Video: June Jones, Jeremiah Masoli address loss to Riders, sideline confrontations

Hamilton Tiger-Cats head coach June Jones and quarterback Jeremiah Masoli address the team’s 31-20 loss to the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Thursday night as well the confrontations on the sideline during the game.

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.
Drew Edwards
Drew Edwards
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Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.

64 Comments on Video: June Jones, Jeremiah Masoli address loss to Riders, sideline confrontations

  1. Well the verdict is in – the Cats are pretenders not contenders. Time to bring in Johnny football.

  2. It’s not the loss that stings; but, the complete loss, the disappearance of the team the fans were cheering for.

    • Can’t argue with that. They just seemed to disappear in the second half. That first play by Saskatchewan I the third just seemed to knock the wind out of their sails while energizing the opposition.

    • Paul Bomber // July 20, 2018 at 1:03 pm //

      that sounds familiar! (hello Winnipeg!)
      NOW you find out what kind of team you have – as in, next week I mean. Do they get discouraged, infighting, yadda-yadda, or take it as motivation? Bombers let their fans know what kind team they are tomorrow – guess you’ll have to wait just a bit before your boys say where they’re at!

    • Jerry G defense was horrible, Riders just ran all over Ticats

  3. Sorry Masoli fans, it’s JFF’s team now.

    It was inevitable.

    Enjoy the ride!

    • Cat Fan // July 20, 2018 at 9:54 am //

      Problem is JJ is sticking with Masoli so the question is short of injury, what’s it going to take to get the backup onto the field?

      JJ already said in the after game interview that he’s not considering switching QBs.

      It makes no sense to me as they seem setup to be able to alternate QBs as needed or to create a spark but so far, JJ only plays one QB.

    • Jeff May // July 20, 2018 at 10:10 pm //

      QB1 is 2nd in the league in passing! But, even being a fan (of both btw), being lowest in the league in TDS is not good (not counting injured guys). Two have even missed time and still have more TDs. Reilly has more than double. Granted we were off last week, but still…

  4. Yet another game where Jer Masoli has more INTs than TDs.

    As I explained numerous times over the past year, Masoli is not a pro level QB.

    Mediocre arm and dumber than a bag of rocks.

    • habbernack // July 20, 2018 at 9:12 am //

      According to you neither is Brandon Bridge

    • the last int was a desperation pass, no biggy, the fumble was not pretty, M just did not have hold of the ball. Would not surprise me if June Cleaver puts in Manziel would be a mistake and just bad for football to pull a guy like Mazoli, and make Hamilton look ridiculous

  5. I don’t understand why they don’t put Manziel in? He can’t be any worst than Masoli!. Masoli didn’t play well 2 games in a row against the Riders. Masoli made so many mistakes and yet Jones said he will not make a change in quarterback. My question is so why they don’t trade Manziel? Most teams will make a change in quarterback if they are falling behind, but not Ticats because they are too dumb! I can see this is another repeat of last year!

    • Cat Fan // July 20, 2018 at 9:56 am //

      Good question … it made more sense not to switch when Collaros was backup. (I still think that in some games they were losing last year they should have tried Collaros as a change up.)

      This year with how well Manziel played in pre-season, it makes no sense IMO.

      They have also had five games now to have a package to get Manziel some game time but that hasn’t happened either.

      • brian johnson // July 20, 2018 at 11:05 am //

        Guys I feel your hurt but, how well Manziel played in pre-season, google he’s stats as I did. 2 games, 168 passing 29 run yards.
        Review the game video and his passing.
        Totally average a very best. Jones no’s he is not ready. Masoli is by far your best bet.
        And no Manziel is not leaving after 2 years
        unless he quits, is cut, or join a football league in Russia.

    • Paul Bomber // July 20, 2018 at 1:19 pm //

      Just on the trade idea… who is behind Manziel? Unless you’re getting QB prospects in return, you could be asking for trouble – you need a legit back-up!
      Meantime, rationalize like everyone in Wpg after last week’s loss to BC: “This is a wake-up call!”

  6. If Calgary and Edmonton (and BC?) have proven without doubt, you need an elite QB to win in this league: period.

  7. Confrontations on the sidelines? Would that be a “Cat Fight”?

  8. Keith Robbins // July 20, 2018 at 7:28 am //

    What does one do when their children make mistakes on a particular task, do? Do you tell the child that they are not good enough to keep trying and pull them from the activity? Or do you continue to teach and allow them to persevere through the skill acquisition phase? In the former example, what would it do to your child’s psyche? You want a football example? Once Zach was pulled in favour of Masoli last year, he was done. Trade bait. No evidence that he is recovering from that move. June Jones has that father-son relationship with Masoli as many football players have with their coaches. We do not see that (some of us do not get it either) from our vantage point. This is a process. Masoli needs to know that his coach (and subsequently, his fellow teammates) believe in him. You pull him now and he is done for good. Any guarantee that Manziel will shine and carry the team the rest of the year without challenges or setbacks? What if he has a series of setbacks? Do you then go with Evans? I get the emotion. I am not happy either. I have questions as well about Masoli. He has played wonderfully until the last two games. There is immense pressure on him to preform and keep the likes of the doubters at bay and proof that he can do the job. He will never admit it but he keeps looking over his shoulder wondering if this is the day that the plug is pulled and Manziel is the guy. Put yourself in his shoes and cut him some slack. Manziel is a transient player. This is a stepping stone for him. If Masoli is the next Calvillo, give him a chance. It took Calvillo, as a starter, more than 5 games to become great. We bail now and he Masoli could become Montreal’s next Calvillo. I like June and how he handles this stuff. Let’s be patient and see what happens next week. If the same result, we can talk about a public lynching. Until then, keep your heads screwed on and enjoy your weekend!

    • Agree

    • Keith. Masoli can start next game but Manziel hasn’t been in for one regular season game rep. Jones has to get him ready by playing him more than a serous of down. Manziel is a super talent waiting patiently and a great team player. It is time to get him in the game

      • Diehardticat // July 20, 2018 at 9:30 am //

        I do not disagree with your thinking but I will say this and to my point; your thinking is short-sighted and why we have not won since 99. What does pulling Masoli after two bad games do to his psyche? Long term. Unless you have insider info, Manziel is likely gone by the end of next year. No doubt, he is a skilled player but is he long term and going to be a Mitchell or Reilly ? What happens if/when he leaves? Long term, work with Masoli. If June pulls him and Manziel bombs or struggles, Masoli will not be in a place mentally to carry the team. It is not like in hockey or ball where you have 84 and 161 games to turn a goalie or pitcher around. I am as upset as most about Masoli’s play but throwing the baby out with the bath water is not long term thinking

        • LoL … those who are worried about Masoli being fragile have obviously forgotten Masoli has already gone through this under Austin.

          He took over for the injured Collaros in 2014, started the next game against Calgary and was benched for Lefevour. It was almost two seasons before his next start when injuries to Collaros and Mathews put him back in action.

          If he can handle that – what’s the big deal about giving Manziel some playing time, if not a start or two?

    • If this were true … how did Masoli recover from Austin pulling him then ignoring him no matter what Mathews did?

      From what I recall – after Masoli’s so-so taking over from the hurt Collaros plus one start against Calgary in 2014, injury was the only way Austin started Masoli.

      According to your theory, Masoli was done years ago.

      You haven’t heard of taking the starter out for a series or two for them to get a break/fresh perspective? Lots of teams have done it without the starter “being done”.

      What I don’t like about how Jones is handling it, beyond not enough plays to counter the defense/bad place to try the short punt, is that like Austin last year, he isn’t trying to spark the team with a QB switch or getting Manziel any playing time. I’m all for trusting your guy but in some games, a switch is worth the risk.

  9. 3 plays/decisions jump out at me for this game. 3rd down pooch kick, not challenging the ridiculous offensive pass interference call on Toliver and not giving up 2 points on the punt from the endzone. Conceding would have made the score 23 to 20 but would have flipped the field in ticats favour.

  10. The defensive back field must play better.
    We have no punt return effectiveness. Starting series after series, game after game, inside the 20 yard line, is unacceptable. One punt return in 5 games, for TD doesn’t make a good return team.
    Manziel will face the same carnage as Mazoli, neither can play defence.
    Teams have figured Mazoli out. At least Sask has.
    Toliver must play better.
    Coaches must do better.

    • Steve. Manziel has more talent in extending plays. He is better on his feet. He can throw on the run better than Masoli in either direction. he is an accurate passer. He has this natural ability to make things happen. lets just get him on the field next game

    • Agree…Most of the team played at best average. The coaching staff in particular JJ, jG, Frank Gansz and particularly Dennis McPhee need to make way better coaching decisions…. we cant hang all the blame on the players. Mazoli needs receivers that can get open consistently. Mazoli played poorly for sure so in the 4th quarter it makes sense to put Manziel on the field and give a developmental opportunity to run several series of the ball. If Mazoli gets injured we will have a starting QB who has never taken a snap in the CFL…Dangerous gamble.The ST played way better last year under Dennis McKnight. McPhee does not coach he just stands there on the sidelines and is scared to rotate the DL. Looking forward to Coach O taking a larger role in the entire coaching scheme!

  11. Ticat Mike // July 20, 2018 at 9:24 am //

    The formula for winning football: Great defense (strong relentless pass rush, ability to stop the run, solid pass coverage) — Great O line – ability to protect QB most of the time, ability to run block, solid run game — ability to rush with RB for 100 yards plus per game, good QB — ability to utilize a balanced attack, make big plays when it counts, avoid turnovers. Special teams: win the field position game most of the time.
    Given the above — without a solid O line and run game, great QBs will look vulnerable and the risk of injury increase exponentially — see Collaros, Calvillo, Dunigan, Allen — there are others who did not succeed here due for much time due to above. Yes, its Manziel time — but without better personnel and schemes around him, and without the defense and/or special teams winning their battles, it will be a tough ride.

  12. Ticat Mike // July 20, 2018 at 9:25 am //

    8And our defensive front 4 and front 7 are very average at best — a few good impact players at times, but not enough of them.

  13. RalphInTheCreek // July 20, 2018 at 9:53 am //

    This just wasn’t a QB let down but the whole team was MIA. Something happened to this team and the coaches better find out what it was or this year could turn into a FK disaster.

  14. Diehardticat // July 20, 2018 at 9:54 am //

    If Manziel goes in at some point because Masoli is struggling and Manziel does no better, then do those that blamed Masoli find another reason for the poor performance or do they then put the blame on Manziel? All things being equal of course. Masoli went 9 games over 300 yards. He did not win every game but he has only been a starter for 15 games. Excellence takes time and patience. Some of us want it now and are not willing to wait a little longer. I still have not received an answer to the question of what happens if/when Manziel leaves next year?

    • Depends on a lot of things as so far, in the losses there are bad coach decisions.

      Either way, it seems a bad way to go to give zero game time to Manziel the expect to throw him in. Others have done it successfully but IMO that does not match up with trying to put the player in a position to succeed.

      As for what happens should Manziel be allowed to leave/receives NFL offers next year, it’s next man up (Masoli or otherwise).

      In the meantime, doing the same old/same old no matter how the starting QB is doing isn’t a great idea IMO.

    • If Manziel never sees the field, of course he will leave after year 2 even if only to another CFL team where he could see playing time. If he plays and has success, he could be offered a much larger contract and incentive to stay.

    • It’s about winning this year. Manziel may be here 3 years pursuant to contract maybe a year if Changes to nfl window. Here is little doubt Manziel based on talent and skill sets Is equal to but more likely better than Masoli. So let’s get Him ready to play. All. Cfl and US football fans are waiting. Sportscasters and media outlets as well. Johnny had time to learn the plays and cfl football. I can assure you if Johnny plays to his potential there is not one quarterback that you would want other than Manziel when you are behind and last few minutes. The fans have his belief he is so talented and magical that he can deliver a win.

  15. This was a seriously laid egg. You can’t lose two games in a row to the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Even the pros say that is hard to do. Everyone was asleep at the wheel from the get go. It was easy from my vantage point in the stands to see that this was not going to be Masoli’s night. I guess you give him a chance to figure it out but from bad to worse, start to finish?? I had great faith in June Jones but I can’t figure out why he wouldn’t put Manziel in for at least a package of plays or a series. By sticking with Masoli to the bitter end last night he has created the perfect atmosphere for a QB controversy. Now he’s going to be asked all week about playing Manziel. The Toronto based media will be all over him saying if you’re not going to use him then trade him to us. And now Masoli has to start against the RBs on Saturday under extreme pressure knowing that he only likely has the first half to make hay or Jones will have no choice but to run Manziel out there. Just dumb.

    • Diehardticat // July 20, 2018 at 10:06 am //

      Having said all that I have said, I was hoping they would have put Manziel in for a few series, maybe in the red zone where he is deadly. I still want to give Masoli the benefit of the doubt because he is our best chance at a future at this point. Invest in him unless you have a prima Donna around the corner that plans on staying longer than two years

    • What do you mean 2 games in a row. It’s 5 in a row and counting. But why would you think the Cats could compete with the class of the league. Reality is a bitc h .

    • brian johnson // July 20, 2018 at 11:15 am //

      Thats the problem with Sask and Hamilton
      average team very average QB’s.However slight edge to
      Sask. Toronto has the real deal in Franklin. Thompson is developing nicely. Why would they want your QB”S making the same mistake your making.

  16. So everyone wants Manziel to play… great idea… but when he does play is he going to call better plays than those mind numbing flanker screens? Is he going to play OL and open better holes for our RB? Is he going to play MLB and stuff the opponents RB on obvious running plays? Is he going to provide downfield blocking for the kick returners who are absolutely swamped every time they touch the ball? Is he going to play DB and prevent those backbreaking long receptions?

    Yeah if Manziel can fix all of that then maybe he should start the next game…

    • Well said.

    • Snake – you are right on point. We were out coached and out played pure and simple. Hopefully Ottawa’s defensive front four is not as good as that of the Riders. When Masoli had time, he found open receivers in the non-Rider games. O-line needs more development.

      • Johnny Manziel has a higher ceiling in football potential and skill set than Masoli. You will find that out once he is a starter. You may get to see some of it when June Jones puts Manziel in for series of downs

    • Our S was missing in action, again, Mr. Snake. Unfortunately there has not been a competent soul at that position since Hitchcock retired. Also, if you are going to use Stephen as a back up at that position and pay him 100+ then perhaps it’s time to look at a trade.

      • Also Mr. Snake…agree…the middle is HORRENDOUS…Dean is over rated…as I’ve said all along, still waiting for him to make a game altering play…don’t give a f*** about how many tackles he’s made…Daly is a joke…a scarecrow would fare better…also those “flanker plays” plays would work if Ealey was tossing it to Henley, but unfortunately this isn’t 1972.

  17. Corky Jones // July 20, 2018 at 10:34 am //

    Hamilton blows

  18. Hey TCGOLD, how those mickey mouse puddy cats. LOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLO YUP YUP YUP.

  19. Black and Gold // July 20, 2018 at 11:46 am //

    Remember when Calgary had Drew Tate and they were really high on him. They also had Kevin Glenn and some third stringer named Bo Levy Mitchell? Tate got hurt, Glenn was traded and suddenly BLM was the man! How has that gone?
    I’m not a fan of BLM because his gums are always flapping, but he is a good QB who was buried in the depth chart for some time.
    I never was a Masoli fan, but have kept quiet so far, but maybe inserting Manziel for a bit could be a good thing. Who knows? He doesn’t need to start right away, but at least give him some playing time when your starter is struggling and isn’t getting it done.
    That effort last night was pitiful to say the least!

  20. David Tress // July 20, 2018 at 12:10 pm //

    If Manziel would have been the starter from game 1 the Tiger Cats would be 4 – 1 and in sole possession of 1st place. Coach Jones is set in his ways and thus the team will struggle for a playoff spot all season long.

  21. bigplay // July 20, 2018 at 1:05 pm //

    Alright now lets get to reality for Cat Fans your Head Coach is 65 years old had not Coached in the CFL for over 30 years and had not Coached in the Pro’s for 20 years.When you brought him to Hamilton he was Coaching HS Ball.He Has a losing record in the Pros and was only 18 games over .500 in over 200 games in College Ball.Then June Got rid of Philip Lolley who had the Defence turned around and playing very hard late last season.He then turned around and Hired is Good Old Buddy Jerry Glanville who by the way is 76 years old.Jerry had been out of Football for 9 years and had never Coached in the CFL,He also had a losing record in the Pros and in College.During the Game last night the Guy was wearing Mirrored Sun Glasses it was Night time better yet he wears them in his official Company Photo on the Cats Web Page.Think people would one of your Managers or Executives at Work wear their Sun glasses in their official Company Photo! These are the Guys Scott Mitchell has Hired to Run your Hometown Football Team.A Team that has not won a Championship in 19 years.To put that in perspective the Argos,Stamps,Lions and Alouettes have all Won 3 Cups in that Time Period.This Season is not Going to be very Successful 6 or 7 Wins at best and then its Back to the Drawing Board.One of the Young Bright Minds in the CFL is sitting right there Under Their Noses He has already left the Cats Twice before,You know the old saying Three strikes and your OUT!

  22. Paul Bomber // July 20, 2018 at 1:13 pm //

    Not sure why you wouldn’t use Manziel. I’m not suggesting benching Masoli, just change the pace a little… a package here and there. What’s the worst that can happen? If he’s a disaster, you shut people up a little. If he looks promising, you light a fire under Masoli. If he’s lights-out, you have at least two chances to ride him into the playoffs.
    Full props to Johnny for being a good team guy. Hope he keeps doing and saying the right things.

  23. Totally agree with Paul. Give Manziel a few packages and turn him loose.
    As for last night I do have growing concerns and here are some random thoughts. The running game is weak at best (It as brutal watching John White). A lights out pass rush does not exist (zero sacks in the game). Toliver does not look 100% (3 catches for 23 yards). Throughout the game the Cats showed no swagger, no abundance of self-confidence it seemed. Even by the first half with the Cats up 17-7 it just likely not to be enough and it wasn’t.

  24. Some really good points on here- particularly iggy and Snake. I am not a Cat fan but was bothered by the amount of plays they ran in their TE/extra OL set. Especially when they fell behind by two scores. I would liketo see Cats run more single back, 5 receiver sets. I get Tasker was out but they gotta have 5 receivers that can play- even Timmis was in at some slot. Zone Read with White as the single back and let Massoli be a threat with his legs. The extra OL/TE is fine for a change up but it seems to have become the base offensive formation as of late.

  25. RalphInTheCreek // July 20, 2018 at 5:18 pm //

    Seems like the coach is running to slack a ship and better start kicking some a$$ before the fans mutiny.

  26. What irked me more than the game itself were the moronic Rider fans that attended (that would be you s. 115, row 21). It’s one thing to be drunk and stupid, but to purposely try to antagonize people around you, especially when there are kids and elderly fans in your immediate area, doesn’t even qualify you as an a**hole, because that term would be complimentary. I’ve attended many CFL venues throughout the years, especially at BC Place, and cheer as hard for my team as I may, with the occasional good natured barb, I always remember that I am a “guest” in their facility. I won’t even ask how you got those prime tickets because my understanding is that the block itself is primarily assigned to TC season ticket holders only. One blowhard in particular I would guarantee would not have been so brave had he not been sitting with his “little green posse”. I can understand now why so many people on 3DN slag you as the “Sliders” – totally doltish and classless bunch.

  27. Joe Shlabatka // July 20, 2018 at 9:14 pm //

    Funny when you listen to it. When Drew asks questions, it’s almost like June Jones wants to roll his eyes, whereas Steve Milton’s questions come off a lot more interesting and intelligent.

  28. Jim Bob // July 21, 2018 at 1:41 am //

    Masoli finally had a sub par game. Rest of team did not do their part also which resulted in a loss. Unless the wheels totally unravel on offense Jones should stick with Masoli thru thick and thin. I see Manziel getting playing time the 2nd half of the season and starting in Montreal in 2019 who needs all the help at QB they possibly can get.

  29. the kind of chaos Chris Jones brought is exactly what Mr. Football excels in. The Bengals were being crushed by Herr Fussball on Thursday night 2015 with an all out chaos blitz. 2nd half they did the opposite and gave him all the the time in the world. It worked. You knew every team was gonna do that now. Next week the Steelers copied the Bengals and Senor Futbol shredded them for 300. Monseur Football can thrive in calm or chaos now. Everybody desperately wants Masoli to succeed to show that the CFL takes years to learn. Facts are since he took the reins last year he is 8-7 or barely 500. Pretty large sample size. June will have to face the truth which is Masoli is a 500 QB at best. Johannes Fussball? Who knows? but if Tabbies are sub 500 for much longer you gotta find out.

  30. Many above haved busted the Masoli is fragile myth. I will bust another. Masoli is not necessarily long term with Tabbies. His contract is up after next year also. He is making good but not elite money. Who is long term? Dane Evans. Dont underestimate him. Tore it up at Tulsa D1 Bowl seriez and was a final cut competing against Wentz and Foles at Eagles

  31. at 2:15 in video… “thats what losers do”, did he call his players losers?

  32. I was alarmed when in the very first preseason game Jerry threw 2 amateur level interceptions to start. Then Manziel played much better in both pre-season games. Fast forward to Thursday and the last fumble and interception were both bumbling 3 stooge variety. To quote Talking Heads…Same as it ever was”

  33. Ds can figure out most QBs with enough tape. To me it looks like Masoli has reached that zone. 2 more bad games and Manziel will be in. This time he knows the playbook. As for lousy calls and blown assignments… I recall June saying after pre-season 1 that the wrong play was on the wrist band but John git a first down anyways. After pre-season 2 June said the soon to be cut receivers were running the wrong routes but Johnny moved the ball anyways. You can not teach the Adlib/improvisation/thrive in chaos skillset John has.

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