought Hamilton really took it to Edmonton and absolutely dominated the line of scrimmage. When have you seen Reilly with only five completions by halftime? Two big plays kept Edmonton in the game. As far as the Grey Cup is concerned, several of us took a 1,700-mile bus ride to Toronto for the game. It was a heckuva long drive but a game I’ll never forget. In my view, it will always be one of the greatest Grey Cup’s ever played. And the symbolism always stood with me. But as a young kid, I always cheered for the Ti-cats. There, you have my favourites No: 1 and No:2.

  43. So it could be the EE defence, but last night i started to see why they let ZC go and believe in Masoli. Esks had no answer for him. He is so dangerous the way he extends plays too. Kudos to the RedBlacks and TiCats for making the East legit so far in this young season. Up to the Argos now to answer vs the Stamps.

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