Manziel says he wants ‘fair deal’ will sell jerseys and tickets

Quarterback Johnny Manziel says he and his representatives have asked the Hamilton Tiger-Cats for a “fair deal” and that he’ll sell more jerseys and tickets than the value of his contract.

Manziel used Twitter on Wednesday to refute a TSN report that there is a significant gap between his contract demands and what the Ticats, who own his negotiation list rights, are offering.

TSN responded looking for a clarification and Manziel got back to them on Thursday, though some of them have since been deleted.

A Hamilton fan got involved in the conversation and Manziel responded to him as well.

Manziel, whose agent hinted that he was looking for a contract similar to what former starter Zach Collaros earned last season – in excess of $500,000 – says he’s looking for a “fair deal” (whatever that means.)

The fan made reference to what rookies in the CFL earn – TSN reported the Ticats have offered $150,000 per season, plus incentives – but Manziel says he has the ability to generate additional revenue for the club.

Manziel does not appear to be winning this particular fan over…

The fan got in the last word, and it was a good one.

Then former Eskimos and current Riders Canadian running back Aaron Milton responded to Manziel.

Milton clarified he did not call Manziel a bum.

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.
Drew Edwards
Drew Edwards
About Drew Edwards (1551 Articles)
Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.

110 Comments on Manziel says he wants ‘fair deal’ will sell jerseys and tickets

  1. Well, if we go back in time Vince Ferragamo sold a few tickets and a couple of jerseys when he was up here. The last few games in his only season he was a healthy scratch and was quickly out of the CFL. He was an embarrassment. Oddly enough that guy actually had some talent. As for Mr Manziel, who cares if he ever signs a contract. At this point it doesn’t matter.

    • rogieshan // February 1, 2018 at 4:22 pm //

      Ferragamo was a pure pocket passer with no mobility who was ill-suited for the Canadian game. Manziel has always been regarded as tailor-made for the CFL. Not a fan of his ego & all the hype, but it would still be interesting to see him in action, even just to watch him fail.

      • Ya, but Eric Crouch and Troy Smith were also tailor made for the CFL. Two other Heisman winners like J. Manziel. How long did they last? I do agree however that he should be given a chance. Maybe the humbling experience will make him a better and more focused player…

        • We can both agree that you’ve got to be humble to play in the CFL. It’s no walk in the park. Cheers.

        • I say sign him to extra money. To fit him under the cap trade entire oline and start an all rookie O-line. Oh Johnny…. nothing like pissing off the entire team before you potentially even sign.

      • Austin, Dickensen, Brock, McManus, Mitchell, are/were all pocket passers that have done very well in the CFL. It is not like a QB must be mobile to succeed.

    • Footballnut // February 1, 2018 at 11:44 pm //

      Totally different situation Man is made for the cfl. Watch his college games. And , to many people’s dismay his record as the browns q.b was better than the guys after him

    • Manziel has talent and if we went into your past im sure we could all rip you a new one as well…^point is he is a potential star QB and you have to take your chances if you want to win. Youth especially with social media magnifies everything ten fold so he is condemned because he was young and stupid said everyone who was ever young and had a little success.

      Ferragammo is not a fair comparison if you followed the CFL back then

      • STEVE Tracey // February 5, 2018 at 8:12 pm //

        Dave a, social media didn’t break his ex Girlfriend’s eardrum or threaten to kill her. Social media magnifies but doesn’t originate in this case.

        • STEVE Tracey // February 5, 2018 at 8:15 pm //

          Dave a, lastly, I can tolerate stupid but not destructive sociopathic repetitive behavior. Take off the rose colored glasses and trade them in for reality colored.

    • This poor fella couldn’t carry Nelon Greens jock strap

  2. I wonder if Ticats would be able to find a helmet big enough to fit on his very swollen head.

  3. Basic CFL economics, Johnny boy. Any sales you generate in jerseys and tickets cannot be applied against your cap hit. And that cap hit (equivalent to two starting QB salaries) will make it very difficult to field a professional football team.

    • This is simple economics. The jerseys have nothing to do with additional cap money. If people can’t figure out it is revenue for the Hamilton organization affects the bottom level be for the cats. Anything that Manziel brings to the table when signed affect the revenue stream for the cats. Nothing to do with the cap. So Hamilton will find a way to sign him say for $250k and performance incentives.

      • I do see a cap issue. By all accounts, Manziel is expecting a starting QB salary. Hamilton has a fixed budget. Having already committed starting QB money to Masoli, is the team willing to carry two big salaries for one position? Or is Manziel willing to come down substantially from his expectations? That behaviour seems counter to his “brand”

        • Masoli’s contract is cheap compared to other starters. I think a deal for Manziel will be almost the same. John hasn’t proved anything yet but he does have a decent background football wise. No QB has looked good in Cleveland. I wanna see him up here. This was a good article and he has shown interest again today. No contracts in the CFL are guaranteed. You can always cut or trade.
          As a CFL fan, this is good for our league.

    • expand you mind and thought process…he is not saying anything about the cap.

      he will bring dollars as in fans tickets jerseys etc…general revenue if he is successful.

      hope that helps you

      • also players tend to go to the successful teams

        but feel free to burn down the conservatory next time a asteroid threatens Earth 🙂

  4. Not sure how many jerseys or season tickets he would sell? I just don’t see the team rallying behind him like they do for Masoli. But, I guess winning can change everything.

    • Rockfish. Do you think that Hamilton tiger cats will sell more Mazoli or Manziel jerseys in Canada and USA. Very simple question and you will figure out who will bring more revenue in this regard.

      • John, I am a CFL fan and I have never heard of Manziel but I have seen Masoli play.Your talk is interesting but it will not walk the talk.

        • Thank you for being respectful. I followed Manziel not in highlight reals but inv very college game televised and ever nfl game. I know based on comments there are many just repeating anything negative said about him. The key in this second chance he is dedicated and committed and drug and alcohol free. He will be a starter here and will surprise all the doubters. Yes let’s get him up here training.

  5. So now we know that negotiations are on going so let them unfold. Manziel is not wrong re sales of jerseys which I believe Hamilton makes $100 per. Also people all over Canada will be out to see what hevia all about. To throw the rookie card at Manziel and his talent doesn’t serve any purpose. Manziel will probably sign for what Masoli gets and goes as that so called rookie to earn the staring role. This is pretty basic June Jones will decide. Weak arguments by action25.

    • Yes, he will initially sell tickets and maybe 10 jerseys in the first couple of weeks due to the curiosity factor. Football fans are not naive though. Action25 actually HAS some good arguments. He’s saying what we are all thinking. Nobody can walk in and just suddenly dominate this league. He needs to prove himself. Doug Flutie he clearly is not.

      • Doug flutie at the time with no social media brought very little to CFL day 1. Manziel is a cash cow for Hamilton and CFL. There has not been one player in Canada that brings what Manziel brings given social media. We should all wish him well for CFL exposure plus other players who nfl scouts get to see in the Manziel telecasts. The increase in TSN viewership will have nor’easter revenes paid out to CFL. Teams. Today the TSN revenues cover 90% + of teams cap. Let June Jones handle his comeback. I can say if June prepares him well we are in for a treat. His story will be one of the biggest sports stories in north America. Yes he has to be committed and produce let support him for the CFL to get all the exposure.

        • IF he is committed to learning the play book as he is to learning business and financial principles he should be in good shape.

  6. He will have to show that he can play in this league or his jerseys will not be sold and may be used as rags only

  7. trade him for a jersey

  8. to be fair to both sides, montreal, toronto and BC may see some extra seats sold, but they’re not paying his salary and hamilton doesn’t benefit there. jerseys, maybe a few but not that big of deal, hamilton has a good season ticket base and most games are soldout anyway its not that big a stadium. the thing here is he doesn’t say anything about football! if he did some homework and was to say something like, hey hamilton has been close to the cup recently, my goal is to come up there and bring a championship to the city…I’d respect that more than waving the money fingers, yet again. manziel better start making this about football or every incompletion will be met with boos in hamilton and that won’t end well. I hope austin has a plan b “as in backup qb” because if this doesn’t work we’ll be caught come training camp looking at that horrible list.

    • Possibly more jerseys will be sold In the states. He has 2 million followers. Many are die hard fans and will be a good market. I believe that if television viewership is up there is a revenue stream for all clubs. There will be increase In Viewership Manziel has to be politically correct once June Jones starts him then he can say he will quarterback the team to grey cup.

  9. Way it is // February 1, 2018 at 3:54 pm //

    Trade him for a jersey? I don’t know, there are some pretty nice jerseys out there!!!

  10. Get er done!! Manziel might be a hit or maybe a bust but we won’t know until he actually plays at least a couple of years. Upside can be huge for the Ticats and the CFL or not and we move on. Is that any different than any other players that come into the league? If Johnny is serious about football again I’m leaning towards him being successful rather than a bust. The contract isn’t guaranteed is it? They can just cut him an no obligation right? I don’t think he’s work 500k at this time but at least 200-250k. I’m not sure that Masoli is worth the deal he got he’s still unproven. So he won 6 games for the Cats last year does that make him the franchise player like Bo Levi Mitchell?

    • I guess you disagree with Jones then who thinks either Masoli or Manziel can win it all?

      Masoli has also shown he can win/perform well in the playoffs despite almost no starts during the regular season – even if he was stuck in an Austin offense at the time.

  11. the deal with tsn is signed until 2020 so I don’t know whether anyone gets any more until a new contract with tsn. one thing I do believe, if this falls through and masoli gets hurt early and hamilton tanks because theres no one else, the firing chatter will be directed towards austin.

    • @wavemam. Correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t a new deal due this off-season south of the border. ESPN deal is over and they have many channels. I heard the NFL Network is interested. If Manziel signs soon, it will help The CFL’s negotiations. Sell to the highest bidder. We can gain more fans and maybe able to get a nice jump for the salary cap. Take advantage while the iron is hot.

      • agreed, this is the final season of the espn deal so next year could be some new cash. the talk is its espn OR nfl network, not both. with espn having multiple stations and nfl net only one they might just hang with espn.

      • Mr green you are right. The negative comments or opinions do not take into consideration the big picture for the team and CFL. ESPN owns 20% of TSN
        The revenue from TSN covers 90% of all CFL team caps. ESPN get feed from TSN of CFL games. TSN receives revenue from ESPN huge growth market in USA for subscription once Johnny Manziel plays here. That means more revenue for the teams and CFL will be able to increase cap or teams have positive year end revenues. Everyone should be wanting this for CFL. He is committed for the first time since he left university. With today’s social media there has never been an American quarterback or player that would bring to the table what Manziel would bring to CFL. So we should all wish him well.

      • Wow if the NFL network is interested that could possibly open the flood gates to USA network TV competition for CFL rights, consider the 650 million $$$ deal FOX just paid for a often criticised Thurday Nigh NFL . Even if the NFL network did a 1 night a weekend deal that would significantly change the Face of the CFL landscape IMO. The network is HUGELY popular as you all know in the USA. Interesting very interesting !!!

  12. Manziel is obviously proud – so what? He is obviously going to sign for 2 years. He also obviously wishes to do very well in those 2 years. From a football pedigree he seems perfectly suited to the CFL. Not a positive but his problems were off the field ones. He started in the NFL as a rookie. Unfortunately, it was not with an NFL team. Yes he was his own worst enemy. In fairness to him he brings a lot to the table. His biggest football failure was he wasn’t wildly successful with the Cleveland Browns, an organization so incompetent it should have to surrender the team to the NFL.

    • z3cat Grew up near Lake Erie actually closer to Cleveland than Hamilton as the crow flies so I am a Browns fan. Since Kosar left it has been dismal. And yes Johnnie was his own worst enemy but he was swimming up stream in this once proud now abysmal club. For me the culprit was former coach Pettine who never wanted manziel and hated his style both on and off the field. The straw that broke the camels back for an admittedly immature Manziel was the day after JF wowed the fans with a stunning win over Tennessee and Marcus Marriota the coach benched Manz. Most accounts say Johnnie mentally left the building after that.

    • On the other hand … Printers had proven he could do well in the CFL, was proud then tanked miserably in the Hammer.

      There’s a long string of great potential that has been wasted without the right supporting cast or schemes or injury issues.

      Not sure it is obvious he will sign but if he does, at least the first part of the return is in place.

  13. OldBaldGuy // February 1, 2018 at 4:34 pm //

    Sign him…then let’s line up Chareston Hughes, Willie Jefferson, Alex Singleton, Solomon Eliminian, Bear Woods, etc week by week and see how Mr. Big Head does. Talk is cheap.

  14. Jeff Garcia's Agent // February 1, 2018 at 4:41 pm //

    Glad Milton brought it up. Hamilton sold 97.62% of the stadium last season. Unless the average cost per ticket is over $890.00, the extra 2.38% he could potentially bring in won’t make up for his salry, as he claims. At this point, Masoli will sell more jerseys than he will.

    • All the the other stadiums will increase ticket sales with Manziel say playing with Hamilton. Extra revenue for those CFL teams. It is the TSN viewership and stream USA ESPN and or NFL networknthatbwill generate more revenue for CFL and every teams revenue. This is a great opportunity up to see what effect Manziel can make to grow CFL. Anyone in the media including TSN commentators (who Have big egos that a player like Manziel cannot come to CFL and embarrass them and prove them wrong) even they now what media attention and potential growth CFL could receive but do not want to put that out. A

  15. Tailgate YYC // February 1, 2018 at 4:53 pm //

    We are forgetting about Masoli.
    All this coverage and negotiations is not so Manziel could sit.
    Manziel will not sit.
    Trade bait or trade Masoli?

    • Tailgate – Johnny WILL sit – so said June Jones less than a week ago – unless Johnny can beat out Jeremiah for the starting position. Even JJ for all his praise of Johnny Football doesn’t seem to think that’s likely but said it would be VERY difficult. Masoli is being paid to start and Johnny is being offered a deal to come in, learn the game, and be a backup maybe getting in a bit of playing time if he works hard enough to learn the differences between 4 down and 3 down ball.

  16. Hey Johnny! My advice would be to look to make your money on your second contract, not your first one. You’ve got a very good skill set for this league but you also come with some risk factors. In other words, you still have something to prove. The big thing is to to make sure you sign before rookie camp. Your skill set means that your ceiling here is very high, but this is a different game and there are some nuances that will bite you in the butt if you don’t learn them. If you do your homework, work hard, and keep your nose clean the sky is the limit here for you, but it’s going to take some hard work and a learning curve. Give Doug Fluite a call if you haven’t already done so. He’s a great guy and he loved his time in the CFL, and I’m sure he’d be glad to talk to you about it.

    • celebrities with attitudes and a past are a dime a dozen you just have never heard about them that much before social media.

      Manziel is just an avenue for insecure people to rant and forget about there own transgressions,

      grow up its just football

  17. It would be interesting to get the players’ take on Johnny signing here. He seems to me like a “me first” kinda guy. Not sure how he would affect the locker room. Last time I checked, there was no “i” in “Team”.

    • Google Kyle Shanahan on Manziel. The current HC at SF 49ers was Johnies OC in Cleveland. According to a CBS sportsline article from 2016 Kyle says Johnnie was humble and hardworking at practice.

      • You are 100% correct on Manziel being a great team player and locker room guy. No one including Austin have said there may be issues in locker room. Austin did the due diligence and is more than satisfied on how he will get along with his teammates.

  18. If I wanted a Johnny Football jersey, I’d just as soon put a temporary Manziel sticker over my Tom Clements nameplate, until he proves worthy of getting my hard-earned dollars for a new one. Suggest that Tyms jersey owners also do the same – until this guy shows his arm is bigger than his mouth, I wouldn’t invest a cent.

  19. The boy expresses himself well. Obviously intelligent and well spoken! On second thought….. NAAAH!

  20. he is a legend in his mind

  21. This is what Johnny is failing to understand
    the ticats are doing him a favour giving him a rumored 150,000 salary
    why because say he does make 500,000k salary…the guy is a complete unknown at this point considering he hasn’t played in two years. if god forbid he’s awful what do you think will happen…he will get cut and make 0! AND NO OTHET TEAM WILL PICK UP HIS CONTRACT BEACUSE ITS 500,000! thus being out of football yet again and the comeback fails
    if he makes 150000 and Hamilton doesn’t like what they see and cut him then he has a very good chance that someone else will pick him up and take a chance on him again.

    the guys acts like hes the first nfl player (player not star) to ever grace the CFL

    I think he can be good but man he has to pay his dues and actually play football to earn that cash…it just seems like he’s all about jersey sales rather than football right now

    yeah maybe hes falling for his own hype considering all the comments being thrown around by June Jones but come on Johnny its a sales pitch of course they are going to say nothing but positive/great things about you

    if I were Hamilton id offer the 150,000 with a 100,000 incentive if he starts 9 or more games…if he gets it then its a good indication that he beat out Mazoli

    again I think he can be a good player in this league but he sure is putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on himself and he hasn’t even signed a contract.
    he’s also has to understand that there is going to be the biggest target on him if he enters the league

    good luck JF

  22. He should take Aaron Miltons advice. It’s good advice. Take the offer and prove to Hamilton that you can play in this league. You will never get back to the NFL by disrespecting the CFL. The Canadian game is a great game that you might not be suited for. So take the offer and come on up and show us, prove to us that you can play in our game and contribute by winning your spot in training camp and winning games.

  23. First, lets give Mr. Manziel some credit for standing up for himself. Wilder probably had no agent and took a bad deal… now both parties suffer. Argos don’t get a top running back and James sits for a year. Mr. Manziel is smart young man who finished his college degree. There are many Jamaican immigrants in Canada and all Mr. Manziel is doing is “Get up Stand up, stand up for your rights” Bob Marley. The on line store was to prove he can move product to US residents for USD. What caretaker Bob should do is have a side personal services contract that takes into account the Jersey sales. As far as tickets go I saw a half empty stadium most games on the Telly this year. Mr. Manziel probably could fill up some of those seats.

  24. As MR. Green said above chill people. IF you give him a Masoli size contract and he fails the team can cut him and wash their hands of it. OF course it is unfair to the player who can walk away. Ask James Wilder.

  25. I think everyone over estimates the difference between the helmet football codes. I have clients in Australia and they say players jump between Rugby League, Rugby Union, Rugby Sevens and Aussie Rules Football all the time with no drop off. The rules differences between those four codes are much more different than NFL and CFL. In Australia the four codes are all the same game with no helmet, no pads, no forward pass, a scrum, and use of the foot to move the ball forward. All other differences are learned easily. Bottom line is NFL and CFL are the same game with helmet, pads, forward pass, and limited use of kicking game.

  26. Try to imagine Johnny Unitas saying this crap. Sigh.

  27. Johnny will based on discussions get same as Masoli. $250 plus incentives. What they are looking for are cuts in the Hamilton sale of Manziel jerseys a percentage of increased seat sales and a percentage in increased viewership revenues. This should be easy for all to agree on here as most if you say none of that will happen so a percentage of nothing is nothing. You should be happy if he signs that deal.

    • I’m not 100% sure but I don’t think that’s allowed. It’s just another way of the team giving him money, which would be a cap violation. BUT, Johnny-Johnny sure seems to have a following in the US, and if he’s actually playing again he might be able to get some endorsement deals down there. CFL games are televised in the US after all.

  28. Provemewrong // February 1, 2018 at 9:52 pm //

    I totally agree with Money boy. The Ti Cats should hire him to sell tickets and jerseys. At 15 bucks an hour, he should do as well as any other Canadian at a minimum wage job!!!

  29. canadianfootballfan // February 1, 2018 at 10:45 pm //

    Drew needs to give a chunk of his pay to Manziel, since he’s his #1 meal ticket right now. It’s kind of pathetic really…

  30. Once Johhny gets a feel for the TOUCHDOWN PUB OR is it THE dizzy WEASEL..
    –he will be alcohol free no longer. I look forward to having a beer with him as I WEAR MY ARGO JERSEY proudly on Barton and talk CFL– in a the great HAMMER!

  31. Footballnut // February 1, 2018 at 11:52 pm //

    All the footbal, experts who only know cfl should consider his pedigree…nothing but inferiority complex I see from many people in this post … get over it and accept the fact big college names down south can only help the cfl and if he screws up next man up …nithing to lose everything to gain imo

  32. Not a big fan of all this drama. I think Manziel can come in and compete and would probably eventually be better than Masoli. Let’s face it. The team was terrible last season and even with the strong finish no ones jobs should be safe before training camp.
    Give Manziel a base contract with incentives and once you know what you’ve got trade or cut him or Masoli. Manziel is only an asset if he plays or is has value in a trade.

    • Aren’t you going over board with last season with the “no one’s job should be safe”?

      When was the last time the Cats had three 1,000+ yard receivers om the same season, where one of them was used sparingly for the first eight games?

      Lots of work to do where everyone seems to be on the same page that there will be competition in training camp.

    • G and Catfan that is right.

  33. @JManziel2 is doing what @IAm_Wilder32 should have done & ask for a fair deal up front. Players have short careers. They have to plan for a better than expected performance and the team plans for a worst case which is in @CFL non guaranteed contracts. Pay him and if bad then cut

  34. There have been at least three QBs that I know of that have done well in initial entry contract.. Flutie, Ricky Ray, and the 1972 Ticats guy from univ. Toledo, Ohio Rockets. Glass half full or more Ferragamo glass half emoty people. Worth the risk because cfl contracts are one sided obligations. Twam can cut and owe no money. Players such as James Wilder are stuck.

    • What criteria are you using to determine the “well” part?

      • From Wikipedia
        Ray made his debut relieving Maas in the Saskatchewan game and his first start against the Lions, throwing for four touchdowns. Ray threw for 2,991 yards, 24 touchdowns, and nine interceptions with a quarterback rating of 101.3, highest in the league.

        With Maas still recovering from injury, Ray led the Eskimos to the Grey Cup game against Montréal. Ray threw for 324 yards,

        In 1990, he signed with the BC Lions for a two-year contract reportedly worth $350,000 a season. At the time he was the highest paid player in the CFL. Flutie struggled in his first season, which would be his only losing season in the CFL. Over the next seven years he would go 99–27 as a starter.[24] In his second season, he threw for a record 6,619 yards on 466 completions. Flutie was rewarded with a reported million-dollar salary with the Calgary Stampeders.

        In 1972, Ealey signed with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League (CFL). He did not start as quarterback until game four of his rookie season, but then proceeded to lead Hamilton to an 11–3 record and first place in the East Division. Ealey won the CFL’s Most Outstanding Rookie Award and was named to the CFL All-Star team. He helped secure a 13–10 last minute victory over the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the 60th Grey Cup, when he also won the Grey Cup Most Valuable Player award after passing for 291 yards and a touchdown and rushing for 63 yards.

        I am sure there are more. But people trot out one sided stats to support their already determined position. I am here but just balancing out the Ferragamo references.

        • Bottom line is Manziel had a sterling NCAA career in an offence that was a rip off of June Jone’s original Run and Shoot. June has become more balanced since then. Furthermore, his Browns career started rough as most rookies in the NFL do but the last half of his second season he was a decent NFL QB. Furthermore, in his last game on the field against KC he set a still standing 70 year old Browns single game QB rushing record. He got fired because of off field antics. He still has more wins (2) then any Browns QB since he left. The Browns crazy bad at 1-31 last 2 years. Not only that but all CFL contracts are one way obligation only as Wilder found out. The player has to honor the contract but the team can blow it off and pay no money to the player any time it wants. Of course this is a gamble but a calculated one worth taking. Recall just because you did well in the CFL in the past does not mean you will do well in the future. See Collaros and the Durant last year. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Give it a go.

  35. The Ticket sales claim is weak because Hortons field has only 24k and was 97% sold in 2017. Any increase would be away or move some home games to Rich Stadium or Rogers centre. The Jersey claim however, is very strong. Sales would be to US addresses not Cana. He just proved he can move merchandise with his entrepreneurial venture. His twitter followers are at least double Hamilton’s pop. We all point to past performance. He made so much money for Texas [email protected] in 2 years it paid for a 500 m USD stadium upgrade. Bob Young needs money for his soccer team and a new practice facility.

    • Dale quick calculations on filling the extra seats available in Tim Horton field in all games comes out to 500k.

  36. Dale 100% right. I might add that in Texas alone with approx 30 million pop. Manziel is a legend. There could be more folk from Texas watching him than all CFL fans. We need to get. High school and university students energies to watch CFL football. You can be assured when Manziel starts many of those mellenialsnwill be at the games or watching tv if he does what he did for college football.

  37. solara2000 // February 2, 2018 at 1:01 pm //

    Could someone mention to JM that its really about winning football games on the field; win and they will come (and but team jerseys etc)..

    • For Manziel it is different. He has become a cult of personality in the US but not in Canada. So Canadianz could care less and would not buy a Manziel Jersey or tune in to watch him but Americans will. What Manz brings to the table that justifies his higher demands is new money in a stronger currency. It is not coming from Candianz who mostly hate the guy.

      • WAyne you bring up a good point. Let me say that the increase in Canada would be high school football players universities the same across Canada. People who want to see the hype that normally in Canada would not watch. People who would show up to see him play and hope their team beats him. Improve tsn ratings and all cfl teams pick up more revenue. All this free media attention. For Hamilton happens the moment he signs c
        And arrives in Hamilton. People in USA do t even have a clue where Hamilton is. They will very soon when he signs

      • STEVE Tracey // February 5, 2018 at 8:24 pm //

        Dont over estimate his popularity in the US. Many people look at him as a self-obsessed, immature sociopath who assaults women and expects to clear his name using the $ sign. Bad actor.

  38. He’s right tho. The ticats will make more money off jersey and ticket sales of manziel then any other player on the team.

  39. and yea they might have sold tickets but the stands looked pretty empty

  40. Why does an intl player have to stay for life in the CFL? Hockey and NBA players jump between Europe and North America. Japanese players come to the MLB after a few years in Japan. That fact that Manz just wants to stay a few years should not be a big deal. Consider that in just 2 years at Texas [email protected] he made so much new money that they gave their coach a 6 M USD extension. He may leave after two years but he will leave a lot of money behind if he does what he did in college. Which is no guarantee of course. Just as it is no guarantee Collaros will ever regain his pre-injury form. But he might.

  41. Colour me green // February 2, 2018 at 5:56 pm //

    Wow, this guy will be a cancer in the Ticats locker room. Arrogant immature American. There is a reason why Americans don’t proudly show thier flag when they travel overseas.
    He will 100% not sell more jerseys than what his contract is worth. Unless that fair deal is worth $40,000 lmao. He really doesn’t understand our league at all. Spoiled rich kid with no brain.
    So Hamilton you have to sign him. I want to watch the train wreck and him trashing his teammates and coaches.

  42. With the Adam’s signing today it’s not likely Manziel will be playing with the Ti-Cats. I think this is all over unless they trade him to Montreal.

  43. Ticat Mike // February 2, 2018 at 7:19 pm //

    It’s a gong show already and the guy hasn’t signed a contract. Caveat emptor!

  44. Many of the negative comments s do not have a business acumen. Johnny football is a cfl dream come true if he is signed. Millions of dollars are involved for all the teams if he plays like he did in his career. New high school and college fans in Canada will be engaged. The teams benefit in increased gate attendance. As an example how much American and media coverage and headline news by Canadian and American media did Ray get in signing. Compare it to when Manziel signs. The cities themselves will get media coverage in the states. How many Americans know where Hamilton Regina are are. There is hockey in Edmonton and Calgary Americans are bigger football fans do those two cities benefit. Tell which player in the cfl brings any of the positive contributions Manziel brings. Find one that bring 10% if what Manziel brings and
    Qualify it. You will be hard pressed. It starts dAy one when he is signed

    • STEVE Tracey // February 5, 2018 at 8:29 pm //

      John 2,
      The article was not about business acumen. It poses the question should we sell our souls to commercially advance the league with an individual who can’t make it in the NFL due to his behavior towards women (assault) and his attitude.
      I vote no.

  45. ticats have given up. Adams is proof. They will either sit Manz on the neg list or trade to his former [email protected] coach Sherman.

    • Sam my point is the same for Montreal. All CFL teams benefit including Hamilton if he is traded. The Sam potential nor’easter in revenue for all teams.

  46. In Montreal the difference is they get the jersey money. They get more American exposure but most important the additional gate even use. Say 5000 additional per game which is possible if Manziel lights it up. (5000 x $50 ticket price x 9 games) will bring in $2.25 million. Jersey sale money sale of other items for Montreal this would be a huge revenue stream that goes to bottom line.

  47. By the way the same applies to any team with low attendance. I.e Toronto bc Ottawa there is a positive for him coming and people miss the business. Ask 3 down nation staff to name one person in CFL that can do that. Is Ricky Ray going to bring the additional ticket sales like Manziel can to Toronto. The answer is NO

  48. Additional ticket sales in the poor markets will come when Manziel plays in those cites. Simple economics.

  49. Habsnriders // February 3, 2018 at 11:09 am //

    Manziel says he will sell cats merchandise to help pay his salary ? Does that mean a part time job at the ti cat merchandise store ?

  50. Choke a Cola // February 3, 2018 at 5:50 pm //

    Maybe play football and worry about bringing wins to a team apposed to just worrying about selling your name.

    Your name gets you nothing in the NFL apparently…

    • Choke a Cola // February 3, 2018 at 5:52 pm //

      And your really destroying any opportunity, cause your big name down south means nothing in the north and the 3down CFL.

  51. when Chuck Ealy walked in from NCAA U Toledo Rockets won MOR and a Ticats Greycup. Then Flutie walked in from NFL bench duty to put up crazy numbers in his second season 1991. Then Ricky Ray walked in from NCAA Shasta College CA in early 2000s to put big numbers and a GC appearance in Rookie season. But we all know that extra man and less down makes the CFL a different game. It would be like A CFL player thinking he can score a try in Rugby Sevens. No way CFL too different. Take peanuts and work your way up. Talent counts for nothing. And don’t ever think someone can coach NFL, NCAA, US HS, and turn around an 0-8 team to 6-4. CFL is a special case league that takes years to master the extra man and one down less. Sort of like coming from Volleyball to CFL. That is how different NCAA and NFL is from CFL.

  52. Correct me if I am wrong but just about every single successful QB in the CFL either was cut from an NFL training camp or did not bother with the NFL because nobody offered them a camp slot. The ones that made it farther then the first training camp after their last NCAA season might be deemed somewhat better. No?

  53. June Jones is an idiot, maybe he should go home. Lets pump up the hype before the deal was done. Jackass.

  54. Lets look at last years starters. Ricky Ray- Cut by 49ers. 1st year success. Darian Durant. Cut by Ravens after a few months..some starts 3rd season starter by 4th. Mazoli took 6 seasons. Carralos..played one game forst season. Had outstanding second season so in initial contract. Travis Lulay cut by Seahawks, saints and Berlin Thunder. Sat first season starter by mid second season. Dan Lefevour, cut by numerous NFL teams. Sat first year, played a little second, started most of 3rd. Bo levi-no NFL. sat first year, significant playing time 2nd season. bridge cut after cowboys rookie camp. some starts each of first 3 CFL seasons. Kevin Glenn no NFL, 2001 first season appeared in all 18 games. start 6. Trevor Harris cut by Jaguars, bills, and Arena. Some play in first 3, solid starter 4th season. I am sure I missed some. That is 16 years from 2001 to now. Small sample, unscientific but 5 of the above were moderate to smashing successes in first contract thus one could say it happens every 3 years. And I am sure I missed some initial success QB’s in that 16 year span.

  55. epilogue.. my best guess is Manziel will do what he did last year. That us hope he gets picked up for an NFL camp. If no invites then he will take the contract Hamilton has offered which i believe can not be rescinded and be in uniform bu labour day. Best NFL bet is mentir-advocate Jon Gruden at Raiders.

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