Bombers don’t blow it this time, down Argos 38-20

Dan Ralph, Canadian Press

Andrew Harris is Mike O’Shea’s kind of player.

Harris ran for a career-high 161 yards and scored two TDs to lead the Winnipeg Blue Bombers past the Toronto Argonauts 38-20 on Saturday afternoon. It was the second career-best in as many weeks for Harris and his third straight 100-yard effort.

“Man, I would’ve loved to play with him,” said O’Shea, the Bombers head coach. “I would’ve been fired up on the sidelines all the time he got the ball, I would’ve begging the offensive coaches to just give it to Andrew.

“I think I would’ve cheered every time he scored or ran somebody over. He can do it all. He thinks of himself as an O-lineman when it’s pass and thinks of himself as a receiver when he’s running routes. When he carries the ball it’s like he wants to serve the offensive line for its effort … he makes people around him better.”

Heady praise, indeed, from a Canadian Football Hall of Famer and one of the most decorated Canadians in CFL history. O’Shea, 47, of North Bay, Ont., won three Grey Cups as a linebacker with the Toronto Argonauts and the league’s ’99 top Canadian award.

O’Shea amassed 1,154 tackles over his illustrious playing career, tops among Canadian-born players and second all-time. He was later named an All-Time Argo and earned a fourth Grey Cup with the franchise as its special-teams coach in 2012.

The five-foot-10, 211-pound Harris anchored Winnipeg’s 184-yard rushing attack. The Bombers came into the game averaging a CFL-high 171 rushing yards per contest.

But Harris, a 31-year-old native of Winnipeg, couldn’t forget about the fumble he lost late in the first half that allowed Toronto to kick a field goal and pull to within 25-12 at halftime.

“It feels great but I think the biggest thing about this game is I’ll be looking back on that fumble,” he said. “Those five guys up front (offensive live) are doing an amazing job.

“There are times I just have my head down and I am pumping my legs and they’re carrying me through an extra three, four, five, six yards sometimes … I’m so proud of them.”

Harris now has 6,878 career rushing yards, moving past Jon Cornish (6,844) for second all-time among Canadian-born players. The late Normie Kwong is tops with 9,022 yards.

The contest drew a season-low 10,844 spectators at BMO Field. That comes after just 12,196 fans watched the defending Grey Cup champions dispatch Edmonton 20-17 on July 7.

So through three home dates, Toronto is averaging just over 13,100 fans in its first year of ownership by Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment. The Argos averaged under 14,000 spectators last season.

Toronto visits Winnipeg next week at Investors Group Field.

Winnipeg (3-3) earned the victory a week after blowing a 17-0 half-time advantage against B.C. and losing 20-17. The score flattered Toronto (1-4), which put up 19 points off three Bombers miscues.

The Argos converted two fumble recoveries into 11 points to pull to within 25-12 at the half. Llevi Noel returned Kevin Fogg’s punt-return fumble 49 yards for the TD at 14:11 of the second before James Franklin found Armanti Edwards for the two-point convert.

Toronto’s Cleyon Laing then recovered Harris’s fumble at the Winnipeg 51 with 12 seconds left. That set up Ronnie Pfeffer’s 31-yard field goal to end the half.

Winnipeg countered in the third with Nichols’ one-yard TD run at 4:15 and Justin Medock’s 16-yard field goal at 8:58 for a 35-12 advantage.

But Jermaine Gabriel returned Nic Demski’s fumble 87 yards for the TD at 13:07. Franklin’s two-point convert cut Winnipeg’s lead to 35-20.

The Bombers responded once again, with Medlock’s 19-yard field goal at 6:05 of the fourth. After throwing three interceptions against B.C., Nichols completed 19-of-27 passes for 245 yards with two TDs while scoring another. He called Saturday’s contest a “response game.”

“Sometimes a game like last week can be one that’s a turning point in your season,” Nichols said. “But I think we have veteran guys here who understood this was an urgency game for us and we came out and played like it in all three phases.

“Obviously we’d love to not give them freebies on turnovers, but aside from that I think we played a great team game.”

Winnipeg registered 429 total offensive yards while holding Toronto to just 173. The Argos ran for just 22 yards on nine carries with James Wilder Jr. finishing with -2 yards on his three rushes.

“Anytime you lose and make mistakes in the course of the game there’s the idea you want your guys to learn and grow and increase their football IQ,” O’Shea said. “Even though we won, I think there’s still several plays we can increase our football IQ on and be better at.”

Toronto head coach Marc Trestman said outside of forcing turnovers, his team didn’t do much on either side of the ball.

“We had some light moments where we picked up a fumble and ran for a couple to touchdowns, but we didn’t finish any drives offensively and didn’t stop the run well enough.

“Once we got closer they extended the lead. They completely shut down our running game … that put James in a really tough position to throw it as much as we did.”

Franklin finished 21-of-36 passing for 151 yards and an interception and shouldered the blame for the loss.

“I definitely put this on me, I could’ve made some better decisions,” he said. “They stuck to what they were good at, making us make mistakes and making some stops.”

Darvin Adams had Winnipeg’s other touchdown. Medlock had four converts, three field goals and a single.

Pfeffer finished with single and field goal but also missed two attempts.


139 Comments on Bombers don’t blow it this time, down Argos 38-20

  1. Hey Friends, I’m just here to educate, and tell it as I see it.

    And herein lies the problem with TO. Jimmy Wilder is not a pro level RB, yet the Nots are foolishly banking on him as their saviour.

    Jiminy is effective when there is no D on the field to tackle him, but once he’s handed the ball he just flounders around like a fish out of water. He had a good run for 10 yards in the second…but it was Backwards! Demoralizing performance given his off season tantrum.

    And what’s with your receiving core ? What a slow footed bunch running high school routes. The works of em couldn’t catch a cold for God sake.

    When Franklin the Turtle is playing like a scrub, you might think jackass Marky Trestman might put a no-talent hack like the guy with 3 (THREE) last names at QB ? Guess thats why your Nots didn’t throw anything beyond 10yds with that laughable caulking gun offense.

    Good lord, your defence is about as solid as a fart in a windstorm. Beyond laughable how bad they were, couldn’t stop a nosebleed. If not for a couple fumble recoveries you wouldn’t have scored double digits. Must have been disappointing for the 7 (SEVEN) thousand faithful

    Over and out my friends!!…oh, and good game Winnipeg!!

    • MR. Green // July 21, 2018 at 7:14 pm //

      Good job my friend.

    • what makes this really weird is that the bombers only have a very average d and they coudlnt do a t hing against them, bombesr basically scored 14 points on themeselves.

    • john gatti // July 22, 2018 at 12:21 am //

      Hey Yup….obviously your team didn’t win the Cup last year…lmao

    • I respectfully disagree…3 carries for -2 yards = 0.7 average…what’s the problem?

      • And don’t diss Franklin and his little friends…Mr. Owl may get PO’d and give you a detention!

        • States the guy who’s team just lost to the Riders (twice) and their revolving QB door. I guess when your team hasn’t won since last century, small victories is all you’ve got. You are aware the Cats have one more victory than the Argos?

          • Are you aware that I actually went to that last game vs WGP and there were 499 fans sitting beside me (500 minus me)? And of course I went to the last TC game where there were 23,344 fans (23,345 minus me)?

        • Not sure what your comment means. If your point is attendance, don’t think I’ve ever disagreed with you about that. Toronto is a horrible CFL football market as they desperately need American attention. Good job actually going to the game. If I knew I would have stopped by to say hello.

          • LOL! Probably would have bought you a beer. With all due respect, we feud on these posts…but deep down inside we are both CFL fans…different teams of course…but true fans…win, lose or draw…we care.

          • And to be honest I like BMO Field more than the “Donut Box” to watch games…or that morgue they call BC Place where I see most CFL games. Truly too bad about the attendance at BMO…unfortunately BC Place is following suit.

        • Agreed Philski, we are both true fans of the league. As happens far too often when people leave comments, things get out of hand.
          Consider our “disagreements” in the past. Being a loyal Argo fan for decades, it’s in my DNA to cheer against the Cats (I’m sure you understand). That said, I’ll often defend Hamilton for it’s support of their franchise. Man, Toronto could learn a thing or two. I’ll probably be at the Donut Box for the labour day game. Might see ya there. Different topic – I don’t think the Cats should have traded Manziel. I think they’ll regret it in the long run.

          • Cheers…sounds good! Agree on Johnny. I’ve tried to be a supporter of Masoli…but…sigh. Nobody truly knows if Manziel would have had success being a TC…TC’s fanbase in general just wanted an opportunity to find out. Even if he failed I don’t think any TC fan would have gone bonkers…but to be denied the opportunity after all the management hype, and to watch Montreal get it, just plain sucks. Especially when we had to endure the constant Calvillo beatings when he was QB…no empathy for those guys whatsoever.

          • Tillman also does’t have a very good track record with trading QB’s – last one was (I’m sure you know!) RR to Toronto in 2011 for basically a bag of footballs…Argos win the GC in 2012…and Esks struggle at that position until Reilly comes along. So when Tillman is the architect of yet another big name (well, sorta) QB trade, makes me as nervous as hell!

  2. This was never a question, nichols and Strev are better than Franklin hands down, if frankenstein has a few more games like today he will just be a footnote in cfl history as another backup qb that just couldnt get the job done, hes been around for a few years and really hasnt been so impressive cept for one game in his debut, ever since that day Frank just has been very average, STrev will have the longer career there is no doubt now if he repeats that same performance next week in winnipeg and there is nothing saying that he can play any better than he did, if he cant light up an average d like the bombers at home he wont be able to light anyone up. Toronto will play better in winnipeg though. still t hey wont come out wiht the W winnipeg is just a more solid complete team. but if you want argos, that 45 year old owens is available and while you are at it, why not go get peyton manning too 😀

  3. gridiron guru // July 21, 2018 at 7:19 pm //

    The CFL needs to do something about Toronto. Absolutely pathetic attendance . Toronto is a black eye on the CFL.

    • 10,844 – Family Night – lots of cheap tickets. Thousands available at $21
      Pathetic and next game is on Thursday night August 2nd, expect an even smaller crowd.

      I wonder if MLSE will throw in the towel and fold them?

      • Interesting points Justin, but the team isn’t going anywhere. MLSE announced this is a long term plan right from day one. The attendance numbers are similar to what they have been in the past. Five years from now the Argos will still be in Toronto. Five years from now the NFL will still laugh at Toronto. Say hi to Jeff if you see him.

        • Similar attendance to what they have been in the past? it has been steadily going down for the past 5 years.
          26k average 5 years at the RC and fans were crying out to get their own smaller outdoor stadium, Braley was getting blamed for the low crowds. Then the new owners moved them to BMO and many of the Argo fans decided not to go. 16k there in the 1st year, 13k average last year. 12k average so far this year and that’s with cheap tickets and cheap beer.
          In a city like Toronto where fans spend a lot of money on sports tickets, ticket price and selling cheap tickets is not the problem, it hasn’t made one bit of difference.
          Five years from they could be attracting around 8k.

          • Yes, similar attendance to in the past at BMO. Yes, 16000 the first year but the novelty factor existed. Wasn’t aware this was a Rogers Centre discussion as MLSE has owned the team for less than a year.
            Don’t disagree they could be attracting 8000 in five years as Toronto is a terrible football market (no matter what the level). Still won’t change the fact the NFL will still laugh at this market. Basic business understanding will tell you that.
            Good chat Justin. How’s the boardroom?

        • Who gives a shit about the NFL or what they think?

          • Not me. Not at all. Just pointing out to all those people that believe an Argo free Toronto will lead to an NFL franchise. It won’t. Toronto will just be a city without football.

    • john gatti // July 22, 2018 at 12:16 am //

      Why do you think I said Manziel to Toronto. If the Argo’s dont survive the league is done. Period.

  4. Doug Mc Clintock // July 21, 2018 at 7:19 pm //

    Ray is trying to make a speedy recovery !

  5. MR. Green // July 21, 2018 at 7:22 pm //

    There’s the Winnipeg defence I’ve been looking for. Too much talent to give up along of yards and points. Sask, Calgary and Winnipeg defence can dominate teams at times.
    Harris is the early leader for MOP. The guy is unstoppable. Nichols did his job an was solid.
    Bowman seems invisible his year. I wonder how long he will be there if this keeps up. Then again, come playoff time he has experience, like Simon in 2013 to make big plays.

  6. Flintage // July 21, 2018 at 7:29 pm //

    10k attendance. A bit generous with that number.

    Hamilton, Toronto and Montreal have a tone of empty seats each game, but they keep fudging the attendance numbers so it doesn’t look as bad – even though their fudged numbers aren’t very good anyway. The RedBlacks are on the decline as well.

    BC gets no better than 15k per game, but more fudging with the numbers there. Calgary’s having troubles getting over 23k.
    Really, it’s basically just Edmonton, Regina and Winnipeg that are surviving.

    • Hamilton had over 23,300 at the game Thursday night and the social areas beh8nd both end zones were always pretty crowded looking from what I could see. Can’t say I noticed empty seats near me so you might want to check your facts before lumping Hamilton in with TO and Montreal. The attendance at Ticats games is not a problem.

      • I was there as well and concur. I will be a humble TC fan and admit however that the 23,300 went down to about 300 as soon as Masoli dropped the ball at the end.

      • I agree, Hamilton is not a problem unless they go on a long losing streak. It’s the same in Ottawa, but with a couple of wins the fans come back.
        Montreal and Vancouver are two cities where losing has dwindled attendance but their attendance would rise if they have winners.
        The problem is in Toronto, winning the Grey Cup, cheap tickets, cheap beer it doesn’t make any difference. Nothing will get fans to BMO for a CFL game

        • ” Nothing will get fans to BMO for a CFL game”. Agreed, a major problem. Unfortunately for Toronto, if the Argos go, there will never be professional football in Toronto. The NFL in Toronto? The city that doesn’t support the game at any level expects an NFL franchise? Only TO could believe such fairy tales. Good chat Justin.

  7. Where’s Area 51? He had over comments about the Riders/Ti-Cats game, but nothing to say about his team?… or his team losing.

  8. Riderfan // July 21, 2018 at 7:46 pm //

    Where is local boob Area 51 . On a previous story he bragged how franklin is so much better that bridges . Brags how great he is at picking talent but as usual when he is wrong he cowardly doesn’t show up

    • he even said he was better than nichols and strevs, if franklin keeps this up he wont be in the cfl for more than a few more games 😀

    • Why don’t you talk/discuss the game instead of a post all about another poster?

  9. He doesn’t want to talk about his team’s offence scored 0 (ZERO), that’s right 0 (ZERO) touchdowns.

  10. Paul Bomber // July 21, 2018 at 7:52 pm //

    Thank gawd the gun they shoot their foot with ran out of bullets!
    Why Bowman is still a Bomber boggles the mind. Put in another Canadian already!
    Not a Picasso, but this fan is happy!

    • Congrats Paul….damn it 🙂

      • Paul Bomber // July 21, 2018 at 8:30 pm //

        Tee-hee! Thanks Dude!
        Off game for Franklin… I wouldn’t write him off just yet.

    • i wouldnt be pulling bowman o ut just yet hes good for the hail mary like adams

      • Paul Bomber // July 21, 2018 at 8:34 pm //

        I dunno… the few times he’s been targeted, it’s like he’s not even trying. Petermann and Simonise have looked good. But ok, if you say so.

    • Leo Lewis // July 21, 2018 at 8:51 pm //

      I agree completely about Bowman. Even when he was in Edmonton (and everyone was raving about him) He would drop one easy pass for every great play he made. Completely overrated.

    • Another Canadian? where are they?
      The CIS is not producing any receiver talent

      • Paul Bomber // July 22, 2018 at 11:56 am //

        All I know is the 2 backup Canucks the BB have this are better than the 2 starters they had last year. And the two starters they have this year would have a decent shot making the team with yankee passports.

  11. Toronto has a field goal kicking problem. A missed field goal lost the second Edmonton game, and killed momentum in the first half in this one with 5 missed points. It also restricts 3rd down options inside the 30 yard line if a team does not trust their kicker. For a team that stresses competition for roster spots, I would like to see more competition for this one.

  12. Hey Area 51….couple things for you.
    Pop gun offence shredded you !!!
    Scrub Nichols beat you
    And about Jordan Herdman being no good??…he had 12 tackles and at least 6 assists…..was very solid.
    My advice..go back to watching high school volleyball…..someone may actually listen to your uneducated criticism

  13. Scottsask // July 21, 2018 at 8:17 pm //

    Yup, today you win the internet! That was hilarious. Also great game Winnipeg, the Riders will be in tough against you in the back to back. #Halifaxargonauts

    • this is a weird year, calgary hasnt pl ayed anyone in the west yet, after next week th ebombers will be done with both bc and toronto, they hav eto go to deadmonton 2 times, and have already played 2 more road than home games.

    • Cheers Scott. Completely agree about Winnipeg. And – Halifaxargonauts has a nice ring to it.

  14. Toronto has a bigger problem off the field than on. We already know that winning is not putting butts in the seats.This franchise is sinking fast. I have been a ticket holder since the eighties and I’ve never seen it this bad.first people complained about the dome, they moved to a smaller venue better sight lines nobody comes. Then they complained about ownership MLSE buys them still nobody comes, then they complain about the team , they win the grey cup still nobody comes.there are no mo excuses, bottom line is the city has out grown the CFL. These are desperate times, Ask Hamilton want they want for Manziel and give it to them. I don’t want to here about giving away the future because there won’t be one.

    • john gatti // July 22, 2018 at 12:24 am //

      Gary….I’ve been saying the same. BTW…I was the first to suggest manziel to Toronto to save the league.

  15. Toronto just sucks!!….too expensive to live there and no disposable income?? With that population you would think they could get 25,000 to a game.
    Just a plain bad sports town

    • Well, they do support the Leafs, good, bad or ugly…so I will give them that at least.

    • Bad sports town? you mean a bad CFL town?
      They are still packing the RC for Jays games, still packing BMO for the TFC, still packing the ACC for the Leafs and Raptors. Even getting decent crowds for the AHL team.

      • “They are still packing the RC for Jays games”. On pace for a decrease of 1 million tickets. Oh yeah, what a great baseball town.
        Open your eyes regarding TFC and the Raptors. They both have great in stadium crowds which the Argos can only dream of, but, they have small niche markets. Their TV numbers are beyond pathetic and the teams could leave tomorrow without causing a ripple. Toronto is a bad sports town as few really care. The LEAFS get support, the Jays get support when winning and the rest have small niche markets. Good chat Justin.

  16. Mr.Ambrosie

    You need to take a stand – cancel the Television production on a scheduled game that does not have a minimum of 20,000 in the stands
    You and your your counter parts are making this league look very – stupid and very unprofessional – a television broadcast showing an empty stadium- absolutely ridiculous

    Amateur hour from Toronto

    • Bomber Fan In The Stands // July 22, 2018 at 1:06 am //

      Plain and simple.., there are no Argo fans in T.O. No one cares for the Argos, and it’t not Pinball, or Popp’s fault.
      Time to relocate the team.

      • Didn’t close to 11,000 people show up? If no one cared, wouldn’t attendance be 0?

    • Black-outs don’t work. Cheap tickets don’t work, cheap beer doesn’t work, family day didn’t work.

  17. I was thinking the same…..blackouts

    • Leo Lewis // July 21, 2018 at 8:56 pm //

      Blackouts won’t put butts in the seats and will only reduce the amount of revenue that the league receives from television rights. The CFL needs to find a way to make the league as important to the average person (and a must see ) as it was in the 60’s and 70’s… and I’m not sure that will be possible.

      • You are right and when you say 60s & 70s, that is the average age of CFL fans in Toronto.
        The Argos are not seen as major league in Toronto.

        • “The Argos are not seen as major league in Toronto”. Of course they aren’t as it doesn’t get American attention. That is why so many are screaming to see Manziel. They know the Americans will take notice. Thanks for your comment Justin.

  18. Kill televising Toronto CFL games

  19. Local/Provincial blackouts might help. Riders tickets and season ticket sales 1st started increasing when games that weren’t sold out used to be blacked out in Saskatchewan. Blackouts were only lifted if the game sold out.

    • But when you bring in blackouts, that means that advertisers that pay TSN to advertise their product don’t get their product advertised.
      That means no revenue for TSN and they would reduce their payment to the CFL. Besides, the contract is signed with TSN and they pay the CFL for the rights to games until 2021.
      By 2021 the ARgos may have folded

      • “By 2021 the ARgos may have folded”. By 2021 the NFL will not be in Toronto. By 2031 the NFL will not be in Toronto.

  20. I’m shocked at how bad the Argo defence is, although they are playing without last year’s sack leader Victor Butler (sitting out season to go back to the NFL) and middle linebacker Bear Woods (injured), plus additional injuries on defence (Cassius Vaughan and others). Offensively, their receiving core badly misses Devier Posey (NFL) and the O-Line just stinks. Of course, Ricky Ray is gone. The team needs a new kicker. Bring back Swayze Waters. Pfeffer inconsistent and hurting the team. It’s a real mess and attendance will get worse until there’s only 3,000 to 4,000 going to games. Sad. I remember avg. attendance of 44,000 at CNE stadium in the late 70s, early 80s. Edmonton used to average 60,000, Calgary 30,000 and B.C. 40,000. There are multiple reasons for this that I’ve discussed before but will save for later. Too discouraged to write about it now.

    • Remember the crowds at the old CNE as well – albeit from the viewpoint of a TC fan. Went to many games there during the 80’s. Admittedly, the atmosphere was great. Sad indeed – just like what’s happened to BC Place where you can talk to the fan beside you now and hear your own echo.

    • Butler could end up signing somewhere in August when the new NFL option window comes into effect.

      • Absolutely ZERO (0) chance of Vic Butler ever playing another down in the NFL again.

        He couldn’t cut it in his mid 20’s – – WTF would ever make you think an NFL team would be interested in the guy now that he’s about to turn 31?

        Good Lord, man – – there’s a better chance of YOU signing an NFL contract than there is of Vic Butler doing so.

        • Don’t usually agree with you…but this one is as obvious as the nose on Cyrano’s face…even Vic Butler’s coaches from the past would have a better chance of signing a NFL contract than him.

        • I was talking about him signing a contract with a CFL team come August when contracts will once again be allowed to have have NFL option years in them… bu you’re obviously unaware of this, so it went over your head.

          • No Sean. Toronto does, not me. I’m a proud Canadian that happily supports the CFL. Don’t think you understood my comment.

    • Attendance way down because the CFL crowd is older.
      It’s been discussed time and time again, owners and the Commish have also said “we need to appeal to millenials”
      The TV audience is older too and TSN is not getting the advertising dollars, they need a young audience for the advertisers.

  21. Dan Bombers // July 22, 2018 at 12:47 am //

    Big win big two points

  22. Blackhawk89 // July 22, 2018 at 1:36 am //

    The league whether it wants to acknowledge it or not has a serious attendance problem in the 3 big markets which are vital to the viability of the league when it is still largely gate driven. Maybe alarmist but this league could be on the verge of folding in 5-10 years

    • The Argos could fold in a few years. MLSE is in the business of making money not welfare. Vancouver and Montreal could bounce back with wins.
      Nothing wrong with an 8 team league, we managed without Montreal for awhile and without Ottawa for awhile.
      The league doesn’t need Toronto, they are dragging down the image of the league. But as long as MLSE pays the bills the Argos will stay

  23. Argos will get better, Trestman is too good of a coach to let this team slide much further. But this may be as good as Winnipig can get, I hope not.

  24. I see the resident pissants have been impatiently awaiting my assessment of today’s game, so without further delay let’s start with the most critical area of concern for the Argos – – announced attendance of 10,844. Saturday afternoon in July and you couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather conditions, and that’s the best they can manage? What an inexcusable humiliation.

    Sure looked like it was way under 10k to me, but it’s only a matter of time until it drops to four figures.

    Where are all the clueless apologists who insisted moving to BMO was the miracle attendance cure?

    As I said before the move, nobody in Toronto is going to travel out to such a shithole of a location to sit in a dinkified little bandbox and watch the CFL.

    It’s absolutely essential for the Argos to be playing downtown in the Dome. Hopefully once the Blue Jays get their new stadium, the Argos can move back to be the sole tenant of the Dome – – if they can survive that long.

    No doubt a few misinformed assclowns will try to complain about how “terrible” – – really have to wonder how many football games they actually attended to make such a ridiculous statement.

    Our season tickets at the Dome were at midfield in Row 17 – – perfect view of the field and completely unobstructed. If you were dumb enough to sit in the first few rows, yes of course your view was blocked because they were at field level. Or if you couldn’t afford anything more than a nosebleed seat in the corner endzone, then yes you got what you paid for.

    • TheLastArgoFan // July 22, 2018 at 7:24 am //

      For readers of this site who may not have been to games at the Argonauts stadiums, some reality versus Arse51’s fantasy.

      I have attended games at Exhibition Stadium, Skydome/Rogers Centre, and BMO Field. Your critique of BMO Field versus Skydome for watching Toronto Argonauts games is ridiculous.

      Skydome: very long walk from Union Station.
      BMO Field: very short walk from Exhibition GO Station.
      Skydome: distance of fans from field is absurdly far due to the shallow rise from one row to the next.
      BMO Field: fans are closer to the field in every section than at Skydome.

      I pay LESS to park at the Liberty Village parking lots than I ever paid to park at the lots near Skydome. AND it is faster for me to leave the parking lot now than during the Skydome days.

      Sight lines are VASTLY better at BMO for ALL sections. One doesn’t have to buy the best seats in the stadium to have a great view of the field. In fact, sight lines at old Exhibition Stadium were better than Skydome for all fans.

      Agreed that concessions at Skydome were better than BMO Field.

      Traffic in any part of downtown Toronto is ridiculous at the best of times – no advantage for either venue.

      Arse51 may think he is here to educate.
      I am here to correct his errors and shoot down his arrogance.
      And no – he is not my friend.

      • I agree, there is probably no stadium in Canada with better access than BMO.
        First of all it’s a 3km walk from the downtown. Being just outside of the downtown you don’t have the traffic jams, besides most games are on Saturday and you don’t have to worry about rush hour traffic.
        It has a ton of parking and easy highway access, you can park in Liberty Village, Ontario Place, The stadium parking, underground at the Convention Centre.
        The only stadium in Canada with a Railway stadium, plus there is street car service to Liberty Village and a short walk to the stadium. Also TTC bus service to the Princes Gates.

        • You honestly think anyone is going to make that “3km walk from downtown” to BMO? What an asinine statement.

          Almost as dumb as your proclamation that people can park “underground at the convention centre” for BMO games.

          FFS, do you have even the slightest clue where the convention centre is? EAST of the Dome.

    • George Fogarty // July 23, 2018 at 7:16 pm //

      So sad about the Fart-gos Area-Chitty-1 maybe next game.

  25. Garcia98 // July 22, 2018 at 2:30 am //

    He’s back. Much like an edgy Mike Milbury or Don Cherry, you may not like what he says but you can’t wait for him to say something. Admit it guys, its fun to have him around.

  26. Scottsask // July 22, 2018 at 2:30 am //

    Thank you, goodnight.

  27. I don’t get it. You’re running down a great outdoor venue with good sightlines all around that’s only 10 to 15 minutes further away on public transit, and with cheaper tickets to boot in favor of the Skydome?

    • Let’s be honest, my friend – – BMO is a dinkified little bandbox with ZERO (0) amenities, horrific traffic to contend with, in a shithole of an area with absolutely nothing around in terms of restaurants or foot traffic.

      It’s fine for minor league soccer or high school lacrosse, but not for professional football.

      By some random miracle there’s never been a game at BMO with bad weather. Wait until the first driving rainstorm in September or October – – I can assure you there’ll be less than 5,000 in the stands when that happens.

      • Little traffic on Saturdays, we drive in from north of Toronto and easy drive Gardiner/Lakeshore then park at Ontario place, no problem getting in or out after the game. We have also taken the GO train from the east end which stops at BMO.
        No excuse for bad weather either, doesn’t sound like you have been there for awhile but they put a ROOF over the stands.
        If the stadium is in such a bad place why does TFC get 30k crowds on a regular basis?

        • “If the stadium is in such a bad place why does TFC get 30k crowds on a regular basis”? Because they play against American teams.
          Uncle Sam notices.

  28. Now to the debacle that was the Argonaut defense.

    WTF did anyone expect when Toronto hired a washed out piece of unwanted deadwood with Mike Archer? The guy is so useless he was unemployable in the NCAA, so he comes groveling to the CFL in a last ditch hope to collect a paycheque.

    ZERO (0) experience or knowledge of the CFL game and that’s painfully obvious with his asinine schemes. LBs badly out of position, DBs hopelessly off the receivers.

    And then to make matters worse, they brought in the laughably inept Greg Quick as LB coach. I had the displeasure of watching Quick trying to be the LB coach in Toronto during 2010 and 2011, so I know exactly how useless the guy is.

    Rider Fan didn’t want to believe it when I explained how incompetent Quick is when Regina inexplicably hired him in 2015. All it took was one season before it was painfully obvious that the assessment from Area51 was 100% on point.

    • After watching this D so far this season 100% agree with your assessment.
      My biggest offseason concern was the news that Corey Chamblin wasn’t returning to Toronto, improvement in the 2017 D was a huge factor in winning the Grey Cup.
      The players bought in to Chamblin and it showed, this year the total opposite.
      At this point Archer makes Casey Creehan look like a genius.

  29. As I’ve explained numerous times, Marc Trestman is not a great football coach. His schemes were cutting edge two decades ago, but now they’re badly outdated. This was badly exposed during his horrific failures with both the Chicago and Baltimore.

    What a ridiculously unbalanced play calling today by Trestman. A no-name with ONE (1) professional rushing attempt had the same number of carries today as the overpaid “superstar” Jim Wilder Jr had.

    Inexplicable that Jim Flopp gave the mediocre Wilder $100,000. The guy averaged FIFTY (5) rushing yards per game last year. Total waste of money and a lazy job of scouting by Jim Flopp.

    Having AC Calvillo bumbling around in a complete fog and carrying an upside down clipboard is a complete waste of time. He was a complete disaster in Montreal and now people expect him to “develop” Franklin and Bethel Thompson?

    I realize Sloppy Joe Green is a favourite of both Trestman and Jim Flopp, but it’s time to euthanize the guy. About the only player in the CFL that Sloppy Joe might be able to out run would be Jordo Herdman.

  30. Well we can agree to disagree about BMO, particularly after my recent visit to Molson in Montreal. And if you can only get 10,000 on a perfect summer day, then 5,000 in the rain isn’t bad. And the fact that Toronto has a decent NHL team is only going to make it tougher for all the others here. If winning the Grey cup can’t put bums in the seats, then what else can you do?

    • Molson Stadium is a complete dump, but it’s in a fantastic location.

      Montreal went from being in the middle of nowhere at the Big Owe to being in a great downtown spot. Compared to Toronto who went from being in a great downtown spot to being in the middle of nowhere.

      It’s very simple to get at least 20,000 people for Argo games at BMO, but you’ve got to paper the house to do so.

      Because here’s the thing, my friend – – empty seats generate ZERO concession sales, ZERO merchandise sales, ZERO atmosphere and ZERO brand loyalty.

      Remember when the Blue Jays were offering $2 tickets? That’s the first step of what the Argos need to do.

      • No Molson is a long walk from the subway station, long uphill walk, no parking, terrible access, terrible bench seats.
        BMO as I have explained is next to a highway, next to a railway station and tons of parking

        • No walking required in Montreal as they have all the city buses offering free pick ups to and from the stadium.

          Being next to a “highway” – – if you want to call the Gardiner a “highway” – – and a train station is NOT going to attract crowds.

          Take a look at stadiums throughout the entire sports world – – including baseball, basketball and hockey.

          Being in the downtown core is a huge plus for attendance.

  31. I like Rockin’ Ronnie Puffer. I really do. He’s a useful emergency kicker to stash on the PR, but he’s incapable of being a starting kicker.

    I’m a huge advocate of just using one guy to handle both FGs and punts, but NOT when he’s missing chip shot FGs like today.

    FFS, can they just bring in Swayze Waters to take over and stash a token Canadian somewhere else on the roster to meet the ratio requirements?

  32. Big ups to Mike O’Shea for realizing that Winnipeg has to stick with the pop-gun offence as long as he’s stuck with Matt Nichols as the starting QB.

    When you’ve got a scrub QB like that, the game plan has to be focused on limiting the self-inflicted damage he can do. Just get the ball out of his hands as quickly as possible and don’t let him try to throw beyond 10yds.

    That means hand off to Andrew Harris, screen pass to Andrew Harris, draw to Andrew Harris and swing pass to Andrew Harris. Classic pop-gun offence.

    • Happy Bomber Fan (Today) // July 22, 2018 at 7:17 am //

      I have to disagree with you. Adams, Dressler, Demski, all had a good game, along with Harris’ great game. Agree Nichols is not a long bomb threat like Reilly, “B.O.” Mitchell (and Lulay) but he’s got quick release, and good on short to medium throws. You’re describing Drew Willy when he was with Wpg.

      You seem to know a lot about football, I just question the lens you’re looking through.

      And yes, I am a (long suffering) Bombers fan, and Nichols is no Kenny Ploen, but he’s sure doing a better job than anyone we’ve had lately. Including Buck Pierce, who I just wish they had signed before he was so busted up.

      I’m not one of the “look for argument” boys here who like to create conflict so please don’t reply provocatively.

  33. I stand by my assessment that Dumbass 51 is a moron. I’m just calling it as I see it my friend.

  34. Just don’t televise anymore CFL games from Toronto

    Advertising dollars from TO is the lowest , Ambrosie won’t admit it

    • Ambrosie wouldn’t know that. TSN sells space to advertisers. But I would agree that TO probably has the lowest viewership in the CFL and therefore if few watch on TV then advertisers aren’t going to buy in.

    • The blackouts of the 1980s is why the CFL is attendance is struggling so badly.

      Lost an entire generation of fans and never recovered.

      When you’re trying to market a product like this it needs to be omnipresent. Look at what the NFL did.

  35. This Toronto outcast would make a good case of the other 8 teams subsidizing Halifax for a team , there would be double the fans and expressed interest in the league .

    Move CFL office to Ottawa !!

  36. Negative complaining will get you nowhere. BMO is a great place to watch a game. It was not a good game yesterday, but there have been many bad games over the years and many good games. The tailgate was great, the weather good. It was a good family day. The people who came had a good time. Enjoy it while we have it.

  37. Negative complaining – I want the league to look better where people want the CFL , Toronto is dead
    They want the TFC at BMO , not the Argos

    Move the team to Halifax – soon !

    TSN would love to have a strong Maritime presence

  38. Bad stadium, bad crowd, bad coaching, bad this…. bad that…..focus on the good, enjoy the moment.

    • In Toronto, the only good is if Americans are involved. Toronto supporting something Canadian, no chance. Those Americans just have to notice us, they just have to.

      • Nobody in Toronto was interested in the NFL either.

        They had to paper the Dome – – and even after that the place was still quieter than a library.

        Let’s be honest – – Toronto is a terrible sports city. The most apathetic “fans” in North America.

        • Flintage // July 22, 2018 at 5:09 pm //

          Toronto’s not interested in someone else’s team. Toronto’s VERY interested in the NFL. Walk around the city and see how many bars play NFL games.
          People talk about the games, TV ratings are really good.
          You’re judging NFL interest by fans avoiding watching someone else’s team (the Bills) in a stadium with staggering ticket prices – when they always had the ability to pay much cheaper prices to watch the games in Buffalo (or Detroit).

          Remember when the Argos had to move their game against Calgary to Hamilton a few years ago? There were literally only hundreds of people in the stands. So by your logic, Hamilton has absolutely no interest in the CFL.

          And if Toronto is a terrible sports city, then why do the Leafs and Raptors have great attendance even when the teams suck?

          • London sells out games quickly. Mexico City sells out games quickly. Toronto papered the house game after game after game.
            The NFL is the most successful league in the world. They don’t like to be embarrassed (which they were) and sure as heck won’t listen to the excuses – “it wasn’t our team”, “the tickets were too expensive”, “we couldn’t tail gate”, “we didn’t like the opponents”. Only Toronto could actually believe the NFL would be interested. ZERO support for the sport at any level, but somehow a franchise would come here. You have to be kidding. Just curious, if this was such a great market, what exactly has the NFL been waiting for? Toronto lists excuses, other cities purchase tickets. Karma Toronto karma. The sweet sweet irony. Toronto sees the Argos as second rate. The NFL sees Toronto as second rate for a franchise. Off the charts hilarious.

  39. Regardless of how hard the Apologists try to extol the alleged virtues of BMO, you cannot argue with facts.

    And the cold hard facts are that attendance numbers have fallen steadily since the misguided decision to move the Argos to BMO.

    Crowds at the Dome were never as disastrous as they are now at BMO.

    CFL fans in Toronto have spoken loud and clear about BMO. How much clearer can it be?

    Nobody is interested in watching the Argos at that dinkified little bandbox in a trash part of the city.

  40. CFL needs to build on its strengths and future strengths, Toronto is not one of them

    • Neither is Montreal. Nor Vancouver.

      Do you want to drop it down to a half dozen team league? Or is your “solution” to put franchises in remote little outposts like Halifax and Moose Jaw?

  41. Disappointed in the progress of James Franklin who clearly is under performing based on prior appearances.

    Marc Trestman for all the good things he has done in the CFL when coaching Anthony Cavillo and Ricky Ray is coming up short when coaching Franklin and Wilder and for that matter failing in establishing a running game with anything but predictable, vanilla plays that you’d expect in pre-season.

    Wilder was rightly criticized by the TSN panel for east west running and that for me suggests one thing when you get a running back acting late – complete lack of confidence in either the play or the run blocking or both. The Bombers’ Harris would have done as poorly if he switched Jerseys that game.

    Contrast the Argos run game and play calling with what the Bombers did vs them and it’s clear that the Bombers have layers of run/pass plays with misdirection and timing that worked.

    • Calvillo and Ray were already well developed, experienced qb’s befor Trestman coached them. Franklin has very little experience. The season before last he was primarily a short yardage (disposable) qb on Edmonton and last season he rarely even did that as Reilly stayed in for most short yardage plays.

    • Jim Wilder Jr has always been an entitled little prima donna. He was like that at FSU and he’s still like that in Toronto.

      RBs go east/west because they’re not willing to drop their shoulder into defenders and are trying to avoid contact.

      Andrew Garris is the best RB in the league. Did you see him yesterday in comparison to how soft Wilder was playing?

      Harris was running through and running over tacklers. That was a textbook example of tough running.

      Jim Wilder Jr was stutter stepping, going sideways and collapsing on first contact.

  42. Halifax , London , Windsor will put more people in the stands than Toronto

    Area51 , your comment on Moose Jaw , I didn’t understand ?

    • Not sure how much clearer I can explain it, my friend.

      Halifax and Moose Jaw – – as well as London & Windsor – – are remote little outposts that are completely unsuitable for a professional sports team.

      No existing stadium facility.
      Pisspoor infrastructure.
      Depressed economy.
      Minimal population that’s scraping barrel financially.

      Why do you suppose the Maritimrs have never had a sniff of a professional sports team? Or Windsor? Or London? Or Moose Jaw?

      It’s the equivalent of proposing an NFL team in Billings Montana or Grand Forks North Dakota.

      Horrifically bad idea.

  43. Holy shit Don Foley aka Area51. You sound as lazy as your brother played the game. You don’t even live IN TORONTO so stay on the outskirts and f*ck off man.

  44. Area51 – didn’t the Argos do very well when they played at that city in Alberta – the name slips my mind , I don’t believe it was an ‘outpost’

    • Yes the mighty village of Fort McMurray scraped together 4,900 transient hobos for the Argos “home opener” in 2015.

      Maybe that’s the spot for a 10th CFL team. The team name would be in homage to the locals – – the Fort McMurray Trailer Trash.

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