Esks get a measure of revenge with win over Argos

Edmonton quarterback Mike Reilly didn’t intend to let another close game slip away against Toronto.

Reilly completed a pair of touchdown passes as the Eskimos avenged a loss in Toronto last week, coming away with a narrow 16-15 victory over the Argonauts in the rainy rematch on Friday.

Reilly was good on 21-of-36 passing attempts for 258 yards, as the Eskimos improved to 3-2.

“I wouldn’t have cared if we won 100-99 or 1-0, we needed to get a win to get back on track,” Reilly said.

“Last week, we could have came away with the win, but they did enough to get the win and this week, we were the team that finished it.”

It wasn’t all good news for the Eskimos, though, as running back CJ Gable was knocked out of the game on a late helmet-to-helmet hit late in the fourth quarter. Argos defenceman lineman Dylan Wynn was handed a spearing penalty on the play that moved Edmonton downfield and allowed it to eventually run out the clock.

“I’m just thankful CJ’s OK,” said Eskimos head coach Jason Maas. “Once I saw his eyes open and he could kind of move around a little bit, it was a good feeling to see that.”

“He took a hard hit and we are all hoping that he will come out of it OK,” said Toronto head coach Marc Trestman. “It was good to see him get back on his feet.”

Toronto QB James Franklin was 26 for 36 for 296 yards, with one interception.

“We had opportunities to win and our guys are really disappointed,” Trestman said. “We didn’t make the plays when we needed to. But we had the opportunities. To hold a great, experienced offence to under 20 points two weeks in a row, that says a lot.”

After Reilly was picked off in the end zone by TJ Heath on his team’s opening drive, Toronto (1-3) responded with a 42-yard field goal by Ronnie Pfeffer.

Franklin returned the favour early in the second, throwing an interception on a third-down gamble to Chris Edwards on the Edmonton eight-yard line.

Edmonton finally got on the board with four minutes to play in the second quarter when Reilly completed a short pass to Jordan Robinson, who then turned on the jets and ran 30 yards for the touchdown.

The Eskimos added a punt single to lead 8-3 at the half.

Toronto only got a single out of a 30-yard missed Pfeffer field-goal attempt six minutes into the third quarter.

Edmonton extended its lead to 15-4 with three minutes left in the third when Reilly completed an 11-yard TD pass to Duke Williams.

The Argonauts closed the gap on the final play of the third with a three-yard TD run by James Wilder Jr., with Franklin adding a two-point convert pass to SJ Green to trail by three points.

The Esks got another punt single before Pfeffer was able to make it 16-15 with a 28-yard field goal that went off the uprights and in, but that was all Toronto could come up with.

“We talked about it all week, just finish,” Maas said. “No matter how it starts, no matter what goes on in between, just finish the game. And it was awesome to do that at the end of the game, to finish it out on offence.”

The Argos return home to face Winnipeg next Saturday. The Eskimos enter their bye week.

Notes: Newly-acquired Toronto defensive lineman Eric Striker dressed for the first time following his trade from Saskatchewan… Edmonton lost linebackers J.C. Sherritt and Christophe Mulumba-Tshimanga to lower-body injuries in the game… The half-time show was performed by Grammy Award-winning rapper Ludacris.

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  1. Stampeding // July 14, 2018 at 12:22 am //

    I was really hoping the Argo’s could have pulled this off. Would have been huge for my beloved Stamps. However Reilly and the Evil Empire showed why they are so tonight. When it looked like Toronto had momentum, the Eskimos took the ball with 2:20 left and didn’t give it back. It wasn’t the prettiest, it wasn’t the best display ever, but when you can cease those opportunities when they matter, you are a high caliber team
    Lets hope Gable is ok, and my cable, it was acting up

  2. Evil Empire // July 14, 2018 at 12:31 am //

    Ugly win in ugly weather. I’ll take it. Esks aren’t getting the points to go along with the yrds they’re putting up. I expect it to improve. But, the penalties on offence need to be cleaned up.

    Lots of dropped balls in the rain. Which is certainly not unusual. Some were due to good defensive plays as well. Yell saved a TD by separating Williams from the ball down near their endzone.

    The spear to the head has to be a suspension. Blatant hit on a prone player. Let’s see if the Commish backs up his talk.

  3. Impalast // July 14, 2018 at 12:39 am //

    Good turn around for the Eskimos, D line and linebackers played better and kept JWJ quiet for the better part of the night. Franklin is showing why he was the best player available over the winter. Hope that Gable is okay, nasty hit.

    • Evil Empire // July 14, 2018 at 12:57 am //


      Franklin wasn’t available in the offseason. Just ask Rider fan. The Esks traded him to Toronto, and they locked him up with a contract, before he could become a FA. A great decision by both teams. The Esks couldn’t keep him. Unless they wanted to trade Reilly. And didn’t want Franklin going to SK.

      • Impalast // July 14, 2018 at 1:08 am //

        EE, technically Franklin wasn’t available because he choose not to enter free agency, but it was made public that most teams were trying to trade for rights to negotiate for his services, including the Riders.

        • MR. Green // July 14, 2018 at 1:21 am //

          5 teams made an offer for Franklin’s rights. Riders were not one of them. Story was written about it a few months ago.

          • Stampeding // July 14, 2018 at 1:32 am //

            All we heard from rider fans for a solid year was how Franklin was either coming to the riders via FA or through a trade.
            While it may turn out you weren’t one of the 5 making an offer, perhaps you should have been 🙂
            If you want to know the panic, rider fans on their main site are already evaluating and shopping for 2019 FA QB’s and wondering if they might be able to get Drew Tate. I won’t bog down an Eskimo story with the details, but lets just say the irony in that is thick!!

          • Argo run game was a complete disaster.

            Can’t believe some foolishly misinformed fanboys were touting Jim Wilder Jr as an “unstoppable force” and an MOP candidate.

            A dozen carries for a grand total of TWENTY-SIX (26) yards – – that’s a total embarrassment.

            Especially considering how a scrub like Mercer Timid hung 130yds on the Edmonton run defence just a few weeks ago.

          • Yawn..what’s stopping you now ?

  4. Commissioner Ambrosie is going to have to show us what he’s made of. Hebert’s 1 game was no deterrent. He is going to have to make an example out of 98 and make something longer no matter how hard the union or teams might come down on him.

  5. That was unfortunate, but Gable was hit twice. I think it was the first helmet-to-helmet hit while he was upright that did the damage, and the one at the end of the play added to it (though no excuse for Wynn to lead with his own noggin). Hopefully there are no long-lasting effects, C.J. has been having a good season and had some great runs in this game.

  6. Does it ever stop raining in Edmonton? The Edmonton thunderstorms did what it takes to squeak a win.The unsettling struggle to win by Edmonton has diminished my confidence in the team while The Argos did put on a good show with a new quarterback under the endless rain.

    • Both teams had to play in the rain.
      The drops by Noel didn’t help, the guy just can’t catch a ball wet or not. Ralph didn’t look good either.
      The lack of good Canadian receivers in the league is worrisome.

  7. RicoBeBlue&Gold // July 14, 2018 at 12:58 am //

    Tight game, Franklin is the real deal (so far). Live mike was a better experience this time around, still not a fan of it. As much as they were saying that Wynn is a dirty player, that was a nasty spear to the head. Hope Gable can recover without lasting effects.

    • Evil Empire // July 14, 2018 at 1:11 am //


      I knew what you meant. And Suitor has lost his freaking mind. He was actually defending the hit. It was disgusting to listen to. I don’t ever remember Wynn playing dirty before. But, that was a dirty hit. I actually thought it deserved a 25 yd penalty, and an ejection.

      Needless to say, I hope Gable is alright too. Being able to leave the field on his feet was at least an encouraging sign. And the Eskimo bye couldn’t have come at a better time.

      • Don’t think Suitor was defending Wynn’s cheap shot, he was referring to the initial contact that was made, which was violent on it’s own (but a fair football play). That’s how I heard Suitors explanation. The Wynn cheap shot should lead to a fine and suspension.

  8. RicoBeBlue&Gold // July 14, 2018 at 1:03 am //

    Check myself
    Wynn is a dirty player= not a dirty player

  9. Thank you Esks…from a TC fan. Oh yeah, nice cheap shot Wynn…right there, Mr. gmen32? Or or you going to concoct some doltish explanation for that obvious FLAGRANT foul? Cheap shot team…they SUCK as usual. Please don’t resort to your usual “Britney” infatuation lines…

    • By the way, you are aware that Spears was 16 years of age when she released that album…right?

      • Frankly Philski I didn’t. I don’t make a habit of looking up ages of young musicians. I’m more interesting in how songs relate to the 1999 Grey Cup Champion Hamilton Tiger-Cats. But, thanks for sharing that information with us.

        • Philski // July 14, 2018 at 6:34 pm //

          That is common knowledge if you are a “fan” of the artist or music, or music era in general…and doesn’t need to be “researched”. And judging by the number of references you have used for this particular artist/song, I assumed you were a “fan”. But if you are just mindlessly throwing an artist’s name or song around just to piss somebody off, I digress and apologize. Further, perhaps you can explain how the theme of this particular song relates to TC’s winning a GC in 1999…or sports in general?

          • No, not a fan at all and not really curious about her age now or then. Information that I don’t need. “Baby one more time” – just the title Philski, just the title. The Ti-Cats just desperately need that Grey Cup one more time to break into the current century. No, I wouldn’t call it a sports song, more of a song title for the Cats to aim for.

          • Pretty lame response…and still don’t answer the question…are you a politician? Anyway have fun with the other 500 Argo fans and your quest to escape the East Division basement this year. And don’t stay awake at night worrying about the TC’s as you seem to be obsessed with doing…they’ll be just fine.

          • I’m shocked, you didn’t like my response? No, not a politician. Yes, I’ll have fun watching James Franklin leading the Argos. Gee, not quite what you had hoped, is it? Oh, I don’t stay awake at night worrying about the Kitty Cats, because I know how the season will end. As I said weeks ago, the Cats have a good chance of representing the east this year. But, you and I know the Stamps will roll right over them. I’d suggest you’re the one not sleeping well. Me, I can sleep just fine, I always have the 2017 Grey Cup Championship to fall back on. You? You’ve got 1999.

          • OMG…enough with the same schtick already…repetitive…and BORING. Call me when you have something new…and intelligent…!

          • 2017 Grey Cup Champion Toronto Argonauts!!! How sweet it is!!!

          • Nah, nah…got you again…Argo still, and always, SUCK!

    • Yes Philski, I seem to have a long track record of defending dirty plays don’t I? Perhaps you can list some of them for us. Didn’t think so. As far as the Argos S****** as usual, hmmm, I’m pleasantly suprised by the performance of James Franklin. Wasn’t this the guy just two weeks ago you were laughing about? Seems more like a QB that will beat the Kitty Cats for years to come instead. Oh, I don’t need to resort to “Britney” when Prince will do. Let’s all party likes it’s 1999!!! Do you have any modern Argo references for me. You know, like from 1964 or 1965?

      • Philski // July 14, 2018 at 6:55 pm //

        I never said you have “defended” Argo flagrant fouls in the past…just curious what you would say about this one. “Us”? You mean there are more than one of you? I sincerely hope there is someone else banging on the keyboard with you…otherwise I might suggest you get some professional guidance. As for Franklin and his friends, Mr. Owl et al, 2 games vs an Edmonton squad who’s injury list resembles a M*A*S*H episode doesn’t quite garner an accurate assessment yet..I would wait until at least Week 16 (after the Stumps hammer the Argos again).

        • “Us”? Didn’t think I would need to explain there are other people leaving comments here. I guess I do. Philski, there are other people leaving comments here. Us, meaning more than just me. James Franklin will be just fine and you know it. Doesn’t look like it’s gonna pan out the way you hoped. Just what the Kitty Cats need, another good Argo QB.

          • Funny person…whatever you say man…whatever you say. And sorry, I don’t believe TC’s are too worried about Franklin and his friends…LOL!

        • The Tiger Cats should be worried about Franklin and his friends as the new Argo QB will just continue to improve. Should make for some good battles against their QEW rivals.

        • Says the guy that responded? Classic.

  10. The Wynn hit was disturbing and stomach churning like running over a person with your car and then backing up and running over the helpless victim again.In this situation, it was two players involved.

    • Loser extraordinaire…just like the Aros and their 500 fans.

      • “Aros”…ha, ha, see! Wynn and his team’s antics pisse* me off so much I can’t even spell the name right…LOL!

      • Don’t know who the “Aros” are, but odds are they’ve won more Grey Cups than the Cats. Heck, the Aros have probably won a grey cup since 1999!!!

        • Philski // July 14, 2018 at 7:16 pm //

          I already corrected myself..but if you wish to chime in for some reason and correct me again then thanks for caring.

  11. The first hit on Gable that KTFO’d him was 100% clean.

    If you have any doubts, watch the replay again. It was actually Gable who dropped his helmet to take on the defender.

    No question the spear by Wynn was worthy of a suspension. At least one game, possibly two.

    • Which was exactly the same as Sutton dropping his head and head butting the Ottawa defender last week.
      Seems we approve of running backs using their helmets as a battering ram but it’s not okay for tacklers.

  12. Argos may have a 1-3 record, but they will be a team to contend with the rest of the way. Field goal kicking is a problem. Those two lost points would have made a difference.

  13. Stampeding // July 14, 2018 at 12:41 pm //

    1 thing I will say, the Eskimos need to retire those ugly ass 3rd uniforms

  14. JackBlack // July 14, 2018 at 1:31 pm //

    Was anyone else wondering why the heck the Argos returner gave up that single when they were down by 3 in the last quarter?? Had a feeling that could bite them and it did.

    • Stampeding // July 14, 2018 at 1:46 pm //

      I didn’t see much of the 2nd half until the last couple minutes.
      Short of a mental error on the players part, Toronto valued the field position more than the point given up at that point of the game.

      note: you can always ask a Stamp fan.

  15. Frank Sabados // July 14, 2018 at 2:00 pm //

    Wynn will be suspended for his late hit on Gable , anyone who thinks it was nt a cheap hit better give their head a shake , Wynn there was no reason for him to hit Gable , Gable had been tackled and the play was over, Gable was down there was no need for Wynn to do what he did , listen to what Milt of TSN said he was 100 % right about the Wynn hit

  16. john gatti // July 15, 2018 at 6:58 pm //

    Argo’s have given away 2 games.

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